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  • Alien Abduction Role Play: Regardless of what she says at the start of the series about wanting to eat the human protagonist, Acktreal Domma isn't evil. Just slowly going insane from hunger ever since the human test subjects came on board.
  • While not as bad as, say, Ask That Guy with the Glasses or Sage, The Nostalgia Chick has a habit of smiling a big, girly grin right after she's said something disturbing. It kinda gives off the impression that she has more than a few screws loose.
    • And let's be honest here, while his craziness is different from Ask That Guy's stepford, sadistic brand, The Nostalgia Critic ain't exactly all there.
    • Critic's Stalker with a Crush Straw Fan Hyper Fangirl. Very early on, Tamara (her actress) called her a "crazy bitch".
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  • In The Bedfellows, Sheen is always abusive to his roommate Fatigue.
  • Camdrome delights in watching people suffer and die thanks to the internet, and when asked what it is he wants, he replied "more". He also claimed he wouldn't mind watching someone's eyes be consumed, and that he "made a mess of himself" when covered in blood at PAX.
  • Chorocojo's Let's Play of the Pokémon games has characters interpreted as being completely Ax Crazy, such as Misty (no relation to the Gym Leader) and Gatorface the Totodile starter for Pokémon Crystal.
  • The humor website CollegeHumor portrays Chris Brown like this In-Universe in "Chris Brown's Publicist". His real life violent behavior is exaggerated for comic effect: the acts he admits having committed to his publicist include beating up Nicki Minaj—by breaking into her home—driving over a whole band with his car, attacking animals and children, murdering several people (one directly over the phone line), and digging up Tupac Shakur's corpse to use it as his personal punching bag. Ironically, being "a stupid, violent, lunatic" has no effect whatsoever on his record performance or public standing.
  • The Courier in Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, though still the hero, really enjoys mayhem, killing, torture, and mutilating corpses.
    • The series also plays up Boone as this. At some points, even scaring The Courier.
  • It would be easier to list the characters in Dark Dream Chronicle that aren't.
  • Almost everyone in Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv) has their moments, but Chief Yagami and Mikami probably take the cake and murder it horribly
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!:
    • The Bike:
      • Much like in canon, Yuri has several moments of letting her sanity escape her. However, her psychotic episodes are somehow worse than her canon self. Case in point? What starts off as a normal video of Yuri teaching how to make a fruit salad devolves into Yuri happily getting carried away with cutting the fruits and then using a chainsaw to saw the kitchen counter in half.
    • Autistic Communist:
      • Yuri again proves to be one of the most insane characters of the cast. In one video, Yuri takes MC and Monika hostage and they are made to watch her cut herself when she felt stressed.
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  • DSBT InsaniT: Killer Monster really lives up to his name and loves slaughtering others.
  • Rekoj from Dungeons & Drogans is not good at peaceful negotiation.
  • Some supporting characters in Equestria Chronicles are extremely bloodthirsty for magical talking ponies.
  • The protagonist Elsdon in Dusk Peterson's fantasy series The Eternal Dungeon.
  • Evan of Everyman HYBRID seems to be turning into this; some interpretations of the Slender Man also point him as this.
  • Glove and Boots featured Jack Woods, who educates Mario and Fafa about raising a rabbit as a pet, and then how to butcher them... and then how to deal with zombie rabbits.
  • Caillou's dad in various GoAnimate videos will descend to this level in the various "Grounded" videos. It's bad enough that they punish their kids for an unreasonable length of time, but Caillou's dad will invoke "Punishment Day", which means torturing his son in painful and humiliating ways.
  • Hugo in ''THE GREATEST EVAR!" by Matthew Santoro, where he knocks Matthew unconscious, locks him up in a closet, and ties him up.
  • In A Grey World Alex can be very protective of her new friend. When Beth gets hurt in Chapter 2.27 she gets a bit crazy.
  • Ross from Hat Films often tends to portray himself this way when playing as the murderer in Garry's Mod (the game technically requires he kill everyone, but his persona relishes it). He often tends to shout at the top of his voice, shouting for his victims to "EAT SHIT" or some variation thereupon.
  • Hero House features the Joker, who's just as crazy in this incarnation as he is in everything else.
  • Hitler Rants and its spin-offs arguably has quite a few. The most extreme would have to be Mallory, who's Ax Crazy with dynamite. The only thing that makes it worse is that he is willing to do anything if it means blowing up Hitler.
  • Insanity Wolf. By a mile.
  • Terrence in KateModern, after Villainous Breakdown sets in. He goes around beating up random families he meets in the park and clubbing people with golf clubs just for the hell of it.
  • The host of The Music Video Show has slid into this trope since season four, with jokes involving pulling out knives and baseball bats, cannibalism once discovering bodies and shooting invisible guns. Although there were shades of this in the previous seasons. Lampshaded at least once, commentating that he's lost count on how many people he's killed.
    "There. Now you'll HAVE to come back to the [therapy] session." Said AFTER he pushes a woman down stairs.
  • Kevin "Aces" Low from NEWGAME+ has become axe crazy due to his increasingly fragile mental state. He dispatches his planets minibosses with increasing violence, taken to using his powers to stalk his rival through a house, murdering his rivals followers as he goes, and burned out an imps eyes, all while wearing a Slasher Smile.
  • Master Zen from Noob claims to be this, but has never gone further than kidnapping in the webseries version. The comic version shows that it is not entirely a boast, as a flash-back shows his player trying to kill members of the Noob guild (who happen to never notice) in real life, but getting Hoist by His Own Petard.
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum Agents have to be a little... strange... in order to function. However, some snap completely; this is called going flamethrower-crazy, since the most dramatic example involved a mad Agent tearing down the corridors with a flamethrower while screaming about Mister Rogers.
  • Why wasn't Plinkett from RedLetterMedia here?
  • Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time's chef. His attempt to chop bacon with a battleaxe resulted in the destruction of both the chopping board and the table underneath.
  • In the fan-made Zelda film Sage of Shadows, the True Villain, Davik, is fiendishly intelligent, and yet also a complete psychopath, poisoning his own sister and also gleefully murdering Link's parents in a very brutal fashion, as well as showcasing even after he lost his hand, and he plans on destroying the Cycle of Eternity due to psychopathic hatred of it. His voice actor, Michael Stevenson, has even stated that Davik is a villain comparable to The Joker in terms of mysteriousness and insanity.
  • In Savage Divinity a whole chunk of the worlds population falls under this with the defiled. The specters that make the defiled this way and the Demons that defiled eventually become are even worse.
  • SCP Foundation
    • SCP-076-2 ("Able"). Able's mind is filled with a desire to cause violence and nothing else.
    • SCP-953 ("Polymorphic Humanoid"). She is hostile to human life and extremely dangerous. She can penetrate a person's abdomen with her hand and extract the victim's liver, but prefers to slowly torture her prey.
    • SCP-973 ("Smokey"). He hunts down people who are speeding and inflicts horrible painful deaths on them.
  • 7-Second Riddles: Quite a few characters in this universe seem to commit murders for the sake of it. An entire subset of riddles revolves around determining which characters are actually maniacs- the clues range from things like having bloodstains in their room, to having body-parts in the vicinity, to carrying weapons or other suspicious objects.
  • Smash King features a unique incarnation of Link who is this trope, being driven to this point by the pressures of being a hero when he just wants to live life normally, and having to swallow his own feelings and forced to do things he doesn't want to, which emotionally tormented him and eventually drove him a little crazy as a result.
  • Several characters from Survival of the Fittest definitely fall into this trope. Eminent examples are Cillian Crowe of V1, Mariavel Varella of V2, and Melina Frost of V3, all of which have cheerfully massacred fellow students in undoubtedly horrific and messy ways. In some instances, characters also fall under Trigger Happy too, although given the prevalence of firearms in each game, this is only to be expected.
  • Tactical Noobs gives us the Crazy Burger King Guy, a Burger Fool who kills people for doing things like ordering food he cannot give them and voting for a different presidential candidate than him.
  • The Ice Climbers in There Will Be Brawl. Okay, hammer crazy.
  • Tom Grossi Comedy: A literal example in The NFC East's Reaction to Week 5 when Gus blames Bruce for Dak Prescott'snote  injury that occurred days prior when facing the Giants. He decides to cut off Bruce's leg so it will match Dak's, only to have Carl intervene for his own revenge for Bruce crashing his motorcycle.
  • Ultra Fast Pony:
    • (possibly) Derpy Hooves. The best example is her Day in the Limelight episode "Derp and Destruction", in which she gains supernatural powers and immediately decides to kill everyone in Ponyville with them. Of course, there were plenty of hints beforehand that she wasn't right in the head or safe: In "A Library with No Twilight", she has a brief scene attacking a tree branch while hurling curses at Mother Nature. And in "Ponynet Fight!" she drops heavy objects on Twilight's head and declares "You see, my way does work better!"
    • Pinkie Pie 2 once burned down Twilight's home as a prank. That on top of her general Nightmare Fetishist tendencies and pretty much being a one pony Apocalypse Cult.
    • This is downplayed with Rarity, who being a masochist, is generally more interested in hurting herself. But its revealed in Bummer In The City that she '''MURDERED BABIES!!!! for material for her dresses. And got away with it.
    • This is also downplayed with Applejack, who despite being The Sociopath, is generally one of the friendlier and level head ponies. But, she never hesitates to get violent, like in Pega Please! where she not only immediately decides to kill the dragon but outright refuses to let Twilight attempt a non-violent solution. Also, she seems to suffer from violent mood sings, as on one occasions she flipped from trying to comfort her little sister to threatening to smack her, then right back to comforting.
    • Sweetie Belle
    Sweetie Belle: It's funny, these capes used to be green, but I dyed them red with the blood of chickens.
  • Jimmy Casket from Venturiantale's videos, he runs around with a knife yelling "Stab stab stab!" and tries to kill everyone.
  • The Whateley Universe is filled to overflowing with characters like this, not all of whom are superhumans. Some of them later prove to have Blue-and-Orange Morality, or were driven mad by encounters with some Eldritch Abomination, but others are just in it For the Evulz. Topping the list are Bloodwolf, Gore, the Marquis, and Sinsear, but they are just the worst of many - even if you exclude Blood Knight s like Counterpoint, or Knight Templar s such as Crucible.
    • And that's just in the canon series. The Fan Fic has far, far worse.
  • Worm has several, but the most extreme is probably Bakuda, a Mad Bomber who blows up her own subordinates for kicks.