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From Razor's Edge:

  • Shepard gets a brilliant moment with his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Miranda and Jacob in chapter three of Razor's Edge, where he flat out states that the Normandy SR-2 is his ship, his mission, and that if either of them tries to undermine his authority, he'll "Throw them in the airlock and see if The Illusive Man has enough bugs and failsafes to save them before he hits 'cycle'". Bonus points for delivering this speech in a calm, cool and collected manner.
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  • Shepard's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Quarian admiralty board but especially this bit:
    Shepard: "In the end, it's your decision. But know this. Exile her if you want, but she will always have a home on my ship as long as she wants it. If anyone has a problem with that, then you'll find out just why I can walk into a ship full of geth that chewed up an entire platoon of your marines."
  • Shepard calms Grunt down from his blood rage by standing his ground when Grunt charges him, flipping Grunt over and slamming him into the floor. Shepard then jams a pistol into Grunt's neck and stares him down until Grunt cools off.
  • Shepard fights Weyrloc Guld in a one-on-one match while Kasumi, Thane, and Mordin are busy dealing with his lackeys. Shepard wins with the help of his still-untrained biotic powers. After seeing their boss die, the rest of the krogan pause and figure it's probably best to let the guy who killed their leader take his friends with him and go.
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  • Grunt diving into the mouth of the Thresher Maw during his loyalty mission and shotgunning his way out.
  • Shepard's escape from the derelict Reaper. Garrus said it best:
    "Just have to show me up, don't you? Grab the girl, spinning, fire assisted weightless jump across a bottomless chasm? You saw that in a vid, didn't you," the turian accused.
  • During the suicide mission Shepard is pinned behind enemy lines with Tali, Samara and Jack, making his last stand.
    Then Shepard heard what was possibly the second most beautiful sound in the universe. A roar of defiance. "I. Am. KROGAN!"
  • Shepard kills the Reaper larva with a single shot from the Cain.

From Razor's Edge: Dark Witness:

  • Shepard takes out a team of assassins without armor, shields, or firearms. All he needs is his knife, his biotics, and his close-combat skills.
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  • Shepard and his team hurry to Matriarch Aethyta's bar to intercept one of the Shadow Broker's teams of soldiers. By the time they arrive, Aethyta's already taken out all four of her opponents.
  • After Tali has a grenade explode in front of her face, Shepard goes into Tranquil Fury mode and completely kicks the Shadow Broker's ass without weapons. Better Than Canon indeed.
    What she'd been watching wasn't a fight. It was an execution. It had been a forgone conclusion from the second it began, the only question was how long it would take for Shepard to finish it once and for all.
  • And while Shepard is beating up the Shadow Broker, Liara calls Garrus:
    "Don't worry. No more slowing down," Garrus said, and she heard him barking orders. "Grunt! I want everything between me and Shepard dead. Do you understand me?"

From Razor's Edge: Requiem:


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