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YMMV / Razor's Edge

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  • Better Than Canon: Thanks to its improved Character Development, expanded backstories, greater narrative coherence and lack of Plot Holes, Razor's Edge has swiftly gained this praise amongst its readers.
  • Crazy Is Cool: Shepard himself. A fact that's acknowledged In-Universe
    James That was loco! I always thought the crap they told around the barracks was exaggerated even after I met you, but hell, Commander... you are officially the craziest puta madre I know.
    Garrus: My translator can't even begin to figure out what the hell you just called him, soldier, but you're right. Shepard has the market cornered on crazy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Chapter 29 of Razor's Edge, written and completed in 2010, features Tali preparing to use the Carnage shotgun ability, musing on how Wrex taught her that trick (in Mass Effect, Tali can't use the Carnage ability despite being a shotgun user). Cue the Citadel DLC in March 2013 and an elevator conversation confirms that Wrex actually did teach Tali some handy shotgun tips offscreen during the events of the first game.
    • Citadel also showed that Mordin did indeed leave a recorded message for Shepard after his death.
    • In Razor's Edge Shepard gets help from Jack to control his biotic abilities, cue Mass Effect 3 and Jack is now teaching biotics.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Averted. People were genuinely wondering whether Shepard was actually going to betray Mordin. Thankfully he doesn't.
    • But played straight with the "death" of Shepard, who was shown to be alive in the very next chapter.
    • In Dark Witness, readers were pretty nervous over whether Tali's critical injuries in the second-to-last chapter would kill her or not. Given that the story was written and completed long before Tali was even confirmed to be in the third game (and then post-release interviews with select Bioware writers in 2012 revealed Tali really did almost get cut from the squad roster!), people had good reason to worry.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Nightmare sequences in Requiem where Shepard watches the deaths of his friends are terrifying to say the least.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Shepard's reaction to Admiral Gerrel after escaping the dreadnought goes a lot farther than just some irritated words and a single stomach punch.
    • This is justified because it's Foreshadowing for the changes Shepard's going through due to indoctrination.

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