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Tsundere: Anime

Wha— of course you'd find Tsundere characters in anime, idiot! It's from where the language itself came from! Do you even think?!

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     Harsh (Tsun) 
  • Rie Kugimiya is increasingly becoming the go-to voice actress for diminutive, extremely violent, and flat-chested Harsh types, of which four such roles stand out (and are even produced by JC Staff):
    • Shana of Shakugan no Shana, who routinely belittles her love interest, Yuuji Sakai, but eventually defrosts to him as she learns to be more social.
    • Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere of The Familiar of Zero, who routinely whips and insults her love interest, Saito Hiiraga, but would occasionally show moments of adorable sweetness, which increases more as she learns to get over her insecurities.
    • Nagi Sanzen'in of Hayate the Combat Butler, who loves to use Hayate Ayasaki as her living cosplay doll (as in the Wholesome Crossdresser variety), complete with an excuse that Hayate is her butler, only to gush in private over her assumption that he dotes on her.
    • Taiga Aisaka of Toradora! is a highly irritable girl, more so towards Ryuuji Takasu after a bad first impression. She also deconstructs this trope: her violent emotional mood swings and stature complex stem more from having a broken family than romantic issues, making her a borderline Broken Bird.
    • Together, Shana, Louise, Nagi and Taiga are known to fans as the "Four Tsundere Wonders". There's a whole slew of tsunderes in their vein: Shana Clone.
    • Touko Matsudaira of Maria-sama ga Miteru is a bit of Playing Against Type and Deconstruction: she's a teenage Harsh type whose Alpha Bitch Facade stems from her fear that all help she will receive may stem purely out of pity for her situation as an adopted orphan, as well as her inability to show gratitude for her adoptive family.
    • JC Staff revives Kugimiya's classic type as Aria H. Kanzaki of Aria the Scarlet Ammo, a full-blown Harsh type; she's even being considered to be titled the "Fifth Tsundere Wonder".
  • Ban Mido from Get Backers is extremely tsun-tsun. His dere is revealed only to his Heterosexual Life Partner Ginji, his Not-Quite Little Sister Himiko, and very very rarely to a couple of other characters...if they do something extremely heartwarming and/or heartbreaking.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Inuyasha is a good example of a male Harsh type. Kinda jerk-ish and rather blunt, but he also has his moments where he shows genuine concern for his companions, especially Kagome. His consideration remains clumsy but heartfelt.
    • The Big Bad Naraku is this towards Kikyo. He can't seem to decide whether he wants to kill Kikyo or be with her, though the latter he keeps under wraps most of the time.
  • The World God Only Knows:
    • Mio is a deliberate homage to the Shana Clone trope (which makes one wonder why she didn't get that voice), and she loves to whip Keima. She partially loses her tsun side after her arc.
    • Haqua becomes this right after a few chapters of interacting with Keima. And considering the scythe she's waving around it's better to steer way clear of her outbursts.
    • Diana, the goddess residing inside Keima's friend Tenri. She says she has no interest in such a disgusting man like Keima and is only trying to help Tenri, but still blushes a lot around him and is a Clingy Jealous Girl when Keima pursues or shows interest in anyone not named Tenri.
    • Ayumi. Since she's part of the track and field team, that means painful kicks for Keima.
    • Chihiro. One of the girls that acts jerkier to Keima in spite of her clear affections for him. She is also one of the few who can actually defeat him verbally.
    • Tsukiyo tries to be The Stoic, but tends to get violent and have outbursts around Keima.
  • Aoba from Cross Game is a tough and somewhat tomboyish Tsundere. Most of the plot focuses on her shift to Sweet over more than six years.
  • Kirie in Girls Bravo, who is also his Patient Childhood Love Interest. Particularly weird as she may be partly the reason Yukinari is afraid of girls.
  • Love Hina:
    • Naru Narusegawa is so violent that she's famous for her "Naru punch". She's so overly violent that it's almost impossible for her character to even come to terms with the fact that she has a crush and eventual love of Keitaro. Even after she accepts it, she still turns violent at the drop of a hat without giving Keitaro a chance to explain himself. As a contrast, in the manga she is still very hot-tempered, but shows a more sympathetic character development.
    • Motoko Aoyama followed down the same road, going from beating up Keitaro because he gets in her way to beating up Keitaro because she doesn't know how to deal with her growing feelings for him.
  • Konata in Lucky Star outright designates her friend Kagami as one, complete with the explanation that it's appropriate for girls with twintails. This reference is probably due to the prevalence of tsundere with Girlish Pigtails at a time when the term started to come into general usage. In Kagami's dream in the OVA, Konata transformed her (for two seconds) into Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night. The Lucky Channel segment of Lucky Star even includes Minoru Shiraishi giving an extended rant over the term ''tsundere'' and how it has evolved over time, from a transitional personality process to someone who switches back and forth constantly.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • The titular character starts as a Jerk Ass. Although she has had some character development, the degree to which she's moved from Jerk Ass to Jerk with a Heart of Gold, are up for debate. Not yet seen in the anime, but by the fourth book, she's spouting some classic tsundere lines. Although maybe this is just a case of her Genre Savvy nature causing her to deliberately act this way.
      • Haruhi is probably the poster child for tactic 4 (bossy), although 2 and 3 come up sometimes. She's fairly non-violent by the standards of this trope however (mostly bc the series doesn't use comic violence). Most, she just drags people around.
      • Haruhi is also a Deconstruction: What would happen if a Tsundere acted that way toward everyone they knew, rather than just love interests? It's slighly more pronounced toward Kyon (she doesn't make excuses as much with the others), but not by much.
    • Kyon has some tsundere tendencies towards Haruhi. Tsundere tactics 1 and 3 come into play often, and on at least one occasion he has almost resorted to violence. Some view the pair as an inverted Takahashi Couple.
      • For both of them, the inverse (dere) side rarely comes out and for both, it's restricted to their actions. Haruhi stayed by Kyon for 3 days while he was in a coma and helps him with his schoolwork. Kyon chose to undo the Disappearance verse and tried to save her in the Surprise finale.
  • Blue Seed's gun girl Koume Sawaguchi: the dere side only comes out in the final few episodes when she's alone with her Love Interest.
  • Bleach:
    • Lisa Yadomaru in appears to be one of these. Specially towards her ex-leader, Shunsui, whom she rushes towards when he's laying injured on the ground... and then promptly kicks on the head for pretending to be almost dead.
    • Momo Hinamori's Zanpakutou spirit Tobiume seems to be a bit of a Tsundere. Most of the time she's self-assured, tends to argue with her pal Haineko, and insults Momo over her obsession on Aizen. When she's alone, however, she is fiercely defendant over Haineko's insults over Momo, and proceeds her dere-dere mode: Describing Momo as if she's a Mary Sue.
    • Also applicable to Jinta in his relationship to Yuzu, Ichigo's sister. He's more the awkward type and usually doesn't know how to act in her presence.
    • Uryu Ishida constantly claims that he has ulterior motives for helping Ichigo or that he was just passing through. After the time skip, this becomes such an obvious excuse that he stops even bothering to make it.
    • Soifon has a reputation within Soul Society for being the harsh, cold captain of the second division. However, whenever she's in the presence of anything that even resembles Yoruichi, she turns into little more than a gushing fangirl.
  • Detective Conan:
    • Kazuha Touyama, thanks to her constant bickering with Heiji.
    • Ai Haibara is accused of being one in a joke by Professor Agasa, who is talking to Conan at the end of Chapter 825.
    Conan: What part of any of that is 'dere'?
  • Chrome Shelled Regios has Felli in a rare combination with The Stoic: capable of kicking dents into a refrigerator, but genuinely cares for "Fon-Fon", when he's not a target. Doesn't care much for the competition.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Asuka Langley Soryu of is another particularly extreme and famous example, as most Evangelion characters are for their particular role. As the series continues she shows exactly how unhealthy a Tsundere's behavior is, namely showing the sort of emotional trauma required to make a person's default strategy for dealing with affection how and unromantic it is with anyone other than a perfectly designed counterpart. Her behaviour is more reminiscent of a personality disorder from the DSM-IV than a harmless personality quirk. Asuka saves her deredere for Kaji, who she crushes on, and she flirts at Shinji fairly frequently. Part of the tragedy of their relationship is that Shinji isn't a very open person (neither is Asuka but she's better at pretending otherwise), and can't believe in the possibility of Asuka being interested in him and starts to regress when he struggles to cope with her (especially after the Unit-03 incident and after his friends leave Tokyo-3). So she gets frustrated, and tsun is back in town. To make matters worse, their attitude towards each other is ambivalent—Asuka is still very much into Kaji, and Shinji falls for Kaworu. Shinji/Asuka is the mating dance of the hedgehogs. She does show her more gentle side in her relationship with the Class Rep, Hikari, even if Asuka doesn't think much of her taste in boyfriends, and with Misato when they are off-duty (seeing hot springs scene).
    • In the manga, she acts sweeter when adults are around, at least at first. Toji in particular is annoyed that the adults can't see past Asuka's fake sweet persona.
    • Rebuild of Evangelion's Asuka Langley Shikinami on the other hand is a classic Harsh tsundere. She acts rough, sure, but later shows a genuinely sweet side when she attempts to cook for "baka-Shinji". And later volunteers to pilot Unit 03 so that Rei can bring Shinji and his father closer together. She does this for Rei, who in most incarnations she doesn't care for at all. This alone should clue you in that Asuka Shikinami has more in the way of dere-dere than any of her Soryu counterparts.
    • Misato also acts this way towards her old flame, Kaji. In her case, it's mostly driven by the fact that she is still in love with him, but there were very good reasons that their previous relationship didn't work out, and most of those haven't changed. Kaji having a fondness for flirting with other women doesn't help either.
    • Shinji himself is this in the manga, to a certain extent. He is very much this in the manga towards Kaworu, who suffers from a somewhat unnerving case of No Social Skills in this incarnation, steadfastly rejecting his advances — until he admits this attraction to Misato after Kaworu’s death.
  • Akira Koizumi from Iketeru Futari is usually violently Tsundere towards her "boyfriend" Saji Keisuke. Since Saji is a completely over-the-top idiotic pervert this is initially understandable, but she softens up a lot as she comes to appreciate how much he loves her for who she really is, since she's actually quite a lonely girl. He's also apparently pretty good in bed.
  • In Bakemonogatari, Hitagi Senjōgahara calls herself a Tsundere, although the male character thinks to himself that she's more like a "tundra" (ie a Sugar and Ice Personality), considering that she wouldn't know deredere if it slapped her upside the head, which makes her come across as more of an Ice Queen. Additionally, it's pretty clear that she has a traumatic past driving her actions. Suggesting that she's more of a Cute Psycho who has designated herself a tsundere as a way to justify her rather irrational and violent behavior. She does seem to be getting better though.
    • She also seems to alternate between demonstrating her affection towards Araragi in mean or discomforting ways, and being mean to him in ways that demonstrate her affection for him
  • Slayers: Lina can be seen as a Tsundere in the anime, specially obvious in the NEXT season where she blushes and stammers when Gourry calls her out and mentions his Bodyguard Crush on her and later when she has a brief but very intense breakdown after he's kidnapped by Phibrizzo.
  • Mika Seido in Geneshaft. Throughout the series she yells at pretty much everyone at one time or another especially when her captain Hiroto Amagiwa, whom she held personally responsible for the death of her friend, going so far as to punch him in the first episode. However, she's the only one who is always by his bed when he's greatly injured, although claiming it's a The Only One Allowed to Defeat You.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Teana (towards Subaru) in the third season. During their time at the academy, she was often annoyed at her mistakes, and didn't want to become friends with her. However, after meeting her sister and getting to know her better, she starts becoming close to her, but claims that calling her by her first name is merely to distinguish her from Ginga, and has trouble openly admitting how highly she regards her.
    • Also, Alisa from the first season. She gets angry at Nanoha for not telling her about the magic-related problems weighing on her mind, but when Nanoha goes off to search for the Jewel Seeds with the Bureau, she's the first to offer to copy notes for her. When Nanoha returns, Alisa is pleased to see her, but doesn't show it as openly as Suzuka does.
    • Vita has varying degrees of tsun and dere depending on who you are. She's almost completely dere around Hayate after warming up to her by having some of her cooking. Around her friends and fellow Wolkenritter, she can often be blunt and temperamental, but is quite protective of them, especially Nanoha after she was injured on a mission with her. She projects a Stern Teacher image around her pupils, but is blinking back tears while telling them not to cry over their parting.
    • Agito also starts out as this, initially being hostile to everyone except Zest and Lutecia, and eventually warming up to other people, often showing a dere side around her new Lord, Signum.
  • Nanaka from Myself ; Yourself. What is the first thing she does after she meets up with Sana in a long time? Give him a big slap in the face for not even remembering her. Not to mention give him some cold treatment until he finally cools her jets by playing a song that she half-composed as a farewell present on a piano.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
    • Mayo Mitama is described as a Tsundere by another character, but parodies the type by having a barely evident "dere" side, and a "tsun" side so outright psychopathic that no amount of "dere" could counterbalance it.
    • In episode 5 of the second season, the apologetic Ai Kaga briefly "becomes a tsundere character" for all the wrong reasons... Which prompts Itoshiki to wonder if a tsundere without the dere side is possible nowadays. Manga Fangirl Harumi Fujiyoshi is quick to reply that it is, since the dere side can be "filled in by imagination".
  • Mai Hi ME:
    • Natsuki Kuga fits the description, displaying an abrasive exterior but hiding a sensitive side that loves puppies and collecting lingerie.
    • Minor character Akira Okuzaki is also a textbook example, keeping up a rough facade but slowly opening up to her roommate, Mai's brother Takumi.
  • Kagero the Ninja-Girl of Ninja Scroll is a rare example of this trait played for tragedy, as she could not learn to express love and tenderness until it was too late.
  • An early example would be Kasha Imhof (towards Cosmo Yuki) from Space Runaway Ideon, though she is definitely more on the tsun-tsun side throughout the series. The closest she comes to dere-dere is during the Kitty Kitten arc, but she finally acknowledges her feelings for Cosmo half-way through the Be Invoked movie... only to die shortly afterwards. And then, everyone else dies..
  • Kallen Stadtfeld/Karen Kouzuki from Code Geass. Tough and badass Action Girl at one moment, sweet and vulnerable at the other. At first she thinks Lelouch is an arrogant Jerkass, but adores his alter ego Zero as a brave freedom fighter. After learning his identity, it takes her a while to get adjusted to the concept, but eventually she ends up falling for the man behind the mask. Illustrated perfectly in an official comic that shows Kallen reacting to Lelouch and Zero doing the exact same thing (slashing Milly/Tamaki's expense accounts for frivolous spending) by calling Lelouch a tightwad and reverently admiring Zero for being meticulous.
    • Lelouch himself qualifies as a male example. Normally he's a snarky Magnificent Bastard who calls concepts such as "justice" and "honor" jokes (though typically as part of a Jerkass Façade) and talks down to most people. Despite this, he goes out of his way to protect and look after those close to him, even his best friend-turned-rival and his Mysterious Waif partner with a Sugar and Ice Personality and frequent rival in snark.
  • Naruto:
    • Anime Sakura, both in Part 1 and Shippuden.
    • Tsunade. She had mellowed with age - then un-mellowed after becoming Hokage with the pressures of high office. Not to mention the pressures of dealing with Naruto every day.
    • Temari is very aggressive, especially in her initial appearance, and is definitely troublesome, but she also possesses a softer, more gentle side, and even forms a sort-of relationship with her Chunin exam opponent, Shikamaru. And when they say she has a Paper Fan of Doom, they aren't kidding.
    • Also, Shikamaru's mother Yoshino is quite tsundere-ish, acting all bossy to her husband but being actually caring, which just goes to show that Nara men have a thing for troublesome women.
    • Karin, too. She's tsuntsun toward just about everyone, especially Suigetsu, with whom she keeps picking fights. The only one she's deredere with is Sasuke, acting all cutesy towards him, and even then, only when they're alone—in publish, she's just as tsuntsun towards him as she is towards everyone else.
    • Utakata always denies saving Hotaru, right after saving her.
    • Kurama, the Nine-Tails. That's right. That giant fox is very tsun-tsun towards Naruto. Same also with Shukaku to Gaara and his predecessor (the Suna Monk).
  • Nagisa in the manga Yume De Aetara is Tsundere all the way, her tsun-tsun side suffered by her suitors (specially Masao Fuguno) and her dere-dere exposed to her first love (in the manga) or when Fuguno is genuinely honest with her.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • ChiChi, Goku's Victorious Childhood Friend . Then again, you HAVE to be one to deal with an Idiot Hero like Goku in a regular basis...
      • Originally, ChiChi is more the Sweet type, prim and proper while having a massive crush on Goku. She would only lash out at Goku when he was rude or did something stupid (which was often). After Dragon Ball Z rolls around though, she becomes more Harsh.
    • Also, Launch. This is due to a physical split personality disorder, where sneezing would cause her to shift personalities. Dere-dere side is sweet and has blue hair, tsuntsun side is a trigger-happy blonde (unless she's near to Tien, where she acts more deredere)
    • Also Videl at the end of Dragon Ball Z and, to a lesser extent, Android #18 after she marries Krillin. More specifically, Videl is always in tsun-tsun mode with Gohan before blackmailing him into training her. Later on, she showed her dere-dere side as she began to develop feelings for Gohan. After marrying Gohan and having Pan, she displays no tsun-tsun traits. Recent depictions of her also show her as much more mellow around everyone but being annoyed or embarrassed by her father's antics.
    • Bulma is also somewhat of a tsundere, especially in Dragon Ball but seemed to mellowed over time.
    • Vegeta and other Can't Catch Up shonen staple types are proto-tsunderes. "Don't be mistaken, it wasn't my intention to save you. I'm the only one allowed to beat you, Kakarot!"
  • Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fits this trope in the early episodes with her behavior towards Kamina—initially yelling at and chastising him. This stops the moment they kiss and establish a relationship. After his death, she becomes a Cool Big Sis.
  • Kyouyama Anna from Shaman King serves as a good example of Tsundere, though more of the tsuntsun than the deredere. In the flashback chapters when we witness Yoh and Anna's first meeting, young Anna is very cold to Yoh, saying he's lame and that she cannot believe he's her future husband. It is later revealed that Anna is being followed by an oni of her own creation, who attacks anyone who tries to get close to her, which is part -but not all- the reason why she pushes Yoh away. When Yoh promises to become the Shaman King for her, Anna begins to warms up to him. However, she never lets herself go very much into deredere, maintaining that tsuntsun with Yoh by forcing him through incredibly difficult training and often refusing to help him out of near-death situations. However, her affections for him are seen now and again, and it's easy to see in those moments how much Yoh means to her. Like when she briefly broke down crying when Yoh was possessed by Tokagerou to save Ryu, her reaction to Yoh's Evil Twin Hao trying an I Have You Now, My Pretty on her, or her serious Heroic BSOD when Yoh almost dies at the hands of Hao.
  • Sorcerer Stabber Orphen:
    • Cleao Everlasting, starting out extremely tsun-tsun and childish but showing quite the strength and gentleness when she reaches her peaks of dere-dere, specially towards the end of the first series and the second half of the Revenge series, when she takes the Licorice under her wing.
    • In the Revenge series, Eris also fits in the Tsundere archetype, going all googly-eyed for her best friend Majik and yet acting very snarky and tsuntsun towards her Bunny-Ears Lawyer instructor Hartia, specially when they go in their... very "special" exploits as super heroes (sorta).
  • Trinity Blood's Astharoshe "Asta" Asran. Her relationship with Abel Nightroad, though not romantic (at least, not in canon), has strong elements of this. At first she violently threatens him (and does so again each time they meet), but comes to see him as one of her closest comrades. And that word is extremely meaningful to Asta.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • Asuna Kagurazaka.
    • Back in the tales of Ala Rubra, we have Princess Arika. Apparently, tsundere...ism runs in the family.
    • Akamatsu himself describes Chisame as a borderline tsundere. She's an extremely grumpy Meta Girl, frustrated with all the weirdness around her and complaining about everything all the time, but when it gets right down to it, she cares for everyone around her a lot (not that she'll admit it).
    • Anya is a Clingy Jealous Girl who's a Harsh type towards Negi.
    • Evangeline occasionally lapses into this, most notably when dealing with Nagi and Albireo. Also with Negi with added lick my foot.
    • Emily Sevensheep is this way for Yue Ayase.
    • After his Heel-Face Turn, Fate Averruncus sometimes shows signs of this towards Negi.
  • Naru Taru:
    • Satomi Ozawa is a quite dark version of this; apart from being one of the main villains, her relationship with her (ex-)boyfriend Bungo Takano is more screwed up than usual. In the manga, she only softens up to him again after a rather severe case of Break the Haughty.
    • Norio Koga, the resident gay character, is a possible male Tsundere. He's usually a very grouchy guy who likes to tell Takeo Tsurumaru that he hates him (though to be fair, Takeo can be quite an ass) but secretly has romantic feelings for the guy that go as far as wanting to have his baby. His deredere side doesn't show much, and when it does, it's fairly downplayed.
  • Ryoumou Shimei from Ikki Tousen starts as a Sociopathic Hero with Yandere traits, but slowly mellows out as she befriends main character Sonsaku Hakufu and gets into a Slap-Slap-Kiss dynamics (only darker) with the local Handsome Lech, Sunpo Saji.
  • Gundam 00:
    • Soma/Marie could count as a Tsundere, thanks to a literal split personality. Marie likes Allelujah, Soma... doesn't. For a while, since they end-up together
    • There's also some speculation about Tieria Erde also being a Tsundere, specially towards Neil!Lockon. In one of the 00 games, when Lockon and Tieria get caught in an extremely hard mission and Lockon almost dies as a result, Tieria's reaction is textbook tsundere: sounding like he's about to cry or hyperventilate when Lockon comes close, then going tsuntsun and denying ot.
  • From Hana Yori Dango. Tsukushi is this to Tsukasa, thanks mainly to Tsukasa's initial Jerk Ass behavior toward her. She even kicks him in the face on one of their first meetings!
  • May Wong from Kaleido Star mixes this with Spoiled Brat and some traits of The Ace. Mid-way through the second season, though, she's brutally Brought Down to Normal, gradually learning to embrace her deredere side.
  • Casca of Berserk. At the beginning of the series, she wants nothing to do with Guts, won't even give him the time of day, and doesn't understand what the hell Griffith, who she has something of a thing for, sees in him. She's not too shy about the hostility either, even punching Guts at every opportunity. The deredere comes later on in the saga as the two of them learn more about each other's pasts and they get a bit closer, eventually becoming lovers about the time that Griffith gets himself captured and put to the torture. And then the Eclipse goes down.
  • Yui Kotegawa of To Love-Ru spends much of her time scolding the other cast members for their (mostly unintentional) indecent behavior, but as the series goes on she finds herself in love with Rito.
  • In Hidamari Sketch, Natsume, Sae's Unknown Rival, keeps going up to Sae as if trying to pick a fight, then runs off flustered for some reason. Her actions are enough to identify her as a schoolgirl lesbian.
  • Tachibana from Otomen identifies (male) Tonomine as a tsundere/oresama (portmanteau: tsunsama) type (and Tachibana knows his stuff, being himself a mangaka).
  • To Heart:
    • Shiho Nagaoka qualifies, especially when she develops feelings for Hiroyuki in the last two episodes of the anime.
    • As well as Yuma Tonami from To Heart 2, who finally admits to herself she likes the male lead in the second episode of the 2 part OVA To Heart 2: Another Days.
    • Ruri Himeyuri could also be classified as a Tsundere, given the way she treats Takaaki and how overprotective she is of Sango.
  • The most straight-up Tsundere in School Days is the local Patient Childhood Love Interest, the bossy and no-nosense Alpha Bitch and sportswoman Otome Katou. Her deredere side is more evident in the games.
  • Rinslet from Black Cat became a Harsh Tsundere in the anime. She is always negative about whatever Sven or Jenos says, frequently screaming things like "That won't work!" or "You idiot!" Unlike in the manga where she was dere about Train, in the anime, she has a few (very, very rare) instances where she is slightly dere towards Sven.
  • Asu no Yoichi! has both types. Older sister Ibuki is a very kind, sweet girl who pounds anyone into oblivion when they cross her, specifically Yoichi whenever he shows signs of being an Accidental Pervert. Younger sister Ayame tries to play it cool all the time, but can't always hide her attraction to the samurai.
  • The song "Not so Fast, Sexy Girl" featured as an SD video clip on the Devil Hunter Yohko music video collection, starts of as a slow-paced ballad describing a sexy girl. A guy makes a move on her, she just shrugs her shoulders and smiles... and then, the music suddenly switches to rock as she decides to kick him in the crotch. Yes, even the tune is tsundere.
  • A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun:
    • Mikoto Misaka can be classified as a Harsh tsundere when it comes to Touma. She follows him around with the excuse of challenging him to a fight. Lampshaded and practically outright called one in Railgun:
      Harumi: You uh... You like him?
      Mikoto: W-What?
      Harumi: You know, when a girl behaves all cold towards the guy she likes. It was popular a while back... Tsun... Tsun... Tsundara? No... Tsunjire?
      Mikoto: Not a chance!
    • Accelerator is a male example, being rude and merciless to any who cross him, but also hiding a sweet deredere side that is (mostly) reserved for Last Order
    • Misaka Worst is this towards none other than Accelerator himself. When she's with him, Worst acts like a Jerkass Alpha Bitch and tries to seduce him (most likely to annoy him), but Worst has confess when she's not with him, she loses the will to fight. Again, Tsuntsun to Accelerator's face, Deredere when he's not around.
  • Full Metal Panic!:
    • Kaname Chidori in Fumoffu. Her dominant 'tsun' side is mostly because Sousuke is more commonly detonating parts of the school building and traumatizing her fellow students than doing anything worth going 'dere' over. She's also ONLY 'tsun' towards Sousuke, though she will speak up against jerks/bullies (which actually gets her into trouble several times in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu). To everyone else, she's pretty balanced. Her backstory suggests this is due to her American upbringing which made her too outspoken and aggressive to fit into Japanese culture. Apparently American women are considered Tsundere by default.
    • In the novels, Nami is tsun-tsun with everyone else, but pure dere-dere when with Sousuke. Originally shown as exceedingly rude and hot-tempered, he manages to get her to fall for him and become completely dere-dere by being extremely polite and respectful to her (something no one else had really done).
  • Kafuko from Space Pirate Mito is Harsh and usually uses the smirk on Aoi, the protagonist, to try and hide her crush on him. She also tries to discourage another girl that she notices getting close to Aoi by listing off all his faults, but only ends up revealing her crush and encouraging the girl instead.
  • Utau Hoshina of Shugo Chara!—mainly towards Amu Hinamori (because she refuses to admit she's her friend) and Kukai Souma (because she refuses to admit she may or may not like someone other than her brother).
  • The Mazinger series:
    • One of the Trope Codifiers: Sayaka Yumi from the Mazinger Z, Kouji's hot-tempered and often downright slap-happy Battle Couple and girlfriend, and one of the first Tsundere girls given a major role in almost any anime/manga. Her Type varies: she's Sweet in the original manga, but Harsh in the anime series.
    • Justified with Jun Honou from Great Mazinger, in that being half-African, there are feelings of frustration that make her irritable at times and aren't related to her relationship with Tetsuya Tsurugi. Of course, it wouldn't be so bad if Tetsuya was not a Tsundere, too (He is Asuka Langley Soryu's template, in fact).
    • Maria Grace Fleed from UFO Robo Grendizer was another Tsundere. She definitely is Harsh; Kouji has slap marks to prove it.
    • And then you have the three of them together in Mazinger Angels.
  • Pokémon:
    • Kasumi/Misty is Harsh. She can be violent and furious, complete with wielding a mallet-of-doom (especially in the beginning or when you mention the word "bike" around her) or motherly, caring and romantic (especially after obtaining Togepi). Early seasons seem to hint that this is because of the lead-character of the show, Satoshi/Ash, yet later seasons make it less obvious and let her become more deredere than tsuntsun.
    • Musashi/Jessie is a more extreme version of Harsh, as she has pretty intense mood swings.
    • Iris's Dragonite in the Best Wishes series is Harsh as well. Just seeing the way he lets Iris catch him makes it pretty clear.
    • Officer Jenny is usually one of these. They vacillate between A and B in their various incarnations, but every one of them has a quick temper and a nice side.
  • Yuriko Star from Irresponsible Captain Tylor. She's a rare example of a Tsundere whose behavior is due to environment rather than nature or issues; being as much the Straight Man (well, Straight Woman) as Yamamoto, yet lacking his reluctance to physically assault a superior officer, it's only natural she acts the way she does around an irritating, flirtatious goofball like Tylor. She's debatably the healthier one of the two - poor Yamamoto essentially ends up an addict to tranquilizers and something called a "neuro-cleanser" for quite a while.
  • Niche of Tegami Bachi is a rather extreme one. Default mode: rude and violent. Occupation: Dingo for Letter Bee Lag Seeing. Likes: Lag Seeing. Dislikes: armor bugs, when Lag talks to girls with larger chests than her own, or to almost everyone else, for that matter, and underpants, especially the little ones that go "pi" when Niche moves.
  • Moka Akashiya of Rosario + Vampire is an interesting take on the concept; Inner Moka is very tsuntsun, but when she wears her rosario she becomes the deredere Outer Moka. One of protagonist Tsukune's major hurdles is that, if he wants to date Moka, he has to convince her cold and proud inner personality that he's good enough for her.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Mai Kujaku/Valentine and Jou/Joey from the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, often towards each other. Though it takes some defrosting following her first defeat to bring out the former's dere.
    • Aki Izayoi from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds combines this with Defrosting Ice Queen, starting off (quite justifiably) tsuntsun and terrifyingly violent toward just about everyone, but eventually seemingly warming up to Yusei. She basically becomes more of a Sweet, Moe girl by season three.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • In the manga, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars is a Aloof Dark-Haired Girl and a Defrosting Ice Queen. In the first anime, however, she's more outspoken and Hot-Blooded, fitting as a Harsh Tsundere quite well. She starts out very tsuntsun, switching a bit more to deredere as time passes; she especially acts like this towards Mamoru (first season only; she backs off as soon as he and Usagi are revealed to be each other's true loves), Yuuichirou, and specially towards Usagi.
    • Usagi's cat, Luna, acts annoyed or uninterested around Artemis, her Dogged Nice Guy, and even fawns over Yaten in front of Artemis, but in reality is quite fond of him.
    • In the anime, Sailor Lead Crow was this to her partner Sailor Aluminium Siren. Even if you don't ship them together, you can't ignore how Lead Crow nagged on her partner but ultimately cared for her. She was heartbreakingly deredere when Siren was killed.
    • When Zoisite became Zoycite in the DiC dub, her personality shifted to this; where Zoisite was cruel to everyone but Kunzite, Zoycite had moments where she seemed harsh towards Malachite despite loving him deeply.
    • An/Natsumi is like this towards Eil/Seijirou until the very end of their arc.
  • Digimon:
    YK: He's the type that can't express friendship very well. It's hard for him to just come out and say things like thank you. MY: He's tsundere. YK: Yeah, that's the word we use now to describe people like him. (laughs)
    • Rika Nonaka from Digimon Tamers starts off as an apparent Jerkass (her "tsun" side), but through the wonders of Character Development, we eventually see that she does, in fact, have a "dere" side, shown now and then in her interactions with Takato. She actually gives a textbook example near their return to the Real World, when she learns Takato has sent an e-mail to her parents for her, going from mad that he did it in the first place, to embarrassed and appreciative, only to whiplash right back to furious when she learns he stuck hearts and smiley faces in the text.
  • Gareki from Karneval is a Harsh male version, especially when Yogi teases him. In fact, both Yogi and Tsukumo are awestruck at his surprising deredereness innocence regarding snow (which he had never seen) at one point in the manga.
  • Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop starts the series as an angry con artist who continually cheats and insults the people around her. But for most of the series she is a Harsh Tsundere as her tough veneer is punctuated by moments of childlike openness.
  • Wolfram in Kyo Kara Maoh complains about Yuuri about as much as he's grouchily possessive of him, and despite being quasi-'dominant', looks more girly than him. In one OVA episode, another character actually uses the word tsundere to describe him. He mellows down in season three... unless, of course, Yuuri has done something wrong.
  • Tsuyukusa from Amatsuki is pretty much the epitome of an Tsundere; he becomes easily flustered when either Heihachi or Toki is involved, and has used pretty much every stock tsundere expression in the book at least once. Also, his relationship with Bonten strangely resembles that of a tsundere and Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Now that's when Tsuyukusa becomes all snarky, rude and flustered.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has several characters that fit this character type:
    • England is the embodiment of this trope. He's heavy on smirking, especially when around America. When he's in deredere mode, though, he sometimes shows such vulnerability that he qualifies as The Woobie.
    England: D-Don't get the wrong idea, though! I'm just counting because if you don't go to sleep, I can't go home. I'm not doing it for you, or anything...
    • Switzerland is a combination of this and He Was Never My Heterosexual Life Partner to Austria. The Gunslinger is especially fond of The Violent Approach (duh). As for the dere part, just catch him when together with his little sister Liechtenstein.
    • Himaruya actually calls Germany a Tsundere in the notes. He seems to be Harsh and fond of a mix between Cold Shoulder and Smirk (less about merely throwing insults around or having mood swings, more about being grumpy and a Drill Sergeant Nasty to Italy). He's usually a 'take no guff' guy around everybody, but you can just tell he's making exceptions for Italy. To hammer on the point, the Valentines strip has Germany going pretty much into full-blown deredere mode.
    • South Italy is a fierce mix of all Harsh varieties, partially out of insecurity that Spain only wants him for his inheritance, and partially because he's not a good cook/housekeeper like his younger brother. And yep, Romano's Tsundere side is specially strong when around Spain.
    • Wy was one toward Sealand in Hetaween 2011, insisting that it was a "coincidence" that she is wearing the dress he told her to wear. Lampshaded by Seborga, who commented that she must have been influenced by England (mentioned above).
    • Molossia. He flips Sealand, Seborga and Wy off when they ask him to be their new friend, but runs back to join them as soon as they leave. He also shows signs of being very self-conscious about letting his other side being seen.
    • According to Word of God, The Netherlands is also a Tsundere, his Tsun-tsun especially strong around Spain. His Dere-dere side can be seen when he's interacting with Isolationist!Japan, and there are a few hints of his softer side when around his little sister, Belgium.
  • Dojo from Library War is a textbook example of a Harsh Tsundere, utilizing mostly tactics 2 and 3. He's gruff and businesslike towards everyone, but he takes it to an extreme when he's around Kasahara. At the beginning of the series she complains that he works her hardest during training. He protects her because he secretly does care, but then he brushes it off as just part of his job and often shouts at her. Their flirting begins as awkward shouting matches and snide comments, but towards the end of the series Dojo makes some sweet gestures that he then ruins like trying to comfort Kasahara by patting her on the head, and then getting angry because he can't reach and demanding to know why she is wearing high heels. Total mood killer.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Kyo Sohma acts this way with Tohru. He starts out being grumpy with her, but then he will try to be nice, while being embarrassed about it. Or else he'll do something nice but deliver it in a grumpy manner; a good example of this is when he serves her leek soup (his most loathed food) when she's sick.
    • There's also a subversion in regards to Akito Sohma. She was starting to shape up as a Harsh Tsundere, according to Yuki's testimony (he remembers her yelling at him, then stopping herself and picking up a bowl gently), but at some point she completely lost it (read: the pshycological abuse coming from her mother Ren got to her head) and everything got worse. She actually became a mix of Yandere, Manipulative Bitch and Broken Bird, and it would take her many years and a MASSIVE Break the Haughty to even start to get better.
  • In Xxx Holic, Kimihiro Watanuki is most often this towards Shizuka Doumeki (with occasional instances where he shows his dere-dere side). Towards beautiful women, however, he's pure deredere. Except for Yuuko, in which case he's also a Tsundere.
  • Card Captor Sakura:
    • Chiharu Mihara alternates between slapping her crush Yamazaki around for his outrageous lies or acting very sweet and awkward when they're in private... only to slap him again when he completely misses the point of her advances.
    • Mr. Stoic Ice King Guardian Yue of all people turns out to be this way towards Sakura. Due to his stubborn Undying Loyalty towards his first master Clow Reed, he's got issues coming to terms with the fact he's come to love Sakura too.
    Yukito: (to Sakura) [Yue] says he's very worried about you.
    Yue: ...I didn't say "very".
    • Touya acts like an non-romantic Tsundere towards Sakura, due to being a Big Brother Bully with a Big Brother Instinct-type sibling.
    • Li Syaoran also shows this trait. Grumpy and tsuntsun towards lots of people, but simply adorable and VERY deredere if you're Yukito or Sakura.
    • Syaoran's Identical Son's tsundere-ness is even more evident than his father's in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, where he is eventually joined in this by yet another male Tsundere: the ninja Kurogane, who starts out pure tsuntsun but eventually reveals a deredere side first when he meets a lookalike of his princess (Tomoyo-hime) in Piffle World (and Fai teases him about this — but then again, Fai teases him about everything), and then when he unflinchingly offers to give up his own blood to save Fai — almost a direct parallel with Syaoran offering to pay Yuuko's price before she even names it in order to save Sakura. A crowning moment for the Kuro/Fai ship, which had until that point looked like unrequited love on Fai's part, and a great display of "Kuro-rin"'s "deredere" side.
  • Domon Kasshu from G Gundam develops some Tsundere traits as a part of his Character Development in the second part of the series. Some of his later scenes with his partner Rain Mikamura mark the point very nicely.
  • Souichi from The Tyrant Falls in Love is antisocial and ill-tempered to pretty much everyone, but doles out most of his punches, kicks, and verbal abuse to Morinaga. Except for when he accidentally lets slip signs that he cares for Morinaga more than he'd like to admit, upon which he's reduced to furious blushing and stammered-out denials. It certainly doesn't help that Souichi's supposed to be a homophobe, which severely hinders him from accepting the idea of him being in love with another man, much less being affectionate towards one.
  • Yuichi Kazuki of Only the Ring Finger Knows is kind, polite, and friendly to everyone he meets... except to Wataru Fujii, the guy he likes, because he doesn't know how to deal with his feelings for another male. His uncharacteristically cold and snarky (The Cold Shoulder tactic) behavior towards Wataru provokes the latter into employing his own type of Tsundere tactic (The Violent Approach) upon him out of frustration. Yuichi grows out of this somewhat in the sequel novels following their Relationship Upgrade, but still has occasional bouts of Tsundere-ness (and it's actually implied that his kind demeanor to everyone else was actually a mask he put on to please them and that his teasing behavior toward Wataru is reflective of his true personality, which makes him an odd mix of both Tsundere types).
  • Hibiki Tokai from Vandread, having grown up in a world where men and women were raised separately and conditioned to view each other as mortal enemies, is completely clueless as to how to act around girls. Even once he starts to open up to Dita, he fiercely denies becoming close to the opposite gender. Definitely the "doesn't believe that men should show weakness" variety.
  • Takuto Kira from Full Moon o Sagashite is probably the best example of the male Harsh tsundere, having all the traits of your average tsundere characters, showing all the tsuntsun traits 1 through 3, yet shows a very deredere side mostly through physical actions of kindness. He is prone to blushing and changing the subject whenever given a compliment or a "thank-you", especially from Mitsuki, the girl of his affections. His tsun-tsun side gradually fades to the more dere-dere side, especially towards the end of both the manga and the anime.
  • Cloudcuckoolander Umino Masachika from Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai fits this at times. When asked why she told her new "good friend" to go to hell in the middle of class, she responded that it was "an expression of love!"
  • Megumi from Tenshi Na Konamaiki is deredere towards girls (especially Miki) but usually tsuntsun towards guys, most notably Genzo. This is probably because she used to be male. Although she was never male at all. Even when she knows this and she kisses Genzo in the last volume she acts rather tsuntsun with him and insists on behaving that way even at the end.
  • A non-romantic (we think) version in Game X Rush: Memori is this towards Yuuki, complete with for-the-lulz physical violence, blushing, and "I'm not doing this for you." Yuuki occasionally displays this towards Memori, as when Memori 'fell asleep on guard duty' to let Yuuki leave the hospital; Sayako sometimes displays this towards both boys, blushing and reprimanding them for failing to treat her as their boss (which she technically isn't).
  • In the ecchi manga My Balls, Elise gradually develops a crush on the male protagonist which leads to gradual emergence of her deredere side. She was even revealed to have a conscience that, instead of the traditional Good and Evil, consists of her Tsuntsun and Deredere tendencies.
  • Revy of Black Lagoon is a borderline psychotic version of this. When she's being angry and confrontational she's bad enough, but when she lapses into Whitman Fever during the Nazi arc, she's even worse. She has even tried to shoot Rock on two different occasions during the first season, with her "dere-dere" side surfacing during the "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise" arc from the second season (though there was that time she saved Rock at the end of the first season, something she swore she would never do). Other dere-dere moments include: inviting Rock to join the Lagoon Company at the end of Episode Two, the infamous "Cigarette Kiss" in Episode Seven, threatening to kill Gretel if she ever fucks with Rock again (Hey, we did mention that Revy was psychotic?), and trying to stop Rock from watching Yukio's suicide. She also smiles several times at Rock during the Yakuza Arc.
  • Reiji (nicknamed "Rage") from Gravitation is an amazing example, going from shooting Shuichi with a bazooka to declaring her love for him all on the same page.
  • Rozen Maiden has three.
    • Shinku is the first one we meet. She tells Jun that he is her "servant" and physically abuses him when he does something she doesn't like. (Everything from slapping him in the face to shoving her heavy case into his leg.) Her deredere side shows itself more as the Rozen Maiden franchise progresses.
    • Suiseseki likes Jun, but generally shows him her Tsun-tsun side. She is haughty, rude, and it takes one season for her to admit she even likes him. Her deredere side is only triggered when Bara-suishou is well on her way to defeating her in Traumend and she finally asks him to be her medium during The Covenant episode. She is in complete denial until this point, even though she is previously seen looking up OTHER Sakuradas in the phone book trying to get them to be her medium. Suiseseki is the resident Screwy Squirrel of the bunch on top of that.
    • Suigintou in Träumend begins as Harsh. After being awakened by her medium Megu, Sugintou promptly tells her that she doesn't need a medium. She begins to show her deredere side as soon as both girls begin to talk about their bodies as junk.
  • Male example with Manabizaki from SWOT. He's usually foul-tempered and really gruff and dismissive. No, he didn't come to save you — he was just on his way to the test/class/study-session and the bad guys got in the way. He doesn't like Hasuno. She's a damned ex-delinquent and the people attacking her were making too much noise, so he couldn't study properly. What?! No, he is not blushing!
  • Ushio and Tora:
    • A fairly classic tsundere is Asako. More interesting, though, is that Tora is one of the rare clear male examples - he refuses to admit that he considers Ushio a friend and generally goes ballistic if anyone implies that they like each other. He also consistently threatens and attacks Ushio (Violent Approach, check), insults him (Taunt, check), or tries to simply ignore him. (Cold Shoulder, check.) Nevertheless, he always shows up to help Ushio in tight spots, often with a " Don't get me wrong, I just..." excuse. (Defender, check.) All in all, it's pretty obvious they share a strong trust and respect for each other; they just won't admit it.
    • In later chapters, Tora develops a very similar (but less violent and far more romantical) relationship to Mayuko, who's life he keeps saving. What is his motivation for going out of his way to help these people he claims he doesn't like? He's the only one allowed to eat them. (Which, of course, he never gets around to doing.)
  • Misaki Ayuzawa, main character and aggressive female Student Council President from Maid-Sama! is a pretty textbook Harsh example, though having to bully the uncooperative guys of what used to be an all-boys school into line kind of explains it. Still, her interactions with most of the student body (the boys mostly, though there are a few exceptions), and Usui in particular are pretty much by-the-book for the character type.
  • Kaori Makimura from City Hunter is a pretty classic Harsh type, with her wrath most often triggered by Ryo's mokkori ways. Expect hammers labeled "100 tons" or "National Shame" to follow. But if Ryo does anything affectionate towards her, blushing ensues.
  • Hellsing's very own Integra in the Manga acts highly Tsundere upon the portions of the story that isn't about gore and war, flinging BAKA and URUSAI at Alucard when he pushes her buttons. Or when Seras brings up something that embarrasses her around Alucard or about Alucard at the end. Seras acts like this too towards Pip Bernadotte.
  • Kaoru of Nana to Kaoru is a sterling example of a male tsundere - on the surface, anyway. His reason for giving his childhood friend Nana the cold shoulder isn't because he can't bring himself to admit an attraction to her, but that she must not discover that he's in love with her, because A) she's destined for greatness and he feels that a loser like him would just slow her down B) it would probably end their "breathers" if he couldn't be a good dom. Yet he keeps slipping up and acting chivalrously, going the extra mile for her, complimenting her and so on - it's hilarious and adorable. Nana has her tsuntsun moments as well, through she is more Sweet.
  • Saiyuki has Sanzo as the male example. He is short-tempered, has little patience with anyone, a foul mouth and attitude, and constantly shoots people (even those in his party) while spewing death threats over the slightest annoyance. However, in one episode on Reload, the same pissy monk reluctantly agrees to babysit a stray kitten the party stumbled on after fighting youkai in spite of his crippling fear of triggering his allergies of cats, and gradually warms up to the cat enough to nap with it and grow heavily concerned over it when it was injured trying to save him from a surprise attack. Every once in a while, however, he is a lot calmer in talking with Hakkai without the need of violence, and genuinely cares for Goku among the others of the group (whether he admits it or not) that he gets even more pissed when they're particularly injured or in danger. In cases where his party passes by a town in need (where the monster of the episode may be lurking), he also is charismatic and shows a bit of care in the welbeing of whoever the party has to save (namely female one-of characters). His past incarnation, Konzen, is also the same, but his tsun-tsun is a lot more toned down and he's a lot more willing to show he has a dere-dere side.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Tai La Verite. Ryuuka is harsh and insulting to her intended husband Taro most of the time (e.g. calling him "midget"), but will on rare occasions shows her attraction and liking for him.
  • Ayako from Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! She displays the most explosive temper towards just about anyone who pisses her off, but is absolutely dere-dere towards her beloved Mamoru. Though her confession of her feelings towards Mamoru at the very start of the series was rather tsun-tsunish in approach (and it was perhaps the only time he was intimidated by her).
  • Halvir Hroptr in the manga Crimson Spell is an Insufferable Genius with very little consideration for other people. He deres only for Prince Vald (himself a Sweet type provoked into tsun behavior by Havi's Jerkass behavior).
  • In Blue Exorcist, Izumo Kamiki would definitely qualify.
    Izumo: I hate you! But... thanks anyway...
  • Misato from Nichijou is heavy on the tsun. She attacks her love interest AND anyone who makes even the slightest reference to her possibly having feelings for him. And by heavy, we mean heavy artillery. She once misinterprets a question about her cooking as a question about her getting married to him. Her Hyperspace Arsenal style of tsundere-ness led to many fans calling her a "gundere."
  • Kyoko Sakura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She acts hostile towards Sayaka because she disapproves of her values, but she develops a soft spot for her. Made obvious in episode 7, when she tries to help Sayaka, only to go back to being angry and aloof when her advice is refused. And in episode 9, she sacrifices herself to put witch!Sayaka out of her misery.
  • Kotobuki Nanase from Bungaku Shoujo is a typical Harsh tsundere. She is harsh towards her classmate Konoha Inoue but eventually shows her dere side (in the third OVA and book).
  • Yui from Houou Gakuen Misoragumi is very violent towards Kei and often hits her, even as he's blushing and admitting his feelings. Notable in that he has trouble admitting even non-romantic feelings.
  • From The Prince of Tennis, Kaidoh Kaoru and perhaps Shishido Ryou can be considered male versions of this. Both are rather snappish (although Kaidoh sort of grows out of it by the end of the series), but Kaidoh enjoys playing with cats (specifically Ryoma's, when it wanders away) and is much less harsh towards his sempai, especially Inui. Shishido softens up whenever he's around his doubles partner, Ootori.
  • Misaki from Hana No Mizo Shiru starts out this way. He's very reserved, and frequently acts irritated towards Arikawa (understandably, after he embarasses the poor boy in public by telling him that he loves him in his dreams). He gradually warms up to him, though, acting less irritable over time and getting flustered in his presence. By the time they get together, he's lost most of his tsun, and mostly comes across as shy rather than standoffish.
  • Mariko Shinobu from Oniisama e... starts as a Clingy Jealous Girl Yandere for Nanako. After some episodes where she almost commits a Murder-Suicide with Nanako and then goes in a hunger strike , she becomes more of a Clingy Jealous Girl Harsh Tsundere for Nanako, Kaoru, and later Takeshi.
  • Kaoru from Zettai Karen Children fits exactly, particularly in the flashback when they first meet Minamoto. To quote Shiho, "What amazing Tsundere powers."
  • Claude Claudel from Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. He has enough Berserk Buttons to fluster him often, but he does have his tender moments with Yune, and with Camille as a child.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Erza. With a Played for Laughs reputation as The Dreaded and Natsu and Grey terrified of her, she tends to run their team with an iron-clad fist (literally and figuratively), as well as taking things humorously seriously, and admitting to being far more comfortable in armour. However, she has her moments of lightening up and even Squee.
    • "Charle" (or "Carla" as Crunchyroll prefers to call her) is this way towards (mostly) anyone who isn't Wendy. She's haughty, abrasive and has a no-nonsense attitude, especially the "he-cat"note  Happynote . It takes The Reveal about her past for her to mellow out.
  • Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist. Tsun to those who insult her Bodyguard Crush, dere to said crush Ling Yao. She's also pretty insecure without her mask.
  • Peter Pan No Bouken's rendition of Tiger Lily. Specially towards John Darling.
  • Kyo of Samurai Deeper Kyo is very heavy on the tsuntsun. Hoo boy. He regularly calls his Love Interest dog-face and Servant #1, and has a really obnoxious habit of randomly feeling her up, no matter who happens to be watching. But the few moments in which he shows that he cares about her and the way he fights when she's in danger are surprisingly genuine and heartwarming, especially near the end of the manga.
  • Tomoe of Kamisama Kiss is a male Harsh type. He is a sarcastic asshole towards everybody else 90% of the time but there are several moments were he shows that he really does care for them and that he can be kind when he wants to. Nanami, Tomoe's opposite number is a female Sweet type; normally she is very sweet and caring, but piss her off and the claws will come out.
  • Fuyuumi Ai of Ore Shura is generally a bossy jerk, but putting her in Eita's presence is like giving her a massive overdose of Love Potion. When she finds out he's in the same summer class as her, she screams "I'm the winner!" at the top of her lungs, then immediately tries to deny that her out-of-character overenthusiastic response meant anything. She claims to have a boyfriend, but the falseness of this is given away by, among other things, the fact that she stays in Tsun mode when talking about him.
  • Suzuka from the manga of the same name is extremely harsh towards Akitsuki, despite having strong feelings for him. Several times, while they were officially dating, she told him that she hated him and to leave her alone, or flat out punching him. Once she comes back from America and even more so after the unintended pregnancy and their marriage, when she fully realizes how much Akitsuki loves her, she warms up quite a bit and only acts tsun towards Akitskuki-kun when provoked.
  • Non-romantic example: In Servant × Service, Touko often hangs around the welfare section of the ward office and challenging the staff with welfare laws. Reason? Big Brother Worship; she just wants to hang out more with her big brother Taishi, who works there.
  • Deconstructed in Kotoura-san. For most of the anime Haruka's mother Kumiko has been very harsh towards Haruka (who the former has disowned for a decade). It is only at the last episode that, after some mind-reading, that Haruka noticed Kumiko treated her disowning Haruka—which is also very traumatizing for Haruka—as Her Greatest Failure.
  • In Saki Kyouko is this to Suzu, her teammate on the Himematsu mahjong team as despite writing on her forehead when she loses, she has great faith in her abilities. 15 months before the nationals, when Ikuno told Kyouko that they were considering putting her on the team, Kyouko declined, arguing that Suzu would be a better choice, as while Suzu doesn't rank well under Himematsu's ranking system, she has great potential when outmatched. Kyouko then asked Ikuno not to tell Suzu that Kyouko recommended her, saying it would be embarrassing.
  • Maho from Wandering Son is one of these, mainly towards her younger brother (well, sister). She was introduced as a normal, if someone mean-spirited and bratty, sibling but got increasingly more tsundere and aggessive with time. Still for all their tussles she does love Shuu,
  • Kagerou Project:
  • Jinsei has Rino, who is a prime example for Tsundere.
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun:
    • Mikoshiba tries to put on a cool face and be a suave ladies' man, but secretly has a desire to feel needed and usually ends up blushing in complete embarrassment whenever he actually flirts with a girl.
    • Hori is the very strict leader of the Drama Club. He usually hits Kashima, the star of the club, really hard when she skips practice to flirt with girls, which is often. However, he praises Kashima's skill like a proud parent when he's not seeing her shirk her duties or do something completely bizarre.
    • Wakamatsu is...strange. He's scared of and annoyed by Seo, but he loves Lorelei. Thing is, Lorelei is Seo's pseudonym. This would normally put him in another category entirely, but for some reason, he felt uncomfortable when when he thought Seo had a boyfriend...
  • Tonari no Kashiwagi-san has Sayaka. Yuuto and Kotone even discuss it at one point, trying to figure out her feelings for Kazuki. Once they start dating, Kazuki gets very proficient in pushing her dere buttons, usually to her embarrassment.
  • Junjou Romantica has Hiroki Kamijou who has a huge temper (he likes to throw things at his students) and often flips out over the idea of doing cutsey couple things with his boyfriend Nowaki, especially PDA type stuff. However, his boyfriend seems to think such behavior is cute.
  • Yowamushi Pedal has Arakita Yasutomo, who acts very harshly towards Shinkai Hayato. It may not be romantic, but it's because Arakita and Shinkai's relationship works because Shinkai ignores his angry behavior.

     Sweet (Dere) 
  • Rockna from Mon Colle Knights is a mix between this and Yandere. Mostly sweet and innocent, but becomes violent towards her dad or Mondo when they act rudely or hit on other girls.
  • Keiko Yukimura from YuYu Hakusho, kind and helpful towards everyone unless she's dealing with Yusuke. And even then, the possibility of having Yusuke seriously hurt or dead sends her into tears, if not into an Heroic BSOD.
  • Yamada from B Gata H Kei is an adorably perverted Cloudcuckoolander, until she gets near Kosuda.
  • Lum from Urusei Yatsura. It should be noted that, unlike most tsunderes, Lum's problem is less with Ataru being a pervert and more with him being unfaithful — perhaps because she's Not So Different, she understands his desires to see girls naked or go on dates, she just wants him to do all that with her, rather then chasing after random women in the street. She is still a bit bad-tempered and *very* possessive of him.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Kagome Higurashi. She is sweet and understanding most of the time but make her mad and she'll unleash her violent side upon you which is especially bad for Inuyasha since she has power over a cursed necklace that will slam him into the ground. Note that she warmed up to Inuyasha quite faster than the other Takahashi Tsunderes towards their love interests.
    • Sango is also Sweet towards her love interest Miroku who she harshly criticizes and hits when he behaves like a pervert, but when not provoked by him she's basically a Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • Kyoko Otonashi from Maison Ikkoku expresses Tsundere qualities as a subversion of the Yamato Nadeshiko personality: basically, her outwardly perfect Japanese housewife persona hides her childish, almost bipolar bouts of tsundere-ness. She is an interesting case, as in that when we meet her parents, we discover that her mother is a tsundere and in flashbacks, that Kyoko was even more openly a tsundere in her youth. (Interacting with her parents seems to bring this out in her). It's as if Kyoko is the mascot for teenage tsunderes who manage to grow-up and become the Yamato Nadeshiko that most of them want to be. However, her old tsundere behavior is still there, ready to breakout if she relives old childhood experiences.
  • Another possible "matured" Tsundere is Princess Ayeka of Tenchi Muyo! fame. She attempts to put on a dignified personality, but is certainly suppressing violent tendencies (even in the OVA, where she has a much sweeter personality). The trigger for her adoption of her dere personality? The loss of her Love Interest and half-brother, Yosho. Of course, she targets her violence out on to her rival rather then her Love Interest.
    • This seems to be the main Les Yay argument put forward for Ryoko and Ayeka.
    • Kiyone sometimes is interpreted as one as well. Particualrly in her relationship with Mihoshi (who from Kiyone's perspective might be considered a weird form of The Rival combined with The Load). Since Mihoshi is a Genius Ditz, the constant clash is widely interpreted as Les Yay.
  • Little House with an Orange Roof - Natsumi Tachibana is one of these, though her ex-husband's rampant infidelity is more reason than a Tsundere usually has.
  • Natsumi from Mahou Sensei Negima!. She's usually a very nice, unconfident girl, but has troubles coming to terms with her feelings for Kotaro and her budding Belligerent Sexual Tension with him (mainly due to the fact that he's still a kid).
  • Liz Ricarro from IGPX is a more muted tsundere - her arguments with Takeshi don't always extend to violence; most of the time they get along more or less fine, she usually has a concrete reason for berating or attacking him (Takeshi does kind of have an ego), and both are trained martial artists anyway. Takeshi puts it best in episode 2: "If you're not screaming, you're not happy."
  • Anime Chinese Girl Fa Yuiri from Zeta Gundam also qualifies as Sweet Tsundere in regards to her neighbor and partner Kamille Vidan, specially when Sarah Zaviaroff or Rosamia Badam are nearby. In the sequel Gundam ZZ, where the more mature Fa is the Team Mom, Elle Vianno and later Roux Rouka (though she's a bit more of a Defrosting Ice Queen) become the local Tsundere.
  • Ran Mouri in Detective Conan. Since she's a national-ranked karate girl, her violent tendencies come in handy more than once.
  • Seigaku Fangirl and local Tomboy Tomoka "Tomo-chan" Osakada from The Prince of Tennis, contrasting with her girly best friend Sakuno Ryuzaki. Tomoka is very open about her crush-like admiration for "Ryoma-sama", acts very sweet and protective of Sakuno, behaves cheerful and tomboyish towards others in general and has a borderline Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship with another of Ryoma's friends, local Chew Toy Satoshi Horio.
    • The manga and the anime show Ryoma's mother, Rinko Echizen nee Takeuchi, as being quite the Tsundere towards her boyfriend and later husband Nanjiroh, before their marriage. Nanjiroh seems to like his girls feisty, too, since he teases Rinko a lot about her rather flat chest in the first stages of their relationship.
    • Eiji Kikumaru can also count as this, for at least one instance. He's usually a happy, bouncy sort of character, but when Oishi injures himself and he is forced to play a singles match, he proceeds to put on his serious and totally wreck his opponent.
  • Mai Tokiha from Mai-HiME flips back and forth between "hot" and "cold" around Yuuichi Tate, as she occasionally has to deal with his practical jokes and moments of perversity (accidental and otherwise), and the Clingy Jealous Girl who always hangs around him. Being the new girl in town, she still wants to do right by everybody... even him.
  • Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket is a rather curious mix of Tsundere and Yandere, having the temper of the first type and some bits of the latter's insanity, but she consistently displays dere-dere, Yamato Nadeshiko moments towards Kyo, like washing his clothes for him and buying him chocolate for Valentine's Day. She's ironically also on friendly terms with her "rival", Tohru.
  • Jun "The Swan" from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is a kind and dedicated girl who cares deeply for her teammates, but she has quite a temper on her as well. Odd example in that her temper is usually set off by adopted little brother Jinpei or Dumb Muscle Ryu's wisecracks rather than her crush Ken.
  • Kazuki from Tona Gura is shown in the beginning to be a nice girl who is looking to her childhood friend moving back next door. Her "tsun-tsun" side emerges upon discovering that said childhood friend had grown up to become a pervert.
    • Later, though, she remembered that he had always been somewhat like this, even as a little boy, which he largely still acts like. She also finds that she has become somewhat more uptight than she was. Mind you, this hardly solves everything. The indication at anime's end is that he will try to be more playful but respectful than perverted, and she will try to be just serious, rather than angrily decrying his nature at every turn.
  • In The King of Fighters manga and games "KoF: KYO" by Masato Natsumoto, which centers specifically around Kyo Kusanagi's story, Kyo's girlfriend Yuki is re-written as a Sweet Tsundere who can alternate between being genuinely kind to her friends (specially Athena and Shingo), hitting Kyo with schoolbooks for being Late for School before smiling sweetly at him, yelling at Iori Yagami for wreacking havoc and dress up very cutely for an arranged date with a Dogged Nice Guy...
  • Emina Kusunoki from Inumimi. Let's just say she does not take lightly the fact that Yuichiro Sleep Cutes with his dogs-turned-human.
  • Sekai Saionji from School Days starts as a Sweet Tsundere... She later shows Yandere traits and murders her love interest.
  • Oddly, the main Shaymin of the 11th movie Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior was quite tsundere, not to mention cocky and snobby too. For people who don't know...Shaymin are a species of Pokemon, not a human.
  • In a Boys Love example, Randy "Ryo" McLean from FAKE can be seen as Tsundere towards his partner and love interest Dee Laytner. Doesn't help that Dee is not only an ex-The Casanova, but quite the Handsome Lech who is often chased around by Crazy Jealous Guy JJ.
    • Carol fits a bit more as the typical Tsundere towards her best friend and later boyfriend, Ryo's adoptive son Bikky.
  • Ai Amano from Video Girl Ai. Note that she was not supposed to be a Tsundere - until Youta played her video in a broken VCR. Len Momono from Video Girl Len fits a bit more.
  • Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist. She's a really sweet and cheerful girl who almost never gets angry, unless Ed breaks the automail she made for him, which usually results in her beating him up with her wrench.
  • In Romeo X Juliet, whereas Curio's Harsh male Tsundere tendences are a bit arguable depending on how you see his relationship with Francisco, Team Mom Cordelia is definitely a Sweet Tsundere towards Benvolio.
  • Both Misao Makimachi and Kaoru Kamiya in Rurouni Kenshin, despite the latter having the looks and garb of a Yamato Nadeshiko.
    • In Kaoru's defense, she has to deal with Yahiko Myoujin and Sanosuke Sagara on a daily basis, and neither of them ever have anything nice to say. Kenshin is genuinely nice to her and is therefore much less of a pain in the ass for her to deal with, but he DOES has a bad habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong times, which brings out Kaoru's tsuntsun side like nothing else.
    • Kaoru even gets an image song titled "It's Not That I Like You or Anything".
  • In the Axis Powers Hetalia Highschool AU mini-game, Gakuen Hetalia, the main character Seychelles is Sweet. She's mostly sweet and demure, but as soon as England or France get pushy on her, she goes very tsuntsun.
    • Taiwan also has some shades of this. She's more often than not a Genki Girl, but snaps rather fast when China annoys her.
    • There have also been fan interpretations of several characters as Sweet tsunderes; see the Fanfiction section below for more info.
  • Mishima Akane from Kämpfer is Sweet in her default/original form. She transforms to an Ax-Crazy gun nut Harsh type.
  • Sawachika Eri from School Rumble. She only shows her Tsun-Tsun side to her friends, and Harima.
    • Arguably Akira towards Hanai as well. Not much comes of it though.
  • Akira Kogami from Lucky Star. Her dere side is just a facade she puts up on Lucky Channel. Her tsun side is TERRIFYING; it's no wonder that her co-host Minoru completely snaps in episode 21.
  • Since Domon Kasshu evolves into a Harsh Tsundere as G Gundam advances, his partner Rain Mikamura can't be less than he is. She's the sweetest and most motherly girl around, but Domon is among the few who can push her buttons.
  • Katsumi of Project ARMS.
  • Miyuki from The Kindaichi Case Files, mostly towards Kindaichi because he is a lazy jerk at times.
  • Mimi from ChocoMimi is firmly dere. The only character that triggers her tsun side is Mumu.
  • Celty Sturlusen from Durarara!! is a relatively minor example that is perfectly willing to admit her attraction to Shinra Kishitani. However, sometimes she can't help but find his more annoying habits (like making ill-timed comments about their sex-life) extremely irritating and lets him know this. Physically. Fortunately, Shinra's something of a kinky little bugger, so he's all for it.
  • Naru Osaka from Sailor Moon becomes a Sweet Tsundere when she falls in love with Umino, after the terrible death of her first love Nephrite.
    • Usagi herself started as a mild version of Sweet. She was a Cute Clumsy Girl crybaby, but when Mamoru showed up and teased/critted her, she went all tsuntsun on him. On the other hand, she mellowed out almost immediately after they got together.
  • Asuka Sugo from Future GPX Cyber Formula is generally a sweet and caring girl, but her tsun side comes out when somebody/something pushes her buttons. In EP 32, for example, she threw stuff at her friend and teammate Hayato when he accidentally saw her wearing a towel. It has since mellowed out after the end of the TV series.
  • Naruto:
    • By the start of Part 2, Sakura Haruno. She used to be more Harsh (in the anime, she actually still is), but eventually mellowed out a bit with Character Development. She used to hate Naruto and crushed on his rival endlessly, but throughout the series she gets more gentle with him. She worries for his safety and cares for him deeply, but still has a short temper often triggered by Naruto when he's being stupid, rude, accidentally rude, perverted, or reckless.
      Sakura: You're always so reckless, you idiot!
      (punches Naruto after a winning a big battle that saved the village)
      Sakura: (suddenly hugs him) Thank you.
    • Kushina, Naruto's mother, is Sweet. She was very violent as a child, more so Harsh initially, and disliked Minato for assuming he was weak and undependable. She eventually acknowledged him as strong ninja after saving her and would later marry and have a child with him. When getting older, she mellows out though still has a temper that can erupt quite violently. In meeting her son for the first tine, she punched him on the head for making fun of her laugh and even broke down a door in fury in the Road to Ninja movie after Naruto refused to eat dinner with him.
    • Iruka Umino. Since he doesn't have a confirmed canon love interest, his Sweetness usually manifests itself by him being all sweet, kind, and honorable then suddenly flipping the hell out.
    • Tenten. She is usually a very friendly character, but occasionally loses her temper. Once she put a two-ton iron doll on Rock Lee because he was doing push-ups when she was trying to talk to him.
  • Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier demonstrates this in moderation, though her particularly Dere moments means she's about to hit you with The Tease. Has a crush on a certain someone in the Harsh list, and some Les Yay Sempai/Kohai vibes with her Moe love rival Ranka.
  • Two oldschool examples are Honey from Honey Honey No Suteki Na Bouken and Candy from Candy Candy. Both are blonde, plucky, cheerful Heartwarming Orphans who go grumpy towards Gentleman Thief Phoenix and Troubled, but Cute Terry, respectively.
    • Though Candy is pure deredere towards her other possible love interests, Anthony (who dies in an accident) and Albert (Anthony's uncle, who MAY be more likely to get to her, since Terry stays with Ill Girl Susanna instead.)
  • Mikael from Tenshi Ni Narumon is Harsh with Raphael and Sweet with anyone else with a mix of Yangire. He usually acts like a nice, kind and polite gentleman that is until everything goes according to his plans - if not, he might turn into a full-blown Yangire). And when around Raphael, he's a straight-out Harsh Tsundere with VERY occasional dere side popping out in critical moments
    • Also, Natsumi is mostly Sweet she's genuinely sweet and kind, but especially in the first season often acted very tsunderish towards Yuusuke - slapping him, tearing his love letter and being an overall bitch. She might be more of Defrosting Ice Queen since by the end of the series she almost completely mellowed down.
  • Prince Valdrigr in Crimson Spell is friendly, noble, and kindhearted to everyone he meets, but Insufferable Genius Halvir and Vald's own mixed feelings about him bring out the tsun.
  • Fairy Tail has several Harsh tsunderes, but they also give us a Sweet one with Levy McGarden. She's sweet to everyone, but often gets angry at Gajeel Redfox, resident Jerk with a Heart of Gold. We can all see where this Ship Tease is going...
    • There's also Lucy Heartfilia. Although it's mostly Played for Laughs (and probably riffing on other anime's use of the trope) and everyone in the guild is... rowdy, the normally cute, flirty, light-hearted celestial wizard can have a violent temper at times, especially when finding tresspassers in her house. Which happens every other episode.
  • Kosumo from Towa Kamo Shirenai is textbook Sweet. She's kind and gentle, but if you do something she dislikes, she won't hesitate to call you out.
  • Soul Eater: If Black*Star does end up with Tsubaki, it would stand to reason that his relationship with her is like this - he's very nice to her, but a bit of an ass to everyone else in the beginning.
    • Arguably, Maka Albarn. She's generally sweet and nice... Until Soul does something stupid. Or you mention her lack of chestage.
  • Asu no Yoichi!: Female Protagonist Ibuki is kind, treats others well, and admired by most characters. Except when Yoichi does something perverted, or ends up in a compromising situation with another woman.
  • In the Tiger & Bunny drama CDs we see that Kotetsu's wife was Tsundere towards him, at least when they were still in high school. When she started calling him by his first name, for example.
    Kotetsu: Um, uh... did you just call me...
    Tomoe: Ah! Um! I-I-I just thought Kotetsu T. Kaburagi w-was too long, so I thought I would give you a little nickname!
    Kotetsu: But Kotetsu's my real name...
  • Makise Kurisu of Steins;Gate depicts clear signs of this in her relationship with Okabe. It's even lampshaded by Daru early in the series. Of course, Okabe Rintarou is hardly better in this respect.
    Kurisu: Is that concern I'm hearing in your voice?
    Okabe: Of course it is! You're important to m- ... our scientific endeavors.
  • Peter Panno Bouken gives us Tigery Lily as a Harsh type... and it makes Wendy Darling Sweet. She's the most maternal and sweet girl, like any other of ther incarnations, but this one also gives her a Hot-Blooded side that makes her downright scary when she gets mad.
  • Amy Rose from Sonic X will start off as sweet and gentle, but will later become nasty due to her occasional mood swings and will use her trademark hammer on anyone who's enraged her the slightest. Particularly the only thing that sets her off is when Sonic does his own thing instead of spending time with her. By the Metarex saga, she graduates to Harsh where she is abusive to almost every character.
  • Hikari Hanazono from Special A has shades of Sweet. While usually a Genki Girl, she has her tsun moments when coming to terms with her feelings for Kei.
  • Vassalord: Charley is normally a very nice person - religious, kind, considerate...except when it comes to his "master" Rayflo, who brings out the tsun in him big time. Rayflo even comments "Cherry, sweet and kind to everyone...everyone except me that is!" Still, Charley obviously has affection for him, however badly he tries to hide it.
  • Haruka from Kotoura-san is usually Sweet— she's mainly The Ingenue, but can be very tsuntsun when Manabe is being a pervert or an idiot.
  • Nanami from Kamisama Kiss is usually a sweet person, but the only one who provokes her Tsun-Rsun side is Tomoe. Even with his snarky and rude behavior, she does show her Dere-Dere side.
  • Takao from Arpeggio of Blue Steel is Sweet, which is acknowledged by most characters. She'll be gentle and nice but do not make fun of her.
  • Mamiko, the heroine of Nozaki's Shoujo Genre series in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Her personality is based on Mikoto's own Sweet tendencies. Or as Nozaki puts it in chapter 20, while providing some guidance for Hori when he's ill:
    Even though she likes Suzuki, she can't be honest with herself and always ends up saying the wrong thing, so on one hand, she feels depressed, and on the other, she's worried about the other girls' actions, thinking, "Can I trust Suzuki?" Like that.
  • The lead protagonist of Drama Con, Christie, is usually a kind person around her friends. However, when she's around Matt, she goes all tsuntsun on him. He kind of deserves it when he acts like a jerk or makes some kind of inappropriate comment about her. She gets better in the other volumes.
    • She was also like this to her ex-boyfriend, Derek. To be fair, he flirted with any girl he saw and paid little attention to her at all. This, along with the Attempted Rape scene, was the reason why she broke up with him.

     Unsorted (May have mixed traits) 
  • In Date A Live, Kotori Itsuka is Harsh as the Commander (Black Ribbons) and Sweet as Shido's cute little sister (White Ribbons). She has more of an extreme role segregation rather than a true Split Personality , so it's interesting that her way of dealing with Shido changes also.
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied, with a heavy dose of Yandere. She'll go from affectionately snuggling against you to ripping apart a passing schoolgirl in a heartbeat. Justified as she has a split personality.
    • It seems the Split Personality is a diclonious thing. Mariko and Nana display tsundere characteristics to, just not as often or dramatically
  • As implied by the title, the Tsuyokiss - Cool x Sweet anime and game take this to the natural extreme, giving the whole cast this personality type.
  • It's almost difficult to determine which category the title character from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water falls into, because of the conflicting depictions of her personality. In the canonical episodes (1-22, 31) she is an anti-social loner who distrusts humans, meat, and has a very bad temper. But she's mainly a Not Good with People sort of character—she doesn't know how to act around other people. Even so, she finds herself growing to care for Jean, the boy who demonstratively shows how much he cares for her. Even though there are moments when she loses her temper at him (undeservedly), she often seems to feel guilty and tries to do something reconciliatory (he always forgives her). In fact, when Nadia isn't brooding over her relationship with Jean, she goes out of her way to do something nice for him, although she doesn't feel comfortable about admitting how she feels about him. She is completely transformed by the end of the series into a genuinely caring and trusting young woman and marries Jean.
  • Rika in Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora.
  • This was originally Ranpha Franboise's personality in Galaxy Angel. This was modified into a general overbearing romantic and golddigging streak in the television series, probably because tsundere need a boy to emote at.
  • Mika Seido in Geneshaft, who throughout the series yells at pretty much everyone at one time or another, especially her captain Hiroto Amagiwa whom she holds personally responsible for the death of her friend punching him in the first episode only to be the one who is always by his bed when he's greatly injured, although claiming it's a The Only One Allowed to Defeat You.
  • Ai Kora:
    • Sakurako is Sweet; she's normally a nice girl, but Maeda's idiocy and perversions tend to bring out the worst in her. Aloof and hot-headed ninja-girl Kirino is a clear example of Harsh; in the Valentine's Day chapter, Kirino whips up a veritable feast of confections for Maeda, but insists that she was making giri-choco ("duty chocolate" given to co-workers or close male friends) and got carried away. Then she insists he eats it all and not let it go to waste.
    • Parodied in chapter 15, where Maeda is baffled as to why one of the most popular waitresses at the maid cafe is the grumpy Asagiri, while the suddenly moe-obsessed Shibusawa waxes on her appeal.
  • In Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, the "returnee" student Kaere Kimura falls into this category, while conflating it with bipolar. She has reconciled her Japanese heritage with her time spent in an ambiguous foreign country by splitting her personality into a stereotype for each — the perfect Japanese Yamato Nadeshiko and the loud foreigner who threatens to sue over every problem. The "dere" side is in love with the teacher, while the "tsun" side threatens him most often.
    • Mayo Mitama is described as a Tsundere by another character, but parodies the type by having a barely evident "dere" side, and a "tsun" side so outright psychopathic that no amount of "dere" could counterbalance it.
    • In episode 5 of the second season, the apologetic Ai Kaga briefly "becomes a tsundere character" for all the wrong reasons... Which prompts Itoshiki to wonder if a tsundere without the dere side is possible nowadays. Manga Fangirl Harumi Fujiyoshi is quick to reply that it is, since the dere side can be "filled in by imagination". So true, indeed.
  • Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier. She starts out as a self-important pop-star/idol but warms up to Saotome Alto, but still not too warm. Alto is the tsundere! He blows hot and cold to both love interests (Sheryl and Ranka).
    • Technically, Sheryl is mildly Sweet, Alto however is full blown Harsh. Lampshaded in this fan comic that depicts him getting a traditional, Tsundere twin tailed hayrstyle, from Sheryl no less.
  • Kaze no Stigma: Ayano, and later Catherine (who has the same voice actor as Takako from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, above).
  • Meg in Burst Angel. A Faux Action Girl, too.
  • Princess Cagalli Yura Attha in Gundam SEED has definite Tsundere moments, mostly when around the male leads, although she seems to have grown out of it (in a way) by Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • Ryoko Subaru from Martian Successor Nadesico, whose similarities to a more mature and professional Asuka Langley Soryuu are not entirely coincidental (it becomes a full-blown Actor Allusion in the dub). Arguably, Akito acts this way toward Yurika, as a rare male example.
  • In one episode of the second series of Genshiken, the guys are taking a break together while at a major anime/manga convention and, in the course of discussing erotic games, start figuring out the plot path to Tsundere and fellow club member Chika Ogiue as if she was a character in such a game, even calling her a "Tsundere" explicitly. Said Tsundere is actually listening in all this time, and getting more and more frustrated with her conflicting desires to both confront them and to avoid being noticed, because she swore up and down that she had no intention of going to the con.
  • Altezza from Fushigiboshi No Futagohime.
  • Hanazono Karin from Kamichama Karin.
  • Meryl in Trigun.
  • Risa Koizumi from Lovely Complex exhibits this behavior, but that is mostly due to the indecisive and hard-to-read behavior of her love interest.
  • Nanami and Miz Mishtal in El-Hazard: The Magnificent World.
  • Urumi Kanzaki in the GTO manga had a number of these moments... though a bit of a Yandere streak as well.
    • Anko Uehara takes it to the extreme; Her treatment of Noboru Yoshikawa drove him to attempt suicide, twice.
  • Mayu from Princess Kaguya.
  • Miyabi Johou (the local Stalker with a Crush with creepy glasses) in High School Debut.
  • Otae and, to a certain extent, Kagura from Gintama are both examples of this. (Poor Gintoki and Shinpachi.)
    • Gintoki is also capable of deploying it strategically, such as when he outsmarted other guys in the toilet episode in Kyuubei arc, or when he wooed Kyuubei in a group date.
  • In a rare male example, Ritsuka from Loveless is something of a Tsundere, though he certainly leans more toward the tsuntsun than the deredere. There's also female examples in Nagisa, who is conspicuously tsundere for Ritsu-sensei, and maybe Kouya as well.
  • Both Ami Kurimoto and Karin Aoi from DNA 2.
  • Rosette from Chrono Crusade is a super-genki Tsundere-cum-Action Girl. Feeeeel the pain!
  • Riku from DN Angel. Through the magic of Sibling Yin-Yang, her twin sister Risa is deredere-er than her.
    • It's also implied that the main lead's mother, Emiko, was somewhat like this when she was younger: whenever a boy tried to confess his love for her, she would respond that she would go out with him on one condition: "When we're married, we have to have a boy!" When the boys got understandably flustered, she'd angrily insist on the condition.
  • Lizette/Lisette, the Red Riding Hood in Ludwig Revolution, combines this with Yandere-ish traits, but gets better at the end of the manga.
  • Hanon of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch takes the standoffish approach toward Dogged Nice Guy Nagisa.
  • Karin and Soyogi from Umi no Misaki... though, if you'd been brought up to sleep with some dude you don't know, you might develop a cranky side too.
  • Kyohei from The Wallflower is a male example of a Tsundere.
  • Runo from Bakugan is constantly fighting with Dan, to the point that their lovers' quarrels often get in the way of the Battle Brawlers' battles. Of course, neither one of them wants to admit that that's what these fights are.
  • Hime Utsumiya from Brain Powerd is a huge Tsundere to male lead Yuu. The two of them flip-flop quite often around each other, and at first never seem to really get along, leading to Yuu's frustration over not understanding why she takes offense at things like the stolen kiss during their reunion. Later on, however, the two built mutual respect that eventually solidifies in love.
    • Higgins Saz from the same series can be considered a Tsundere as well. She usually seems aloof and antisocial, and will pointedly ignore people who haven't earned her respect, while seeming still quite distant to others who did. However, she cares about people a lot, and drops her cold facade when around her beloved or her best friends, especially Kanan.
  • Guchuko from Potemayo is completely this for Kyou. Her method of showing appreciation is to leave freshly slaughtered livestock on her desk or front porch.
  • Hayate from Pretear. He's a total Tsun to Himeno throughout the early part of the series at least in the anime due to (Takako falling in love with him years before and inadvertently turning her evil when he rejected her.") Of course he mellows towards the end of the series.
  • Akane Tendo from Ranma ½. Akane started out as a Sweet tsundere in the manga but became Harsh as the manga went on (or was turned Harsh in the anime).
    • Shampoo also acts somewhat like this towards Mousse. She usually treats him like crap and will easily say she hates him, but there are a few moments in that she shows at least some sympathy for him, particularly in the anime.
  • Tsukiumi from Sekirei. At the start, she refuses to accept Minato as her Ashikabi, or master, going so far as to try to kill him once they meet. After Minato protects her and calls her his Sekirei, Tsukiumi immediately switches over to deredere, accepting Minato and deciding that she is now his wife. Of course, when she finds out that Minato has three other Sekirei, who she sees as rivals in love, she flips back to tsuntsun. She's usually more tsun then dere as both the manga and anime go on, usually only going dere when she's alone with Minato.
  • In addition to the aforementioned Nagi, Hayate the Combat Butler has several others who are or, strangely enough, become tsundere. Hinagiku is the most prominent, but Sakuya, Athena, and occasionally Maria at least have moments of this. Then the side characters starting taking a crack at it...
    • Whenever a character is more on the "tsun" side, their "dere" side is likely to scare Hayate even more since he isn't expecting it and has no idea what it means.
    • Hinagiku herself is an interesting mixed case. She is actually "dere" by default and is popular at school for her kindness. But for the first part of the manga she showed her "tsun" side quite often since she was interacting mostly with Hayate and was in complete and utter denial of her feelings for him. Once she realized it for herself she began to mellow out. Lately, she's mostly in a friendly, neutral state and goes into blushing "dere" or flustered "tsun" moments based on Hayate's actions.
  • Ayase from Midori no Hibi fits Harsh with the main character, Seiji. On that note, Seiji fits Harsh with Midori herself as well.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has quite a few examples. England and South Italy are very obviously Harsh, and Word of God is that Germany is, too. Switzerland also shows definite signs of (past and vigourously denied) Harsh toward Austria, and fans have speculated that America is being subtly tsundere toward England. Then there's the aforementioned Sweet Seychelles. As it's a manga about countries, and coutries go to war, there are few other Sweets.
  • Starting at about midway through the first season of Princess Tutu, Fakir starts acting like a male version towards Ahiru, complete with calling her "baka", blushing furiously when he catches her without her clothing or briefly mistakes her actions as being romantic towards him, and actually being a big softie beneath all that grump.
  • In Keroro Gunsou, Giriro is most definitely tsundere for Natsumi, trying to always be aloof around her despite his huge crush. Natsumi herself has an odd, platonic sort of tsundere relationship with, of all people, Keroro. She complains constantly about the chaos caused by "the stupid frog" and his platoon, and bullies and abuses him at the slightest provocation. When Keroro gets in real trouble, however, Natsumi shows she really does think of him as family.
  • Mana from Mermaid Saga, although her type is a bit difficult to place. She swings between being mostly headstrong and stubborn and mostly childish and naive, with moments of the opposite sprinkled in. Probably has something to do with the fact that she was raised like a princess by a group of mermaids who secretly planned to eat her.
  • Ah! My Goddess has a couple of examples
    • Sayoko is something of a split case depending on the medium.
      • In the manga, she initially she tried chiseling in Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship as one of many ways to spite Belldandy (who became the new "queen of Nekomi Tech", as Sayoko put it). She would later warm up to Keiichi, and stopped interfering in his relationship with Belldandy, but kept trying (and failing) to upstage her.
      • The animated incarnation itself is something of a mixed bag. In the OVA, she had all of one Jerk Ass moment; the rest of the time she was fairly nice, to the point of giving Keiichi advice. In the TV series, she starts out quite rude to Keiichi and goes out of her way to ruin Belldandy. She outright falls for Keiichi after receiving the full force of his Nice Guy personality (and failing to manipulate him). She reluctantly gives up on him when she realizes he'll never return her feelings. She still wants to upstage Belldandy, but she and Keiichi stay friends.
    • Skuld, Belldandy's younger sister, is a non-romantic, but probably straighter, version. She's a little too attached to her older sister, and will usually play dirty to keep her close (especially where Keiichi is concerned), but has her sweet moments, even when not with Bell or her love interest, Sentaro. Like Sayoko, she varies, from a Yandere to just a Bratty Half-Pint, depending on the incarnation, which is why she's more apt for the "Other" folder.
      • Regardless of incarnation, Skuld tends to have a very short fuse where Urd is concerned, and their fights are responsible for the majority of collateral damage in the series.
  • Maria†Holic: We would like it to be known that Matsurika has no dere.
    Kanako: She's 100% tsun!
  • Chiba from Wandering Son has swayed between the two. She was originally Sweet, a sweet but blunt elementary student who had somewhat of a temper. After a few volumes, she evolved into a Harsh type. Currently she's somewhere in the middle.
  • Nichijou teacher Kana Nakamura has rather tsundere-ish reactions when she's called cute in one episode.
  • In Mawaru-Penguindrum, Ringo Oginome eems to be this for Shouma Takakura. Specially seen when, in the same scene, she expresses relief that Shouma wasn't seriously hurt when he took a Diving Save for her, and then beats him herself when he calls her "fool" for giving up half of her Destiny Diary to save him, specifically telling him how worried she was for his safety. Her type isn't 100% clear, so we're leaving her among the unsorted examples by now.
  • Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny is usually very aloof and leans more towards Sugar and Ice Personality than tsundere; his tsun tendencies are fairly few, but when he is in that mode his Heterosexual Life Partner Kotetsu has managed to get a smile out of him once or twice (which he, of course, hides).
    • Kotetsu (yes, the same guy who was mentioned both in the previous example and the dere folder above) has something of a knack for drawing out the tsundere in those who're fond of him; proven by the fact that Karina (who has a huge crush on him) has also displayed such tendencies solely where he's concerned. Because she's equal parts tsun and dere, she can't really be classified.
  • A very ironic case: In Heroic Age, the Silver Tribe are Straw Vulcans, that handle their emotions to selected individuals. After she gets better, Yuti La can't handle her emotions to Prome O anymore, and she becomes a Tsundere, perhaps Sweet, over Karkinos.
  • Kanade in Mayo Chiki! pulls a tsundere act towards the computer club, possibly as a preemptive reward for her somewhat unreasonable request. It's effective.
  • An interesting Tsundere mix occurs in Sukisho, where Sunao is Harsh, but split personality Ran is Sweet.
  • In ARIA, it seems to be a Himeya characteristic: Akira, Aika and Hime all are tsunderes.
  • Mahiro Yasaka from Haiyore! Nyarko-san is an odd example. By nature he's a very Nice Guy, it's just that his Unwanted Harem is constantly being loud, zany and disruptive, never giving him a moment's peace, which grates on his nerves quickly and leads to Slapstick violence (yes, even on the girls). However, in the rare moments where they tone it down a notch, it's blatantly obvious that he likes them, and sees Cuuko and Hasta as surrogate siblings.
    • As for his main Love Interest Nyarko, in addition to the above bullet point, he's outright said that she's too manic and he doesn't know if he can believe her statements of love; the times where she turns down her "volume" (such as having a pleasant date with him, or hand-knitting him a scarf for Christmas) are the ones where you can see that despite his protests he really does have feelings for her. He even admits (to himself) that he'd probably have returned her feelings a long time ago if she could just act normal more often.
  • The concept is parodied in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, when mangaka Nozaki sketches a character who switches between sweet and cold between each panel on the same page. The others remark that the character needs to seek help.

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