Manga: Iketeru Futari

Iketeru Futari is a very long-running manga series that debuted in 1997 and ended in 2010. It details the life of Saji Keisuke, a typical high school student, desperate for a love life. For some reason, one day, he "borrows" his father's cell phone. He received an anonymous message telling him to meet a girl named "Alice" that night. Alice describes herself as a beautiful brown-haired student, willing to get paid for certain activities. When he gets there, he finds a girl that fits the description getting harassed by various men, but realizes her voice isn't the same one he heard on the phone. When Saji notices a girl laughing, he talks to her and recognizes her voice, realising out she sets up the calls to laugh at dirty old men. The girl's name is Koizumi Akira, a blue-haired, flat, short girl who goes to the same school as Saji. Distressed that someone found her secret, she takes Saji on a walk around town, where he buys her a small ring. As thanks, she has sex with him, giving up her virginity in the process.

Drawn by Koizumi's mysterious life and cute body, and the fact that she was the first girl to jump his bones, Saji falls madly in love with her. What follows next is a 30+ volume work where Saji has to convince Koizumi that she feels the same way for him. However, she is a Tsundere of the harshest type, and refuses to admit she has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Saji has to deal with a big-breasted jealous childhood friend, a homosexual young boy in love with him, a boy/girl twin duo both in love with Koizumi, and much more.

The manga is quite explicit. Bare breasts can regularly be seen, and there is a LOT of fanservice. Sex scenes are explicit but not graphic or drawn out, most notably the opening chapter. A short, (as in 7 minutes per episode for 16 episode) anime series was released. It kept the humor and story of the early chapters but toned down the sexual references for broadcast (even Saji and Koizumi's first time was reduced to just a date). Despite the series' popularity in Japan, neither the manga or the anime has been translated into English yet. But, the anime and manga can easily be found online.

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