Anime / Peter Pan no Bouken

Peter Pan No Bouken (in English, Peter Pan: The Animated Series) is an Anime adaptation of Peter Pan produced by Nippon Animation, as a part of the World Masterpiece Theater.

While the story starts out similar to the original book, later episodes have new villains alongside Captain Hook—Sinistra, the Queen of Darkness, and her henchmen. The heroes also gain an ally in Princess Luna, a Princess of Light, who struggles with her heritage as the granddaughter and heiress of Sinistra.

It was distributed in the U.S. by Saban Entertainment back in the 90's, but good luck finding it on Youtube.

This anime contains examples of:

  • Affably Evil: Captain Hook, along with the rest of his crew.
  • The Cameo: Rascal the Raccoon appears in several episodes.
  • Demonic Possession: Wendy suffers from this in Episode 28 due to the bracelet that is meant for Princess Luna. Fortunately, she returns to normal.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Like in the other continuities, Tinkerbell. With a twist, though: it's via using up all of her fairy Life Energy to destroy a Death Trap that is about to kill Peter, collapsing almost dead in his hands. When Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys step in, Peter hands the almost dead Tinkerbell to Tiger Lily and asks her to save her, before going to rescue Wendy; Lily takes Tinkerbell to the Fairy Realm and gets her cured.
  • Hidden Depths: Hook's crew of pirates is much smaller in numbers in this version, leaving room for each of them to have more personality and development than most adaptations. One good example is the letter Starkey got from his sister, which Wendy actually reads to him.
  • Hooks and Crooks: Starkey has a hook shaped sword.
  • "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight: Wendy, towards the Face Heel Turned Luna. She almost dies when Luna stabs her in the middle of it, but it ultimately works.
  • Magic Mirror: Wendy gets thrown into one during the Grand Finale, and by Hook of all people. Then she finds Princess Luna inside that mirror world...
  • Tsundere:
    • Tiger Lily is a Type A. Specially towards John. There was a whole episode dedicated to their first date, with John trying to be a gentleman to her — only to either misfortune to happen or to have Lily utterly tsuntsun at him.
    • Wendy is very much a Type B. She's the most maternal and sweet girl, like any other of her incarnations, but this one also gives her a Hot-Blooded side that makes her downright scary when she gets mad.