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Tropers: Guardian Giro

Yo. I'm Giro, also known as CB, Zumi, Roll Soul, and Megatank. If you think you've seen me around before, you may be right: I've been online since AOL was new and interesting. Most of this time, at least since 2003, has been spent at DeviantArt. I also spend a fair amount of time these days in the Livejournal Roleplay scene, usually playing at Dear Mun and Ink City; I'm even a moderator at that last one. I used to be around Drama Drama Duck, but have since left the community, for now.

As far as interests go, I'm always seen with a sketchpad or a book in hand. I watch a lot of animation, including anime, and music-wise will listen to anything under the sun (but with particular leanings towards hard rock and classical). I play an ungodly amount of video games, with Mega Man chief among them (if the nicknames list didn't give that away).

Expect this page to get pretty long. Given my Super OCD (see below) I'll probably be adding things until the end of time.

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