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The Anime of the Game

In the same vein as The Film of the Book: when a popular game is adapted into an anime. Extremely common in the case of Visual Novels. A sister to Animated Adaptation, only the source is Video Games instead of Live-Action TV or Film. The difference being that video games, by their very nature, are already animated.

May involve Bleached Underpants depending on the source. RPGs in particular tend to have sprawling plotlines narrowed or cut entirely.

If you're looking for the reverse of this trope—that is, the game derived from the anime—see Licensed Game.

Examples of games adapted to anime:

Examples of games adapted to Western Animation

Examples of games adapted to Live Action TV:

Examples of games adapted to Live Action film:

Examples of games adapted to Web Animation:

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alternative title(s): Anime Of The Game; RPG Anime; The Show Of The Game; The Animation Of The Game
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