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Video Game: Knights Of Xentar
Knights of Xentar is a 1991 RPG H-Game developed by ELF Corporation and published in America and Europe by Megatech Software. It is actually the the third game in ELF's Dragon Knight series (hence its Japanese title Dragon Knight 3) and the only one that got out of Japan.

It stars Desmond, the hero of the first two games, who immediately after the start of the game, gets robbed of his gems, sword and clothes because he refused to fight the bandits because he only draws his sword in face of real evil.


For the most part of the game you try to retrieve your Falcon Sword and Genji Armor, along the way you meet some old and new friends, lots of demons and, of course, many pretty girls. Of course there is more than just some equipment hunt. After all the demons are causing a lot of trouble...

Knights of Xentar is generally viewed as one of the better eroge. Part of this stems from the localization from Megatech, who included many, occasionally fourth wall-breaking jokes.

This game provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Knights Of Xentar
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