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Anime: Battle B-Daman
Battle B-Daman is a Merchandise-Driven anime about a boy named Yamato Delgado who wants to become the best at a game called B-Daman. Yamato obtains a special B-Daman "blaster" named Cobalt Blade, which an evil organization called the Shadow Alliance plans to steal.

The show ran for 1 season in America (2 in Japan). The original manga by Eiji Inuki ran from 2002 to 2005 in Japan for 8 volumes.

The show had two spinoff Gameboy Advance titles, which sold not as well as expected, because they were released after the Nintendo DS made the Gameboy obsolete.

Here's the Character Page.

See also B-Daman Crossfire, The New Tens revival of the concept.

This show provides examples of:

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