Funny / Battle B-Daman

  • There's one moment in the first episode where Yamato tries to outrace his cat by jumping off a roof. He ends up landing right on his nuts. His reaction is priceless.
  • The big jerk, Li spends most of episode "Wild Hogs" running around doing chores for Yamato's mom!
    • Poor poor Li, Mie worked that boy like a dog.
      "Fork, knife, spoon, chop sticks, power drill, atomic transmission!"
    • The customers at Mie's restaurant don't let up on him either.
    Li: Here's your salt!
    Customer No salt!
  • Near the beginning of episode 38, Wen wishes to help Yamato and the others find their way out of the desert and show off his new 'heroic duds'.
    Wen: The time has come! Time for me to preform heroic deeds to match my heroic duds!
    Li: (totally deadpan) Dud about sums you up.
    Wen: (outraged) A DUD!
    Li: Wen, you know I love you like a brother. Okay, you are my brother but I think your getting a little to carried away. I mean, how secret is a secret identity if you never take off the mask?
  • The following is an unintentional comedic part of the show, but only in the Swedish dub. For whatever reason, they decided to let Yamato's mom have the same voice actress as the Swedish voice for Minnie Mouse. Normaly this wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the fact that in every line that comes from the mouth of Yamato's mom SHE USES THE EXACT SAME VOICE THAT SHE USES FOR MINNIE MOUSE!