Video Game: Arfenhouse

The greatest title screen of all time, which also has nothing to do with the game.

Arfenhouse was a series of RPGs made by a group called Disaster Labs using OHRRPGCE. The games were intentionally made to look awful, which was reflected in the Flash series in all the character designs.
  • Housemaster is the guardian of Arfenhouse. He has a piece of bread for a face, and is clearly a Heroic Comedic Sociopath of some kind.
  • Piakchu is Housemaster's pet, an obvious pixelated styling of the mascot Pokémon, who he feeds jelly beans like the blob from A Boy and His Blob.
  • Dog is one of the other characters to join Housemaster's party. He's an icon made from a photograph of a dog's face, and happily joins in any insanity that Housemaster starts.
  • Evil Kitty/Good Kitty is one of the early villains who plays turncoat and joins Housemaster. Like Dog, she's an icon from a photo of a cat's face.
  • Joseph is one of the only fully-drawn characters, a humanoid character from another RPG who got warped into Arfenhouse. He tries to play the Straight Man role, but nobody listens to him.
  • Woogy is one of many round, two-colored ball guys who frequently trade non-sequiturs with each other and the other characters.
  • Billy is the main villain of the series, an 8-year old brat represented by a yellow ball with a face, who tries to make popular Flash movies using stolen content (i.e. copyrighted video game characters), among other methods of gaining notoriety.

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