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     Project X Zone 
  • Devilotte of Cyberbots attacks by sending mecha to attack the foe, but her final hit has her trying to use Jin Saotome (the protagonist of Cyberbots)'s signature attack from Marvel vs. Capcom, the Blodia Punch, only to have the fist hit her too and send her flying, complete with clothing damage.
  • After Hsien-Ko performs Tenraiha in her part of the MAP Attack with Frank, a wash basin knocks him out at the end, much like how it knocked out Bruce in Namco X Capcom in the Multiple Assault involving her, him, Regina, and Fong Ling.
  • Zephyr and Leanne's Special Attack ends with them falling down the side of a clock tower, gazing at each other with caring looks. While the two are lost in their gazes, they simultaneously toss a bomb each and cause the enemy to explode. All without even looking!
  • Ichiro and Sakura's MAP attack involves them professing their love to one another while a cloud of sakura petals swirls around them as they draw closer before finally embracing. Their targets get annihilated by the petals!
  • Gemini making the Phantom leave in disgust after making one of her horribly bad puns.
  • Frank West takes a picture of Kaguya Nanbu. Perfect Erotica indeed.
    • Worth noting, usually Frank will only take one picture of a character, with Kaguya he takes no less than five.
      • Specifically, her introduction of herself and Haken to the party at large goes through all her dialogue poses. Frank takes a picture of every single one.
      • Capped off with a thumbs-up. Nice bit of icing on that cake.
    • In the chapter that Kurt and Riela join, Riela assumes her Valkyria form at the request of the others. No one is shocked, only impressed; in fact, Frank takes a picture that says Perfect Drama.
    • Heck, any time Frank shoots that camera of his.
      • And then Alisa threatens to break his camera when he's about to take pictures of the women in their swimsuits at the Breather Episode.
  • Reiji and Xiaomu's MAP Attack is Xiaomu cosplaying as an Anime Chinese Girl, a Bunny Girl, a schoolgirl, a girl with no pants, and ends it with a wedding dress just like how she did it in EXCEED.
  • Any time Vashyron busts out his infamous dance will garner a chuckle or two.
    • As well as his reactions every time he runs into a scantily-clad or well-endowed woman.
      • Example 1, when Due summons Saya in Chapter 24:
        Zephyr: So "demon beast"' meant that fox girl from Ouma.
        Vashyron: Of course! Such sumptuous grapes could only spring from demon soil!
      • Example 2, the Breather Episode portion between chapters 33 and 34 when the pool comes up:
        Vashryon: *dancing pose* Oh, man, all these ripe grapes! And a few raisins, too, but...
    • The numerous Double Entendre jokes he makes about Alisa's outfit when he first meets her are pretty funny on their own, but even funnier when the jokes pass right over Alisa and Soma's heads.
      • The very first one is actually a Call Back to his own game, where he uses the same line on his own party member. ("Wait. Do you want me on offense of backup?" "So Alisanote  goes both ways, huh? Good to know.") He's clearly delighted that he got away without retribution this time.
      • When he calls Soma "grumpylumps", because it totally fits him.
  • When Ulala meets Devilotte, she begins recounting facts about the girl for her show's audience, including the gag that her father only trusted her with 300 yen to spend on candy in Cyberbots. Devilotte does NOT take it well.
    • Earlier, Devilotte introduces Ulala with, "In my world, she's a member of the... MEDIA!"
      • Hell, the implication that Cyberbots and Space Channel 5 share a universe is amusing on its own.
    • In the same stage, Leanne encounters her statue again, and Ulala mentions twice how creepy she finds it, which again, doesn't go down well with Leanne.
      • Batsu's line is also priceless after seeing her legs aren't straight: "Is she constipated?"
        Leanne: Can we talk about literally anything else?
      • There's also Zephyr's reaction to the Morolians blocking the end of the tracks in the way of the statue, which can summed as not this again.
  • Anytime Kurt brings up the topic of cooking while in the middle of a battle. Also funny when Ulala tries to interview him regarding his recipes and Riela's practically begging Ulala NOT TO ask him in a pre-battle conversation.
  • In Stage 26, after defeating Nemesis it mutters "S.T.A.R.S.", prompting Chris and Jill to mention they're working for the BSAA now. And then...
  • The entire Talking to Himself with Stehoney (and its different variations), Haken, Batsu and Demitri especially when Demitri was about to say the goblin's Verbal Tic till he corrects himself. The look on Black Rose and Kite's face is just hilarious. See it all here (Starts at 4:09)
  • Any time Arthur is in his boxers.
  • Some of the battle dialogues when characters talk before and after attacking, such as:
    • Morrigan trying to rile up Batsu...
    Morrigan: Being young is wonderful, so full of strength, right Batsu?
    Batsu: Wh-What's with you!? Help me out here, Chun-Li!
    Chun-Li: Morrigan, he's still in high school.
    • Switch him out with Bahn, and...
    Morrigan: How does it feel to be surrounded by so many beautiful women, Bahn?
    Bahn: It's awesome! Buff and fit women like you would make great Vipers!
    Chun-Li: I don't think women like being called buff.
    • And;
    Devilotte: Fight well and I may even rebuild you two as a patchwork creation monster!
    Gemini: Oh my god!! But wait, what's a patchwork creation monster?
    Erica: We'd probably be called Gerica Fonrise.
    • Also
    Morrigan: You'll be fine once you grow up, but maybe there are a few things you can start working on now...
    Chun-Li: Morrigan, don't go teaching strange things to children.
    • Continuing on
    Juri: *does an Evil Laugh*
    Zero: X, are you sure we should classify her as a Maverick?
    X: No, don't do it, Zero!
    • Ulala with Ryu and Ken:
    Ulala: Now we have an interview with Ken Masters. (points the mic at Ryu)
    Ryu: Uh no, I'm not Ken. It's this guy right here.
    Ken: How did I get mistaken with this guy!?
    • Pair up Sanger with Kogoro and Mii and this happens:
    Kogoro: Let's see what the three of us can do with our strange weapons.
    Mii: How rude! Right, Zongar Sanvolt?
    Sanger: My name is Sanger Zonvolt. Get it right.
    • And then you pair the former two with Saya:
    Saya: If you're a ninja, then of course you can do"THAT", right?
    Kogoro: Oh, you mean THAT? Yeah, of course I can.
    Mii: Hey Kogoro, what's THAT? C'mon, tell me!
    • Batsu's friends should reconsider learning from Ken's example:
    Batsu: Some of my friends learned moves from you.
    Ken: *happy portrait* Oh, you mean my online karate courses?
    Ryu: *serious portrait* Ken, I hope you haven't forgotten that our style was originally meant for assassination.
    • Alisa with Soma and Alisa:
    Alisa (Tekken): How exactly will you differentiate me with Alisa?
    Soma: Simple really. One can take off her head while the other can't.
    Alisa (Gods Eater Burst): You know there's a better way to differentiate us other than that logic, right?
    • Bruno with Haken and Kaguya gives us this gem:
    Haken: Okay, Dynamite Cop. Shall we?
    Bruno: I hear ya loud and clear, cowboy. How about you, cowgirl?
    Kaguya: Yes, yes, dairy references, very original.
    Kurt They're getting closer! I've got to stay calm!
    Neneko It's candy, it is! Neneko wants some candy too, you know!
    Riela Hurry Kurt, before Neneko loses her cool!
    • Reiji and Xiaomu with Alisa...
    Xiaomu: C'mon Alisa, show us your angelic power.
    Alisa: Roger, commencing Destroy Form mode.
    Reiji: Isn't it ironic for an angel to have a destroy form?
    Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko: Alisa, let's have a picture together. Here, cheese.
    Alisa: (while holding her head) Roger, cheese.
    Frank: Alisa, please do this properly. I don't want this turning into a haunted photo.
    Zephyr: "Leanne? Is that a smile I see?"
    Leanne: "What? I was smiling?"
    Vashyron: "Aww, our little Leanne has a sadistic side..."
    Rikiya: Ugh, this aura...!
    Kaguya: Where is it!? You mean this monster is strong!?
    Haken: Well, the princess' body is pretty dangerous too ya know?
    • Just from the EU demo and we already have one from Ryu and Ken with Devilotte:
    Devilotte: Fight well enough and I might even consider remaking you two into one of my patchwork creations!
    Ryu: P-Patchwork creations!?
    Ken: We'd probably be able to pull off a Metsu Shinryuken.
    • Kill an enemy with Gemini and Erica paired with Valkyrie and:
    Erica: As expected from a goddess. Well then, I would like to eat pudding.
    Valkyrie: Huh? You want to eat pudding with me, Erica?
    Gemini: That... that sure is a mundane wish right there.
    • Kill an enemy with Kogoro-Mii paired with Lindow and:
    Lindow: I could really drink some beer right now.
    Mii: Alright, what can I get for you? Wait, why are you even making do that!?
    Kogoro: Why did you even humor him, m'lady?
    • At the start of a battle with Kogoro and Mii paired with Arthur:
    Arthur (in his underwear): I like to fight my enemies up close and personal!
    Mii: K-Kogoro, does he mean that like I think he means it?
    Kogoro: Don't get the wrong idea. I think he just forgot to put his armor back on.
    • Devilotte with Kaguya and Haken:
    Devilotte: Kaguya, I'm willing to turn some of that "excess baggage" into weaponry.
    Kaguya: W-what do you mean by "excess baggage'''? And weaponry?
    Haken: Don't worry Princess, they're explosive enough as it is!
    • This pre battle conversation with Frank and Hsien-ko
    Frank: You know just once I'd like to be the one in the spotlight.
    Hsien-ko: Hey! It's your job to make others look good.
    • Haken, Kaguya and Ulala's pre-fight dialogue gives us:
    Haken: Make sure you get good coverage of the princess in action.
    Kaguya: What!? This is just how I normally am!
    • Pairing Saya with Sakura and Ichiro leads to this. Doubly so when you remember that Saya and Aya-me have the same voice actress.
    Ichiro: Y-Yes, I'll try not to, Saya.
    Sakura: (in her annoyed portrait) E-Excuse me, Ogami?
    • Putting Lindow with KOS-MOS and T-elos will sometimes result in this:
    Lindow: Super beautiful and super strong. Who could ask for more?
    T-elos: Heh, it'll take more than flattery to win me over!
    • Pairing up Gemini and Erica with Juri may to the following exchange
    Erica: Juri is a hopeless, bad, and evil person, but we'll be fine.
    Juri: Shut up already! You two are driving me nuts.
    • Killing an enemy with Chun-li and Morrigan when paired with Vashyron:
    Chun-li: All men of the world must bow down before me.
    Vashyron: Oh my queen! My beautiful queen!
    Morrigan: It looks like there's at least one man here who is taking you seriously.
    • And the pre-fight dialogue with the up above pair with Valkyrie:
    Morrigan: We're a team of beautiful women that brings together allure, innocence, and savagery.
    Valkyrie: Thank you. Let's all do our best together.
    Chun-Li: Hey, would you mind explaining what quality applies to each of us!?
    • Saya with Zephyr and Leanne in their pre-fight dialogue:
    Leanne: I always feel stronger with my makeup done properly!
    Saya: Me too. My makeup puts me in the mood to be really mean.
    Zephyr: Vashyron was right. Women are scary.
    • Soma and Alisa with Flynn in their pre-battle dialogue
    Flynn:I'll follow your lead. I want you to fight without any distractions.
    Alisa:I wish Soma was always this agreeable.
    Soma:Hmph, well excuse me.
    • Toma and Cyrille when paired with Imca may say this before a battle
    Toma: (referring to Imca) If you always have a sour expression like that, you'll end up looking like Cyrille.
    Imca: Expressions mean nothing in battle.
    • Talking about Imca, there is this gem when paired with Ryu and Ken :
    Ken: A weapon built to fight tanks, eh ? You know, we can handle cars with our fists, too.
    Imca: Don't lie, no one can destroy a car bare-handed.
    Juri: A vampire ? Don't ever come close to me with your filthy breath !
    Demitri: Such insolence ! Dante, this woman ...
    Dante: It's always better than one who tries to put a bullet in your head when she meets you.
    • A possible pre-fight dialogue with Reiji, Xiaomu and Neneko
    Neneko: Yay! yay! Time to fight it is!
    Xiaomu: Yay! Yay! Time to fight it is!
    Reiji: At 765, i think you're a little old to act like her.
    • One with Ichiro, Sakura, and Neneko, if you remember that Ogami can date a lot of girls in his game.
    Neneko: Are you really devoted to Sakura, huh? It's a mystery, it is.
    Ichiro: E-eep!? N-Neneko, it's not nice to tease grown-ups!
    Sakura: *in her annoyed expression* I wonder that myself, O-o-ga-mi-san...
    • Hilarity with Tron and Ryu and Ken.
    Tron: Hey, do you think you guys could teach my Servbots some of your fighting moves?
    Ken: Sure! They're free to take the Ken Masters Online Training Course at any time.
    Ryu: Our master would not appreciate that, Ken.
    • And when they beat an enemy (this doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, by the by):
    Servbot: Hadoken!! Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku!!
    Ken: Keep it up! You'll be a great fighter in no time!
    Ryu: You're going to be a great father, Ken...
    • Heihachi looking at Kite and Blackrose's avatars.
    Heihachi: False bodies, huh? So are your real bodies any good?
    Blackrose: Of course!! I'm a part of the tennis club, and I'm a great swimmer too!
    Kite: I-I don't fit that description at all...
    • Blackrose isn't that impressed with Flynn.
    Blackrose: A sword and shield, huh? That's a pretty generic character build there.
    Flynn: What? Character build??
    Kite: The real world isn't the same as The World, you know?
    • Soldiers shouldn't use guns.
    Ryu: For an ex-soldier, you shouldn't rely so much on guns.
    Ken: Yeah! You should at least be able to fire a sonic boom from your hands!
    Vashyron: What kind of soldier can do that?!
    • T-Elos and Juri aren't on good terms.
    • Saya, Demitri and Dante.
    Demitri: Are you seriously thinking of trying to seduce a hunter, Vixen ?
    Dante: I think I'll leave you Japanese Youkai to the experts.
    Haken: Okay, bomber princess. Make sure you keep up.
    Batsu: I ready to go. Don't fall behind, princess.
    Kaguya: Oh, ah yeah. Don't worry, Batsuken.
    • Sanger and the strangely familiar Reiji and Xiaomu.
    Xiaomu: Wow! A Complete victory for us !
    Reiji: Yep, anyone who steps up gets taken down. Hey, what's the matter, Commander ?
    Sanger: Hm? No, it's nothing.
    Alisa: What makes Reploids and androids different?
    X: Maybe that we can't remove our heads? What do you think, Zero?
    Zero: No comment.
    • Devilotte is still looking for new minions.
    Dante: I suppose I should show what I can do around a princess.
    Devilotte: I like your attitude! I'll turn you into a hunky demon and a strong, giant onion!
    Demitri: Care to repeat that, little girl?
    • Vashryon thinks of himself as "older" - Chris disagrees.
    Vashyron: I think this old guy will take a break and let you youngsters handle this!
    Chris: I'm pretty sure I'm older than you, actually.
    Jill: No comment.
    • If you look at their games' respective release dates, Chris is right.
    • Juri mocking Mii's age.
    Juri: Hey, little girl, just stay in the corner and play with your dolls!
    Kogoro: You heard the lady. Maybe you should listen to her?
    Mii: Hey, nobody tells me to miss out on the action like that!
    • Sanger and Demitri aren't exactly team players.
    Demitri: So they seek to stand in my way... Dante, I'll let you deal with this.
    Sanger: Dante, shoot down all who would stand in our way!
    Dante: You both could learn a bit about working with others.
    • Comparing two wildly different fighting styles:
    Demitri: I like my fights to be elegant and refined.
    Bruno: Elegant is the last word anyone would use to describe me.
    Dante: Mops, clocks, and pepper? I don't think even I could make that look cool.
    • Imca complains about KOS-MOS and T-elos exposing themselves.
    Imca: There is no need to expose yourself when using a powerful weapon.
    T-elos: That's just how we're made. If you have a problem with it go talk to our creators.
    KOS-MOS: It was most likely part of our design concept.
    • Which could be poking fun at Sega.
    • Akira tries to impart his knowledge across time and space:
    Akira: The initial approach is key. That's what the stomp is for! Hmph! HA!
    Arthur: (in his underwear) I think I understand! Hmph! HA!
    Pai: Arthur! You lost your armor!
    Lady: Chinese martial arts, eh. It'd be easier if you just used a weapon.
    Chun-Li: And walk around weighed down by weapons? Why do that when I can just kick the bad guys?
    Morrigan: Either way, it's our enemies that I feel bad for in the end.
    • Old habits die hard...
    Tron Bonne: With all the chaos going on, I can be as bad as I want to be!
    Morrigan: Ooo, sounds like fun! Mind if I join in?
    Chun-Li: Need I remind you that I'm a detective?
    • Bahn can get anyone fired up:
    Erica: Hey, Mr. Japanese Tough Guy, you ready?
    Bahn: As ready as I'll ever be! Let's waste 'em!
    Gemini: It's Let's-waste-'em time!
  • Pair up Reiji and Xiaomu with Sanger and Xiaomu will try pairing up both Reiji and Sanger but concludes that really would be impossible. If only she knew about Elzam/Ratsel.
  • Demitri laments being surrounded by devil hunters while Dante looks forward to seeing Arthur in action.
  • Pairing up Sanger with Chun-Li and Morrigan may elicit a so-so reaction, until you remember how fandom treats Sanger as.
  • Pair up Zephyr and Leanne with Valkyrie and Zephyr will angst to God. In front of Valkyrie who has no idea why Zephyr is despairing in front of her.
  • Flynn wants to try out Zero's Z-Saber, which the latter dissuades, while X hopes that the human swordsman doesn't ask about HIS X-Buster.
  • Pair up Kite and Black Rose with Arthur and finish off an enemy. Kite thinks that it would be interesting to have Clothing Damage implemented in The World after seeing Arthur in his boxers, prompting Black Rose to chew him out.
    • They have a similar dialog at the start of combat, where Arthur asks what their virtual bodies are wearing under their armor. Neither of them have a clue.
  • Call in Dante and Demitri and if you miss Demitri's grab attack for his Midnight Bliss, he just looks like an idiot standing there while Dante's just unloading Ebony and Ivory.
  • Zephyr's impressed with Lady's arsenal in a pre-battle conversation, who questions them on not having seen other types before. Leanne points out that they only have three types of weapons.
  • In chapter 5, Soma does not like it when they're called "Gods Eater", probably a Take That to how their game is called Gods Eater Burst in the US.
    • Another side of that joke you have to have played Resonance of Fate to get: Vashyron was the one who set that outburst off, but Basel has a very strong monotheistic religion. He said it just to get a rise.
      • Considering the name change resulted from the desire to avoid offending monotheistic religions in the first place, you could say he was lampshading the Moral Guardians.
  • This conversation when the half of the group meets up with Jin and Xiaoyu:
    Tron: Oof. Who violated his cornflakes this morning?
    Jin: ...I don't eat cornflakes.
  • Later in that chapter, when the rest of the group arrives:
    Kaguya: Looks like you gained some more friends over there, though.
    Jin: Feh.
    Xiaoyu: Hello!
    Batsu: Dang. This group's like way bananas.
    Flynn: You'll find no disagreement here.
  • Jill's entry in the database alludes to the infamous "Master of Unlocking" joke.
  • This gem after Nemesis is defeated in Chapter 20
    Jill: Phew. That's one person I'd hoped to never see again.
    Chris: That was close. You were almost a--
    Jill: Oh, cram it.
  • In Chapter 28, The Reveal that Riemsianne is responsible for brainwashing the Morolians brings us this;
    Ulala: Did you hear that, everyone? The woman controlling the Morolians... is Riemsianne La Vaes, a demon girl from another world! This was Ulala, reporting live from the demon realm! ...Spaaaaace Channel Fiiive!
    Reiji: Uh, we're not actually done.
  • After KOS-MOS' introduction that reveals she was giving Seth of all people a tour through dimensions, Ken proceeds to say this
    Ken: Sure, why not, he's not RIDICULOUSLY OBVIOUSLY EVIL or anything.
  • After Riemsianne is defeated for the final time and leaves, the following exchange takes place.
    Neneko: Toma that was SO cool, really! You're such a nice man, you know! Neneko has a big big crush on you, Cyrille too, really!
    Cyrille: Whoa, what?
    Toma: Huh? Why her? She didn't do anything.
    Cyrille: Hey!
  • Hsien-ko considers Lord Raptor an Abhorrent Admirer at best, but will ruthlessly exploit his crush on her. Case in point, when he initally refuses to divulge any details on his individual agenda to the party, Hsien-ko just smiles and asks nicely, and he promptly tells her everything.
  • The gang's first encounter with the dimension-breaking rainbow. Some, like Zephyr and Leanne, are surprised to see that you can actually walk and travel on it; others are excited about what's on the other end of it all.
  • Eins and Drei arguing against Dokumezu and Dokugozu about which boss is the better woman: Due or Saya. And Dokugozu's comment about Kaguya being his future wife.
  • The party's reaction to the colossal revolver catapult at the end of Chapter 34. Bahn's response, in particular, is brilliant in its simplicity:
    • Sanger's line in response is pretty hilarious.
    Sanger: See You in Hell, my friends.
  • After the party recovers from being shot out of the above mentioned colossal catapult revolver they find themselves split up. Jin takes a moment to "worry" about his grandfather:
    Jin; Hopefully Heihachi fell off and got bashed on the wall up there.
    • Followed up in the next chapter by Heihachi:
  • Some battle quotes can be unintentionally funny when paired together:
    Saya: Let's take this nice and easy.
    Zephyr: Let's waste them and get out of here.
  • In chapter 16 when Drei conveniently shows up the party kindly asks him to leave which he does, leaving the party in disbelief that he actually left. He then returns less than 5 seconds later with a whole pack of enemies saying he doesn't have to listen to the party's orders.
    Juri: Figures.
  • The Ogami Charm strikes again in Chapter 25. After he and Sakura help stop the energy reaction threatening the Fujisakura, Kaguya thanks Ichiro, and a "Relationship Up" chime sounds. Sakura and Haken are not amused.
  • In Chapter 26, when Chun-Li tries to persuade Juri to join the group.
    Bruno: If she refuses, we take her down, Chun-Li's decades of experience at work.
    Chun-Li: ...Bruno.
    Bruno: Gahh! Years! Years of experience. ... Months?
  • In Chapter 31, Due Flabellum casually strolls out of Mii's mansion and reveals she's used her shower and eaten her gourmet flan. Several characters treat this like it's The Worst Thing Ever. Devilotte, of all people, thinks she's gone too far.
    Devilotte: You demon! How dare you steal a poor young woman's afternoon snacks!
    • And then the next time Due challenges the party in Chapter 37, Mii brings up the flan again.
  • In the epilogue, when the characters go shopping in Akihabara, Alisa comments on the anime she's picked up. Then it turns out that Xiaomu picked all the titles... to which the entire party jumps to a conclusion of exactly what Xiaomu got her to buy. She doesn't even deny it.
  • Later on in the epilogue, when Aura is leading a large part of the party to their separate worlds, Ichiro thanks her, which causes her to have an...interesting reaction.
    Sakura: (with her annoyed expression) Ogami-san, ladies and gentlemen. The only person who can embarrass an AI.
  • When Kurt and Riela appear in front of Valkyrie, they use their own names with each other, but when they notice her, they insist on being called No. 07 and no. 13 Valkyrie suggests taking the number seventeen for her own name. Then, when Dante and the rest of the party shows up, Valkyrie promptly introduces herself as No. 17 and Kurt and Riela by their names.
  • Batsu runs into Jin and Xiaoyu in the land of ghouls and ghosts. And upon hearing this, Batsu had this to say...
    Batsu: Damn. Something about that sounds like death. Constant. Meaningless. Death.
  • In chapter 38, Dokumezu and Dokugozu while being Brainwashed and Crazy by Riemsianne calls Saya an old hag. Just to twist the knife further, Estelle tries consoling her which fails as the two just pushed her Berserk Button. And there's also Dokugozu referring to Kaguya as his ex-future wife.
  • The Doom reference in Chapter 38 when you fight Seth for the third time.
    Juri: I'm gonna send your ass straight to hell!
    Xiaomu: Yeah! Say hi to the cyberdemons for us!
  • Real life example but during the 2nd Original Generation preview, Tetsu Inadanote  asks what fans wanted to ask:
    Inada: Wait a second, did you guys forget somebody?note 
  • About half of what Morrigan says suggests she's planning a mass orgy when they have some downtime.
  • This end battle quote between the Resonance of Fate pair:
    Zephyr: "Real damn close."
    Leanne: "Real damn close. Ugh, now you've got me saying it."

     Project X Zone 2 
  • One of KOS-MOS' attacks involves stealing one of MOMO's attacks from the first game. Specifically, the one that involves a transformation into a really cute Magical Girl-style dress.
  • The game's opening shows off Majima, Leanne, and Ulala in an awesome pose till the camera shifts where the big monsters are behind their backs and all three get scared and run away. Then the ones behind them have a sweat before being crushed by something even bigger than them.
    • The part where the three original characters, Reiji, Xiaomu, and new character Chizuru Urashima driving the Dragonturtle Mk. 1 until Chizuru floors it. It's a blink and miss it but both Reiji and Xiaomu stumble with Xiaomu hitting the glass.
    • Phoenix and Maya's Oh Crap! moment when T-elos decides to do a Dynamic Entry, followed by Nemesis being all intimidating while Phoenix points his finger at him.
    • Oogami surrounded by both Sakura and Erica, while Gemini looks at the giant robot and Kagemaru in the background.
  • In Akira and Kagemaru's Limit Break, Kagemaru somehow manages to ring out himself.
  • Xiaomu refers to the BSAA as the Badass Sexy Action Agency.
  • When Vashyron and Zephyr meet up with 3 years later Alisa, both immediately declare that she's the new Leanne. And when Leanne finally arrives, the two feign ignorance of Leanne's identity.
  • Yuri and Flynn run into Segata Sanshiro and Yuri can't even make any heads or tails with whatever Segata's saying, finally telling Flynn that he's leaving it all up to him.
  • When new boss unit Sheath gets introduced, Xiaomu finds her Genki Girl-ness and Gratuitous English as something along the lines of annoying Americans. Chris and Jill obviously immediately take offense.
  • Xiaoyu barging on a confrontation between Chun-Li and the Shadowloo-Ouma team up by asking Chun-Li if she's seen Jin somewhere. She then lampshades that it may have been a terrible time to even ask, with Chun-Li pretty much telling her that she's now also targeted by Shadowloo.
  • Pair up Reiji and Xiaomu with Phoenix and Maya, win a battle, and Reiji and Phoenix will engage in courtroom antics. With Xiaomu's ass on the line.
  • Vergil hates noise (paraphrased):
    Ulala: We have a guitar session playing right now.
    Dante: Okay, let's play!
    Vergil: Stop making annoying sounds.
  • Morrigan still calls Demitri and Valkyrie by her pet nicknames:
    Morrigan: Shall we, Demi-Demi? Val-chan?
    Demitri: I told you not to call me Demi-Demi.
    Valkyrie: Please don't call me Val-chan, Mori-Mori.
  • Sakura is not pleased of how Leon thinks of her:
    Leon: So now I have to escort a geisha and a cowgirl? Great.
    Sakura: Leon, I'm not a geisha!
    Gemini: In my heart, I am a samurai.
  • In contrast, Sakura seems to enjoy being in Segata Sanshiro's company:
    Segata: Sakura-san~...Saaaaakura-saaaaan~...!
    Sakura: Over here, Segata-saaaan~ *giggle*
    Gemini: OH MY GOD! Come back to normal, you two!
  • X inviting Valkyrie into his unit:
    X: Valkyrie, do you want to join the 17th Elite Unit?
    Valkyrie: Sure. 17th Elite Unit then it is.
    Zero: Oi oi. You seem to be awfully willing, but are you really sure about this?
  • In Chapter 19, Ichiro and Erica are about to have a romantic moment...only for Sakura to interrupt it as the rest of the current gang arrive. Ichiro then suddenly backs away, with an "Oh Crap!" expression.
    • In Chapter 37, Ichiro manages to successfully flirt with Ulala, Morrigan, Valkyrie and Tiki. The girls from his own series were not happy about this.
  • Vashyron was the last person who jumped from the exploding Balrog towards Miyuki's ship. And gets away with it too as he gets to see a lot of the eyecandy.
    • The fact that the old timers just plain gave up and accepted using the catapult to throw themselves to Miyuki's ship as the norm is pretty hilarious to see, prompting Xiaoyu's surprise.
    • Hibana's introduction to the party has her crashing the stealth bomber onto the Balrog ship. Only, she accidentally crashes it at the Dragonturtle Mark 1 that's dangling on the edge, prompting Chizuru who was on it to fall down. When the stage finally finishes, Chizuru demands to know who did that. Hotsuma lies by saying that the one who did that was defeated already.
  • When the party has to use the Revolving Cannon again, Vashyron and Majima hope that there are women in the capsule that they get to ride on. When the first two groups get out of their capsule, Vashyron and Majima start screaming for help which worries the other party members. And then Lucina comes in and slashes the vines that trap the third capsule. Turns out, the reason why Vashyron and Majima were screaming for help is because the capsule they're in contains nothing but dudes. The girls call the both of them out of this.
    • Chrom and Lucina's reaction to both Vashyron and Majima.
  • Chapter 28 has the party end up in the Space Channel 5 universe. This results in Ulala leading the rest of the party in a dance routine akin to her home game.
  • Chapter 31 is just full of these:
    • There's just something funny about Otohime's castle being used as a courtroom with Phoenix as the defense attorney while Edgeworth as the prosecutor. And Kamuz is at the witness stand.
    • Saya and Aya-me flirting with Tarosuke with the latter appreciating all the attention.
    • Really, the fact that there is a trial being held with the party and Rival Units behind the defense and prosecution areas respectively and are forced to not fight while it's going on is funny as hell, considering how some of the people there (like X, Zero and Sigma) would like to jump at each other's throats. And then the inevitable fighting happens.
    • After Otohime introduces herself, the first thing Estelle notices is that she's rather well-endowed in comparison.
    • Vashyron at first is ticked at Tarosuke for having all this good entertainment. By the start of the next stage, he's calling Tarosuke, a kid, his master.
  • The ending, while sweet, has its moments:
    • Aura gets summoned to the party by Segata connecting a Sega Saturn to net modem for 14400 bps connection, to the table with Kite, Haseo, Axel and Segata around it.
    • Pai, Leanne, Lucina, Xiaoyu, and Valkyrie have a footrace. In that race, Valkyrie uses her powers to her advantage, much to the disdain of the other ladies. Edgeworth calls her out on cheating, as with the others.
    • A 9-man Triple Threat match is about to happen between Ryu, Akira, Jin, Ken, Heihachi, Chris, Kazuya, Kiryu, and... Phoenix. The lead-up is pretty hilarious: the Mishimas realize that they can stop cooperating and decide to slug it out in an open challenge. The aforementioned other characters decide to join in for kicks. Phoenix quickly realizes his mistake, gets a pep talk from the ninjas and flat out objects to fighting. We never do see who wins. Reiji and Xiaomu play it smart and "check" on the other guests.
    • KOS-MOS using her Hilbert Effect to transform the other dancers into their alternate costumes, including Erica's cat outfit, Aty at her full transformation, and the reindeer outfits for both Vashyron and Zephyr, much to the men's dismay.
    • Really, the fact that everyone still decided to stick around for a party at Demitri's castle (again) is funny. Especially considering the no non-sense nature of characters like Kazuya and Vergil.