Funny / Namco Capcom

  • Chapter 28. Yes, even if it is That One Level, there are a few highlights:
    • Red Aleemar Joker gets fed up with the puns and just says "Attack" to his minions (at this point, he knows there's something going on already in the atmosphere.
    • When the interlude happens, even Kagekiyo couldn't resist making a pun.
  • Anytime Reiji and Xiaomu go with their Boke and Tsukkomi Routine shtick.
  • Anytime the girls bring up their in-universe Shipping Goggles about the so-called Love Triangle between Reiji, Xiaomu, and Saya. Heck, even the latter sometimes joins in the fun.
  • There's the time MOMO dresses in a magical girl outfit and attempts to use a Rare Hunter skill on Kazuya Mishima which involves... casting a fishing pole. There's a moment of silence and nothing seems to happen at all, with Kazuya Mishima just leaving without a word. Until it's revealed that MOMO stole the golden seed from him, doubling it as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.