Awesome: Project X Zone

    Project X Zone 
  • The game's opening itself pretty much qualifies. For specific moments:
  • When you finally get Phantom back into your party and do Haken and Kaguya's MAP attack, Rocks suddenly starts.
    • Oh it's get better: A few words from Haken was practically awesome before the music starts: "Let the Super Robot Wars begin!"
    • Sanger considers the Gespenst Phantom as a Worthy Opponent. Considering the number of badasses in this game, that's pretty impressive.
      • Remember, Sanger was one of the Aggressors, the guys who wrote the book on Mecha combat in their universe. The Gespenst is the paper they wrote it on. Sanger knows what a Gespenst is capable of.
    • Kaguya gets one when she makes a Kyosuke-esque quote: "If something blocks our way, we have to cut our way through it!"
  • A really subtle one: Yuri, Tales of... series most badass protagonist, picks a fight against Sanger, Super Robot Wars' series most badass character. Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny personified!
  • Prologue 3. Sanger appears and when Jedah starts making some speeches, Sanger makes him shut up! And listen!
    • Just before the fight begins, Kaguya blesses Sanger's katana to give him a better chance at hurting the demonic forces they're about to face. It turns out Sanger's connection to his sword was so powerful, that blessing allowed it to take the form of the Type 3 Colossal Blade we all know and love.
  • Chapter 39: Dante's response to Jedah telling the party to tearfully accept salvation?
    Dante: Devils never cry. Someone who can't cry asking us to tearfully accept our salvation? Don't make me laugh, devil.
    • Jedah gets two Shut Up, Hannibal! moments handed to him and both are equally epic on their merits.
  • And now one for the three companies themselves. Why? This game's averting No Export for You, that's why!
    • To put this in perspective, due to how international copyright works, the rights for every piece of intellectual property appearing in the game had to be renegotiated with their Western handlers, some of which had no official ties to the game's publishers. That they not only made the effort, but succeeded in getting the rights for everything but a few music tracks, is downright phenomenal.
  • In Chapter 29, after Iris appears and X calls for someone to relieve them while he guards Zero, Ryu remarks that, in that moment, he definitely felt a spirit within X. What makes this awesome, specifically from Ryu? Because X has the ability to use the Hadouken, Ryu's signature, spiritually based technique — and in X's hands it is leagues more powerful. Considering the rest of the chapter is Zero's (what a surprise) for X to be acknowledged by Ryu is pretty awesome. Doubles as Heartwarming when you remember what Dr. Light truly wished for X to have.
  • At stage 21 when you get Chris, Jill, and Rikiya, you are surrounded by a lot of zombies. The thing is, Chris and Jill are ten levels higher than the (initial) enemies surrounding you. Get Busujima to increase your attack and watch the mayhem as enemies try to attack you, only to get curb stomped.
  • Finishing off a villain with the hero of their respective series, especially with a Limit Break.
  • How do you survive falling from mid-air especially after being catapulted by a revolving cannon? The answer:
  • The Gain Ground levels. Especially the music. If that doesn't make your hair stand on end, check your pulse.
    • The second time Primitive Force plays, Kurt Irving shows off his colonel credentials when he leads the entire party members and what they're supposed to do. Considering half of them consists of characters who would rather do whatever the hell they want and that they're a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, that's impressive.
    • Arthur gets one when he survives his Heroic Sacrifice thanks to his armor, averting Armor Is Useless.
  • Morrigan casually taking out Toma's brainwashing moment like it was nothing.

    Project X Zone 2 
  • The very inclusion of Segata Sanshiro counts as one by virtue of his sheer badassery.
  • Do you remember the awesome finishing move that Dante and Vergil used on Arkham? Well it's back and better than ever.