Heartwarming: Project X Zone

    Project X Zone 

  • Some of the character interactions can cause these. A notable case is with Arthur, who is well respected by many of the different characters, such as the Darkstalkers characters and Dante. As well as everyone's relieved reactions when it's shown that he survived his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Ken encourages the Servbots when they show their readiness to fight. Ryu comments that he'll be a fine father someday.
  • Despite Zero's whole "What am I fighting for?!" line, him finally getting closure with Iris is really nice to see.
    • The delivery of the line is actually much more somber than it was in X4, so the narm factor is no longer present.
  • In between Chapters 33 and 34, the cast finally gets a chance to relax on the Bermuda.
  • When Mii somehow gets her half of the crew back to the Bermuda and is afraid of the power that allowed her to do so, three members in similar situations have this to say:
    Jin: Mii, you can't be afraid of yourself. That goes double if you still don't know the full nature of your powers.
    Zero: You can worry about it once you know more fully what it means.
    Riela: It's nothing scary to me. I mean, you're using it to rescue us, after all.
  • If you have Sanger paired with the Resonance of Fate teens and this pre-battle conversation pops up.
    Sanger: There is meaning in confronting your crimes and bearing the burden.
    Zephyr: I know that. Believe me, I know...
    Leanne: (worried portrait) Zephyr...
  • Having Heihachi paired with the Virtua Fighter pair can net this pre-battle conversation.
    Heihachi: I recall a martial artist who said that what makes a tiger so strong is that it lacks humanity...
    Akira: Pai, that was your...
    Pai: What's important is to live as a human and gain strength as a human.
  • There is also the epilogue which is full of these, such as Ichiro thanking Aura, causing her to smile.
  • Some examples that show despite the many differences between worlds and backgrounds, many of these characters growing to trust one another and even becoming friends. Especially when you consider many of them are reluctant to trust one another when first joining the group.
    Toma: Heh heh! This looks like it'll be a good time!
    Bahn: I like your attitude, Toma. Let's take this guy down!
    Cyrille: They couldn't look any more different, but they're the same at heart.
  • Despite Lady questioning the possibility of Jin losing to his devil-side, Xiaoyu's determination doesn't give in.
    Lady: If the power laying dormant in your body were to awaken...
    Jin: I know. If that happens...
    Xiaoyu: I'm going to stop you.

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