Headscratchers: Project X Zone

  • Ok, in Namco X Capcom, the Gesellschaft was used to fly to space to get to Eden (even though it couldn't in Megaman Legends). So how come Tron doesn't just use it and fly up there?
    • The...physics of the worlds work differently? Just look at all the combo juggling. Also, the Gesellschaft was destroyed in the first Legends game, and this game undoubtedly takes place afterwards.
  • If Oros Phlox are really the will of the stone manifest then why do Ein and Drei have physical problems? Shouldn't they have more perfect bodies since they came from the stone to carry out it's will?
    • Presumably Rule of Funny since there's a quite a few jokes at their expense.
  • Didn't Axel and Alfimi have amnesia when they got transported to the Endless Frontier world while in Kouta's case, he didn't have the amnesia thanks to the Roar armor (although Warrior Roar was sleeping the whole time)? Badassery aside, how come Sanger doesn't have amnesia when he gets there? Ya'd think Monolith Soft would have given him his amnesiac personality from Alpha Gaiden (granted Wodan Ymir's already filling in for that role but still...)
    • Then again, Reiji, Xiaomu, KOS-MOS, T-ELOS, and M.O.M.O. didn't have amnesia when they first entered the Endless Frontier. There's a little YMMV though, since the latter three are all androids, while the first two are known for dimension hopping, and as such, probably wouldn't be affected by this kind of scenario after doing it for so long.
    • On that note, why no Wodan Ymir? He could have at least appeared at the penultimate level and instead of some Sanger clones, they could just use both W-15 Wodan Ymir and body snatcher W-05 Gagun Laos. Sanger's got so many clones nowadays anyway.