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YMMV: Project X Zone
  • Author's Saving Throw: Some of the cast list seems to be making up for some of the often bizarre choices in Namco Capcom's cast. For example, Resident Evil and Mega Man franchises are represented with characters you'd expect to see from both series (we still get Tron, but she's an Ensemble Darkhorse) and Rival Schools is represented by its main character.
  • Awesome Music: Mysterious Project (Ver. SP), the theme from the official site. So awesome, it overrides the final boss' music!
    • The game's opening song, Wing Wanderer. Which isn't in the US Release of the game.
    • And then there's Kogoro and Mii's theme, Wanderer's Road (SP Ver.).
  • Best Level Ever: Stage 27 "The Dimensional Cliff" is practically one of the best parts of the game. A lot of Mooks that are way too close to each other with not a lot of health that you can use MAP attacks with impunity, Phantom finally joins the party for Haken and Kaguya's MAP attack (though you can't use it here), Vile is in his Ride Armor and also a boss fight on foot, all to the tune of Rocks! ROCKS isn't present is the US version of the game though.
  • Breather Boss: Unless you made a mistake during your combos, Ciseaux is one of the easiest bosses in this game.
  • Broken Base:
  • Dude, Not Funny!/Too Soon: Almost all of Tron's dialogue are jokes at the expense of Mega Man Legends 3, and the cancellation thereof.
    • The Running Gag of Frank taking creepshots of fanservice characters. In a game released at the peak of the "Cosplay is Not Consent" campaign.
  • 8.8: Games Radar's review, which was heavily criticized for unfairly comparing it to Fire Emblem: Awakening, and being very critical of other aspects of the game without acknowledging the reasons behind them.
  • Ending Fatigue: The penultimate stage and the final stage will tire you out before you finally see the ending.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Really, anyone who can do a barrier-breaking move can be considered as one (seriously, it's required for the Final Boss, who has five barrier gauges):
    • Chun-li and Morrigan can be quite damaging in the right hands, and they learn skills faster than anyone else in the game with their first attack skill being Chun-li's focus attack palm strike that destroys barriers (if Chun-li can't destroy it, then it's guaranteed that one of Morrigan's missiles will).
    • Ryu and Ken with the same input (down-A) can also enable them to destroy barriers as if it were paper.
    • Reiji (yes, him again), and Xiaomu have Accel that guarantees they're going to be one of the first units to act and they learn the barrier busting skill that when you cast it, any first hit (they have to do the deed) is a Critical Hit obliterating an enemy's barrier. Pair them up with Flynn who has a skill that gives +2 movement to all allies on the field and watch as hordes of Mooks and bosses suddenly go down a lot more than usual and pesky Timed Missions suddenly become a lot easier to handle.
      • Their Right + A attack can also break 5-gauge shields - that's right, long before Chun-li and Morrigan can get theirs.
    • Kogoro and Mii learn a skill for a cheap casting cost that destroys an enemy barrier, the Tenzai Style: Ripple. What makes them a bit more special is that they can hit one more square away from the usual 2-square range. They also have an attack that destroys a five-gauged barrier that's available at the start of the game (Sharinken & Extensions) so it's more of choosing whether you want to break the barrier right away or do it the normal old fashioned way.
    • Heihachi's passive support skill allows a unit to laugh at enemies who have barriers cause they can shatter them. Oh and did you want assurance? He has a support skill (that you need to cast at the skill list) that breaks barriers nullifying the need to rely on the Random Number God.
    • Zephyr and Leanne's Multi Attack is nothing to scoff at, capable of inflicting a lot more damage more powerful than what Multi Attack damages should be. This is on top of them also having a skill that breaks through barriers like tinfoil.
    • The Critical Hit mechanic in general is this, if you can pull it off.
    • Frank and Hsien-Ko\Lei-Lei work really well with anybody thanks to how simple the execution of their attacks are and their first attack skill that they learn is their Multi Attack. The only problem however is that they're a Mighty Glacier unit so they're almost always left behind. The real Game Breaker is if you let them pair up with Alisa who has a skill that essentially gives the unit a lot of speed, making them go up at least near the first unit to act on a turn.
    • Akira and Pai have a skill call Stamping. Stamping can break barriers, that is all.
    • Haken and Kaguya have TWO attacks that can break barriers as soon as they are useable(neutral-"A" and left-"A"), combos are easy to chain with their high Tec stat, the ability to attack from three squares away that can be increased to four if Haken's Sniping skill is used, and Love, the only skill which can heal ALL ALLIES on the field to full health.
    • Take note, even with all these game breakers, this game is still at Nintendo Hard level thanks to the fact that bosses hit hard a lot, you don't get a lot of items to use, and your cross point gauge doesn't exactly match up to how they gain their Cross point Gauge. That and you're usually hitting up to 50k per unit at most when a lot of bosses are usually at 100k HP.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Despite low sales in its home country, Namco decided to localize it in Western countries due to the surprising interest there.
    • And if recent sales reports are to be believed, it seems to have gotten some pretty good sales. Recent press releases from Bandai Namco do state that the sales were very high.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Both Haken and Kaguya were expies of Sanger. And now, all three show up; it will be amusing to see how Sanger will react to both of his expies.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Bruno doesn't like it when Chun-Li calls him "Mr. Dynamite" when they first meet.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Not massively, but a fair few fans have been following this game just because it has a certain character they adore. Mega Man X fans are a good example.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Played for Laughs in-universe, in chapter 31, where Due mentions she ate Mii's expensive flan, several characters, including former rivals, react to this like it was the worst thing she has ever done.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Until you learn how to turn them off, hearing a certain enemy's voices when it's their turn to move can get irritating quickly. Especially if there are more than ten of the same crony in the same stage.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Land a Critical Hit to an enemy and watch as you hear a lot of "POWS!" coming from your hits and at the yellow numbers signifying that you scored one (that and you gain an extra 5% exp points)
    • "Cross Hit!" Even better if both a Cross Hit and a Critical Hit occurs during the same combo.
  • Narm: Iris's appearance in Chapter 29 would be surprisingly poignant, if not for the fact that Zero says "What am I fighting for?" at one point. Thus, it doesn't hold as much impact as it could have.
    • Although considering the game's tendency to make Shout Outs and Call Backs, this might have been intentional.
    • At the very least, due to being locked in Japanese voice, you won't hear the infamous voice acting. But Zero wasn't screaming in anguish as before, so the non-Narmy impact is still reduced.
    • Also, Arthur's Heroic Sacrifice in the climax of the chapter Operation Crackdown would have been more dramatic, had it not been ruined for the fact that he is a selectable party member when you check on your units while preparing for the next chapter.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Iris only gets to appear in one chapter. At least Zero finally has some closure.
  • So Cool It's Awesome: You either think this due to the awesome premise and fanservice, or...
    • So Okay, It's Average: The general consensus is that while there are improvements over many issues Namco Capcom had, there are still a number of pressing problems with the gameplay. The fanservice and interaction is great, but the pace becomes excruciatingly slow during later parts due to the sheer mass of enemies and how much health they have. It doesn't help that you can never skip your attack animations due to having to input a pretty easy combo each time.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The opening riff of the Leitmotif for Kogoro and Mii, Wanderer's Road, sounds similar to the opening riff of the Double Dragon theme.
  • Tear Jerker: Arthur's subverted Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Some of the villains' last words upon being defeated for the last time. Especially if you played their source games. Notable examples are Aya-me and Vile.
  • That One Boss: Granted he's the Final Boss but Meden just takes the icing on the cake. On Normal Mode (first playthrough), he's got 200k HP, regenerates his Cross Point gauge faster than you can which guarantees that his counter attack is going to be his Limit Break, a really wide attack range to attack anyone from where he's at, hits like a truck (as in from full HP to almost death state even with a defense buff) and when you get to him, you can only attack either in front of him, or have a unit that is capable of attacking an extra square away (aka your ranged units). Oh and did you get him to 1/4 of his health left? The guy then summons a lot of Mooks to join him. Said Mooks? It's the sub-bosses you just killed awhile ago before getting to him. (fortunately, you can skip killing them because the mission objective states you just kill him and those are more for intimidation purposes). Though if you're a completionist and want to kill everybody, prep yourself to get pot shots from the boss and pray he doesn't get a 100% Cross Point gauge on his turn. When you think you're safe, you'll be attacked by a Limit Break from a sub-boss each. You're in one hell for a ride.
  • That One Level: Stage 16 where you have to kill all four Stehoneys because they have the key to Astaroth's room. Thing is, they're going to be far away from you and they're the ones who get the first move while your units are struggling behind and that if one Stehoney gets to the gate, it's Game Over.note  Haken and Kaguya can really help to bring them down, provided they don't get distracted.
    • The stretch of stages where you have to collect Aura's fragments can be pretty tense since you have to collect the fragment in 15 turns and you only have a third of your party for three of the four missions. In particular is the third one where you have to defeat the Coco Tapioca in 15 turns. What makes this tricky is that he is surrounded by enemies that can give you status effects and Saya and her bodyguards appear right behind your team, picking off your team and probably forcing you to divide your already small team to keep them at bay. The narrow passageway in the middle of the area that enemies love to swarm and has a sub-boss doesn't help.
    • Chapter 39 can be major pain for the uninitiated. First you get some goons (including 2 shielders) and 2 Astaroths. Take those down and you get Riemsianne and Selvaria Bles with a similar army. Take THEM down and you're tasked with taking down Jedah and Lord Raptor. And to put a cherry on it, taking down Jedah now comes with a hitherto unknown fixed time limit as well.
    • Chapter 40 is also a rather unpleasant surprise. No unexpected bosses, no surprise armies, just a room you have to clear. Only problem? Said room is filled with 24 copies of Juri, Alisa, Heihachi, Sanger, Saya, and T-elos. All have around 90k health and all hit like trucks. If you haven't been smart with your healing items, you're in for some pain.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Due to the way Juri's solo attack works, she kicks the enemy high into the air near the end of her attack even though they're supposed to be frozen in place thanks to the Cross Hit. This often causes the player to miss with most of their main pair's attacks, possibly costing them a lot of damage and XP. While several characters do move the enemy despite a Cross Hit, the movements are typically so minor that they would not interfere with the main attacks, Juri is the only one who will drastically alter the placement.

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