Awesome / Nancy Drew

Secrets Can Kill (Original)
  • The endgame wherein Connie appears to help take down Mitch.

Secret of the Scarlet Hand
  • The endgame. You break out of a millennia-old tomb/monolith, completing a brutal timed puzzle while experiencing some of the most horrific Nightmare Fuel the series has ever brought to bear.
  • The Whisperer, a Mayan scribe, who told the truth about her king knowing that he'd kill her for doing so.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor
  • The way Jane talks about her ancestors implies that the world used to be real, in a way. Then became fictional near the end of the 20th century.

Danger by Design
  • The final battle against the culprit. Yes, I said battle.
  • Pretty much everything Noisette Tornade did was this. As Nancy puts it, "Her flaw wasn't doing too little for her country, but trying to do too much."

Ghost of Thornton Hall
  • After you finish the game, Fridge Brilliance turns Nancy's name on the gravestone into this. Think about it. The graveyard is the only part of the property that wasn't destroyed, and in future years, Nancy will be remembered amongst the Thorntons, living and dead, as someone who respected them and brought them peace. The carving is no longer a source of Nightmare Fuel, but a sign of triumph and hope.
  • Jessalyn's actions pre-game. In the middle of preparing for her wedding, a ragged, paranoid woman who every Thornton thinks is utterly crazy manages to get Jessalyn away from the others and essentially tells her, "Your mother killed my sister, and I think I can prove it- but I need your help." And Jessalyn stays calm enough to A,) Listen to Harper and acknowledge that she may have a point, and, B,) Go against years of lies and enforced tradition to bring her own Evil Matriarch to justice.
  • Your actions in the Golden Ending.
    Nancy: You'll atone for your sins by living.
  • Colton, once he realizes the extent to which he's been manipulated.
    Nancy: What about your parents?
    Colton: They'll have to start caring about my opinion. Because I am done with caring about theirs.
  • Harper solidly establishes herself as a Determinator once Nancy learns what she's really doing. Harper saw Clara lit the match that led to Charlotte's death, but no one believed her when she tried to tell them that. Depending on your interpretation of the characters, Harper may have been committed to an insane asylum because she wouldn't back down. By the time the game starts, she's been ostracized from her own family for years, and yet she never doubts what she saw. She never stops trying to reveal the truth and bring Clara to justice. For all her humourless jokes about being crazy, Harper is very sane, and confident enough to know it.

Labyrinth of Lies
  • Niobe's rebellion:
    "No! I am the creator, and I can destroy what I make!"
  • At the end, Nancy interrupts the play to declare the troupe's crimes to their audience, spurred on by Grigor and Niobe's encouragement.

  • After a year of trying and one failed Kickstarter campaign, the series got its first port to tablet devices.
  • The name "Dieter von Schwesterkrank" (the photographer from Danger By Design) was used in an episode of Leverage as an alias of the lead protagonist Nate Ford. There's a TV writer out there who's apparently One of Us.
  • Yourself after beating any of the games on the Master Sleuth difficult setting without looking for help on the Internet (or anywhere else, for that matter).