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With a show that is extremely about a world full of ninjas, how can moments like these be irrelevant?

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Naruto - Part 1 (Pre-Time Skip)

    Land of Waves Arc 
  • In the very first chapter, Naruto summons a SHIZLOAD of clones in order to beat the shit out of Mizuki (keep in mind, this is the same kid who barely made one earlier).
  • Iruka gets a moment as well when he takes a fuma shuriken to the back in order to protect Naruto.
  • Zabuza's introduction: he sends his BFS tearing through the forest, barely misses its target, and stands on top of it while the sword was imbedded in a fully-grown tree. He wastes no time slipping into Team 7's tight formation completely undetected.
  • Naruto created a very detailed plan that freed Kakashi from Zabuza's justu. Naruto used his shadow clone jutsu in mass to trick Zabuza, so he could transform into a Fuma shuriken. He then had a clone give him to Sasuke, who used his own Fuma Shuriken. Using the real Fuma Shuriken, he attacked Zabuza who just grabbed it. Then Sasuke revealed he used the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu to hide Naruto, which Zabuza just dodged. But then Naruto transformed back to himself, and throw a Kunai, forcing Zabuza to stop his jutsu and had the added effect of canceling Zabuza's water clone.
  • Kakashi using his Sharingan to calculate each of Zabuza's moves.
  • The masked ninja supposedly killing Zabuza by impaling him through the neck with senbon.
  • Naruto saving Inari's mother from two of Zabuza's henchmen.
  • Haku summons his Demonic Ice Mirrors and manages to overwhelm both Sasuke and Naruto.
  • Sasuke awakens the Sharingan and is slowly able to keep up with Haku.
    • Naruto snaps and draws on the Kyubi's chakra for the first time and punches Haku through one of the mirrors. He does this in response to seeing Sasuke take a seemingly lethal attack that was meant for him.
  • Zabuza loses it after Haku's death and kills all of Gato's bodyguards using a kunai held in his teeth, and he only dies after stabbing Gato to death. In the manga he slices Gato's head off.
    • The English Dub gets bonus points for the speech Zabuza terrifies Gato with just before he starts carving him up:
    Zabuza: We won't be welcome where Haku's gone to. Hell's where we're going, Gato! You and me both! I can't think of a more fitting destination for a "Demon Ninja", can you? I'm told there are many demons down there, of all shapes and sizes; Oh yes, I should fit right in! You on the other hand, Gato... Well, I'm afraid that you're in for a long and very painful eternity!!

    Chūnin Exam Arc 

  • Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight: it doesn't end well for Sasuke. While most ninja in the series use elemental magic, Rock Lee bests his opponents solely through hard-earned physical stats.
  • While most of the cast uses their jutsu to cheat on the written part of the Chunin Exam by stealing answers (which, inadvertently, is the point of the test, as the questions were intended to be too hard for the average person to answer), Sakura doesn't cheat and is able to answer the questions on her own.
    • In the same test, Naruto manages to pass without answering a single question, and his bullheaded refusal to back down in the face of the tenth question, when he hadn't been able to answer a single one so far, actually emboldened the remaining candidates.
    • Regarding Sakura, it should be noted that Shikamaru Nara of the 200 IQ was also a participant in the test and implicitly did not pass without cheating. (His teammate Ino used her jutsu to cheat off Sakura and presumably shared the answers with her team somehow.) This means that Sakura was able to fairly pass a test that even made Shikamaru resort to cheating.
  • Anko Mitarashi licking the blood off of Naruto's cheek after throwing a kunai at him.
    • Shigure/(Orochimaru in disguise) sneaking up on Anko and handing her knife back to her with an elongated tongue.
  • Naruto gets devoured by a giant snake and escapes from it by creating several clones, causing the snake to explode from the pressure.
    • He punches Sasuke for losing his cool against Orochimaru and saves him from a similarly-sized snake by holding the snake back with his arms. Mind you, these snakes are larger than military tanks.
  • After seeing Naruto face Orochimaru, Sasuke snaps out of his fear and leads a one-man effort against Orochimaru, one of the most well-paced fights in the series.
  • Sakura's Important Haircut when she has to defend her two unconscious team mates from three dangerous Sound ninja. At this point, she is determined to no longer be The Load.
  • This troper is a little upset no one mentioned Shino's fight against Zaku. I mean seriously, Shino completely outclassed Zaku in every possible way. Let's count them off shall we? Zaku had one good arm, so Shino uses his army of bugs to take one side of Zaku while Shino has the other all the while telling Zaku to surrender, otherwise it will end terribly for him. Then, Zaku reveals his other arm was just as good to use as the first. Too bad for him, Shino had both arms plugged up by a few hidden bugs that crept up into the sockets in his hands in case he tried using both of them which resulted in Zaku BLOWING HIS OWN ARMS OFF (or simply breaking through the skin in the Anime), giving Shino the win. So we have Shino invoking The Chessmaster, Curb-Stomp Battle, AND An Arm and a Leg all in one battle. WITH BUGS NO LESS. CMOA well-deserved.
  • Naruto tricks Kiba, a ninja known for his superhuman nostrils, into attacking his own partner by confusing his sense of smell. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Shikamaru beats Kin by making bash her head against the wall.
  • Sasuke fights Yoroi with the handicap of not using chakra: basically, no special attacks/jutsu.
  • Naruto gets pummeled throughout his battle with Neji and even has his chakra sealed off, but in the end, he beats Neji with a single Shoryuken.
    • Let's not forget the fight between Neji and Hinata and how Hinata held her own until the very end of the fight, even quoting NARUTO, someone she looks up to and has feelings for, is pretty impressive.
      • There's also the fact that she managed to see straight through Neji's bullshit, something that caused him to snap so badly that he nearly killed her then and there.
  • the Double Knock Out that Sakura and Ino has is pretty awesome, especially since the build up was good. During most of the fight, the two were really even fighters. Ino went as far as cutting off her own hair as a way to trap Sakura so she can use her mental-based jutsu, only to be stopped by Sakura's Inner Self broke her free. Seriously, this fight was really awesome to watch as we barely saw these two go all out during this arc.
    • Special mention to Ino for that channel-chakra-through-cut-hair trick, one of the cleverer moves seen from any of the Rookies in this arc. Keep in mind that she tricks a room full of shinobi, including Sakura and her own team mates, into believing that Sakura's taunting has really driven her to the edge in the course of pulling it off.

    Invasion of Konoha Arc 

  • Shino's fight with Kankuro. Not only does Shino tell Sasuke to keep chasing Gaara, but he also wants his shot at Kankuro who just so happened to be his opponent in the Chuunin Exam tournament. Shino ultimately wins the fight, but Kankuro does actually manage to get some offense in, which ends up taking Shino out of commission for the rest of the arc. Not nearly as awesome as the Zaku fight, but still pretty impressive for a supporting character that only had two fights in the series at this point.
  • Sasuke fights Gaara, the same opponent who defeated Rock Lee, the same Rock Lee who owned Sasuke in their previous encounter. Sasuke fares a little better against Gaara, being the first person to ever make Gaara bleed.
  • Naruto one-ups Sasuke by facing a partially-transformed Gaara and taking him down a peg.
    • Probably one of the best moments would be when Naruto uses his shadow clones to get himself behind Gaara, to deliver the following attack:
    Naruto: Take this! Leaf Village secret Taijutsu, straight from the teachings of Kakashi Sensei. (Proceeds to shove a Kunai up Gaara's ass) THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!
    Pakkun: Great, an enema.
    (Naruto is knocked away revealing that the kunai had an explosive tag wrapped around it)
    Naruto: Boom.
    • He fights the fully-transformed Gaara/Shukaku on the back of a giant frog, Gamabunta, whom Naruto summoned to the battlefield. Imagine for a moment if you were small enough to let alone ride on top of a frog. Now imagine having to fight an enemy raccoon on top of said frog, assuming said frog likes you enough not to buck you off immediately. At one point, Naruto leaps off this frog to punch Gaara awake.
    • The fight ends with a headbutt.
    • Then there's the fact that this fight resulted in Gaara's Heel-Face Turn. For someone who believed that killing people was the only way to prove his existence, believed that things like friends and love didn't really exist and has killed, attempted to kill and threatened to kill countless people, that's quite the feat! Also doubles as heartwarming.
  • The Third Hokage's battle with Orochimaru ends with a Heroic Sacrifice that costs Orochimaru his arms.
    • Before this, despite being an elderly man, the Third manages to fight off Orochimaru and the First and Second Hokages.
  • Jiraiya takes down a massive three-headed snake (big enough to crush buildings) by summoning an even larger toad on top of it.

    Search for Tsunade Arc 
  • Itachi Uchiha returns to Konoha and one of the first things he does is reverse Mind Rape a Genjutsu specialist.
    • When Sasuke, who recently went through Training from Hell, tries to attack him, Itachi pulverizes him and places a Mind Rape on him instead. The primary reason Itachi retreats is due to eye strain from his Mangekyo Sharingan.
    • Guy developed a fighting style to successively "counter" Sharingan users by monitoring their feet. We don't see him do this, but imagine fighting a skilled opponent solely through watching their feet. You can't shift either; if you look up, you've lost.
  • Badass Bookworm Tsunade cracks a street open channeling her superhuman strength through a single finger. By this point in the manga, she is the single strongest character by default.
    • After defeating Naruto effortlessly with a single finger, she goes onto fight Orochimaru and Kabuto, who are visibly dreading facing her. And keep in mind, this was twenty years after inactivity as a ninja. One could only wonder how strong she might be if she didn't give up training.
  • Tsunade's fight with Orochimaru, including taking a sword for Naruto three times before regenerating, wielding a skyscraper sized knife to Big Damn Heroes Jiraiya, and then delivering a Megaton Punch to Orochimaru. She also gets points for getting over a deeply ingrained phobia in the heat of battle.
  • Kabuto is about to land a killing blow on to Tsunade, who is lying helpless on the ground due to being nearly overwhelmed by her phobia. The blow hits, but not Tsunade-it hits the metal plate of Naruto's headband, who is now standing before Tsunade and looking ticked off as all hell at Kabuto.
  • Naruto finally completing the Rasengan. To ensure he hits Kabuto, he lets Kabuto pierce his hand. Beating Kabuto in a one hit.
    • The blow was so impressive, Orochimaru changed his opinion of Naruto of being average to someone to be feared. And helped Tsunade regain her courage.
  • All Three Sanin use the Kuchiyose no Jutsu to summon their respective greatest ally.
  • Kabuto might be an ass, but there is no denying his fighting skills are Made Of Awesome. From figuring out how to move his body after Tsunade scrambles his nervous system, to deflecting poisoned senbon with his headband because he couldn't move any further in time.

    Sasuke Retrieval Arc 

  • Kakashi catches Naruto and Sasuke by their arms and hurls them in opposite directions, in order to prevent the Rasengan and the Chidori from colliding.
    • The Chidori punches through a steel/metal water tower and causes a stream of water to push out, convincing Sasuke that his Signature Move was stronger. The Rasengan blasts out the back of another water tower, revealing that most of the water rushed out sooner and that the Rasengan was indeed more powerful.
  • Shikamaru, the laziest ninja in his age group, becomes Team Leader due to his unusual intelligence, and the group pursues the Sound Four, Orochimaru's special forces ninja unit.
  • Choji kills Jirobo with a single punch after devouring three soldier pills.
  • Neji defeating Kidomaru. Neji was shot by 2 arrows right through his body but refused to give up. He got right up and ran straight up to Kidomaru, who wasn't expecting Neji to even be conscious, and dealt the finishing blow. Remembering Naruto's words that if a failure such as Naruto could succeed than a genius like Neji can as well, and Neji was certainly not going to let his team down either.
  • Kiba stabs himself in the stomach to kill Sakon and Ukon from the Sound Four.
  • The villains of the previous arc arrive to help out the protagonists against the remaining Sound Four(Three):
    Kankuro/Temari/Gaara: "Allies of the Leaf Village, We're Shinobi, of the Sand..."
    • Temari kills Tayuya, who was having a prolonged battle with Shikamaru, by leveling the forest they were fighting in.
    • Oh, and why did she have to save him? Because Tayuya outmaneuvered him. Considering Shikamaru's intelligence, that is an impressive feat.
  • Lee rushes into the fight with Kimimaro not long after recovering from extensive surgery.
  • A bit of a meta example, but the change in Gaara's eyes counts as one for me. Before his Heel-Face Turn, he had a cold, hard and murderous look in his eyes. But after his Heel-Face Turn, his eyes have a calm yet still slightly cold look to them, showing the beginnings of his Character Development. Kudos to the animators for pulling that off!
  • Kimimaro fought three main characters - Naruto, Lee, Gaara - and bested all three of them. He almost killed the latter two and only died because of his illness.
  • The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke in Part 1; Sasuke pushes his Cursed Seal to its highest level, Naruto receives a power boost from the Nine Tails, and they both use their Super Mode to duke it out at the Valley of the End.

    Part 1 Filler Arcs 

  • Iruka facing Mizuki again in the Mizuki Strikes Back arc.
  • Hinata creates the Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms technique in the Search for the Bikōchū Arc.
    • Also during that filler, being able to avoid running into Neji down a hallway by twirling around him with a flawless pirouette just from reflex alone. While barefoot, no less!
  • The Kurama Clan arc does a good job of showing just how dangerous the oft-neglected genjutsu can be.
  • Gaara's fight against Seimei in the Ultimate Weapon Arc when he crushes and manipulates the nearby rock and cliff formations without relying on his Superpowered Evil Side and crushes Seimei's "ultimate armor" for good.
    Gaara: I am Gaara of the Desert. Wherever there's rock, wherever there's earth, I can make more sand.
    • Also, the Call Back to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc.
    "Allies of the Sand, We're Shinobi, of the Leaf..."

    Kakashi Gaiden 

  • Minato Namikaze was so dangerous that during the 3rd Ninja World War, enemy units were ordered to "flee on sight" if they spotted him.
    • One of the enemies thinks he realized it when Minato appeared behind him with a kunai. He was wrong, it wasn't because of that. When he shows it, it's too awesome for words.
  • Obito makes a Heroic Sacrifice for his team mates and gives Kakashi his own Sharingan before accepting his fate crushed by rocks.
    • Before that, Kakashi and Obito's excellent tag-teaming during Rin's rescue. Even while Kakashi has only one eye, Obito's newly awakened sharingan picks up the slack.
  • Obito was able to change Kakashi's entire personality just by telling him that his father was a hero. Judging from Kakashi's stunned silence, Obito was the first person who had ever told him that.

Naruto: Shippuden (Post-Time Skip)

    Kazekage Rescue Arc 

  • Gaara thwarts what would essentially qualify as a Vietnam-style carpet bombing run from Deidara ALL BY HIMSELF.
  • Sakura uses the medical skills she developed over the Time Skip and saves Kankuro's life when an entire medical division from his own village could not.
    • Sakura and Chiyo where they battle Sasori and one hundred of his weaponized puppets. Sasori himself gets a CMOA with the reveal of those puppets, putting the threat that the Akatsuki pose into stark relief.
    • Sakura, previously The Load, uses her new power to take down Sasori, an S-Ranked threat, destroying first Hiruko, then the Third Kazekage, then much of his army, and finally Sasori himself, proving in the process that you do not close with a girl who has Super Strength. Her excellent co-op with Chiyo only adds to the fight, and demonstrates just what two weaker people can do against a superior adversary with proper planning and coordination.
  • Kakashi's Time Skip powerup is the ability to use his Mangekyo Sharingan to create a rift in reality which is explained to be part of the Big Bad's space-warping power, though it is not explained why it only occurred after the time skip.
  • Deidara, deprived of the use of his arms, takes on Guy's close combat team in a four-on-one battle, using only a kunai held between his teeth. He not only survives, but escapes, making them think he's dead in the process.

    Sasuke and Sai Arc 

  • Orochimaru gets hit by a Tailed Beast Bomb, an attack that mows down several miles of trees, and lives to tell the tale.
    • Orochimaru gets moment after moment of Creepy Awesome in that fight. From shedding his skin to heal, to fighting four-tailed Naruto while sick and dying, he proves again and again why he was the most feared villain in the series at that point.
  • Watching Sai get the drop on Kabuto.

    Hidan and Kakuzu Arc 

  • Kakuzu mentions that he once faced the First Hokage, Hashirama, and lived to tell the tale. Refer to the Ten Tails Revival arc for how stupidly powerful Hashirama is that even the Big Bad is wary about facing him.
  • Hidan and Kakuzu's co-op is a thing to behold, as they effortless annihilate most everyone who gets in their way. It isn't until the two of them are separated that the heroes stand anything approaching a chance.
  • The Rasenshuriken, Naruto's newest Signature Move. Its a deadly jutsu that has the power to One-Hit Kill Kakuzu.
    • Naruto created the jutsu by himself by improving the Rasengan that his father created. Character Development indeed.
  • Shikamaru blasts the nigh-immortal Hidan to pieces and plans to kill him by burying him alive and leaving him to decompose.

    Itachi Pursuit Arc 

  • Sasuke counters Orochimaru's Body Surf and traps him in his own body, accessing all of Orochimaru's power.
    • He fights evenly with Deidara who had defeated Gaara in a prior arc while not at full power.
    • Deidara's exit. Cornered by Sasuke, and with no way out, he pulls a Taking You with Me, transforming himself into a Fantastic Nuke that levels the entire region. He manages to put a look of sheer terror on Sasuke's face, while getting in some of the best Famous Last Words in the series.
    Deidara: That's the look I'm talking about. Tremble in fear. Cry like a lost child. Because my art. Is. A. Blast!
  • Sasuke finally confronts Itachi, a battle that's been hinted towards since Part 1.
    • Sasuke's final move to kill Itachi was drawing raw lightning from the sky and using it to destroy the building they were both standing on.
    • Itachi uses Amaterasu, a black flame capable of smothering normal flames, to counter Sasuke's flame-based jutsu.
    • Itachi reveals his Susano'o, a spectral warrior able to defend from incredible attacks.
  • Kiba reveals that his sense of smell is now stronger than a canine's.
  • Jiraiya forces himself back to life in the fight against Pain due to his student's Determinator attitude. In his last moments, he burns a double message with both Intel on Pain and tells Naruto not to give up.
    • Jiraiya's battle with Pain is in general a highpoint of the series. For the first time, we see Jiraiya fight full out, with no handicaps, and despite being outnumbered and outgunned by someone who's powers he has only a limited understanding of, he still manages to disable three of Pain's bodies before going down. This becomes still more awesome in retrospective after Pain's curbstomp of most of Konoha.
    • Pain himself admits that had Jiraiya known of his powers going in, his former mentor would have won the battle. Coming from a man with a god complex that is high praise indeed.
    • Can we just point out that Jiraiya managed to think up a code to use - taking lines from his newest book - after forcing himself back to life? This is the same guy who was one of Naruto's parallels. It might not be as flashy as the battle, but it's still ingenious and you can totally understand that Jiraiya wasn't a legend just for his sheer power.

    Invasion of Pain Arc 

  • Killer Bee, the Eight Tails Jinchuriki, stomps Team Hawk despite their numbers and strategy through sheer physical power.
    • When they think they've captured him, it turns out to be a trick: he used the fight as an excuse to go on vacation.
      • Not only that, Killer Bee doesn't even take the fight seriously. He acts with glee going full out Large Ham.
  • Pain attacks Konoha by himself, destroying vast swathes of it with his summons, and other bodies, and defeating or killing most of the cast in the process, ending it all with a Shinra Tensei that blows Konoha off the map. For sheer shock value, perhaps no moment in the manga has ever topped that one.
  • In the anime, the ANBU Black Ops actually manage to stop one of the Animal Path's summons on their own, which so far may be their only on-screen victory in the series.
  • Konohamaru actually hits one of Pain's bodies... with a Rasengan.
  • Sakura smashes a giant centipede monster with her fist and resumes treating an injured young girl.
  • Naruto returns home on the back of a giant frog, with Sage Mode active, and saves Tsunade by jumping down from Gamabunta and smashing the Pain that was about to attack her. This was before he tosses a giant rhino hundreds of feet into the air.
    • The Eight-Tailed form is revealed after Hinata's Heroic Sacrifice pushes Naruto's Berserk Button. As far as anybody knows at the time, one more tail means the end of the world.
    • Minato saves the day - he planned for his spirit to visit his son in case the Nine Tails ever gained that much influence over Naruto.
  • Naruto defeats Pain:
    Pain: Just give up!
    Naruto: "YOU give up!" (his last clones Fastball Special him) "Give up...on telling me to give up!"
  • That needs a whole lot more explanation:
    • Naruto returns after chapters/episodes of Pain curbstomping the entire village. The first thing he does after return is destroy the Asura Path easily.
    • Naruto then systemically takes out one of Pain's body each chapter, showing us how smart he can be.
    • He kills the Preta Path, by using the Natural Energy around him to One-Hit KO.
    • He reveals the throwable Rasenshuriken, that can expand shredding the Human Path.
    • Using teamwork, he puts the Animal Path and him in the dark and takes her out with a One-Hit KO.
    • He kills Naraku Path with a three point plan. He first creates a smoke screen to hide from the remaining Pains including the newly revived Preta Path. The original transforming into a Rasenshuriken, tricking the Preta Pain to absorb the jutsu and getting him out of the way. While a real Rasenshuriken attacks the Tendo Path. Which is revealed to draw the attention of Nagato, when a clone kills the Naraku Path from above. Naruto nearly killed Pain if not for Tendo regaining his power.
    • Naruto lets the Preta Pain absorb his Senjutsu Chakra, transforming the Path into a stone statue which Naruto precedes to break out of.
    • He throws a Rasenshuriken to Tendo Path, and he cancels it. But Naruto reveals he created a second Rasenshuriken and using the shadow shuriken justu, hid the second one. When Tendo still dodges. But Naruto reveals he created hundreds if not thousands of clones and hid them as rocks. And attacks Tendo, he uses Shinra Tensei to stop them. But Naruto using his clones to withstand the attack and lauching him, destroying the final Pain with a Rasengan.
  • Really, the entire Invasion of Pain arc in general. Aside from having arguably the best theme song in the anime, it also contained a lot of character development and great backstories, and combined with the entire village able to acknowledge Naruto for real for the first time, made the Invasion of Pain arc quite possibly the greatest arc yet in the Naruto anime.
  • Tsunade shorterning her life span to aid and heal several thousand konoha civilians has to count. Heroic Sacrifice indeed.

    Five Kage Summit Arc 

  • During a meeting of the leaders of the most powerful countries in the ninja world, Zetsu springs up from the conference room all by himself.
    • Tobi shows up later and declares war on the other countries.
  • The Fourth Raikage snapping a White Zetsu's neck with one hand, followed by him busting through a wall to chase down Sasuke.
    • Continued when he strikes Sasuke's Amaterasu shield and amputates his own arm after the fact, throwing away the limb just to reach Sasuke. That's after No Selling half of Sasuke's moveset, and cementing himself as one of the biggest Memetic Badasses in the fandom.
    • Continued still when Gaara, the Fifth Mizukage, and the Third Tsuchikage lay their own beatdowns on Sasuke, effectively showing to him just how far he still has to go. The Tsuchikage's attack actually crosses this with CMOF as he floats up into the air, summons a giant cube, and drops it on Sasuke, Looney Toons style.
  • Danzo takes Karin as a hostage. Sasuke responds by impaling them both with Chidori.
    • Danzo's reponse to this is to kill himself, Sasuke, and Tobi, which the latter two only survive thanks to Tobi's teleporation ability. That's on top of having spent most of his fight with Sasuke making some very valid points about the Uchiha's increasingly deranged revenge quest, and demonstrating an ability to cheat death that approaches DBZ levels, proving that you simply cannot underestimate anybody, even the apparently crippled old man.
  • Sasuke fights all of his former team members near-blinded, exhausted after fighting a losing battle against three or more Kage, and just barely surviving against Danzo.
    • Sakura running under a tunnel upside-down to try and stealth-kill Sasuke.
    • She manages to poison him, but he reveals that Orochimaru has immunized him against poison.
  • Killer Bee tosses a pencil at Kisame, misses, and the pencil punches through a tree.
  • Sakura beating Sai, Kiba and Lee using deception and a smoke bomb.

    Confining the Jinchūriki Arc 
  • The Third Raikage and a group of Cloud ninja restrained the Eight-Tailed Ox all on their own. The Raikage even damaged one of its horns.
  • Naruto delivers a Shut Up, Hannibal! to his inner, darker self by giving him his autograph: reading "No. 1 Hokage Candidate: Naruto".
  • Naruto faces the Nine-Tails, the beast that has been fueling his powerful jutsu since the beginning of the series, and defeats it using his Super Move.
    • Adding insult to injury, he steals the fox's chakra for his own own personal use, and imprisons it with an even stronger seal.
  • In the past, Minato blocks Kurama's Tailed Beast Ball with his own space-time jutsu.
  • Kurama's chakra grants Naruto the power to detect negative emotions and grants him an increase in speed. He notices Kisame's malice while hiding inside of Samehada and exposes him, then proceeds to kick him so quickly that Kisame couldn't even see it coming.
  • Guy fights Kisame believing the shark-man to be his inner self.
    • He defeats Kisame by launching a tiger-shaped air pressure attack that uses no chakra and bypasses Kisame's chakra devouring moves. It's a fitting end to a rivalry that's been played with since Part 1, with Guy coming out on top not because he's stronger than Kisame, but by using a move the Akatsuki member just could not have seen coming.
    • Kisame himself follows this up with his own CMOA, when he not only gets up after being on the recieving end of Guy's Afternoon Tiger, but proceeds to commit suicide by shark, preventing the Konoha ninja from finding out anything about their plans. Guy himself commemorates this moment by saluting Kisame and noting that he'll always remember his memory.
  • Konan planned to kill Tobi by countering his five minutes of intangibility with an explosion that lasts for ten minutes using six hundred billion explosive tags.
    • Now let's just take a minute to appreciate this moment. Six hundred billion. When she unleashes the move, Konan parts the water like Moses and we can see that the tags completely fill the massive lake on which they were fighting.
    • And not just that, she manages to kill Tobi. The only reason he survives is because he manages to warp reality by sacrificing one of his Sharingan eyes to use the Izanagi jutsu.
  • Tobi rips off his own arm after being affected by a flesh-eating jutsu. Half of Obito's body is White Zetsu material, so it regenerates.

    Shinobi World War Arc 

For the Shinobi Alliance:
  • Let's take all of the ninja villages in the world and turn them into one Badass Army! Hoo-rah!
  • The Surprise Attack Division, led by Kankuro; Sai, Omoi, and others work together and defeat the Edo (zombie) Deidara and Sasori by exploiting actual ninja tactics: setting traps and exploiting the terrain. Kankuro adds salt to the wound by trapping Sasori with his original puppet body and then berating him for his past life.
    Kankuro: Sasori... your strength came because of your soul, not in spite of it. You tried to erase it, to become a puppet yourself, but couldn't change completely. Now you've got your immortal body but you've fallen, sunk to the level of the puppets you used to control. You were supposed to be a top class ninja puppeteer, not a worthless nobody who lets someone else pull the strings.
    • Darui and the Cloud Ninjas summon a "black lightning" that tears through the Edo Tensei Army with in the shape of a panther. Later, Darui uses a weapon that can only be used by people with insane amounts of chakra (the kind of importantance reserved for main protagonists and antagonists). Mind you, Darui is a supporting character who only appeared in part two, and is essentially one paygrade above the rest of the Red Shirt Army.

For the Protagonists
  • Gaara, the former Creepy Child, Enfant Terrible, and Blood Knight all rolled into one, becomes the general of an army of ninjas. To top it off, he delivers this speech to the villages who still had grudges against each other:
    Gaara: Three times now... we've fought world wars for our own nations, our own villages. We've hurt one another, we've hated one another. That hatred bred a lust for power, and that lust for power created ME. I was a jinchūriki, the embodiment of hatred and power. And I hated this world, and all the people in it... I wanted to destroy it with my own hands. The exact same thing Akatsuki is trying to do today. But one man, one ninja from Konohagakure stopped me. I was his enemy, yet he wept for me! I hurt him, yet he called me his friend! He saved me! My enemy, my fellow jinchuriki... he suffered the same pain as me, yet bore me no ill will! There are no enemies here because we've all suffered at Akatsuki's hand! So there is no Sand, no Rock, no Leaf, no Mist, and no Cloud! There are only "shinobi!" And if you still hold a grudge against the Sand, then when this war is over, come and take my head instead! Our enemies are after the friend who saved my life! If they take him, if we hand him over, our world is finished! I want to protect him, and I want to protect our world! But I'm too young to protect it all on my own! All of you, lend me your aid! Everyone who's with me, let's go!
  • Onoki, the Tsuchikage, and his students are shown as the first ninjas capable of flying without any external assistance. Ironically enough, they come from an earth-based village.
    • Onoki's weight-decreasing jutsu allows him to carry an Island Turtle (think the same gigantic, battleships-sized creature from Avatar: The Last Airbender) with only one hand. He uses this to stop a METEOR from crushing the Shinobi Alliance and somehow survives when a second meteor drops on top of the first one, with him directly under it.
  • Sai, the poster child for apathy, goes Ax-Crazy after learning that his late, surrogate sibling is being used as part of Kabuto's army of zombies and being repeatedly detonated by Deidara.
  • Sakura is the first one to realize that the White Zetsus are infiltrating the Alliance disguised as wounded team mates. She also clobbers the Zetsu that tried to sneak up on her.
  • Choji powers up into his his clan's Super Mode and grows chakra wings without using the soldier pills in succession, and declares that he wants to end the war by himself. All of the nearby fighting stops as everyone is in shock of the massive chakra.
  • Naruto sees through Iruka's gambit and tackles his way to the battlefield, through his own allies attempts to keep him in one place, in fact.
  • Naruto's performance in battle has increased dramatically now that he's strategically using his Shadow Clones, with Nine-Tails mode active, and sending them to different parts of the battlefield to single-handedly turn the tide of the war. He and his clones fend off Itachi, Nagato, Mu, the Third Raikage (the enemy's One-Man Army), all the while implementing never-before-seen variations on his regular jutsus.
  • When Naruto finally runs into Tobi, the two of them collide - with a headbutt. Tobi's eyes widen as the force of the collision throws them back, while Naruto grunts at how tough Tobi's mask is.
  • Tsunade shatters Madara's Susano'o ribcage with a single punch, and then causes even more damage with one of her singular kicks. She even gives Madara a "World of Cardboard" Speech before using her special regeneration jutsu for round two. Madara makes a special point of notice to kill Tsunade first, though this is more due to the fact that she's related to Hashirama, and he's annoyed to see a "weaker version of Hashirama's abilities". Next to Onoki, she's the only Kage holding her own against the Susano'o Clones and even defeats one on screen.
  • Kakashi and Might Guy fend off five zombified Jinchuriki with the Lightning Cutter and Morning Peacock.
  • Kurama finally places his faith in Naruto after years of conflict. What results is an upgraded form of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, in which the aura has more pronounced markings and a battered chakra robe as an extra. Naruto then forms the chakra into an aura representing Kurama himself! The aura is so powerful that even a roar can blast away tailed beasts, and Naruto's strength and speed are sufficient to deflect five Bijuu Dama simultaneously. Then he proceeds to battle the Tailed Beasts, laying the smackdown onto three of them while Bee holds off the other two then he gets into a Beam-O-War with all five. He equals the combined might of all five Biju and then defeats them all at once. Only character-and the only character who honestly equals BM Naruto was Edo Madara who defeats all five Kages at the same time.
    Kakashi: Se....sensei...?!
  • Itachi and Nagato cross paths with Naruto and Bee in the middle of a warzone, and during the ensuing fight, Shisui's eye, which Itachi planted on Naruto a few arcs ago reappears and manages to free Itachi from Kabuto's control, however it stopped his backup plan against Sasuke. However it allowed Itachi and Sasuke to reconcile while fighting Kabuto, who the former traps Kabuto in Izanami since he's one of the very few people susceptible to it. In the end, because of Itachi, Sasuke began clawing his way back to sanity and reason (though will still be a selfish person).
  • In a flashback, Minato faces off against A, and beats him in a game of speed. Minato was the only person A ever considered to be faster than him, thanks to Minato's Flying Thunder God jutsu.

For the Antagonists:
  • Tobi takes his place as the series Big Bad with a war on the horizon. He's got an army of Mooks at his command, in addition to former, undead comrades, each of which is an S-rank criminal; his own Six Paths of Pain made out of former Jinchuriki; the Gold and Silver Brothers who are mini-Jinchuriki in their own right with the treasured tools of the series Physical God in their possession, in addition to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path that doubles as a tank and the container for the nine different Eldritch Abominations, while also being the shell for the series's original Eldritch Abomination... run, heroes. Run.
    • Obito talks down to Madara in Chapter 614, trying to hold his place as the Big Bad. It doesn't last long, but it says a lot about the kid who used to be everyone's punching bag taking control of the battlefield.
  • Kabuto returns as The Chessmaster with an army of Edo Tensei (zombies). He's became so powerful it takes two Mangekyo Sharingan wielding shinobi to even fight him while he's in Sage Mode, the former with the Eternal version of the Mangekyo, the latter with Edo Tensei to make up for the damage. Kabuto, multiple times was able to overwhelm both Sasuke and Itachi at the same time, even trap them in a genjutsu, and then when he gets serious he bifurcates Uchiha Itachi before he can even react. It takes Izanami to finally stop his onslaught, but in doing so Itachi had been permanently robbed of one of his eyes.
  • Kabuto is the reason behind the resurrection of Madara Uchiha, who robs the Superpower Lottery with an extraordinary plethora of abilities that allows him to kill Alliance shinobi by the hundreds without using any jutsu, then drop not one, but two several-hundred-meter meteorites on the Fourth Division, near-totally wiping them out, and then go head-to-head against the five Kage and pretty much toy with them the whole way with an army of Susano'o-bearing Wood Clones, and finally topping it off with a Final-Form Susano'o the size of an average mecha that can slice through mountain ranges like they were made of cheese. He also dispels the jutsu that binds him to Kabuto's will, allowing him to retain his free will, along with unlimited stamina and Nigh-Invulnerability.
  • Rather than remain a puppet of Kabuto, Hanzo commits seppuku through sheer force of will, allowing himself to be sealed by the good guys.
  • Sasuke's first act with his new Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan? Roast the original White Zetsu with Amaterasu.
  • The Third Raikage is unphased when struck by Naruto's strongest Rasenshuriken.
  • Karin pretends to have a Villainous BSOD while incarcerated. Instead, she's actually plotting an escape attempt, and secretly conceals a blade inside of her glasses.

    Ten-Tails Revival Arc 
  • Tsunade waking up to find that she's chopped in half. What makes it awesome is, instead of healing herself, while completely bisected, she passes up the chance to have her halves reconnected so she can heal the other Kage instead. [[Badass]].
  • Orochimaru makes a return... thanks to Sasuke, who wants answers for the reason behind Sasuke's Start of Darkness.
  • Tobi's slaughter of the Rain ninja during his Start of Darkness. He was Not So Different from the titular character, but his Heroic BSOD leads to the aforementioned slaughter when Young!Tobi unleashes hell on the people apparently responsible for Rin's death. His Unstoppable Rage and Foe-Tossing Charge is aided by his new Mangekyo Sharingan getting taken Up to Eleven.
  • The Ten-Tails has been revived/is in the process of reviving, which means good things for the antagonists. Assuming that Evil Is Not a Toy doesn't apply.
  • Naruto in Biju Mode tanks the Tailed Beast Ball laser from the Jyubi, sends his clone and Kakashi in the air...and Kakashi sends Bee's full Biju Form down like a giant projectile at the Jyubi with a Tailed Beast Ball ready to go!
  • Naruto: Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu!
  • Shikaku shows us why he's Shikamaru's father. He perfectly coordinates all of the Alliance's ninjas' attacks that even manages to drive Juubi into a corner! And then he explains the best ways to fight Madara and Obito for the whole army to use and tells them how to do it. And after he gives orders, everyone charges in an epic manner.
  • Shikaku, Inoichi, and Ao deciding to Face Death with Dignity so they can get the last plan out to the Alliance. Dying Moment of Awesome indeed.
  • Neji dying to save Naruto and Hinata after giving a good showing of his defense. Also Hiashi managed to deflect one of the Ten-Tails' hands with a Air Wave Palm Wall.
  • Chapter 615.
    • Hinata slaps an in despair Naruto, and gives a passionate speech without a single stutter, bringing Naruto out of his Heroic BSOD. The chapter ends with the two holding hands, and the culmination of all her Character Development. Hinata has finally achieved her dream of standing together with Naruto, and he's acknowledged her now. And she does this directly after seeing her cousin die. Not bad for a girl who started off being barely able to talk to Naruto!
    • Let us not forget Killer Bee charging up a Tailed Beast Ball and firing it down the 10-Tails' throat.
  • Chapter 616
    • Naruto powers up Hinata, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, and Kiba. Hinata is now strong enough to—with a single hand—deflect the Ten-Tails hand on her own, while her father needed both hands. And she sends it flying back all the way across the battlefield! Ino mind controls Obito again at a speed faster than even Naruto's Biju Mode. And Shikamaru and Choji restrain the beast's tails!
    • Naruto is now so powerful that his chakra can be felt all the way to Konoha.
  • Chapter 617
    • Naruto finishes powering up the rest of the alliance, uses a Double Rasenshuriken to slash through two of the Ten-Tails' tails at once while the entire alliance forms up around him in the shape of the bird that represents Neji's will. Hinata heals Naruto's dislocated shoulder with Byakugan and Lee kicks Madara in half while Naruto throws his Rasenshuriken at Obito. Simultaneously the connection to the Ten-Tails is severed and Obito and Madara finally lose ground.
      • Repeat: Lee, the resident Worf Effect Sufferer, got to kick Madara Uchiha in half!
      • What makes this moment even more awesome is that Madara's Smug Snake attitude slipped.
  • 618. Oh lord, 618. Orochimaru has summoned Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and the Fourth Hokage by cutting into the Shinigami's stomach itself. Not only is this a huge leap in terms of intel, if Orochimaru decides to participate in the war with these four, whoever their opponents are are officially screwed over. Did I mention he got his arms back?
  • Chapter 620: Hashirama displays the "Badass" part of his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass characterization. His chakra is so potent that it scares everyone else in the room.
    • That's not all, his sheer killing intent is enough to destroy a building!! one also has to wonder the amount of whoopass he'll unleash on Madara if he ever finds out what happened to his favorite granddaughter.
    • And this is only what happens when he gets mad at his younger brother.
  • Chapter 621: Finally detailing in glory the fight between Madara and Hashirama, Madara covers Kyuubi in Susanoo armor. Its strong enough to tank Kurama's own Bijudama and counters Hashirama's Wood Palm technique by cutting through SIX mountains. That means this fusion is three times as strong as the normal Perfect Susano'o which can bisect two mountains! No pushover, Hashirama's counter is Sage Mode which gives him the equivalent of a mixture of Chakravartin and the Buddha itself, dwarfing the Kurama-fused Susano'o as they charge into one another.
  • Chapter 624: Basically giving the Uchiha the silver medal again, and again, and again, and again. Even Tobirama was stronger than Izuna, who was equal to Mangekyo Sharingan using Madara. Tobirama kills Izuna with a predecessor to the Hirashin no Jutsu which Minato uses: Hiraishingiri or Flying Thunder God Beheading. All very satisfying for confirmation.
  • Chapter 626: It's pretty cathartic to see Uchiha Madara ultimately being defeated by a bunshin, one of the most basic tricks in a ninja's arsenal. Which in a way is also a Call Back to Hashirama's distant descendant, Naruto, defeating the younger Neji, himself a long-haired embittered young man, with his Kage Bunshin.
  • Chapter 627: At the end of a very ... divisive chapter, we get to see the image of Konoha's 4 Hokages, standing on their respective statue on Hokage Mountain, ready for battle. It gives this troper chills.
  • Chapter 628: The Juubi shows exactly why The Tailed Beasts were reffered to as Living Natural disasters....By summoning a massive Storm filled with lightning, Floods, and dozens of Tornados in an instant.
  • Chapter 629: Naruto saved his comrades by using up all his Chakra. Now weakened, Hinata of all people leads a group of Shinobi to barricade him while Sakura heals him.
  • Chapter 630 Minato arrives at the battlefield and teleports the Ten-Tails' super-massive Bijudama away with his Space-Time Barrier with absolute ease. "Am I late?"
    Kakashi:In the world of Shinobi those who break the rules are called trash. However...The ones who don't treasure their friends are worse than trash.
    Kakashi: And the ones who don't treasure their friends' feelings are even worse than that. I won't get rid of what once were your feelings... *Readies Raikiri* Even if it's you refusing them.
  • Chapter 631: For the first time in hundreds of chapters, Team 7 stands united on the same side, ready for battle.
    • When Minato warped the Bijudama away, he also had time to set up a seal. That Seal which used by four Hokage was able to seal the Ten-Tails.
      • Not to mention Minato utilizing the half of Kurama's chakra sealed in him and going into Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Even Kurama himself was both surprised and somewhat annoyed at how Minato could control the chakra from his other (untamed) half in such a short span of time.
  • Chapter 632: Sakura finishes forming the Yin Seal, Tsunade's technique that lets her Ass Pull heals in all her big fights, and reveals that she hasn't been able to fight at her full strength at any point since the Time Skip. Whether the author had been planning this or just did it to stop complaints, it's hard to argue with the results. Sakura proceeds to punch one of the Ten-Tails' miniature clones so hard it plows a path through the rest of them, while she flings herself into the air and comes down with a punch that shatters the land and wipes out almost all the clones. Generation Xerox reminds us that Naruto codifies it in a spectacular fashion.
    • Along with the reunited Team 7, comes the reunited Rookie Nine.
    • Sakura's new seal has been translated to be 'Byakugo no In', or 'Strength of a Hundred Seal'. Instead of using it to heal without seals (though its possible she can given its also derived from the Yin Seal), it seems to increase her power by a factor of one hundred. A lot more awesome in hindsight. Tsunade's first apprentice, Shizune, had attempted to master the seal but had failed as well.
  • 633 is a full chapter of Awesome for Team 8. Kiba? Combining two jutsus (one of them being naruto's famous Kage Bunshin) allows him to transform Akamaru into a massive beast that would make Cerberus of Greek Mythology proud. Shino? He uses his bugs and another justu known as mushikui, he destroys several clones. Hinata? She goes full Lady of War mode and connects the 64 Palms to attack at full strength.
    • And Team 10 doesn't stay behind! As Chouji rolls around and makes himself bigger, Shikamaru directs his "route" with his shadow jutsu, and Ino keeps the trio together with her Psychic Powers.
    • And here is the last page. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Chapter 634 has Naruto and Sasuke combining a Super Rasenshuriken with a Susanoo's Kagutsuchi Sword to form a giant swirling exploding disk of black-flames doom that engulfs the Ten-Tails.
  • In Chapter 636 Kakashi finally defeats Obito. And he does it by taking advantage of a flashback. Finally, someone shut that guy up.
  • In Chapter 637 Obito managing to become the Ten Tails Jinchuriki despite being on the verge of death and resisting Madara trying to force him to sacrifice himself for Madara to become the Jinchuriki.
    • Or the fact that Naruto was the only one who had ANY clue on what was happening. Obito basically pulled a gambit to become the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails-if he nearly died reviving Madara (if it succeeded), Madara wouldn't become the Jinchuriki anyway since he would use Outer Path to seal the Ten-Tails inside him. So Obito played everyone BUT Naruto for fools. And then Naruto saved both Minato and Sasuke at the same time, reacting before either of them and preventing them from being sealed inside Obito as well.
  • Chapter 639: Minato prepares a new technique that combines the Kage Bushin technique with Hiraishin with the Rasengan. Tobirama unveils his 'Infinite Explosions Technique', summoning explosive tags to continuously explode on Obito. Hiruzen fights Obito one on one, uses a giant form of his Shuriken Kage Bushin technique and manages to analyze Obito's new technique.
  • Chapter 640: The sheer power of the Ten-Tails starts crushing Obito's mind. This is represented by a) a photograph of his genin team being cut away, and b) his image of himself being ripped apart, ending with his head being split in two. Just when it's about to destroy his memories of Rin, Obito regains control and "pulls himself together" while screaming his defiance. Cue Bishonen Line.
    • Naruto remembering how Hiraishin works and saving both himself and Sasuke by grabbing onto Minato with his chakra arms. Even Minato and Sasuke were impressed.
  • Chapter 641: Tobirama's saving Naruto and co. by taking Obito's energy ball as it's about to detonate, warps behind him and sticks it on him. Bonus points for casually saying "Here, you can have this back" as he does it.
    • Naruto and Sasuke team up with another Enton: Rasenshuriken while Minato and Tobirama use a special move with their Hiraishin to make it hit Obito. First Minato lets himself be hit by Naruto and Sasuke's attack as Tobirama appears behind Obito...who uses 'Flying Thunder God Last Minute Switch' technique to change places between Obito and Minato, and Obito gets hit with the full force of the Enton: Rasenshuriken while Minato is uninjured.
  • Chapter 642: Having deduced that ninjutsu won't work on Obito, but sage attacks will, Naruto does a combo teleport/sage rasengan with Tobirama's help, scoring a direct hit combined with a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment. The effectiveness of this attack even convinced Obito to stop screwing around and jump to his endgame.
    • Also Tobirama's praise of Naruto figuring out Obito's weakness to Senjutsu before he did, amending that he shouldn't call Naruto 'dumb' like he did before.
  • Chapter 643: Biju Mode Naruto's grand return after 20+ chapters...and Minato and Naruto starting to join both halves of Kurama together again.
    • What? No mention of the other half of Kurama giving a pep talk to Minato, proving that Naruto even managed to convince the dead half of the Kyuubi that he was worth trusting?
    • Or that Naruto did his greatest Shut Up, Hannibal! speech yet. When Obito tells Naruto, that tomorrow is the anniversary of his parents death, he just says that it means it also his birthday and as long as he lives. The world won't end.
  • Chapter 644: Naruto saves the entire Alliance, including Jugo and Sasuke, after he reactivates all the Version 1 Chakra Cloaks he gave to them and linked them to the main source, allowing Minato to use Hiraishin no Jutsu to teleport everyone out of the barrier since all their chakra is touching.
  • Chapter 645: Naruto and Minato fight side by side and Naruto takes his Super Mode abilities Up to Eleven by combining his Sage and Biju Mode into one: Biju Sage Mode.
    • Naruto's full Biju mode returns and Minato unlocks his Biju mode, letting us see two Kurama's fight side by side.
  • Chapter 646: Sarutobi's pops up after a long absence to save Naruto by using the Adamantine Staff to free him from the roots of the World Tree. Particularly badass because the Tobirama and Minato couldn't.
  • Chapter 647: Despite Shikamaru's condition, Naruto's will is unbroken and his feelings, his heart transmitted through Ino's Telepathy, rally the Alliance so they're willing to stand against Obito once more. Note: this is something Hashirama Senju himself couldn't do. Not only that, Sasuke shows off his improved Susano'o which cuts through an entire massive root of the Shinju!
    • Before that everybody, including Naruto was totally crushed after Obito late Mindbreak revelation and near absolute power with chakra... and the next panel Sasuke attacks with Susano, showing no fear or dobut and absorb Juugo seal and perfect his Susano's, while goading Naruto to keep fighting, which allow the entire army to get back to the fight by Naruto's memories.
  • Chapter 649: Naruto's able to break through Obito's black sphere with a Bijudama, heal Shikamaru from the brink of death, and his rallying of the Alliance gets them back into fighting condition.
  • Chapter 651: Naruto in Biju Sage Mode and Sasuke in Perfect Susano'o combine their powers into the same Kyubi Dragon Zord that Madara had made, but better. Not only that, Naruto creates nine Odama Rasegans in each tail...and has almost all the Konoha 11 (who all get a Biju Mode Cloak) (minus Sakura, who's still healing people) wield them to smash through Obito's Yin-Yang megashield. Sasuke's Senjutsu-enhanced PS Sword then slashes through the Sword of Nonoboko and cuts Obito clean in half!
    • Special heartwarming mention goes to Rock Lee, it's his first time using Ninjutsu, even if it is by proxy!
  • Chapter 652: Naruto making Obito realize that some part of him is on Naruto's side with the rest of the alliance.
  • Chapter 653:
  • Chapter 654: Obito has lost. He rejected Naruto's offer, and Naruto shows him that Rin wouldn't approve what he's doing and when that doesn't work? He literally grabs Obito's hand which shocks him enough that all the Biju are then freed from the Jyubi.
    • You know you're a Messianic Archetype when you successfully reject the Redemption Rejection. All that remains to be seen is what Madara will do.
    • And then there's the entire alliance forming people chains and pulling in order to drag the trapped bijuu out of Obito first in loving detail and then an amazing sky shot that makes you realize how huge they are and that yes, that's everybody in there to save the bijuu.

    Final Arc 
  • Chapter 657: A CMOA for Madara. After he's resurrected into a living body note , Madara proceeds to blitz Sage Mode Naruto & Sai, steal Hashirama's senjutsu, and no-sell all of Sasuke's attempts to kill him. The last spread page, which is incredibly badass, has Madara facing the remaining Tailed-Beasts and the army, whilst declaring that he would capture them all. He did all this whilst blind.
  • Chapter 658: We have a team up, we never thought would ever happen. A team up of the tailed beasts, Naruto, Bee and Gaara. It was awesome just to see the 9 tailed beasts together, even if Kurama and Gyuki are just Naruto and Bee in their tail beast forms. And that even if it's Madara Uchiha, he has little chance against them all together.
  • Chapter 659: Madara gets a single Rinnegan eye. What does he do with it? he heals up to full since the damage he took from NINE Biju wasn't even that bad, except an arm he lost which he replaces with a Zetsu arm. He summons the Gedo Mazo from inside Obito, and proceeds to humiliatingly push back the after mentioned Biju with some form of Rinnegan jutsu reminiscent of Shiran Tensei.(including the friggin' kyuubi, who's six tailed manifestation proved stronger than Nagato's Shinra Tensei) It's doubtful even Hashirama could handle all nine with such ease, even at full power. The implication is that Madara is now stronger than his arch rival,did we mention it happened with ONE eye?
  • Chapter 663: After a week break, Naruto comes roaring back
    • Sakura shows us her Determinator credits. After hearing that Naruto is dead, using her remaining Chakra; she makes a chakra scapel so she can directly massage his heart and give him CPR till they can revive him
    • Karin is able to unlock her Uzumaki powers, causing Orochimaru to compares her to Kushina. Using her chains, she is able to greatly destroy Spiral Zetsu's statue. With teamwork from Hebi, they are able to incapacitate Spiral Zetsu.
      • Also, what did Orochimaru do to Spiral Zetsu as coup the grace? Freaking Cursed Seal. He weaponized doping.
    • Although this is pure Nightmare Fuel, we get to see Madara become the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki. And its a more complete form, looking more human than Obito did.
    • Remember that attack that killed Neji? Karin gets hit by it and shrugs it off! Yes, she can even heal herself by biting herself.
  • Chapter 666: Naruto is BACK. Obito and Kakashi teaming up. Guy pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Kakashi from Madara's attack.
  • Chapter 667: Kabuto kept some of Orochimaru's chakra and is using that to save Sasuke. Lee following Guy's example pulls a Big Damn Heroes to saves Guy from Madara's attack.
    • Guy is preparing to open the eighth gate and sacrifice himself to stop Madara. Whether he has to go through with it or not isn't relevant, he's a colossal badass either way, because he's not even remotely hesitant. The ending text of the chapter says it all: Guy, prepared to die. This is made doubly awesome because earlier in the chapter, Madara said he would have underestimated Guy if Guy had opened the eighth gate. Either way, he's now the only living being besides Naruto to make Madara flinch.
    Guy: The green days of Konoha are over...the time has come to become the red beast.
  • Chapter 668: And now he's done it. Guy has opened the Eighth Gate, flashing back to his own life as a child. We find out that Guy's father was an eternal Genin, stuck at the lowest rank of ninja for over 20 years of his life, which somehow makes all of Guy's moments with Rock Lee doubly heartwarming. And yet his father, who could not use ninjutsu or genjutsu, learned to open the eight gates, and using that power, he showed up and saved Gai's team by fighting off the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Alone. Badass is In the Blood, clearly. Guy then proceeds to deliver an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to Madara that manages to make all his ranting about the springtime of youth make perfect sense before he attacks Madara. And Madara is caught completely flat-footed as Guy gets in his face.
  • Chapter 669: The name Evening Elephant makes sense when the attack is a punch so fast that it makes a pillar of air attack your opponent. Even Madara thinks taking 4 to 5 hits is bad. Taking a direct hit would be out of the question.
    • The attack is so powerful, Madara blocked it and still wound up at least a few kilometers into the ground.
    • Minato reminds us why he is Hokage: despite having no arms, he analyzed Madara's powers and created a great plan using his, Kakashi's, Lee's and Gaara's powers. Allowing Gai to get a direct hit on Madara.
    • Kakashi admits that his Mangekyo eye has gone blind, but he can still use its abilities if he gets close enough. Awesome.
    • Gai punches Madara through his Absolute Defence shield, thanks to a combination of sheer Badassery and teamwork from everyone. Madara is so excited by the whole thing that he states that Gai is the most fun opponent he's had since Hashirama and seems pretty petulant at the idea of Gai running out of steam.
  • Chapter 670: Naruto ends up meeting the Sage of the Six Paths in his mind, whose soul is able to travel through time. And then he reveals that the Senju and Uchiha ancestors reincarnated into multiple generations, and that Ashura, the Senju ancestor, reincarnated into Naruto.
    • Page 21 seeing Ashura vs Indra. A scene shows their battles are at least on the same level as Madara and Hashirama's battle
  • Chapter 671: Just two words: Night Guy. That's right folks, when Madara is able to withstand the Evening Elephant, Gai reveals he still has one more stage of Pure Awesome to go.
  • Chapter 672: Night Guy did not disappoint. It starts with Gai creating a Dragon of his chakra and moving so fast that he bends space. Night Guy is a kick, a kick so powerful that it breaks Gai's leg and made a hole in Madara and ripped off his right arm.
    • It almost killed Madara. A taijutsu move did what flashy overpowered ninjitsu and the nine Bijuus themselves could not.
    • How does Naruto make an appearance after being dead for about 12 chapters, he makes a Big Damn Heroes moment saving a dying Gai from Madara's attack and actually kicking one of Madara's Yin-Yang balls back to him, showing off Naruto has the cross eyes from Sage Biju mode.
  • Chapter 673: Naruto KNOWS how to make an entrance. He uses Son Goku's powers to create a Lava Style: Rasenshuriken. It is as cool as it sounds, so powerful that it cut down the entire Shinju tree, which leads to another moment when we learn Madara actually survived.
    • Naruto shows off his new form. Just in time for Sasuke to appear and they stand ready to fight Madara. Naruto has the same powers as a Juubi Jinchuuriki combined with Sage Mode and appears to now able to use Yin-Yang Release to create the same Truth-Seeking Balls as the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki and also Dual Wielding two staves made of the same energy. Sasuke then shows up revealing that he's awakened the Rinnegan combined with his Sharingan. Might as well pick up the Eleventh Hour Superpower for each of them now, after all.
  • Chapter 674: Naruto and Sasuke are matching Madara. With Naruto showing off a Magnet Release: Rasengan thanks to Shukaku, while Sasuke uses a Six Path powered Chidori.
    • Sasuke understanding the Limbo Jutsu, and he and Naruto working on stopping it.
    • Madara steals Kakashi's Sharingan and reaches Obito and Sakura in the Kamui dimension.
  • Chapter 675: Team 7, as in ALL of Team 7, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi against a full powered Madara
    • Naruto is probably a better medic now than Sakura and Tsunade combined. He regrew Kakashi's original eye!
  • Chapter 676: Sakura despite realizing she is a bit above her league, refuses to give up and tries to help Naruto and Sasuke in anyway possible. Showing that she like Tsunade has learned the automatic healing jutsu. She is Tsunade's equal
    • Madara creating dozens of Chibaku Tensei without effort, each of them as large as the trunk of the World Tree. You know the jutsu that Pain used to fight the six-tailed Naruto back then in the Invasion of Pain arc? Madara used much bigger versions like a rain of meteors as if it was a walk in the park.
      • Even more impressive/awe-inspiring/utterly goddamn terrifying: this image shows that Madara literally just uprooted an entire country.
    • Naruto and Sasuke destroying the meteors. Sasuke using an updated Susanoo and Naruto using a Bijūdama Rasenshuriken
  • Chapter 677: while everything is based around nightmare fuel, it did leave some awesome tidbits. First and foremost is the fact that Killer B Survived having Gyuki extracted from him.
    • Also, Sasuke's susannoo being able to block the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
    • Naruto destroying the falling Chibaku Tenseis en masse. With complete and utter ease.
  • Chapter 678: Madara is Hoist by His Own Petard at long last. As the Sage told Naruto and Sasuke, Madara experimented on himself to unlock the powers of the Sage and his mother. The Sage's conciousness surviving so long past his death turned out to be foreshadowing. Turns out, Madara's experiments went horribly right, and Black Zetsu is no longer a manifestation of his will. Rather, now it has become Kaguya's will. The Demon has returned.
  • Chapter 680: Naruto saves Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke with his Flight Technique and Chakra Arms, and clashes with Kaguya. Briefly, he's able to stalemate the god of the Narutoverse and give Sasuke an opening to attack from above.
  • Chapter 681: Naruto gives a huge Shut Up, Hannibal! to Kaguya and Black Zetsu, effortlessly ripping Black Zetsu off himself and Sasuke!
  • Chapter 682: Crosses over with Crowning Moment of Funny, Naruto punches out using the Sexy no Jutsu on her!
    • Also crosses over with Crowning Moment of Funny, but the fact that the pervert jutsu of all things (nearly) manages to save the world deserves mention.
    • In the same chapter, Naruto revives Obito.
  • Chapter 684: Naruto using Tayjuu Kage Bushin and Kokuo's strength to turn the tables on Kaguya and force her to open her dimensional portal so Obito and Sakura can teleport through. He also manages to fool her with one of his clones to make her and Black Zetsu think that they killed the original!
    • Naruto proves to be so dangerous that Kaguya decides to kill him rather than absorb his chakra. That's right. God thinks Naruto is too big a threat to keep alive.
  • Chapter 685: Sakura maintaining her link with Obito while being burned by acid. Girl must have acquired some Determinator traits from Naruto
  • Chapter 687: Kuguya and Black Zetsu finally pressed Naruto's Berserk Button hard and how do they pay for it? By tearing Kaguya's left arm off like a piece of paper, separating in two. Yes, Naruto just tore the arm off a FUCKING GOD!!! And he's pissed as hell now!
    • At the same time, Obito's death was one also, despite being both nightmare fuel and a tearjerker. Nearly any blow this MOFO has suffered through out the series were either no selled like it was nothing or he managed to survive through sheer luck, determination, or having a back up plan and the fact it took a one-hit kill from Kaguya to finish him for good should speak for itself. But the best part is that he tells Naruto to be Hokage at all cost before dying. A badass to the end.
  • Chapter 688: A chapter that goes into a chain reaction of epic win!
  • Chapter 689 gives one hell of a Throw the Dog a Bone moment to Sakura. Just as Naruto and Sasuke are about to seal Kaguya, she tries to dodge by flying above them. Having none of that, Sakura hops out of Kakashi's Susanoo and punches her in the face. She's able to do lasting damage too, knocking off Kaguya's horn!
    • Kamui Shuriken. 'Nuff said.
    • And Kamui Raikiri! Crazy Awesome!
    • And Naruto again trolls Kaguya!
  • Chapter 690 had an awesome art for awesome moments.
    • Naruto and Sasuke sealing Kaguya with Chibaku Tensei.
    • Naruto NOT Talking the Monster to Death with Black Zetsu, and repaying his constant taunts and his interference in the lives and happiness of generations of shinobi by throwing him in the planetary object where Kaguya is being sealed at the time. And with that, avoiding the same thing happening again after Kaguya is defeated this time. And giving a hell of a Kubrick Stare after that!
    • Kaguya has been sealed along with Black Zetsu in her own dimension, which only SHE could access. Considering that only Hagoromo was powerful enough to get Team 7 out of that dimension (but even he required the combined power of every Kage in history just to get a normal summoning jutsu to work), this time she's sealed for good.
    • The Sage of the Six Paths summoning ALL the dead Kages who ever lived (even Gaara's father, a notorious Jerkass) to help in bringing back the Old Team 7 back to Earth.
  • Chapter 692: Sasuke declares he will execute all 5 Kage still trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi and then uses his newly-obtained Rinnegan to trap all Tailed Beasts, declaring he will launch a revolution on the Ninja World. Naruto unflinchingly decides it's time to end the cycle of hatred between Ashura and Indra. The long-awaited final bout between Naruto and Sasuke is about to take place!
  • Chapter 695: Naruto and Sasuke's battle. Sasuke's acknowledgement of Naruto and their Epic Brofist.
  • Chapter 697: Still Naruto and Sasuke. This time both exhausted, they have to resort to a good old fist fight and it is glorious and gritty.
  • Chapter 699: Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage after helping save the world.
    • And before that, he sees that Team 7 has been reunited again, and Sasuke has reconciled with both Naruto and Sakura individually.
  • Chapter 700: After a long 700 chapters , Naruto finally becomes the Seventh Hokage after Kakashi decides to retire thus making his dreams come true. Not only that Kurama was able to live in peace without anyone making a fuss of it.
    • You can see just how much Naruto has grown. He's performing excellently as Seventh and is evidently more mature when compared to his younger self. As for Kurama, you can imagine just how well the village has accepted him especially when he's peacefully napping (and drooling) while Naruto attends the Five Kage meeting.
    • After everything, Konoha's 11+ get a happy ending, many of them with kids of their own. The next generation has begun.
    • A small one, but Chocho (daught of Choji and Karui) deserves special mention. When her friend, Inojin calls her "fatty", unlike her dad, she doesn't go ballistic. She responds with she knows she's fat.
    • Masashi Kishimoto and Eichiro Oda exchange dual Shout Outs to each other over this chapter. Kishimoto has the Straw Hat Jolly Roger graffittied on Naruto's Hokage bust, while Oda clever sneaks in references to Naruto on the cover art for the chapter of One Piece that came out in that particular Shonen Jump.

    Part 2 Filler Arcs 
  • The Three-Tails Arc. You have all the regular elements of filler: A Filler Villain, some abilities that have not been seen before and probably won't be seen again, and a deviation from the original manga. However, this filler actually advances the canon storyline! And as far as it goes, it's actually good and interesting to watch. The only way it could be made better is if the Konoha ninjas, Orochimaru's henchmen, and Akatsuki all get into a three-way epic battle at the end of the arc.
  • The Tsuchigumo Kinjutsu Arc. It lets us see one of the Tailed Beast hosts that only got the chance to appear in the art books (due to being killed off before we even know he existed). The story is good, with a character that Naruto can relate to, and the end of episode 148... Oh, hi there Pai- Oh, Crap!
    • We get another Anime Expansion there during Naruto's fight with Tobi's Six Paths in the anime. Utakata and Naruto talk to each other telepathically and we see Utakata fight Pain, go Version 2, take out the chameleon, Preta Path, and Human Path, while Deva and Asura Path were needed to put him down
  • The Chikara Arc. Of specific note is when Naruto, in Sage Mode, is facing off against a dark clone of himself in 4-Tailed Form. Naruto utterly dominates the fight, dodging and blocking the 4-Tails' attacks with contemptuous ease and landing one crushingly powerful blow after another, making one of the most terrifying abominations seen in the series look like a basic genin.
    • Also of note is when Naruto, due to the seal being drained by the clone, is given chakra by the Kyuubi, leading to a 6-tailed Bijuu Mode; however, things go downhill when the Kyuubi takes advantage of it and Naruto goes into a 7-tailed V2 mode. After a side character, Minna, reminds him that her "parents" need to be saved, Naruto remembers his father, filling him with hope and transforming into an incomplete Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Keep in mind that this is before he conquered his darkness.
  • Shadow of the ANBU arc. Basically it fills in a lot of things that Kishimoto skimmed over. Such as Kakashi being a ANBU operative, how Yamato joined the normal ANBU, and it kicked it off with the Uchiha Massacre with Shisui in a major role. Highlights include extremely good fights between Kakashi and Yamato, and Danzo fighting Shisui to gain his Sharingan!
  • Now we have an arc detailing what happened to Yagura and Fū before the Akatsuki got them, finally shedding some light on two highly interesting characters.
    • In the same arc, we have Gaara practicing taijutsu. It's as awesome as it sounds.

The New Era

Warning: This section is about the next generation of ninja, the children of the Konoha 12. Every SPOILER from the manga and The Last is unmarked. Read at your own peril.

    Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month  
  • Chapter 1:
    • Sakura still has her monster strentgh. In fact, she's so powerful one punch is enough to shatter the ground under her house, causing it to collapse. Doubles as a funny moment.

    Boruto:The Movie 


  • From the first movie:
    • Naruto defeating the main antagonist Dotō with a Rainbow Rasengan.
    • Sakura and Sasuke defeating Fubuki and Mizore. First, Sakura uses her 'cherry blossom blizzard' to distract Mizore. Then Sasuke uses his Lion Combo to send Fubuki plummeting towards Mizore which blew both of them up due to their chakra armours.
    • Naruto managing to outrun a friggin' train while still carrying an adult person on his back, and dodging said train, based solely on pure willpower!
  • Gaara's fight against Ranke in the second movie is also pretty awesome. Especially his taunting ("first time fighting a shinobi?") and his Sand Lightning Rod.
  • From the third movie: Naruto generating hundreds of clones in order to catch an ally, and managing to stomp the Big Bad into the ground as a secondary effect. For those of you keeping track, he effectively combined a Zerg Rush, Foe-Tossing Charge, and Offhand Backhand. This is immediately followed by the King and Prince helping him with his Rasengan. The latter is also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • The second Shippuuden movie contained quite a few crowning moments as well.
    • First, Sai, for showing the Elite Mooks from the Sky country how aerial battle is done.
    • Shino, for having his bugs destroy the entire enemy attack force by himself,while a heavy metal version of Flight of the Bumblebee plays in the backround.
    • And most notably Naruto, for showing off his truly Herculean stamina throughout the entire movie; this was clearly noticeable when without stopping overmuch in between, he carried a wounded guy to the hospital, went on a mission to the Fire Country's outskirts, got poisoned by a fish, fought a purple worm, went Kyuubi and revved it all the way up to four tails, returned to normal, immediately continued on to the Big Bad's Cool Airship Doomsday Device where he was beaten to a pulp, subsequently beating the Big Bad to a pulp to get even, and beating him to a pulp again after he activates his chakra-devouring Lovecraftian Superpower, which Naruto overcharged by feeding him more chakra than he can absorb. And when that was finished and the enemy still wouldn't heel, he decided to help everyone escape and remain behind by himself so he could have fun demolishing the place for good measure. Oh, and do consider the fact that it was strongly implied that Naruto was just returning home from a mission at the start of the movie.
    • Sasuke gets two as well. First, his ability to have freakin' epic teamwork with Naruto despite the fact that he hates him. We see it time and again: if those two are not at each other's throats (sometimes literally), they're working together to defeat whoever they're fighting in the most epic way possible. Second, his ability to look straight into the eyes of someone who has his life in their hands and, doubling with a Crowning Moment of Funny, call them "pathetic." He also deserves mention for literally tossing Amaru into the boat after she refuses to leave Naruto behind, and then clearing the ramp to save the lives of everyone in the boat.
    • Naruto gets one when he cuts off Sasuke from the airship and promises to bring him back to Konoha. And then goes on to destroy the airship, despite knowing that doing so will probably kill him.
  • The third Shippuuden movie: Naruto's gigantic Rasenshuriken is not the only Crowning Moment of Awesome; each one of the Rookie 11 got their part in the movie. And Tenten got to finish The Dragon!
  • Naruto Movie 8:Blood Prison is full of moments as well:
    • Ay's fight with the imposter Naruto.
    • Most of Sage Mode Naruto's fight scenes
    • Killer B's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Sage Mode Naruto defeating Satori with a Wind Style:Rasenshuriken allowing Muku to finally rest in peace.
  • Dear lord does Naruto Movie 9: Road to Ninja have a lot of these
    • Minato's Flying Thunder God is awesome, he has a lot of teleportation hax in this movie.
    • Naruto putting on his father's Hokage coat(Well in this universe, its Sakura's fathers)
    • While Naruto's fighting Menma, he is helped by the AKATSUKI
    • Note that the only alternate reality character who sees through Tobi's tactics and forces him to retreat is none other than the alternate Itachi.
    • In fact a lot of Naruto fighting Menma.
    • Menma summoning the Nine Tails fox, I mean the physical fox, and Naruto countering by summoning Kurama
    • The climax. To protect Naruto, Sakura fights a fusion of Menma and Tobi. Naruto meanwhile remembers his training with Jiraiya and confidence renewed he mimics his father; saving Sakura, charges at Tobi, flips behind him and hits him in the back with a Rasengan.
    • The very fact that Sakura managed to not just be, but to actually stay proactive, and being portrayed as the Main Heroine, was a super plus. To the point that after she was rescued from being kidnapped, she made up for it by fighting Menma one on one...and doing better than Naruto did.

    Other Media