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Literature: The 15 Keys
The 15 Keys was the acting title of a saga that has resulted in The 15 Keys Rising. The story takes place on Earth and deals with Zach dealing with his awakening powers and his coming destiny. This Romance, Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi story will answer questions asked by Fate By Blades and previous incarnations of this story. It is found on deviantART.The plot takes place in a core reality in which inter-universal travel has been developed, albeit over many universes at a time. As you can expect from a story which involves alternate realities this story is very Expy heavy, and uses many characters from other media.

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The 15 Keys provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Only when you get a VT 8 katana
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: The Destroyer, who is quite Badass, does this a lot whenever we get to see him
  • Artificial Limbs: After Zachs arm was cut off he replaced it with an Angean tech arm, and Monica's neck, chin and forearms were replaced
  • Badass: Zach. X.A.N.A, The military, even some of the most powerful heroes and villains and history will apologise if it means he won't cause them trouble.
  • Bare-Handed Blade Block: Early on Zach was doing this with Chronos Energy, then he got a sword
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Zach and Jacob are this when they work together, add Monica and you get instant-Baddie-deaded.
  • Big Bad: The Utopia Machine uses the minds of all the Big Goods and all the Big Bads, though the bad is in control
  • Berserk Button: Harm anyone Zach cares about and here comes the end of days for you.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: This applies to Zach at times
    • "I'm the sidekick that screws up the bad guys plan"
      • Even funnier as Hopey is often called his sidekick, while Word of God states all 3 protagonists have their own journeys.
  • Big Damn Heroes: "Hey, there's a trope for this!" - Zach in chapter 5
  • Blocking Stops All Damage: An in universe version, if Monica relies on defense her cyborg body adjusts to take the blow properly. It was subverted as Zach and Hopey both are injured even if they block the attack
  • Chekhov's Gun: Monica said people with pink hair don't exist. Cue Lucy and Aelita
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: After his beserk button was pressed Zach DESTROYED the Organisation single handedly... literally.
    • For the laughs you should know his cyborg arm was not responding the entire time, unable to move
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Zach defeated the scyphozoa, and then fought the hunter machine DESIGNED TO KILL HIM SPECIFICALLY!
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Zach defeated the Big Bad in the first story already, but did not kill him because he can't bring himself to do that
  • Dream World: Any reference to a previous incarnation of The 15 Keys is this to the main characters
  • Dual Wield: Jacob does this with his swords
  • Evil Is Easy: Inverted by The Destroyer, who is destined to be evil, but can't help but save people
  • Final Battle: Kinda short for this story, but it was the first
  • Grand Finale: This has been foreseen by The Destroyer, he describes what some of the characters do.
  • Hope Bringer: Zach became this after he destroyed The Organisation, The Promethean taskforce AND The Human military single-handedly... ALL WITH NO KILLS
  • In the End, You Are on Your Own: Zach entered the core alone, leaving Aelita waiting for him outside.
  • It's a Wonderful Plot: "It's not a perfect world, but it is wonderful this way, and now you have seen why."
  • Locked Out of the Fight: Characters sometimes cannot participate in a fight during the books
    • Monica's body has a LOCK feature.
  • No One Could Survive That: Jacob, after his battle with an Organisation Cyborg, says this when he throws them into a truck, which explodes. Fortunatly they don't
  • No Sell: Punch Monica if you are not a cyborg, this is what happens to you
  • Now or Never Kiss: Zach didn't spend long thinking about how to tell Aelita that everything will be okay. This is how it ended up.
  • We Do the Impossible: Jacob and Zach outright said this during one chapter
    • "How did you do that?" "We do shit... Shit's impossible!"
  • Oh Crap: "Is that her?" *Loud crack from a punch* "That's her... crap..."
  • Punch Catch: One of the ways that Zach defends before getting his sword
  • Put Him On A Bus: Averted. Originally it appears that Jeremie and the other lyoko warriors were just taken out of Aelita's back story, but we actually see, from her point of view, how it happens. Basically, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd were cast into the digital sea, and it was too much for Jeremie, causing him to spend so much time trying to retrieve them that when he was transferred into The 15 Keys Rising universe he straight up lost it and attacked Aelita.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: A nice one when confronted with impossible odds.
    • "First, I destroy you, then your army, then every freakin' thing you hold dear... and maybe, just maybe I will SPARE THE PLANET!" *Gains Red Aura*
  • Reverse Grip: Zach uses this grip when using any stealth tactics
  • Second Love: Zach mentions he does not want one of these, but then he meets Aelita.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: All previous 15 Keys stories are thought of as how it went wrong
  • Screw Destiny: That vision Zach had, he decides he wants to avoid it.
  • Super Senses: Zach got senses like these with his powers, and Monica gets augmented senses
  • The Chosen One: It comes into question if one of these people exist
  • The Stinger \ "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The epilogue needlessly mentions The Destroyer's mask, and the fact that there are 15 Keys instead of the 3 the heroes already have, though Word of God states it's because there will be sequels
  • Time Skip: A short on in chapter one
  • Took a Level in Badass: Zach when he got a sword, Monica when she escaped mid rescue.
  • True Companions: Zach refered to his year group at the formal like this
  • X Meets Y: This story does take place in the "Core Universe" and is basically the ultimate crossover, telling the story of original characters. Yes there is a lot of X meets Y in here!
  • You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!: Monica when she fought what is considered the successful cyborg copy of her, while she is called the inferior copy
    • Or Zach's quote "Are you dead? Are you kidding? ANSWER ME!... You have gotta be kidding me..."

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