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Fridge: Naruto
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    Fridge Brilliance 

Introduction Arc

  • Naruto failed his academy exam three times because the test was always the clone jutsu. Why would the test be the same simple jutsu so many times in a row? Because Mizuki was setting up his plan to have Naruto steal the scroll, of course.
    • Mizuki briefly suggests that Iruka pass Naruto on this anyway, although if you think about it, it was probably part of the plan to make him seem sympathetic compared to the stricter Iruka.
      • It makes perfect sense for the test to be the same simple jutsu. The clone jutsu is one of the staples of being a ninja and a basic skill. If a Genin can't do that, how can you expect him to take on the more difficult aspects of shinobi training? Of course, it's only not applicable to Naruto because he learns the Shadow Clones, but he is a special case.
      • Actually that's Fridge Logic because Lee had passed despite not having the chakra capacity to perform Jutsu. Naruto failed because, his overall scores were low.
      • Although the above could be mitigated by two factors: First is that lee is clearly very intent on becoming a Justuless ninja, so they may have designed a second test. Second is that Might Guy is also a high ranking ninja, and he clearly is a master at Taijutsu, so even if they don't normally have course for Taijutus only, Might Guy may have them make an execption.
  • Remember Kakashi's Ninja Test to steal the bells was designed to see if one person would sacrifice their goals for the good of the group? It gets a new meaning when you read Kakashi Gaiden and see Obito sacrifice his life to save Kakashi and Rin.
  • Later in the series, we learn that whatever a shadow clone learns, Naruto learns. From the moment Naruto learns the shadow clone technique, he a) starts using it as his signature technique, featuring it in almost every battle and using it to spar against himself, and b) he starts improving in skill EXPONENTIALLY. Naruto isn't just getting stronger because he believes in himself/has friends. Remember how he managed to learn rasenshuriken hundreds of times faster than anyone else would have been able to? Think of how often he likes to make clones. He's been doing that unintentionally the ENTIRE SERIES. Naruto gained a lot more than an offensive attack when he learned how to make shadow clones. More than just Iruka's friendship, the Shadow Clone technique itself was the catalyst for his entire life changing.

Land of Waves Arc

  • After going over the Wave Country arc several times (the manga especially), I totally facepalmed when I realised that Gato, who broke Kaiza's "two arms" and cut off his head has his head ripped off by a man who can't use his arms. In a weird, kinda sick way, Zabuza was, unintentionally, totally avenging Khaiza. -Sobek
  • They probably didn't plan this far ahead, but it seemed to me that Kakashi took the Zabuza/Haku battle much more seriously after Haku jumped in front of his Lightning Cutter, basically committing suicide to protect Zabuza. Compare this to the earlier (but more recently revealed) death of Rin: suicide by Kakashi's Lightning Cutter in order to protect Konoha from the tailed beast inside her. Maybe the parallels shook the poor guy up.

Chunin Exams Arc

  • The Shukaku, and presumably the other tailed beasts tend to get antsy when a full moon rises. Guess where their Chimera body is located.
  • The Chunin Exams weren't really cut short after all-they just took the fight outside the ring. Gaara defeated Sasuke, at which point Naruto began fighting Gaara, which according to the bracket was supposed to be the first match of the second round. Shino got his fight with Kankuro, and it was a draw. Gaara's loss to Naruto, combined with the revelation that Orochimaru had murdered the Kazekage, led to Suna surrendering immediately, including Kankuro and Temari. So basically, Naruto won the Chunin exams, but didn't get promoted because no one with the necessary influence saw it and his victory was overshadowed by Hiruzen's death.
  • The Chuunin exams actually work in a way similar to some Martial arts tests - at least when it came to the tournament part. It wasn't about winning - it was about showing the judges what you were made of. Winning the fights only meant you had a better chance to show them your moves. Of course, granted this was mentioned that they wouldn't have to win to become Chuunin since there was the likelyhood that none of the combatants became Chuunin.
  • Back in Part 1, when Kabuto's glasses were knocked off, he looked pissed. Why? Because those were the glasses his mother gave him.
  • Kakashi gives Naruto to Ebisu and they head to the hotsprings, because that's where Jiraiya was.
  • Why was that Rain ninja so obsessed with Team 7? Because he's under orders from Pain to secure the Nine Tails Jinchuriki, or at least to identify him and survey his power. The Rain village has no more interest in these exams than do Sand or Sound, but their goals are different. Of course, neither the Hokage nor the proctors are aware that Rain is under the control of the Akatsuki, or that the Akatsuki is an international threat.
    • Looking even deeper into that theory, who were the only other featured Rain Ninja during the Chuunin exams? The Rain Ninja that Gaara killed! They could have been under similar orders to observe the One Tails, but Gaara killed them in the process!
  • Which teams ends the second part first? Gaara's team and Team 8. Gaara's team success is easily explained by them getting a scroll early and Gaara's sheer power overwhelming any opposition, but Team 8 isn't apparently that superior... Except they are heavily geared toward recon missions and detecting dangers, and know Fire Country's fauna very well. Of course they were the first team to get a scroll (by simply standing in a specific place and wait for an enemy team to get neutralized by giant leeches) and arrived at the tower second: they were the one team trained specifically for such an occurrence, and the only reason they didn't arrive first was because they decided to let Gaara cool down.
  • Sasuke's Chidori was able to punch clean through Gaara's hardened sand shield, which proved impervious to his fists. In Part 2, it's revealed that Earth style jutsu is weak against lightning chakra.

Search for Tsunade Arc

  • Shizune mentioned that Tsunade's necklace only acknowledged her and that anyone else who wore it would die within a day. Naruto has not died yet and has had it for about three years. He is still alive. And guess who else had the necklace for a long time? HASHIRAMA! So the first two people to survive the necklace became Hokage. So this is Kishi's way of saying that Naruto will definitely become Hokage!
    • This is reinforced by the fact that two other people who wanted to be Hokage wore it and died within 24 hours.
      • Pretty much confirmed in Chapter 671. Hashirama and Naruto are both reincarnations of Ashura, the Senju/Uzumaki ancestor son of the Rikudo Sennin.
  • When Itachi and Kisame try to capture Naruto pre-timeskip, they attempt to keep Jiraiya out of the picture by using a woman under a genjutsu to hit on him as a distraction. Jiraiya detects the problem and comes running to Naruto's assistance. Since Itachi is loyal to Konoha, and may even have been working for Jiraiya, it's likely that the 'distraction attempt' was actually a warning, letting Jiraiya know that an attack was about to take place.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

  • For a very long time I just thought Neji vs. Kidomaru was just supposedly to be a cool fight, but then I realized it was more than that: it was the ultimate culmination of Neji's story. Ever since he lost to Naruto and learned of his father's true fate he decide that people aren't limited to the what's decided for them at birth. Kidomaru was beating him by exploiting the Byakugan's blind spot—its inherent flaw. While the old Neji would have given in when faced with such an obstacle, the new Neji didn't, and won, thus proving his new beliefs to be true. —thatother1dude
  • Why did Kimimaro allow Rock Lee to drink his "medicine" when they were clearly in a fight to the death? Because Kimimaro knows what it's like to be dependent on medicine, and be helpless to the effects of illness. A moment of empathy.

Rescue Gaara Arc

  • When Naruto meets Sakura upon his return from training with Jiraya, she asks if she looks more like a woman now, and Naruto replies that she's the same as ever. Naturally, Sakura is irritated by this, but the series has since demonstrated that Naruto was absolutely right. Sakura may have gotten stronger and matured physically, but emotionally she's still the same 13-year-old girl from the end of Part I. Making matters worse, she doesn't recognize this, which makes her dangerous, as so clearly demonstrated by her botched attempt to assassinate Sasuke.
    • Alternately, it could mean that he always found her attractive and that what he was saying is that she was as pretty as ever. The emotional maturity part makes sense, though considering Sakura is asking about her appearance, its kinda meh.
  • Tobi finding Deidara's arm. Kakashi sucked it up using Kamui, which means Obito didn't find it lying in the woods as he claimed, but inside the Kamui dimension when teleporting.

Sai and Sasuke Arc

  • Naruto has a nightmare about getting caught peeking on all the females he knows, and all of them are very angry, except for Hinata, who is more embarrassed than angry. Now remember that this is Naruto's dream, and that Hinata still Cannot Spit It Out at this point. This is a clue that Naruto may not be as Oblivious to Love as he appears. Sure, he doesn't recognize the depth of Hinata's feelings at this point, but he is aware that she could never hate him, no matter what anybody else thought.

Itachi Pursuit Arc

  • Okay, this is going to require bringing in some logic from Avatar: The Last Airbender. In Avatar, Iroh describes Lightning as being a part of Fire, instead of a separate element, referring to it as the cold-blooded fire. As of this arc, we have the Fire Style Jutsu-using Itachi (who is revealed to be loyal to the Leaf) fighting Sasuke (who has betrayed the Leaf, and does so even further after this arc), who now prefers to use its cold-blooded sibling, Lightning Style Jutsu.
  • A very small one, but when watching the Omake of Episode 121, at the beginning when everyone's done recording and leaving the studio, I found it Hilarious in Hindsight that Tobi just chills with Kakashi. Might be overthinking it, but was it Foreshadowing?

Invasion of Pain Arc

  • I haven't actually read the most recent chapters of Naruto, but all the talk surrounding it made me come to a revelation about the backstory of Pain/Nagato. The biggest complaints involved the idea that he hadn't gone through enough to justify the kind of heartless murderer he became. While this made sense, another point was made a few chapters later: he can perform what amounts to Mass Raise Dead, and it's implied somewhere that he could possibly do it without dying. After thinking it over, Pain's character suddenly made a lot more sense. He knew he could bring back the people he killed in his attacks (whether or not he actually did), and knowing this led to him becoming disillusioned with life and death, caring less and less about his own murders. This was only compounded by his already-pretty-traumatic childhood. - Shotgun Ninja
    • The massive property damage was what Pain was aiming for in the first place. He was basically shoving them all aside so he could break all their stuff. He doesn't really "get" people, but it's in a much more sympathetic way than other "Kill 'em All, choppy choppy chop!" villains since he was just being petty, and didn't do anything he might see as permanent. This makes it even better if you've already had the initial Fridge Brilliance/Fridge Logic one-two punch a lot of fans seem to have had. -JET 73 L
      • Except that's not true. The only reason why most of the people survived Pain's wrath was because of Katsuyu and Tsunade counteracting most of the damage he's inflicted thus far. Chou Shinra Tensei (the giant one) only had survivors because of Katsuyu. Pain also killed many people regardless and, while he did later revive them all he only had enough to revive those that he killed. If Tsunade didn't put herself in a coma, then chances are the death toll would be in the thousands.
    • After re-reading the Pain fight, I finally understood how Naruto convinced him. It was mainly because Pain wasn't sure himself. His plan was a self admitted short-term solution that would just repeat endlessly. So, everytime he fought someone who said they were fighting for peace, he asked, "What's your plan?" When no one could answer, he continued on his way. Naruto reminded him of who he was, and just how far he had fallen in his efforts for peace. He saw in Naruto that maybe this is the one who could continue on and find a better way to peace than his own. This was someone who's beleif was unshakeable and who would keep going. A fellow pupil who could continue on, even considering all the pain he had suffered till now. So, he did the best he could to help his fellow pupil by bringing the people of Konoha back to life.
  • Not only did Naruto give Pain the same speech the main character of Jiraiya's book gave his opponent, but he also did so with a modified version of the character's tactic (the character used a smoke bomb, tricked the enemy into attacking a clone, then took him by surprise. Naruto's plan involved more layers of deception) — Rampulus
  • This only really applies to the anime, but bear with me on this. I'm referring to the scene where Naruto has just heard Nagato's story and is about to give his answer. Naruto often brings up the parallels between himself and Sasuke. Sasuke's journey to being a villain began with him desiring revenge against Itachi above all else. When Naruto begins giving his answer to Nagato, in which he declares that he will not seek revenge, Itachi's theme song, Senya, starts playing in the background. At first I thought it was only because the soundtrack was a beautiful melody, but it took me a while to realize the significane of it.
  • So we learn Naruto's birth was kept a secret from the village...this explains why they LITERALLY thought he was the demon fox in human form. To them a baby with no parents just appeared after the fox was sealed.
  • I've noticed many people complain about the fact that Hinata, during her stand against Pain didn't use the jutsu she created in the Bikochu Arc in either the manga or anime. But if you pay attention to her strategy, you'll realize that jutsu would have been useless anyway. For instance, that jutsu is predominantly a defensive jutsu meant to repel an attacker. When fighting Pain, Hinata was mainly focused on freeing Naruto. Which that would not have been well suited for. Her Twin Lion Fist jutsu on the other hand was the best jutsu for that kind of situation.

Five Kage Summit Arc

  • Two more came to mean about the end of the "Hunt for the 8-Tails" Arc.
    First, I wondered how Killer Bee avoided having his fake body discovered as a disguised tentacle and I remembered Karin (the team sensor) was knocked unconscious... by Killer Bee. So basically, he ensured his Kansas City Shuffle by deliberately trying to kill/disable the one he knew was most likely to see through it (him knowing about her abilities was demonstrated in a scene where he identified her as a "sensor-type") and the attack itself would also distract them as he switched places with the tentacle.
    The second was about how Sasuke stated he didn't need the 8-Tails to destroy the Leaf Village because he had "a new power" that would be enough. This was confused me as I though he meant something yet introduced, until I realized he was just talking about Amaterasu, the power he just used. He was trying to destroy a village that had wooden buildings and he had inextinguishable fire that burns continuously for a week. His "plan" became so much clearer, and if it weren't for the village already being destroyed and Madara stopping him he could have killed an assload of people. —thatother1dude
    • I don't think this would have actually worked though, considering the Amaterasu fire can be captured and sealed. Not that Sasuke necessarily knew that.
    • Susanoo is the "new power" he unlocked at the end of that fight since its knowledge appears to the Mangekyo Sharingan bearer when he awakens the power in both his eyes, as Sasuke later confirmed in his fight versus the Raikage and his team. Another hint was that he mentioned after the Bee fight that had "something he wanted to try", which turned out to be combining Amaterasu to Susanoo's rib cage.
  • When Kakashi attempts to use Kamui on Tobi, the latter declares that this jutsu wouldn't affect him. It turns out that the dimension Tobi and Kakashi send things to with their respective sharingan are the same, which means Tobi could simply escape the dimension anyway.
    • Why do Kakashi and Tobi use the same dimension with their sharingan powers? Because Kakashi received his sharingan from Tobi, aka Obito, so of course they would use the same one!
  • The 2 main principles that Danzo enforced in his Root organization were, "a shinobi should never succumb to emotions" and "a shinobi should keep their mission above all else, including safety of comrades." Sasuke gave him a doze of his own medicine.

Confining The Jinchuuriki Arc

  • Just prior to the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha, Kakashi notes that he feels "something strange". This is certainly to show that he is far more observant and just generally awesome than most other people...but it quickly becomes Fridge Brilliance when you remember that Kakashi has Obito's eye, and while he can't see through it—at least not yet—he certainly had to have felt Obito's immense effort controlling the Biju with his remaining eye, especially since they were in such close proximity to one another that night.

Shinobi World War Arc

  • A rather minor one but in chapter 539: you are made to belive that the man with a bandaged arm is the culprit, but if you look closely, when the culprit is aproching the first medic, he is pulling the curtain away with his left hand, the one in bandages. A hint that he wasn't the killer.
  • In episode 232, Hinata was shown disappointed over being passed over for the position as field commander for the Hyuuga clan, but frankly Hiashi was absolutely right, and Hinata was misinterpreting his decision. See, it's not that her father doesn't respect her or recognize the fact that she has gotten a lot stronger, it's that strength alone does not a commander make. He wasn't doubting her strength; he was doubting her fitness as a commander because of her bearing and judgment. Determination to win without regard for one's own safety is a laudable trait in an individual soldier or even a platoon commander, but a field grade officer can't be recklessly endangering her own life the way Hinata has on two separate occasions, because if the field officer is killed or incapacitated, the troops are sent into disarray. Her training has been entirely focused on improving her personal skills, and she has no command experience to speak of. Her inexperience, recklessness and self-doubt was liable to get her subordinates killed.
  • Kabuto plays a rather sophisticated psychological game with Tobi in chapter 520 and 521. Tobi demands to know how to stop the Edo Tensei after Kabuto states that there are no significant detrimental aspects to the jutsu, upon which Kabuto states that it's as simple as using the sharingan to control him and then having him perform the dog, horse and tiger seals, in that order. When Itachi releases the jutsu in chapter 588, we learn that the actual hand seal sequence is monkey, cow, tiger, dragon. By stating his inferiority to Tobi, the latter still doubted Kabuto, but felt no need to act, confident that he could stop him whenever he wanted. We later learn that Kabuto had his own version of sage mode to counter basic sharingan genjutsu.
    • Tobi might have been able to use Izanami, which wouldn't be illogical for someone of his calibre. Then again, Izanami forces one to accept their fate, which in Kabuto's case had nothing to do with unveiling the actual hand seal sequence to end the Edo Tensei. Even if Tobi did use it on Kabuto, he would have no immediate Sharingan at his disposal to learn the seals anyway.
  • Kabuto indirectly reveals that the reason Orochimaru invented the Cursed Seals, was experimenting with Hashirama's cells, and wanted an Uchiha as a host was to awaken the Rinnegan and become the next Sage of Six Paths. The whole point of branding people with the Cursed Seals was to find a host that would be able to go into Snake Sage Mode, and while Hagoromo reveals that Oro's theory as to how to get the Rinnegan was flawed, if he'd successfully taken over Sasuke he would have been able to awaken the Rinnegan due to Hashirama being Asura's reincarnation and Sasuke begin Indra's, and would have been able to use Sage Mode due to Sasuke being Cursed Seal-compatable.
  • Latest chapters show that in the battle with Madara, Tsunade and Oonoki are the two left standing. At first, I'd thought that Mei, Gaara, and A were getting worfed. But then I realized that Oonoki personally fought Madara. Also, while Tsunade may not have fought Madara personally, its not unreasonable that knowledge of Madara's techniques abilities, etc. may have been passed down in her family! So of course these two would be able to adapt better to him!
  • Chapter 593 has Sasuke reviving Orochimaru, but he was "sealed permanently" by Itachi with the Sword of Totsuka way back during Sasuke and Itachi's final fight. While this seems like another Kishimoto retcon-asspull that throws doubt on the ultimate sealing sword, Itachi really did seal Orochimaru at that time. It just wasn't the only Orochimaru left. In other words, Orochimaru has left a part of himself in every one of the curse seals he's ever created. And Sasuke would know how to execute the whole thing because he saw Orochimaru come out of his own curse seal in the first place.
    • Another thing that makes it less of an Asspull is that though Itachi had sealed Orochimaru, Sasuke now has Itachi's eyes transplanted in him.
  • After Tobi is revealed to be Obito Uchiha, the latter attacks Naruto, Gai and Kakashi with a powerful fire-breathing jutsu, further enhanced by his use of Kamui. This prompted fans to question why Obito never used such powerful fire jutsu in his other battles. However, what they forget is that as Tobi, Obito was practically always masked. Since the vast majority of Uchiha fire jutsu are launched from the mouth, this would have been quite impossible for Obito to do without unmasking himself in the process.
    • Related to this: one finally understands why Tobi was able to keep up using his Sharingan very effortlessly and why he can spam his "teleportation" and "intangibility" jutsu: it is a Mangekyo Sharingan skill, the other, more powerful aspect of Kamui, Kakashi's "borrowed" Mangekyo Sharingan ability. The most likely reason why Obito has not experienced deteriorating eyesight and similar problems is that for one, he already shares Hashirama Senju's DNA via the modifications he got from Madara treating his damaged body. And we all know what crazy invincible attributes one gets from intermingling Uchiha and Senju DNA.
    • "Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash!" And Tobi says he is no-one, or in other words less than trash.
  • In the Obito flashback Madara told Obito that a sharingan set is stronger than one that is alone, technically he was just talking about mangekyo, but Obito took it literally and went to slaughter an army of super nins because both his sharingan's were close by. Cut to the future and both Kakashi and Obito are in the same vicinities and Kakashi is spaming out attacks that shouldn't be possible. Why? because of unity
  • The reason why Hidan wasn't revived along with the Akatsuki. If he was ET'ed, his jutsu would've been completely useless as he has no blood to draw his circle with.
    • The anime comes up with a creative way to circumvent this. Something Kishi probably never thought: using a particular MacGuffin, Kabuto replicates Hidan's DNA, reviving him completely with his blood.
      • To be honest, Hidan was kept alive in the manga for the sake of emphasizing his Fate Worse than Death. The anime just brought him back to gain a few more caps in filler content.
  • For a while, I was wondering exactly why Tobi trained Sasuke, when no aspect of the Moon's Eye plan really required Sasuke's participation. Then, after Tobi and Madara's conversation in 614, in which it is explained to the audience, that, while the two of them work together, they are not friends, it finally makes sense. Obito was never planning on reviving Madara in the first place! He was going to use Sasuke as the Juubi Jinchuriki instead, so that he wouldn't have to sacrifice himself to use Rinne Tensei, and so that he could control the Moon's Eye Plan without Madara's interference.
    • Well, seeing as how much trouble Tobi was having with Sasuke, that doesn't really work. Why would Obito hand Sasuke godhood? The way they were talking, it sounds like only Madara is really powerful enough to be capable of being the host of the Ten Tails. Otherwise, Obito could just do it himself. That being said, thanks to Obito, Sasuke has the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Give him an infusion of Senju DNA, which Obito has an abundance of, and Sasuke would have the Rinnegan as well. It's possible that Obito was planning to manipulate Sasuke, who really knows nothing about what is going on, into unknowingly sacrificing himself to revive Madara. Yes, there would be risks to Sasuke getting the Rinnegan, which he wouldn't know anything about, but there are even more risks to giving him infinite raw chakra, which any ninja could figure out what to do with. Not a bad idea, really.
      • Sasuke being used as the sacrifice to bring back Madara explains why Tobi was so pissed about Danzo destroying Shisui's eye as it deprived him of a more reliable genjutsu to control Sasuke and why he only used one of Nagato's Rinnegan while trying to keep Sasuke safe during the war.
  • One thing that really bugged me was how Obito is doing all of this to be with Rin. Now, Obito knew her several years ago, and he never got close enough that they were even romantically involved, despite his wishes to the contrary. How could Obito possibly think that he knew Rin well enough, everything that shaped who she was, to the point that he could create an exact clone of her in his infinite Tsukiyomi? Throw in the fact that Madara is the one to become the caster of the infinite Tsukiyomi, and it gets even less logical. Then it hit me: he has the Rinnegan! He wouldn't even need to create a "clone" of Rin in his illusion: he could just summon the real person from the afterlife. True, reviving someone with the Rinnegan costs the user's own life, but if the user were drawing on the power of the Eldritch Abomination who created the universe.... they might be able to bend that rule a litte. For that matter, Obito wouldn't even need to revive Rin properly; simply channelling her soul via Hell Path would work. He only needs her mind to be drawn into the Tsukiyomi; it probably doesn't matter if that mind is stuck inside a living vessel or not.
  • Back when details about the Uzumaki clan were first being revealed, it bothered me that they were wiped out because people were afraid of their sealing techniques. I mean come on, why the hell would people be afraid of sealing of all things? Then chapter 618 comes out and you find out that the Uzumaki clan has somehow managed to bind the freaking GOD OF DEATH to a mask for their summoning convenience... Suddenly the idea that people were afraid of these guys makes perfect sense.
  • During the First Hokage's flashback, when Madara first revealed his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and used Susanoo, I don't think I saw it having a face on the back of its head like it does now. Why? Because that's a Rinnegan power. When Pain and Kakashi fought, the Asura Path was able to generate two additional faces on its head. Now that Madara has the Rinnegan, he has expanded that power to his Susanoo.
  • I always wondered why Tobi went and manipulated the Hidden Mist into becoming the Bloody Mist. In chapter 629 we find out that Rin was turned into a host for the Three Tails to be use to destroy Konoha by having the seal break as soon as she was within it, which caused her to commit Suicide by Cop to avoid such a fate. Suddenly it was clear that Tobi didn't run Mist straight into the ground because it was helpful to his plans but to get back at them for putting Rin in that position.
  • One of the manga's themes is that the next generation will surpass the previous, yet in this war the revived previous generation ninja are kicking their successors' asses. It seems a rejection of this concept... Except for a single thing: the older generation ninja are almost all war veterans with recently honed skills, while the current generation are either at their first large clash or have not been in a large battle in years (since at least the Third Secret War for Cloud and Rock ninja and the samurai, three years and something for Leaf and Sand shinobi, and between three and two years for Mist shinobi, as Yagura's death finally ended the continuous conflicts), and are relatively rusty in the kind of skills needed in this more pitched kind of combat.
  • Why didn't Sasuke use Izanagi to negate Madara stabbing him in the heart? Because he knew it would be pointless since Madara would just negate it with Izanami, leaving Sasuke in just as grave condition and short an eye, an eye that he'll need in order to win this battle if someone does manage to heal him, or that his allies could use if he dies.
  • Obito manages to steal pieces of the Shukaku and Eight-Tails' chakra from Madara. The two Tailed Beasts whose chakra that Naruto doesn't have.
  • In Chapter 670, it was revealed that Kaguya Otsutsuki had both the Byakugan and the Sharingan. This is very fitting given her characterization as someone who maintains world peace through the use of force. With the Byakugan, Kaguya can likely see across absurd distances beyond what any Hyuuga in the present time is capable of, possibly anywhere in the world. The Sharingan was also noted by Kakashi (in the second bell test after the time-skip) to be able to read lips, meaning she'll also know what people say despite not being able to hear them. In addition, one panel in Chapter 670 also shows Kaguya creating huge lightning storms while standing from a distance within the safety of her palace, which implies that she is capable of creating such storms and/or other forms of natural disasters anywhere in the world. All of this put together and she then becomes the ultimate oppressive overlord, using her two Dojutsu to oversee the world for any threats to peace and then bringing down natural disasters to crush them before they can start.
  • Naruto and Sasuke both come back to life and now sport the power of Rikudo. While it may seem like and Ass Pull so that the story can finish faster, it all makes sense when you consider the two men who revived them. Naruto knows Senjutsu and was revived by Obito, who has Dojutsu. Sasuke has Dojutsu and was revived by Kabuto, who has Senjutsu. By tapping into the life forces of beings that have all the powers they lack, Naruto and Sasuke were able to awaken the power of the Rikudo Sennin.
  • Looking back on the pre-timeskip series, one thing always bugged me was that when Sasuke and Naruto fought, Sasuke gained the third pinwheel when he told Naruto he would severing the bond between them. Years later it hit me:Since the Sharingan gives the person power the more traumatic of a experience they go through, Sasuke's sharingan advancing makes sense because he's declaring he's going to kill Naruto, the person he sees as his best friend and a brother like person. This means Tobirama's words about the Sharingan were true.
  • Sakura getting Tsunade's Strength of a Hundred Seal is actually foreshadowed early on in the series! During her fight with Sasori after taking Sasori's stab wound, Sasori attempts to stab further. Sakura then starts using Healing Jutsu without hand-signs, something that is not possible without using your hands. Thus, its not actually an Asspull.


  • In Bonds movie, Naruto mistakes Amaru's feelings for the Doctor as romantic, when in reality she thinks of him as her father. Why? Because he has never had an actual family and people were actively avoiding him for most of his childhood, so he's never had the opportunity to observe different forms of love and be able to discern them. Without the experience of observing husband/wife and parent/child relationships, his knowledge of love is limited to romance novels (which he isn't even interested in) and childhood crushes. It's the same reason he acts like an idiot around Sakura and awkward around Hinata — he doesn't know what he's doing and can't even correctly identify his own emotions. This also explains why he came up with an improbable scenario to explain why Kurenai was at the hospital when she was about six months pregnant — he didn't see any relationship, so he tried to come up with something that was plausible in his own mind. The one thing that stands out, however, is the Shipper on Deck scene with regard to Shikamaru/Temari. The only logical conclusion is that it's just that obvious. Sure, Shikamaru does that whole She Is Not My Girlfriend routine, but nobody believes him, not even Naruto.
  • I had sometimes wondered why Naruto's always having new Rasengans used during the movies. I mean, yeah it's a versatile technique, but why was it so easy to make it so much stronger. That's when I remembered the Wind Release: Rasengan. The Fourth Hokage had designed the Rasengan in mind to use TWO chakras in making it. He wasn't able to add the second chakra to it before he died. Thus, the reason the Rasengan seems to absorb other outside energies easily is because it's got the room for it! - Drakohahn
  • Road To Ninja has several pairs of personality swaps, but this doesn't seem to explain Kiba being a cat boy. Then you realize that he did have a personality swap with someone: Yugito.

    Fridge Brilliance Numero Dos 


  • Why did Tobi infiltrated Akatsuki as a goof when he was in fact it's leader? Because he feared Orochimaru knew about Madara's death and used obfuscating stupidity to keep the later from having a bargaining chip against Akatsuki. By pretending not to be an important member and leaving the leadership role to Pain, Tobi could continue with his plans without the threat of Orochimaru exposing him if he came out openly as Akatsuki's leader. Once Orochimaru kicked the bucket (at least temporarily), Tobi no longer had to worry about the later exposing his secret and could resume his role as Madara Uchiha.
  • Kabuto is born on a leap year so using his birth as a reference you can find some answers in the time line if you are really that bored.
  • This troper always wondered why removing a tailed beast automatically kills its human container, and then one day it occured to me. In Part 1, there's a blink and you'll miss it scene (I think it's in the Naruto vs Neji battle) where Naruto's chakra network is veiwed. Naruto's standard blue human chakra circulates throughout his body, but the Nine-Tails shows up as a bright orange ball in the center, which then sends itself through the 'lines' of his chakra network when he calls upon it. The extraction ritual is basically tearing that chakra right out of the center of the host's body, basically ripping their chakra network to shreds. With this in mind, it makes it all that more impressive that Kushina was not only able to survive having this happen to her, but actually maintain consciousness and even fire off a barrier jutsu or two afterwards.
  • Bright colors- red, orange, and yellow, all symbolize extreme power. Naruto, Minato, Kushina, Kurama, Sakura, Choji, Nagato/Pain (all of the Akatsuki, in fact), Gaara, and quite a few others are all extremely powerful. When someone has bright colors, extreme power will be manifested at some point.
    • With one known exception. Obito. He had the Sharingan and also wore orange goggles, and yet we have never seen him use anything more destructive than fairly basic fire attacks.
      • Subverted by Obito, which may be fridge humor when you think about his goggles - a case of the Goggles Do Nothing. Then double subverted as he then became TOBI.
      • The color here is more likely a physical expression of how different he is from the rest of the Uchiha.
    • Guess who else has orange facewear?
      • Maybe this is just paranoia, but it's not a long jump from orange goggles to an orange mask.
      • Not only a short jump, but a correct one!
    • On the the subject of colours, think about what Naruto's parents are called - The Yellow Flash and the Red-Hot Habanero. And what do red and yellow make? Orange.
    • The correlation between bright colors (by which you probably mean warm colors) and extreme power is probably more a connection between color and personality.
  • In the fourth or fifth chapter, Kakashi mentions that "Ninja who defy orders are scum, but ninja who abandon their comrades are even worse scum." Hundreds of chapters later, it is revealed that his father sacrificed the mission to save his friends.
    • Not only that: the sentence above was first pronounced years before by Obito, when he was trying to convince Kakashi to come to Rin's rescue. Kakashi dismissed it at first, and this resulted in Obito's death.
  • The idea presented during Naruto and Sasuke's famous clash that "high level ninja can read each other's minds when their fists collide." Not only is this referenced again in their meeting after Sasuke kills Danzo, but it goes back as far as the very first opening, where Naruto and Sasuke bump fists after they take down a group of bandits.
  • It used to bug me that the Senju Clan, despite being the ultimate clan with near invincibility, just seemed to have disappeared over the past century and that no one even took notice of it. Then it occurred to me that over time the Senju Clan would have been whittled away little by little because they would always be the ones who were sent on the extremely dangerous missions (and consequently would be the first to suffer casualties) and of course no one would pay much attention to a slow trickling from a large pool of water until it was nearly empty. —ipdf3
    • But isn't Tsunade technically a Senju it was mentioned a few times when they first ran into her that her grandfather was the First Hokage (also side observation wouldn't her last name be Senju or was her mom a Senju Do they mention it in the Manga?)
  • On the subject of Neji, why the heck didn't the Hyuuga clan, the 2nd or 3rd most powerful clan in Konoha, just kill the kidnappers instead of sacrificing one of their own?
    • Politics. Let's face it, the village was probably quite war-weary by this time. They hadn't recovered from the Third Great Ninja War before the Kyuubi attack, and then within a year or two, they're at war with Kumo, now without the Yellow Flash or a mature Jinchuriki. Danzo is scheming all the while, trying to come up with some excuse to overthrow Hiruzen (it's quite possible that Danzo was involved in the kidnapping plot, which could have turned into a civil war, or other bad stuff). And why do we know so much about Asuma, but nothing about his brother, Konohamaru's father? Probably because he died in the war with Kumo. The Hyuuga were probably informed that if they attempted to resume the war over this, they would do so without the help of the village or worse. Wiping out the Hyuuga Clan would not be off the table for some of the elders.
    • And at any rate, the whole problem was perpetuated by the fact that the Hyuuga did indeed kill the kidnapper, which is why Kumo demanded blood in return in the first place. Given that that was incredibly arrogant, what bothers me is why Kumo didn't say anything after Konoha handed it Hizashi's body, since it would be obvious that the Hyuuga clan head was still alive and in charge.
    • Because The Hidden Cloud didn't really care about the actual head of the Hyuuga Clan being alive- they wanted a Hyuuga corpse to try to take the Byakugan. They already got their body, and by the time they realized the dojutsu was permanently sealed, they could not call The Hidden Leaf out on this. Plus, considering that the Hyuuga Clan members look so similar (being family and all), it was easy to claim that it was just a new head.
  • Yet another bit was with the idea of the Byakugan having a blind-spot. The basic idea of the Byakugan is just human vision of a much greater ability, including panoramic vision. The blind spot is behind the neck and extends at a low angle — the exact spot where it's practically impossible for a regular person to see by turning their head. So it's not vision in every direction as once it's vision in every direction you can already look at once. — thatother1dude
  • A lot of people are upset at how absurd Madara's instumentality plan is, but for me that was the point: Madara is dangerous because he is completely insane a la The Joker, but is aware of it enough to hide it until it no longer matters!
  • The first Hokage in Naruto has the power to manipulate wood and trees... and the village where most of the characters are from is the Hidden Leaf Village. Of course, it is surrounded by a forest, but still the name bothered me, especially when most of the other villages specialized in jutsus related to their village locations. — Gallows
    • If it helps any, the technical translation of "Konohagakure no Sato" is, actually, "Village Hidden in the Tree Leaves". As for the village not specialising... well, do recall that the First Hokage was the only one in whom the Wood Release bloodline actually functioned. - Caellach Tiger Eye
    • Your analysis of the village names and their relation to shinobi strengths seems a bit faulty. The village names as a whole do not have direct correlation with the distribution of chakra natures in their shinobi. For example, certainly not everyone in Sunagakure can use sand, and we haven't even seen anyone in Kumogakure use clouds. Rather, village names are related to environments in which the chakra natures of their nations are particularly visible. For example, a land with heavy mist is rich with water. As for the name "Konohagakure", note that fire exists in nature neither in sand, nor in waves, nor in stone, nor in clouds, but in forests and leaves. In addition, the name fire may be a reference to the Uchiha, with its signature fire-nature jutsus, which was one of the two founding clans of the village. - dokuro
      • I think it's because Hashirama was the one who made the trees surrounding Konoha. You'd think; where did all those trees come from? Plus Hashirama was the First Hokage.
      • Nope. Jossed. The forest was already there when Madara and Hashirama found the spot as kids.
  • In Naruto, the emphasis on teamwork and D-Rank missions make absolutely no sense given that ninja seem entirely oriented toward one on one combat. However, then I realized that the ninja system is actually a Super Registration Act, and those things are meant to STOP them from becoming mindless soldiers by giving them a strong sense of loyalty, civic duty, and balance with civilian life. Also, despite what is seen, excluding prodigies, most ninja are NOT likely to be child soldiers, as they probably stick to D\C missions for most of their life, meaning that they are less "super-soldier" and more "social worker/militia". If this system wasn't used, the Naruto world would be like the Marvel universe, except even a weak super would be able to terrorize non-supers. — Wodan46
    • In 622 it's pretty much confirmed canon, we are shown just how bad Hashirama and Madara had it in their childhoods. So the D/C rank missions are no doubt the solutions Hashirama created to solve the problems from the previous era, and prevent anymore needless deaths.
      • "And now they are able to live long enough to enoy the wonders and horrors of alcohol."
  • I was initially pissed as hell when Sasuke apparently throws his newly found-and-bonded-with team Taka to the wolves for the sake of persuing Danzo, and it seemed a bit too much like his situation with Team 7. But then I did a little research - Sasuke is trapped in his own cycle; he's mirroring the patterns seen in some abused/traumatised children. Long story short, they make friends but then seem to do everything possible to drive them away, and then hate themselves for it, then eventually make new friends and do the same again! I wasn't expecting something like that from Naruto, of all manga - Shiruvi
    • Helps emphasize the idea of it being a cycle when you realize Taka is really similar to Team 7. There's the oddball maverick in Naruto/Suigetsu, the obsessive fangirl who beats up the quirky one (Sakura/Karin), and the strange but also logical one (Kakashi/Jugo). He's not only in the cycle mentoned by the previous troper, he's trying to give himself another chance with the same kind of friends he ditched before.
    • Sasuke's new team also reflects how much he's fallen after leaving team 7 since most of Hebi/Taka embodies the worst traits of his previous comrades turned Up to Eleven: Suigetsu has the same sort of dream as Naruto but to accomplish it he can and would do just about anything to achive it from grave robbing to murder, Karin is a lot like pre-time skip Sakura but is also so obsessed with Sasuke she once planned to take advantage of him while he was weak after knocking everyone else out, and while Juugo acts as the strange, powerful, and mostly good-natured elder of the group he would happily kill all of them if he ever really lost control. In the case of the Suigetsu and Naruto parallels the Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors also reflect this: Sasuke's elements are fire (for the hidden leaf) and lightning (for his Uchiha heritage) and while Naruto's wind is strong against lightning it also makes fire more powerful, Suigetsu's water does the exact opposite.
  • I initially thought Danzo's downfall was overly quick, but realized later that it was essentially inevitable considering who Danzo is. He started out as the leader of a covert operations unit whose followers considered themselves to be his tools, and had a mind control eye. While these are considerable resources at his disposal, he's also used to getting his way rather than having to negotiate or gain approval, which is especially noteworthy in that he states that even if Mifune might have made him head of the alliance if he hadn't used mind control, he couldn't take that chance. The scene where he kills the Hannya-masked assassins initially seemed to merely be a way to show off his powers, but it also showed that he's made quite a few enemies, and his role in the Uchiha massacre leads to his death at Sasuke's hands. Say what you will about some of the decisions Naruto has made recently, but he's certainly far better at swaying people to his side, even former enemies, and this shows that Danzo's pragmatic (and thus typically assumed to be more effective) approach actually doesn't work when trying to unite the world or maintain peace. -Rampulus
  • Naruto always seemed to put a massive emphasis on the idea of the prodigy or genius. Characters like Neji and Sasuke were considered geniuses, while the other characters like Lee, Sakura and Naruto were labeled as failures. At first I thought it was just sort of a Dumb Is Good situation, until Lee was called a genius by Kakashi for being able to open the gates. It was then that I realized that one of Naruto's morals is that everyone is a genius or very talented at something. They just have to figure out what it is and how to use it to it's full potential. -Wind Weaver19
  • People always like to point out that Naruto's stupid for wearing bright orange. He certainly appears to have an unexplainable attraction to the colour. Turns out, as pointed out in chapter 498, he's the child of Konoha's "Yellow Flash" and "The Bloody Habanero"; red and yellow makes orange.
    • Why would an aspiring ninja wear orange in the first place? Because Naruto isn't concerned with being invisible, but with being seen, or in other words acknowledged by the villagers who shun him. What better way to be noticed than to wear traffic-cone orange? - koolkame
    • Also, the manga and anime never seem to cover much in the way of seasons, but wouldn't Naruto blend in pretty well during Autumn, when the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow?
    • A note on that. Most if not all of the ninja wear fairly bright colored (orange, pink, etc) or "normal" clothing for their area. People keep complaining, wondering "what kind of ninja wears bright colors?" Answer: a good one. Being able to conceal yourself and move stealthily REGARDLESS of what you're wearing is part of what makes them good ninja. Like girls that normally fight crime in high heels. It seems ridiculous, but it's a sign of how good they are at what they do.
    • Another bit of brilliance regarding Naruto being his parents' son - Minato's techniques all employ melee and previously prepared transportation markings, whereas Naruto's mother, Kushina fully admits that she sucked at ninjutsu (besides the Uzumaki clan sealing techniques) right before she and Minato seal the Kyuubi inside Naruto. In short, neither of Naruto's parents were especially well-versed in ninjutsu, and this coupled with the fact that nobody wanted to personally train Naruto when he was younger kind of gives Naruto a really good reason for sucking at ninjutsu as a kid.
    • The reason 'normal' ninja garb is all black is that in Japanese theater, the stagehands would wear all black as an indicator that they should be ignored. Thus, it was a surprise when a 'stagehand' would pull a knife and start stabbing people. Naruto is probably the best character in the series at having something seemingly harmless or unimportant be the thing that puts his enemy down.
  • The nine-tailed fox yelling that Naruto has made him angry is actually quite an interesting admission if you consider that for the most part, the Nine-Tailed Fox has pushed Naruto into drawing out more and more of its power when he's highly upset (taunting him while he's losing against Sasuke for being weak and promising to destroy everything that hurts him after Hinata is seemingly killed). Naruto only manages to resist him while he's calm enough to do so, as he comes up with the idea of demanding chakra "rent" when desperate but otherwise with enough presence of mind to think about what he must do. In this case, not only is Naruto calm, but he's actually managing to make the Nine-Tailed fox lose its temper, and realizing this upsets the fox even more and leads to quite the Villainous Breakdown that's a nice step toward Naruto dominating the fox rather than living in fear of it (which is why I hoped he would control the power, rather than just suppress it like Yamato told him to) - Rampulus.
  • At the end of part I, Naruto was carried by Kakashi back to Konoha, after the failed Sasuke Retrieval Mission, and is feeling depressed at not being able to bring back Sasuke, and is still regarded poorly by the rest of the village. The second time Kakashi carries him back to Konoha, he's treated as a hero. - aurana
  • When it was revealed that Naruto was not the first Jinchuriki, I thought that it was stupid for everyone to hate Naruto because the previous ones worked as well. A few hours later the Fridge Brilliance hit: the Kyuubi was released from the previous Jinchuriki, so it's reasonable for the villagers to think that the seal could break a second time.
    • And that's assuming they weren't outright lied to by, say, Danzo. Given that Danzo has been acting as a subversive this whole time just to feed his twisted self-importance and usurp Hiruzen's (and later Tsunade's) position as Hokage, it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that Danzo spread lies amongst the population about what exactly Minato did before Hiruzen shut down discussion of the topic.
    • Actually, only very few people knew that Kushina and Mito were Jinchuriki in Konoha, mostly the elders and Hokage.
  • The Akatsuki cloaks have become sort of like this. Before they die, all the members either remove their cloaks or have them forcibly removed/damaged. The only member who dies with their cloak on and intact is Konan, the only original member left, who at the time was fighting for the Akatsuki's original ideal of peace. All other members fought for their own reasons, and warped Nagato's aspirations to peace beyond recognition. After this, none of the remaining members wear the uniform. Konan's death actually signals the end of Akatsuki. ~ Catt
    • Considering what Konan wears beneath the Akatsuki cloak (a semi-transparent backless shirt, according to the databook), Kishimoto-sama probably thought it fit to let her keep it on to protect her modesty. Though you could argue that it was he who chose what she wears in the first place.
  • I always assumed that the Airplane Arms run was simply Ruleof Cool, but thinking about it, many if not all of the ninja are moving very, very fast and they're usually doing it as a series of accelerations and decelerations by essentially jumping and landing. Ever tried to move your arms forward in a sports car just as someone floors it? ~ Black Sam
    • Actually, no. How/what is it like?
  • Why does Nagato repeatedly neglect Konan's warnings and spam attacks that are Cast From Life Span? Because he's an Uzumaki, gifted with an exceedingly long life span. If Kushina's life force was strong enough to withstand having a Bijuu extracted, which was unambiguously shown to be fatal in all other cases, it speaks volumes about why Nagato would sacrifice several years of his own life so cavalierly. To wit, Cast From Life Span techniques aren't a Desperation Attack for him; they are his standard combat techniques! Even maintaining the Hive Mind drains his lifespan, but it's so long and durable that he doesn't care!
  • The complete fridge brilliance of Naruto's name just hit as I was writing up a mock seafood menu for a class. Narutomaki/naruto uzumaki is a type of food, namely, fish cakes with a characteristic orange swirl, commonly used in udon. There is a type of udon known as ninja udon, so named because all the good stuff, meat, veg, etc. is hidden in the noodles. If you put narutomaki in a ninja udon, all point is lost, as the visual appeal is lost once it's hidden. So if you're going to use it, you put it on top, while all the real "ninja" is actually hidden. Naruto is a Highly-Visible Ninja because, if you can't see him, there's no point in using him rather than generic ninja #5.
    • Actually Naruto is more of a Technycolor Ninja, he tends to deal with his problem head on and does not use stealth, but when he does he is shown to highly proficient with it here'safew examples from this wiki.
Notable occasions of Naruto displaying stealth include:
  • Breaking into the Hokage tower and stealing a top-secret document with only one person discovering him by accident.
  • Even more notable in that the one person was the Hokage himself and Naruto took him out of action with a Sexy No Jutsu. H
  • He took out the leader of his village and its most powerful ninja... why is he considered "dead last" again?
  • Successfully hiding a dozen clones of himself in a small room in such a manner that the best student of his year didn't notice them.
  • Evading the notice of Haku and Zabuza, experts at tracking opponents in a heavy mist, while attempting to link up with Sasuke.
  • Replacing a hostage held by Iruka, the man who knows all of Naruto's tricks and abilities.
  • Rather minor example, but when Karin first shows up, she's an annoying Fangirl. Everybody hated her. Now go back to part one. Enter Sakura. She was an annoying Fangirl, and everybody hated her. Which is in line with the other moment of Fridge Brilliance regarding Sasuke, albeit indirectly. To wit: Karin is more than likely an intentional echo of Sakura.
  • Fridge Logic: A large majority of the fandom hates Sakura for the way she treated Naruto at the beginning of the series, but if you stop to think from her side, it makes total sense: the annoying class clown keeps c*ckblocking you from admiring your crush, and keeps pestering you for dates when all he's done is be an obnoxious, immature moron who keeps getting into fights with the cool, genius that you've got a crush on. Of course she's gonna treat him like crap at first, because he's done nothing but be a nuisance to her.
    • Agreed. Granted, Naruto is willing to fight and die for her, but until they graduate and get into the real world there's no way she could know how serious he was.
  • Kabuto's return and role as part of a Big Bad Duumvirate with Madara caught me off guard at first. I mean, we all knew he was coming back (he's after all, a former disciple of Orochimaru's who has a rivalry with Naruto and wants revenge against Sasuke) but I was expecting some petty revenge plot, not an elevation into a Dangerously Genre Savvy Classic Villain. It works and its justified, but I wondered where it was going. And then I realised this: one of the major themes of this series is the young generation surpassing the old. Almost every major villain they've fought has either had ties to the past and previous generations, been angsty kid like Sasuke, or, like Deidara and Hidan, no connection to the main cast whatsoever. Kabuto's 23, has very personal rivalries with Naruto and Sasuke, and is shaping up to be serious contender for the Big Bad role, all while coming off as an archetypal villain. Kabuto is to villainy as Naruto is to heroism: he's the new blood that keeps the ball rolling and surpasses his predecessors. The fact that he's allied with Madara only serves to hammer that point home.
  • There's always been some flak on the fact that one of the series' themes is that a hard-working fool can overcome a genius is undercut by the fact that Naruto not only has a hateful super-demon power at his disposal, but is also descended from uber-powerful warriors. However, when you think about, before Naruto got serious about his training, he was nothing more than an obnoxious brat who could only aggravate people with his antics. Once he started working his butt off, things began to improve. And the reason he didn't look so impressive after the timeskip was that he was mostly relying on the Kyuubi, which reduced his overall effectiveness. The moral isn't hard work can overcome genius, it's that your natural gifts can only take you so far, and that there's always room for improvement.
    • This is also reinforced by Itachi's speech in 552. He was talking about how the Hokage is chosen by acknowledgement through one's effort and hard work.
  • When we are presented with the ideals of the Sage's of the Six Paths sons — the older believed peace could be achieved through strength, while the younger believed love is the key to peace — they appear as awfully simplistic and clichéd. But if you think about it, both the Sage and his sons are half-legendary figures that lived hundreds of years ago. It's entirely possible that whatever agendas the brothers had, they were eventually washed down to Black and White Morality through the generations.
    Also, the brothers' conflict may be one possible explanation for Madara's "conquer the world just because" plan. By uniting the world under his genjutsu, he will prove that the older brother (and ancestor of Uchiha clan) was right. — StyxD
    • Considering what we see of 2nd Hokage Tobirama and his opinions, things definitely aren't that black and white.
    • Given that Madara says that Naruto represents the younger brother's ideals, Naruto could beat him and still prove him right if Naruto can't figure out a way to save Sasuke from himself and the allied forces.
  • Sasuke's insane. This isn't a bashing or anything, don't get me wrong, he's been my favorite character for the longest time and I'm kinda annoyed about what happened to him recently with all the out of character stuff that's happened to him recently. But when you think about it, Sasuke's entire life up to this point had been to kill Itachi for his murder of their perfect clan. But now, he knows that Itachi was the good guy or at least more so and his clan was the bad guy. For the longest time Sasuke's been like Batman, but now it's like as if Batman woke up one day and learned that his parents were supervillains and the guy who killed them was the equivalent to D.C.'s Jesus. of course he would have snapped given that he always had anger issues and wasn't very stable to begin with.
    • Actually, there is very strong evidence that Sasuke is actually clinically insane, at least in his obsession to kill everyone. There is a mental condition called delusional disorder, and looking at the symptoms, they seem to have been written about Sasuke. I'll post a copy of the list from The Other Wiki below:
      1. The patient expresses an idea or belief with unusual persistence or force.
      2. That idea appears to exert an undue influence on the patient's life, and the way of life is often altered to an inexplicable extent.
      3. Despite his/her profound conviction, there is often a quality of secretiveness or suspicion when the patient is questioned about it.
      4. The individual tends to be humorless and oversensitive, especially about the belief.
      5. There is a quality of centrality: no matter how unlikely it is that these strange things are happening to him, the patient accepts them relatively unquestioningly.
      6. An attempt to contradict the belief is likely to arouse an inappropriately strong emotional reaction, often with irritability and hostility.
      7. The belief is, at the least, unlikely, and out of keeping with the patient's social, cultural and religious background.
      8. The patient is emotionally over-invested in the idea and it overwhelms other elements of their psyche.
      9. The delusion, if acted out, often leads to behaviors which are abnormal and/or out of character, although perhaps understandable in the light of the delusional beliefs.
      10. Individuals who know the patient observe that the belief and behavior are uncharacteristic and alien.
    • Looking at this, as well as Sasuke's recent OOC moments, we can almost certainly diagnose him as having Delusional Disorder.
  • I realized why there hasn't been much Naruto/Hinata interaction even after Hinata's confession during the Pain arc; Naruto knows he may have to die in order to acheive peace and he doesn't want to have any regrets when doing it. So he's intentionally distancing himself from those he cares about. This especially hits home after Naruto decides if he can't Talk no Jutsu Sasuke into stopping his revenge, he will take him down with him. - tclittle
    • Besides that, he's an emotional basket case. He wouldn't know what to say to her.
    • This is assuming Naruto has feelings for Hinata at all. It's quite possible Naruto doesn't feel anything for Hinata other than a strong friendship. Much to dismay of NaruHina fans. In the entire series, Naruto has not shown or cause to even being in love Hinata, but has shown to still be in love with Sakura.
    • For all his talk of love, Naruto doesn't really have any experience with it, so its reasonable he'd be a bit wary.
    • As much as the fact irks me, I came to realize that Kishimoto probably limited their interaction intentionally—and came to accept the reasoning after that. Not only are there thousands upon thousands of Naru Hina fans, even among the staff, as it stands right now, according to the popularity poll stats, Hinata by herself is an incredible enough character on her own and is currently the top ranking female character in the entire series, trumping even the female lead. Add to this the various deep hints the author drops us, like the "holding hands scene", which only adds fuel to the fire. When you think about it, however, if she had any more attention than she already did, she would be a one-woman Spotlight-Stealing Squad, and would inadvertently take away too much of our attention away from the main plot.
      • Not to mention any more Naru Hina treats we get will more than likely break the already broken base even more. If anything, we'll probably get closure on this issue at the very last chapter.
  • Four can be prenounced as "Shi" in Japanese. Shisui's Mangekyou is four-pronged.
    • Also, Shisui commits suicide by jumping off a cliff into a river. "Shi" means "death" and "Sui" means "water."
  • Gaara once appears to call Shukaku "Mother". Turns out that Gaara has been protected by Karura's will instead of Shukaku, so he did call the right thing "Mother" after all.
  • Shisui's eye. His Sharigan as the ability to mind control people. He gave Itachi the order to "protect Konoha," in other words could have been ITACHI WAS MIND CONTROLLED. When he was tasked with assassinating his clan he probably didn't do it of his own will entirely...
    • That was Itachi setting up Shisui's eye to give that order to Sasuke.
  • Why did Izuna need to be blinded to restore Madara's eyesight? Why didn't they just swap eyes? That could explain why "Madara" seems sympathetic to Sasuke, the younger brother.
    • They might not have known at the time that the trade would work both ways. Madara was the first-as far as the brothers knew, Madara getting Izuna's eyes would be a normal eye transplant. By the time Madara recovered enough to use his new powers and notice a difference, his old eyes might not have been suitable for transplant-and besides, why would Izuna think to put a pair of useless eyes in his head?
    • ... Wouldn't that make him less sympathetic to Sasuke?
    • Remind me, did Izuna willingly give his eyes to Madara, or did Madara steal them?
      • We don't know. We only have Madara's word on the matter, and he's a confirmed liar. He says Izuna gave him his eyes willingly, but nothing he says can be trusted without corroborating evidence.
      • Actually, Word of God states that Izuna did in fact give them up willingly.
    • It is strongly hinted that the Eternal MS is a fusion of two sets of eyes, which takes it to a whole new level that removes the Blindness -factor by creating a new type of Sharingan. There are two pieces of evidence for this: First is that the EMS takes a combined physical appearance from both eye-sets used and the second is Susanoos seen during Itachi/Sasuke-fight and Itachi's story about Madara. Madara's Susanoo has two sets of eyes, while as Itachi's has only one, but has an empty slot for another pair of eyes. Swapping eyes on the other hand would be nothing more than a normal transplanted organ and as seen with Kakashi, his eye still goes blind as he uses his MS. It probably would not make a difference.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The revelation that the Rinnegan is an evolution of the Sharingan is something Kishimoto has been setting up since, well, Orochimaru was introduced. The Rinnegan, not the Sharingan, is Orochimaru's and Kabuto's "truth behind ninjutsu". Why else would Orochimaru want both Sasuke's Uchiha bloodline and be experimenting with Hashirama Senju's cells? Everyone thought Orochimaru was after the Sharingan for its copying abilities, but he was actually after the Rinnegan, which grants control over all of the elemental chakra transformations, among numerous other abilities, or why wouldn't he just kill Sasuke and take his eyes? Orochimaru said Yamato resulted from an experiment to see if Hashirama's cells could be implanted into others, and that he wanted to run further experiments on him. Danzo showed that combining the Sharingan with Hashirama's cells could unlock power beyond either bloodline: the reality-warping Izanagi, the Sage of Six Path's trademark power, but in order to get the Rinnegan this troper thinks one needs to combine the Uchiha bloodline with that of the Senju, hence Orochimaru trying to possess Sasuke rather than just taking his eyes. Kabuto said he wanted a Zetsu, which are cloned from Hashirama, to run tests on, and even said to the real Madara that he and Orochimaru had come up with the theory that the Mangekyo could evolve into the Rinnegan provided the user's body had certain modifications (hinted to be the addition of Senju cells taken from either Tobi's clone of Hashirama, from Yamato, or from said Zetsu clone), and that Madara had validated it. Working from the fact that Madara unlocked the Rinnegan, it's more than likely Nagato's Rinnegan were Madara's, seeing as how he initially thought he'd been resurrected using Rinne Tensei rather than Edo Tensei.
    • Fridge Brilliance: The Byakugan is meant to work together with the Sharingan. It is stated that the best way to defeat a Sharingan is to get behind them. That doesn't work on the Byakugan. The difficulty in striking pressure points is that the enemy is constantly moving. The Sharingan fixes that.
    • It seems likely that this is the secret of the scroll Suigetsu found.
    • If this is true, since Karin is an Uzumaki and thus a branch of the Senju, Sasuke must be kicking himself now! He could have bred the Rinnegan into his entire clan if he chose to restore it with her. And she was throwing herself right at him!
      • Becomes Fridge Horror if you consider he is probably not above rape at this point. Although neither is she...
    • This could be exactly how Nagato came to be, His mother had the red hair of an Uzumaki but his father had the black hair of an Uchiha.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Itachi is the proof that the sage might have chosen poorly, he used power to prevent a civil war, yet the love for his little brother is going to cause a lot of headaches in the Shinobi world.
    • Alternatively, it could also mean that there can be no compromise between the two paths. You gotta go for one or the other.
      • With the recent revelation of the 2nd Hokage's beliefs, we see that people don't necessarily have to follow their clan's values. Specifically, Itachi and Tobirama are in some ways opposites of each other.
  • Fridge Brilliance: As corny as it may be, it makes a some sense why Kishimoto had Naruto, a ninja, wear an orange jumpsuit. His father was well known as the Yellow Flash and his mother was known for her Fiery Red Hair. The two colors together makes Orange, the color Naruto is most known for wearing.
    • A lesser one was revealed during his battle with Kyubi. Remember in the final part of Naruto vs Pain, when he had tossed two Rasenshurikens at Pain...and then all the questions on how he created all those clones while still in Sage Mode? Well he's only limited to two clones when he has other clones gathering Natural Energy. When he ran out of those...that limit is gone and he could create as many clones as he wanted.
    • Naruto is using clones in his Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode when the Ox warned him not to. Well beforehand...he DID pin the Fox to the ground with his Torii to prevent him from swallowing anymore of his chakra. So he won't have anymore drawbacks for a while.
    • Actually the 8-Tails later reveals that the reason Naruto survived making all those clones is because the 9-Tails was going easy on him.
  • The 3rd mentioned place where you can learn Sage Mode, Shikkotsurin is likely the home of the Slug Sage. Now, besides Katsuyu, which other slug is well-known in the series? you guessed it, Saiken the Rokubi. During the Tsuchigumo Kinjutsu filler arc, what kind of jutsu did the villain use to try destroy a chunk of a large country? that's right, a Nature Chakra-powered jutsu. Who stopped it? Rokubi. By seemingly absorbing it. Coincidence? maybe, maybe not.
  • In Part 1 (and repeated during the How We Got Here Clip Show in Shippuden Episode 260), Neji says that Naruto's eyes are better than his. In Part 1, this is metaphorical, but by the War Arc, it has become literally true. Naruto's sensory powers and skills exceed that of an elite Hyuuga. The Hyuuga can see their enemies' chakra in every direction, save for a blind spot and a distance limit. Naruto's Kyuubi Sage Mode allows him to sense his friends and enemies with no blind spots and an unlimited range. The Gentle Fist style allows Hyuuga to defeat their enemies using only their fingertips, but Naruto's Kawazu Kumite can cripple an enemy WITHOUT MAKING CONTACT AT ALL.
  • Sasuke was terrified at the prospect of Naruto overtaking him in Part 1, fearing that he'd never be able to beat Itachi if Naruto surpassed him. But here's the thing: Sasuke knew nothing about Kurama until Part 2 (with a few sneak peaks at Naruto's raw power). Naruto was always stronger than Sasuke, even at the Academy. Sasuke kept beating Naruto in the sparring matches because for the time being, Sasuke's moderately strong, but incredibly skilled trumped Naruto's raw power completely devoid of any training.
  • When it was revealed that Tobi (or whoever the hell he is) was not Madara, I first thought it was another Shocking Swerve, but there was actually a fairly significant clue that becomes much more obvious in retrospect. Namely, he never uses the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which the real Madara would have.
  • Kushina's advice that Naruto should look for someone like her caused a firestorm of Shipping Wars between NaruSaku and NaruHina fans, with both sides claiming it for their own. Why? Because Kushina's traits are a combination of those of Sakura and Hinata, specifically all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. It may have been intended to mess with us, but it was definitely intended to make us think.
  • The Byakugan seems to have been caught in Can't Catch Up territory due to lack of Deus ex Machina abilities right? When you sit and think about it, it's still the best doujutsu. Pain, fear, anger, and anguish aren't needed to activate it. Abuse of it doesn't lead to being blind or disillusionment with life. And finally it averts With Great Power Comes Great Insanity unlike the Sharingan or Rinnegan. Keep your obviously hax powers, I'll stick with 360 degree vision and my sanity thank you.
    • The Byakugan also has the power to see chakra with even greater clarity than the Sharingan can, which while useless on its own, has some interesting potential. A Mist ninja stole a Byakugan and used it to prove that the Fourth Mizukage was being mind controlled by the series Big Bad. Also, it can be used to avert genjutsu much like the Sharingan can.
    • It's not even so much Can't Catch Up, but rather that all of the surviving Sharingan users are super-elites. The run-of-the-mill Uchiha were probably considerably inferior to the average Hyuuga, and certainly to elite Byakugan users like Hiashi and Neji. They aren't over-hyped when they call themselves Konoha's strongest; it's just that they aren't able to compete with people who are on par with or superior to master jinchurikis.
  • No matter who Naruto ends up with (Hinata or Sakura) both people in that relationship will be happy. With Naru Hina he'll give her courage and she'll be his voice of reason. With Naru Saku she'll learn to mellow out and learn to be determined and he'll be happy and have his impulsiveness dumbed down.
  • The Ninja World is full of metaphors about the various nations of the world. If you think about it, the Five Great Villages each represent a major power in the world.
    • Konoha is Japan.
    • Iwa is China.
    • Kumo is America.
    • Kiri is the European Nations, or possibly Britain in particular.
    • Suna is the Middle Eastern Countries.
    • A few connections: The Iwa/Konoha rivalry mirrors the rivalry between Japan and China, and Minato Namikaze represents the kamikaze, or divine winds that destroyed Chinese forces when they were coming to attack Japan. Hizashi being given up to Kumo represents the Japanese having to surrender to the Americans after WWII. Mizu's civil war could be reminicent of the conflict in Britain between England and Ireland (Mei, the leader of the rebellion, is a redhead after all.)
      • This analysis is really not consistent with history. For one, China has never invaded Japan, nor were Japan's kamikaze tactics ever used against it. How does Hizashi's sacrifice have anything to do with WWII? Hinata's abduction attempt was Kumo's ploy to gain access to one of Konoha's powerful dojutsu after Kumo lost to Konoha in a past war. These events don't line up with Japan and the US's history. As for Mizu, the conflict between England and Ireland could hardly be called a "civil war"; it was more of a brutal, sustained oppression on England's part. Certainly the interactions between the Hidden Villages are reminiscent of international relations in the real world, but they are not such an obvious transplantation of actual history.
      • You may want to revisit your Asian history. China did try to invade Japan, emphasis on try, however, a storm destroyed the Chinese fleet. The Japanese said the storm was from the gods protecting them and called it "kamikaze". It is that divine wind that they named the suicide tactics they used later, and it is that sort of storm ravaging a battlefield that Minato prefectly reflects.
      • Thought you are correct technically, you may want to look deeper into your Asian history. That invasion in which the "Chinese" fleet was sunk by the storm took place during the Yuan Dynasty... Which was founded and ruled by Kublai Khan.... The MONGOLIAN Emperor. It was the mongols who tried to invade Japan, not the Chinese.
  • If you look closer at Konoha as a representative of Japan, you have two "big" clans, the Uchiha and the Hyuuga. The Uchiha represented the Japanese' military power, while the Hyuuga represent their grace, poise, and honor. The Uchiha are wiped out, representing the loss of Japanese military control after WWII, while their still have the Hyuuga, showing they still have their honor and dignity.
    • The rise of the remaining Uchiha could be representative of militant feelings in Japan, and Naruto himself represents the ideal of peaceful coexistence that contrasts with militant nationalism. It also shows that focusing on military power will destroy a country, like the Uchiha are trying to do to Konoha.
    • Furthermore, the whittling down of the Uchiha and finally their extermination could represent the Honor Before Reason militarism that dominated Japan leading up to and throughout WWII. Japan lost the war at the Battle of Midway, but they kept fighting senselessly for another three years, and even after two atomic bombs, hardliners attempted a coup against the Emperor, which was put down. Had they succeeded, they would have been wiped out anyway in a bloody invasion by the United States and Soviet Union, and the Japanese people rendered nearly extinct by fighting to the last man rather than surrendering when faced with impossible odds. Putting down the coup by whatever means necessary was quite simply a matter of national survival for Imperial Japan.
      • Wow, this theory has a lot of chains in it. Following this logic, Hiruzen would be an analogue for Emperor Hirohito- a Reasonable Authority Figure who waited too long to address a problem and wound up losing control of the situation because he trusted his advisors or was simply naive. Hashirama becomes an analogue for the Meiji, while Madara represents those who clung to the old ways of the shogunate. Then, if you think of Jinchuriki as being an analogue for nuclear weapons, you can think of the pragmatism of acknowledging that your enemy has two functioning nuclear weapons while your nuclear program is years away from developing a working bomb note .
  • The sharingan allows one to copy and learn jutsu used by others instantly. This copy and memorizing ability may not be limited to jutsu. In fact, the mangekyou may be a product from the death of a comrade dying in front of their eyes being etched into their sharingan eyes, and thus in their minds.
    • Sasuke constantly revisits Itachi's death scene a moment before he awakens the mangekyou, which implies that he was witnessing it in full glory once again, prompting his eyes to evolve, which would otherwise have happened right as Itachi hit the floor.
    • Upon testing out Itachi's eyes, Sasuke states that the grave memories and horrible things Itachi has seen are burned on my retinas. This basically states that his sharingan memorized all the things he had witnessed before his death.
    • It is heavily implied that the Sharingan has some form of snapshot memory to aid the copying. Could the memories of blood and battle be why so many Uchiha were unstable?
  • Given how much Madara has been built up as the ultimate ninja that 5 kage can't beat and how massively overpowered the Sharingan is, it bothered me for a long time that Hashirama was somehow at least equal to Madara. Until I realized that Hashirama could spam attacks with his Mokuton. It's already been stated that the Sharingan predicts how someone will move by tracking their muscles (though somehow it works on people wearing baggy jumpsuits), well wood doesn't have muscles. So like Naruto's chakra arms, the Sharingan could see where the branches are at any given moment but not where they are going to be.
    • Also, keep this in mind: Madara did NOT have the Rinnegan, Mokuton, or an indestructible body with infinite chakra, so the kages aren't fighting the Madara who fought Hashirama, they're fighting a significantly more powerful Madara. It seems that nobody has thought of this fact yet... until you realise that none of them were there when he fought Hashirama, say they wouldn't know he didn't have those powers at that point.
    • Before Madara began using the Rinnegan and Wood Style, he would have been defeated by a combination of Gaara, Onoki, and one of Naruto's shadow clones. Madara as he was before "dying" would have also at one point been taken out by Tsunade all by herself. He only survived this due to having a Wood clone, which even he admitted. Finally, Rock Lee was powered up by Kurama's chakra recently and kicked Madara in half, which would have killed him if he weren't an Edo Tensei zombie.
  • Why Tobi hates being betrayed? Because Kakashi failed to protect Rin, which is the last promise Obito made with him. This equals betrayal to Obito, as Kakashi "betrayed" his last promise. That's why.
  • Another related to Tobi. In chapter 602 it is revealed that the massive chamber which contains both the Gedo Mazo and the Hashirama tree is a creation of Real!Madara. While Obito may have expanded his hideout from there, it is still the place where he fell after being crushed by the rocks. In other words, he has been unable to move past that incident mentally or physically after all this time.
  • Why didn't Kakashi use the Mangekyo Sharingan if he had it since he was a kid? Because it probably would have killed him just using it once and he had no idea what it was. Think about during the Wave Arc how it wiped him out to use the Sharigan for a few minutes. The drain from Mangekyo would have certainly killed him if he tried to use it in combat without the proper reserves. Plus since Mangekyo is a dark secret of the Uchiha clan, it is very likely that Kakashi didn't know WHY his Sharigan had a second form until he fought Itachi Pre-Time Skip. Once he knew what it was he spent the next years getting to a place where it wouldnt' be dangerous to him to use it and figure out what the heck it did in the first place.
  • Neji's Heroic Sacrifice is a large step for him, not only in that he's giving his life for a member of the main family, but in that he's giving his life at all. After Lee's fight against Gaara, in which Lee's defeat and potential crippling were the result of the drawbacks of the Eight Gates techniques, Neji thinks to himself that a pawn who can only advance by sacrificing itself can never succeed. Here, not only does he shield Naruto and Hinata with his body, but he also reminds Naruto that his and Hinata's willingness to die for him are reasons he shouldn't give up.
    Neji: Father... I finally understand... the freedom of being able to choose your death... to protect your comrades.
    • Why did Neji die of all the characters? Because he's the only ninja from Konoha in Naruto's class that became a Jonin during the timeskip! He has already gotten the highest rank he ever wanted!
  • Hinata seems to be taking in Naruto's Biju Mode Aura in chapter 615, looking like she's powering up from the chakra. Why is this? Since Hyuga have two Kekkei Genkai as explained in Part I, the Hyuga have the Byakugan to see Tenketsu, the body's internal organs, and vast distances, but for Jyuken they need their secondary Kekkei Genkai which enables them to control every tenketsu in their body all at once and expel chakra from it. Now...whose to say the reverse isn't true, what if this Kekkei Genkai allows them to absorb another person's chakra and add it to their own. So Hinata may get a permanent power up after absorbing Naruto's Biju Mode chakra, possibly gaining her own Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode. Note, the effect was different than Kurama supercharging Kakashi since there was no visible effects as we can see here, which means that he only got a set amount of chakra he couldn't keep. Hinata though seems to be taking it in in this panel, since her hair is levitating and the chakra's surrounding her.
  • Obito Uchiha's goals have gone through Motive Decay ever since he became Tobi. At first, he wanted to bring everybody into a perfect world, but over the years, he seems to talk more and more about wiping the world out entirely. Remember how Naruto used to go through personality changes whenever the Ninetails chakra took over? What if Tobi's Motive Decay is a result of his contact with Ten Tails chakra? We know for a fact that he can't control that thing perfectly. Plus, even before the Ten Tails was reborn, he was still in contact with its chakra via the Heretic Statue.
  • For those of you who believe Kishimoto was actually intending on Hinata being Naruto's love interest from the beginning, there's one interesting point that supports this: at the start of the series, Naruto was loud, brash, obnoxious, full of himself, not nearly as good as he thought he was and honestly rather dumb, a perfect example of an Idiot Hero. As a result, pretty much no-one in Konoha thought anything of him or his abilities, Kyuubi aside. But he was still the protagonist of the series so we the readers got to see his good points- his courage, determination, loyalty, perserverence, stubbornness and refusal to quit in the face of adversity. These are the very same traits that Hinata always admired him for. In a sense, Hinata was the only character in the entire series perceptive enough to appreciate Naruto's good points the same way the reader is meant to, which is why she's the only character in his age group who accepts him from the beginning.
  • A lot of people were surprised at Hashirama's goofy personality, but Kishimoto was telling us the entire time through Zetsu. The serious black Zetsu has Madara's will and the goofy, fun loving white side has Hashirama's.
    • Also, the fact that while black Zetsu and white Zetsu may bicker, they do seem to get along well enough, and then a few chapters later we see that Hashirama and Madara started out as friends.
  • Just before the timeskip, Jiraiya informs Naruto that he is safe from the Akatsuki for about three years, but with no reason why. In the latest chapter, it is revealed that when Kakashi killed Rin, she was the jinchuriki for Sanbi, the three tails. It's been stated before that when a jinchuriki dies, the tailed beast within dies too but will be revived after a long period of time. Sanbi may not have been revived until near the end of the timeskip, so there was no point for the Akatsuki to risk capturing the other tailed beasts yet when they would still be one short.
    • Then how do you explain Tobi manipulating Yagura who possessed the Three Tails?
      • Sure, and Yagura was dead before the story started. The Bloody Mist was no longer bloody during the Land of Waves Arc.
      • There's a really great Fridge Brilliance up higher on the page for this. It's because he holds the Sanbi responsible for Rin's death.
  • Why are there personality swaps in Road to Ninja? Because it's a test-run of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and Obito wants to swap Rin's personality with one more to his liking.
  • Why was Naruto able to transform into Sage Mode while running when it requires stillness? Because constant velocity motion is the same as stillness. The key is that the motion must be perfectly fluid, not subject to any bursts of speed, breaking or turns.
  • Nagato's poor reaction to Yahiko's death always seemed a bit over-dramatic to me, but then Kishi revealed two important facts and suddenly it all made sense. The Rinnegan is a natural evolution of the Sharingan and that the Uchiha clan suffers from a Love Makes You Crazy syndrome. Almost all of the Uchiha we've seen went insane because they lost a loved one. Nagato lost Yahiko and his Rinnegan responded to that loss just like a Sharingan.
  • Kakashi's deplorable teaching method (or lack thereof rather) of letting his students figure things out without ever actually instructing them bothered me for years. Then it hit me: Kakashi is an inversion of the saying, "Those who can't do, teach." He was already a Jounin at the same age his students graduated. Most likely, he simply doesn't understand how someone could struggle with concepts he easily understands. For example, when Naruto begs Kakashi to teach him the Chidori, Kakashi gives an instruction along the lines of "Concentrate your chakra in your hand." He doesn't go beyond that because to him that's plenty of instruction.
    • A Real World example would be mathematical geniuses. They can't explain how to solve an equation because they solve it near instantly with a glance.
    • This illustrates a problem Naruto had throughout Part I. Even though he had a tremendous amount of natural talent and the most potential out of his entire class, he had never been properly taught. He had no difficulty learning to make Shadow Clones, but he struggled with the basics because nobody diagnosed his problems and took the time to teach him how to overcome them. Ironically, this indirectly led to Sasuke's defection, because he didn't realize that Naruto completely eclipsed him in terms of raw power the whole time, so he shouldn't be measuring himself against Naruto.
  • This came to me while I was talking about revenge. I was told that "an eye for an eye..." (translation: revenge) "... makes the whole world go blind." So Sasuke, who is an Uchiha, causes "blindness", a side-effect of Sharingan...
  • The databooks say that Orochimaru's favorite food is eggs, while his least favorite is anything cold. There are several species of snakes that eat eggs, and a snake cannot function in cold temperatures.
  • The words of The Sage of Six Paths regarding one with no power relying on friends vs one with power standing alone reflects on Gaara and Tobi just as much as on Sasuke. The real difference between Naruto and Gaara in the beginning was their power levels. Gaara's invincibility and power made others afraid of him which is why he was alone. Because of his sand powers, he could take out his rage and frustration on people around him. Naruto on the other hand, had no real power back then. People hated him, but didn't fear him and he couldn't do anything about it but to keep on struggling to get acceptance. Because he had no power, he had no choice but to keep looking for friends. As for Obito, he was only able to pull his one man attempt to subjugate the world because of his new abilities. Without them, his Moon's Eye Plan would have been impossible and in fact he still needed the help of the Akatsuki to get most of the Bijuu.
  • The Hyuuga are taijutsu masters, and while they can use ninjutsu, they almost never do. Why? Because the Byakugan itself predates ninjutsu. As a result, they use techniques that not only predate ninjutsu, but have the ability to disable it, because they have known it from the beginning.
  • Some people say that Kaguya's existence is an Ass Pull, but in fact, she has been foreshadowed since the Chuunin Exams. Kakashi gave an introduction to the Byakugan by saying, "It is said that the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan." We now know this to be true: Kaguya developed the Sharingan and the Rinnegan from the Byakugan.
  • The revelation that the original Tailed Beast is actually the World Tree explains why Hashirama could handle Tailed Beasts relatively easily. Manipulating trees is his specialty, and all of the Tailed Beasts are the offspring of a tree.
  • For as much of a threat that Kaguya is, it makes perfect sense why she is being pummeled by Naruto. Without Black Zetsu giving her advice, Kaguya has no experience in an actual fight ever since Hagoromo and Hamura sealed her. She may be theoretically all powerful, but she has no clue how to actually use that power effectively.
  • Obito appears in his 13-year-old form in the afterlife because that's the last time he was entirely Obito. He's been part Zetsu ever since getting crushed by that rock.
  • Naruto's strategy for landing a hit on Kaguya is exactly the same one he used during his fight with Neji for the Chunin Exam, (Which also was the first time he used this). He creates a clone that he tricks his opponent thinking that it's the real one, and both times its against a Byakugan user.
  • During the Infinite Tsukiyomi Arc, Karin gets impaled by Zetsu. Suigetsu defends her with "Double Barrels" - using his fingers as water pistols, he blasts Zetsu's head off. When he first met Sasuke, he held a finger-gun to his head!
  • Several instances in the manga demonstrate ninja like Kakashi, Danzo and C (after visiting Konoha) having intel on the Mangekyō Sharingan and it's jutsu like Amaterasu (what it looks like, etc). Strange because these ninja would probably never have seen a Mangekyō first hand before, but Itachi being loyal to Konoha would have been required to leave behind all the information on his jutsu before departing from the village after the Uchiha Massacre.
  • For quite a while after certain revelations regarding the fate of Rin, I was baffled and trying to reconcile how the Three-Tails could have been sealed inside of her. [[Conservation of Detail]] would tell us that, since we see Rin die in Obito and Kakashi's flashbacks, the Sanbi must have been roaming free because it had regenerated from dying with Rin.
    • Therefore one would be forced to assume that Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, died before Naruto was even born. But, then... when did Mei become Mizukage? We know that she's the Fifth, and she doesn't look like she's much older than Guy or Kakashi, so it seemed to me like this revelation shot the timeline all to hell...
    • ... until, just recently, I remembered what Haku said about his homeland being wracked by civil war before he was even born. And then it hit me: Mei did not directly succeed Yagura. His death left a power vacuum in the Hidden Mist, and presumably two or more different people tried to lay claim on the Mizukage title, leading to the civil wars in which shinobi with kekkei genkai were used to such an extent by the varying sides that the citizens of the Land of Water began to hate and fear bloodline-bearing shinobi as monsters or living weapons.
    • Which also adds an extra layer of awesome to Mei's character when you think about it — a woman with two distinct bloodline limits presumably played a big enough part in ending the civil wars as to be accepted by the people/council/ninja of the Mist as the Fifth Mizukage. The same civil wars that caused ninja with kekkei genkai to be feared to such an extent that people would try to lynch a small child just for being born with one.

    Fridge Horror 
  • After all that he’s done and all of the people that have been killed as a result of his actions even if by some miracle the Kohona forgives Sasuke it is highly unlikely that the other villages will meaning that even if the heroes do defeat Madara another ninja war is right round the corner.
    • Then there is the fact that they still have the land of iron to deal with.
  • This is a bit of fridge horror: Orochimaru is sealed away by the Totsuka Sword, which is wielded by Itachi's Susanoo, and it is said to trap souls into a eternity of drunken-dreams. So far as we know he cannot escape. But when Itachi dies, Susanoo subsequently disappates away, presumably with the sword. Because Susanoo possesses the Totsuki Sword, and assuming it disappeared as well, does Orochimaru die as well? Or remained sealed for eternity with no hopes of escape? Or is he simply just wiped from existance?
    • If he's in a drunken state, he probably wouldn't care.
    • Orochimaru has not been revived by Kabuto, implying his soul is in fact still sealed away.
      • Of course, Kabuto has already enslaved a large part of Orochimaru's chakra, so it may not be the best idea to bring him back, especially considering what happened with Itachi.
    • The sword still exists within Itachi's Mangekyou. He used it to seal Nagato after being revived.
    • Subverted now that Sasuke has pulled a revived Orochimaru out of Anko's Curse Seal.
  • This entire show is an example of Fridge Horror. Its a story about a group of secretive military villages that indoctrinate and train children to kill each other in a Forever War, with fart jokes.
    • Cue Fridge Brilliance. Naruto's quest for peace will involve ending this cycle by teaching the villages and nations that hate and war doesn't work. For that reason, not only will Kabuchimaru and Madara both lose out in the end as Big Bads typically do, but, here's the part that isn't already guaranteed canon - Naruto will inevitably save Sasuke and prove the second son of the sage right as part of the Grand Finale of the Fourth Shinobi World War. The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue will for this reason see a much more stable relationship between the nations, and ninja traditions will keep strong initially but end up phasing out over time as a period of harmony envelops the world.
      • With fart jokes, hopefully.
  • Naruto can go into this occasionally, but one of the best examples happened when Danzo loses control of the 1st Hokage's cells in his arm that were letting him use wood releases, his arm grows into a tree and nearly absorbs him into it before he rips it off to get away. Now consider how the fifty infants Orochimaru did the same thing to probably died. It'd only be worse if there was a small grove of little trees somewhere in Orochimaru's lab.
    • Well yeah, it was explicitly shown that there were 59 little trees sprouting from beds in Orochimaru's lab. The only one to succeed was Yamato.
  • Akatsuki wants to get the Tailed Beasts, most of which are sealed in human hosts. They need to be sealed in order (or at least have the 9-tails sealed last), but they may still end up capturing a host/beast long before they're supposed to be sealed. When Kisame and Itachi nearly captured Naruto, Kisame mentions cutting off Naruto's limbs so he can't get away and they hadn't sealed any of the beasts by then, which implies that if Jiraiya hadn't saved him, Naruto would have spent years suffering in holding before being killed (and this may have happened to some of the other hosts).
    • Objection: when the Akatsuki of to seal Gaara (One Tail) there are already two beasts sealed away. But it's not until after Shukaku is sealed that we see 2, 3, and 4 tails captured, so at the minimum Akatsuki would have already sealed 5 and 6 Tails before anything else.
    • Objection: The six tails was the last to be captured- as Utakata was captured by Pain/Nagato right before the invasion. The 7 tails was the one sealed along with the 5 tails.
  • Sasori is a Marionette Master whose puppets are made out of people, and Sasori describes in graphic detail to Sakura and Chiyo how he goes about making his puppets. Continued thought on the subject of Sasori leads to even more horror when one considers the types of procedures that must have been involved when he turned himself into a puppet.
  • Both fridge horror and kind of sad: the Greatest Puppeteer's life ended. And he became a puppet himself, controlled by another puppeteer. He started out a great puppeteer, and ended up another's puppet (literally).
  • More puppet fridge horror: Just imagine what Kankuro has to clean out of Kuroari every time he uses that Iron Maiden technique.
    • Though judging by his reaction to that revelation, that seems to have appealed to his sense of artistry. Unlike Deidara, he prefers to create art that lasts forever.
  • Shino and the other members of his clan are human insect hives. If you think about it that, with the expendable manner the insects are in use and their short lifespan, they have to be continuously mating inside his body (this is actually made explicit in the anime and he even has a technique which makes them mate faster).
  • Pain's plan to build a nation-killing superweapon. It's not the weapon itself that causes the fridge horror, but what he intends to do with it. He plans to nuke hidden villages to scare everybody into laying down their arms — fine so far, albeit a bit on the crazy side. What makes it horrifying is the next aspect — he expects that this is not a permanent solution to war, but only one that will last until people forget how horrible this weapon is, at which point nations will once again wage war and use this weapon on each other. Hey Kishimoto, how long has it been since the Nagasaki bombing?
  • The Sharingan itself. The idea is that when using it, you can instantly memorize pretty much anything, such as jutsus in the middle of a fight. Most likely, you'd only use the Sharingan in battle. It stands to reason that at some point, a veteran Uchiha would have seen a friend or close relative die in combat. That Uchiha would remember how that person died, in perfect detail, for the rest of his or her life. As you age, some memories start to fade. Instead of remembering when let's say, Cousin Ichijou managed to paint the cat pink, you'd recall the moment a kunai split her head in two. At some point in old age, all you would remember is violence and the deaths of your loved ones. Now consider just how many battles Madara had fought in...
    • Fridge Brilliance: That's why Itachi never turns off the Sharingan after the Uchiha massacre. That way, all memories are once again equal. Not that he has many nice ones after that point...
    • More Sharingan Fridge Horror as of chapter 619. According to the revived Tobirama, the moment an Uchiha begins to know friendship and positive emotions, they also begin to suffer from hatred so powerful that it drives them to literal insanity. It is so severe that he likens it to a genetic disease, and the first symptom of it is the basic Sharingan. All those Uchiha who were so excited about awakening their Sharingan (looking at you, Obito) were simply in the grip of the disease's first stage...
    • On a side note, no fully matured Sharingan wielder had ever lost a fight outside a flashback.
  • Itachi and Madara given the revelation about the Sharingan in chapter 619, both had only two major differences. First is that Madara was born before villages existed and could only give his undying love towards his clan whereas Itachi's undying love was directed to all of Konoha. The second difference is that Izuna died whereas Sasuke survived during their elder brother's lifetime, had Sasuke died at the hands of Konoha, Itachi could have jumped off the slippery slope and become a villain as bad as or worse than Madara.
    • Becomes a total tear jerker once you realize Itachi knew about the curse of hatred and that he was fully aware he would become a monster if anything happened to his brother, not only he loved Sasuke above all else but he was also fully aware of his role in keeping his own sanity in place.
  • When Rock Lee gets intoxicated he proceeds to lay the smackdown on everyone around him. Let's hope that if he gets married and has children he doesn't go anywhere near alcohol.
  • Kabuto has brought about a low level Zombie Apocalypse by using a technique that allows him to sacrifice a living person to revive a dead one. Recent chapters reveal that he has done this dozens, if not hundreds of times...
  • Jinchuuriki are usually related to the reigning Kage of the village. Extracting their bijuu kills a jinchuuriki. To prevent the bijuu from escaping, the Kages must periodically transfer them to new hosts. Which means that on multiple occasions, the ruler of a village has likely ordered the death of their own blood to reseal a demon into another member of their family who will suffer the same fate.
    • On a related note, that makes Minato and Kushina sealing the Nine Tails into Naruto both Fridge Horror and Fridge Tearjerker and explains another part of why she was so upset. Not only would Naruto suffer the hatred and mistreatment of the rest of the village, he is also ensured to never die a natural death.
  • Orochimaru's curse seal has a 9 in 10 mortality rate. Sasuke is lucky because of "Plot Armor", but when he defected from Orochimaru and went to free the originator of the seal, he finds hundreds of young people who also have the seal. Considering 90 percent of people die from the procedure, the people we see is only a fraction of the people Orochimaru experimented on, the rest being dead. Try painting Orochimaru in a positive light now.
    • Challenge accepted: Orochimaru may have developed the Cursed Seal by doing experiments on war prisoners (he was still in Konoha during the Third War, so there were plenty) and brigands (who in the past were usually killed on the spot or executed in some creative ways. In this case, the creative way would have been Orochimaru's experiments to dope all Konoha shinobi better than the Akimichi did to themselves), and determined that only ten percent of the population have the right whatever it takes to survive. Knowing what said whatever was, it's easy to implant it only on selected people who he knows can survive, like Anko, Sasuke and all those hundreds of young people...
  • When Konoha is destroyed by Pain's Almighty Push, he later revives everyone who died, but Konoha is still destroyed. This means thousands of people are living in a crater with a population density of a city, but with no running water, electricity or any other kind of infrastructure. It's like Hurricane Katrina without the deaths.
    • However, it was shown that Yamato can quickly build a house using Mokuton (although it does exhaust him). Add to that all other things ninja can do with ninjutsu (for example, providing said water/electricity), and while Konoha still needs reconstruction, at least it is possible to live here.
  • If you think carefully, the Sharingan might have been born from The Ten Tails, a demon monster. That means Uchiha might have inherited demon blood and are more sensitive to negative feelings.
  • The reason that The Uchiha Madara brought back using Edo Tensei was simply to turn him into a Villain Sue.
  • Kishimoto's favorite female characters are Tenten and Anko. Plot importance, well Anko's curse seal was used to bring back Orochimaru. Manga panels, Anko disappeared for nearly six years and Tenten has never had an onscreen battle.
  • When you see Tobi has all those Sharingan in his possession, you wonder if he somehow managed to make genetic clones of the eyes and grow them from scratch... or did he pilfer them in the aftermath of the Uchiha Massacre somehow?
    • If he could grow them, he wouldn't have bothered amassing so many. . . They are almost certainly "authentic".
  • With the power of Edo Tensei, there is a high chance that Kabuto could revive Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha and pit them against Sasuke in hopes of breaking him, as in "I can't hurt my loved ones." Worse, he could torture either one of them and destroy Sasuke's resolve- especially if he attacked his mother. However... if the jutsu fails to bring them back... guess who's still alive? Which means Itachi spared his family and cast a genjutsu to fool Sasuke so long ago. But is this idea just an idea that's been overlooked? Time will tell...
  • Way back in episode three, Sakura telling Sasuke that Naruto is a jerk because he never had parents. Bad enough that Sasuke heard this, but if Naruto, who was impersonating him at the time, heard this, who knows what that would do to him?
  • The Allied Shinobi Forces could not possibly have been recruited just from the regular ninja of the five main villages plus some samurai and minor villages. There are just too many people to all be regulars. That means a majority of them are either reservists or conscripts. Half of them die in the first day of combat. They were expected to take massive casualties and serve as a meat shield against the Akatsuki's numerically superior force. Worse: Tsunade and Garra clearly are not callous enough to send tens of thousands of reservists and draftees to their deaths if there were a viable alternative. They simply had no choice but to recruit tens of thousands of rookies for pitched combat and hope that they could each take a Zetsu clone or two down before dying.
    • The Major Ninja villages have to have at least 10,000 shinobi per village to maintain the status quo. Kumo and Iwa have the largest military's, somewhere around 18,000-20,000 active shinobi. Konoha has the largest population, and an above average military force: so 14,000-16,000 active shinobi just from Konoha alone. Suna and Kiri have the smallest military force, between 10,000-12,000 standing shinobi. So its quite easy for them to get 80,000 shinobi without dipping into their child genin reserves or retired shinobi.
  • Remember Pain stabbing Hinata? It was bad enough that it was completely unnecessary and only done to inflict psychological trauma to Naruto by making him watch. Then you realize that Nagato knows nothing about Naruto except what he's learned from Naruto's battles with the Akatsuki. Based on that, he probably assumed Hinata was Naruto's girlfriend.
    • What this troper finds odd, however, is that since Kishimoto played on important character's deaths knowing that Nagato would bring them all back to life, why didn't she simply kill Hinata there too. Hinata's death would've been an excellent opportunity for making this arc even more emotional and thus the revival of the entire village wouldn't have seemed so mundane. The fact that Kishimoto only killed off characters that weren't necessarily vital or largely important with the exception of Kakashi made it seem that much more pointless.
      • Probably because, regardless of whether Nagato revived everyone or not, there would have been an epic reader revolt if Naruto had been perceived as forgiving Nagato for Hinata's murder.
      • Despite Pain being referred to already as being able to raise the dead, Kishimoto probably didn't want us to predict that Nagato would really revive everyone. If Hinata had been killed, everyone would have been seeing that coming miles away.
      • Many people were already predicting some kind of revival because Kakashi died. (Though this was partly due to denial as well.) I think Kishi was just saving the younger deaths for the actual war arc...
  • Road to Ninja Premise: if Sakura's counterpart from the Road to Ninja world was brought over to the canon world, one would expect that Naruto's was as well (perhaps at a different time). Now consider that it wouldn't be immediately obvious to him that something weird is going on, until he did something that could cause a lot of trouble (going to the wrong house, sexually aggressive behavior toward Hinata, messing with Shino's bugs, etc.). If that happened, Naruto would be stuck dealing with the aftermath later for something he didn't do.
  • The reason the leaders of the villages allowed the cruelty to the jinchuriki when they should have been trying to ensure their loyalty? They probably decided that the tailed beasts were more trouble than they were worth and tried to goad the jinchuriki into suicide, also killing the beast.
  • The fact that Tobi is Obito in the first place:
    • First off, that means that Minato's own student attempted to killed him, his wife, and UTTERLY RUINED his child's life. What's more everthing bad that Tobi caused was all rooted from Obito saving Kakashi from that boulder. In short everything is Kakashi's fault!
    • And one of the reasons why he's doing all of this? Because Kakashi killed Rin. Combined with Obito saving Kakashi from that boulder, it's safe to say that this is all Kakashi's fault! You. Had. One. Job. KAKASHI. To make up what you've caused!
    • Actually, it's Obito's own fault. Kakashi lost his eye protecting him earlier on, which is why he didn't see the boulder and needed saving in the first place. All of which happened because Obito broke the Shinobi code. Morally he was right to do that of course, but that makes no difference since Rin was doomed anyway. And we don't know exactly why Kakashi killed her, so it's pretty harsh to say it's all his fault.
      • The Reveal points out it's neither's fault, and while it seems to be Rin's at first glance (for forcing Kakashi to kill her) all the "real blame" can be placed squarely on the enemy ninja who put the three of them through all of those hardships in the first place.
    • Remember, out of EVERYONE who relates to Naruto (Haku, Gaara, Nagato, Sasuke, and Obito) Obito Uchiha is the STRONGEST parallel to Naruto Uzumaki. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN IF HE PULLS A FACE HEEL TURN!?
    • Taking how Tobi became... well... Tobi into considering, it becomes really scary when you recall the Invasion of Pain arc... Had Pain actually killed Hinata and not faked it or even did it with the plan if bringing her back, or if Minato didn't snap Naruto out of his rage, we would have had Naruto become just like Tobi!
    • It very nearly did happen, and almost in the exact same scenario. Remember when Team 7 briefly reunited/confronted each other after Sasuke killed Danzou? Sasuke (parallel to Kakashi) was about to kill Sakura (Rin) with a Chidori no less mere moments before Naruto (Obito) arrived and saved her. Think how earily similar it would've been to Obito's start of darkness had Naruto just been a moment too late and saw Sakura, his crush, be killed by his best friend. For added bonus, both Kakashi and Tobi/Obito were watching the whole thing play out and MUST have felt the parallel too.
  • Naruto's childhood. For as long as he can remember, he's been not only alone, but actively isolated and ostracized by the people of Konoha, and never being told why. Imagine being ostracized and isolated by everyone around you for as long as you can remember, and worse never knowing WHY you're treated this way.
    • It's made even more horrifying in Road To Ninja. When Sakura was in the same situation and is regarded as the child of a hero. This leads you to question, Was it because of Naruto status as a Jinchuriki kept his parents' name, a secret.
  • In the latest chapter we learn Madara implanted his real eyes into Nagato without him knowing. Thus confirming what Tobi told Konan. But that begs the question, WHERE DID HE GET THOSE NEW EYES?!
    • What about the fact that he basically performed eye surgery on a little kid without anyone noticing?
  • It's fairly obvious that Itachi set everything up so Sasuke would get the Mangekyo, then kill him and take his eyes to get the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan so that he could kill Tobi. When that failed due to Sasuke not having the Mangekyo and being on the verge of passing out, Itachi sealed an Amaterasu into Sasuke that would be activated upon seeing Tobi's Sharingan in the hopes of killing him. Knowing what we now know about Tobi, it raises concerns about what would have happened if the Konoha ninja (namely Kakashi) had found Sasuke before Tobi did.
  • About midway through Part One, we're told that the Seal that keeps the Kyuubi/Kurama contained inside Naruto is constantly siphoning off a small amount of it's chakra and is mixing it with Naruto's all the time, granting him accelerated healing and larger chakra reserves. Flash forward to Part Two, look at what using too much does to him. Stop. Think about it. Imagine what that stuff's been doing to him for his entire life.
  • 622 shows that both Madara and Hashirama had more siblings than any of the "modern" age characters do. The apparently higher birthrates of the Warring Clans era seems to be largely a consequence of the large number of children that died during that time.
  • Kakuzu uses Earth Grudge Fear to rip out peoples hearts, which in addition to granting lifespan and elemental affinities is stated to increase his chakra. Chakra is made up of physical and spiritual energy. He's quite possibly trapping people's souls in their own hearts!
    • Which might explain how he could make those puppets with the hearts, in which case he was also enslaving their souls.
  • Road to Ninja: Jiraya is killed by the masked man at the beggining of the movie after retrieving the Red Moon Scroll. We later find out said masked man is actually Menma, who is Naruto's AU counterpart, which means that even in the world of dreams Jiraya still ends up killed by one of his own students. Poor man never gets it right...
  • Kabuto stating that even if he died, the zombies wouldn't vanish, meaning that there are possibly immortal ninjas still running around because some summoner didn't banish them before dying.
  • Remember that Tobi had the Gedo Mazou eat the Amber Purifying Pot and Crimson Gourd with Ginkaku and Kinkaku sealed inside since they possessed Kurama's chakra? Samui and Atsui were still sealed inside from their battle against the Gold Silver Brothers when the Crimson Gourd was fed to the Gedo Mazou...
  • Obito is able to bypass Edo Tensei immortality. Two chapters before Tobirama figured it out, Obito blew up Hiruzen's whole upper half. Meaning Hiruzen was killed again, in a pretty brutal fashion. Ouch...
    • He only displayed that when he regained conscious control over his own body. The [semi]mindless Obito plowed through Tobirama and a wood clone with the same weapons- and Sasuke's susanoo wasn't quite destroyed by it either. So Hizruzen has a better chance of regenerating as the ninjutsu nullifying was only in that second [conscious] state so far, albeit taking that much longer.
    • Annotation to the above point of the delayed regeneration! Hiruzen pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment to save Naruto from the God Tree
  • In the Road to Ninja movie, one had to wonder why Sakura's parents were dead. Sure, you could say that Obito caught onto her childish wish and decided to throw in that detail, but if the episode building up to this it is anything to go off of, it was also a desire of Naruto's. Although Naruto did not want to admit it, deep down he wanted Sakura to learn just how painful being alone like he was truly was. As much as he loves Sakura, he *wanted* her to suffer.
    • Then explain Stupid!Shikamaru and Cat Boy!Kiba.
      • Naruto views Shikamaru's genius and Kiba's love of dogs to be a bit obnoxious. Basically, he wanted Shikamaru and Kiba to be toned down a bit. Additionally, he wanted Choji to be a bit smarter and less of a pig, Hinata to be more confident, Neji to lighten up a little. Given this is the genjutsu world, all of what Naruto wanted got pushed to their logical extremes. Hence Stupid!Shikamaru, Cat Boy!Kiba, Fit!Choji, Perv!Neji, and Agressive!Hinata.
  • Minato's existence has become the living definition of Adult Fear.As a teacher he lost two of his students because he was busy with other missions and on the day his son is born his wife is kidnapped and put on a timed death sentece because a masked lunatic ripped a spiritual behemoth out of her and used it to try and destroy his son, his wife and his village forcing him to sacrifice himself and his dying wife so that their son could use the half of that behemoth placed on him to stop the masked man and bring peace, that sucks right? Cue 17 years later when he is revived on his son's birthday only to discover the masked lunatic was one of the students he failed to save who went evil because of the other one who died, then the son he and his wife sacrificed themselves to protect and empower is brought to him on a timed death sentence because said half of the spiritual behemoth he had sealed in him got ripped off by the man behind his student turned masked lunatic and when he tries to save him the way he couldn't with his wife his only chance is stolen by an evil minion who had previously hijacked the body of his student turned evil for the sake of forcing him to fight and keep Minato busy while his loved ones again died away, shoot the shaggy dog much? How much more Minato can take before snapping into a Heroic BSOD?
  • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance. Why does Gaara turn into a sociopath when his uncle tries to kill him? Sure, you could say it was due to traumatization but when you really think about it, it becomes even more depressing and horrifying because the real reason that Gaara turned into a sociopath instead of just a loner was because throughout his entire life he's known nothing but killing people! Whenever he would try to be friendly to someone, he'd end up losing control of his emotions and his sand would hurt them. He thought his uncle loved him but then his uncle betrays him at the orders of his father but back then Gaara didn't know that. He's accidentally and purposefully killed people before and almost killed his uncle who then died right in front of him! So the real reason that Gaara turned into a sociopathic murderer was because the only thing he's really known is killing people... That and the Shukaku's influence.
  • Dark Naruto. The cheerful, ditzy persona Naruto affects covers up 16 years worth of suppressed rage and hatred towards the people of Konoha, which he only acknowledged when comparing himself to Part I Gaara and Part II Sasuke. Now, imagine how different the series would have been if Iruka had sided with Mizuki at the beginning...

    Fridge Logic 
  • For the vast majority of the series it was assumed that if Naruto dies while the Ninetails is inside him, the Ninetails will die too. Eventually it's revealed that this is not the case, and the Ninetails would simply be revived, presumably without a host. And the Ninetails knew this. This raises a lot of questions as to why the Ninetails, who despised Naruto for a very long time, would make any attempt at saving his life by giving him his chakra so many times rather than just let him die. The only plausible explanation is that the Ninetails probably just figured he'd end up getting sealed again anyway, except that creates another plot hole as to why the Ninetails has tried so many times to escape his seal and take over Naruto's body.
    • Exactly. If the Kyuubi were to escape, it would just be sealed again, but if it can take control of its host's body, what are they going to do? Seal it? It's already sealed in its new puppet. Its best chance at getting free was to take over Naruto's body.
      • I think there's a way out of this so called plothole... We don't know if the current Kyuubi and the "revived" Biju would have the same personality. If Kyuubi dies, his personality and his memories could be lost. If that's the case, he could be an easy victim to shinobi (especially those with the sharingan), who would seal him again or enslave his mind. The shinobi of Sunagakure wanted to kill Gaara (maybe for this reason?), but soon realized that Shukaku had too much control over Gaara's body and wouldn't let his host die so easily. Kyuubi trying to escape his seal is only natural, since escaping the seal with your memories is a better choice than escaping without them.
      • The problem with that theory is that three tailed died and was revived. He remembers the Sage of Six Path very well.
  • There's one thing in part 1 that always bothered me. Namely, the fact that, canonically speaking, Lee was never able to beat Neji. Watch Neji's fights with Hinata and Naruto, and then watch Lee's fight with Gaara. While yes, Neji is skilled, but Lee was moving fast enough to run circles around him WITHOUT releasing his weights. So given how many orders of magnitude of superior strength and speed Lee has... how is it that Neji beat him EVERY SINGLE TIME?! Sounds like Informed Ability to me!
    • Lee trained to that level specifically he could beat Neji, and even said he'd been saving it for a rematch but had to use it against Gaara to win without dying.
    • Some techniques Hyuuga are capable of wrecking havoc on people specializing in melee combat. And even if Lee was that fast, all Neji needed was 1 lucky hit; combine that with just his Heavenly Spin, which would damage Lee more the stronger he tried to attack, and the only ways for Lee to defeat Neji are to either play the endurance card with weak, quick attacks (it's not his style, it's risky since 1 hit from Neji would still be enough, and Lee wouldn't want to defeat his rival without getting serious), or to train until he would be capable of breaking through Neji's defences without getting killed from the backslash and able to evade all of his attacks with sheer speed. So, rather than an example of Informed Ability, it is one of rivals making us stronger.
    • Lee was also forbidden by Gai from releasing his weights or using the 5 gates that he could open unless it was a situation where he absolutely had to protect people important to him. Considering how Lee is and how important Gai's respect is for him, he would not use those abilities in a simple Grudge Match unless he got a permission. Also look at Neji's reaction to both Lee's true speed and the gates. It's clear that Neji didn't actually have a clue as to Lee's true skill level. Also since Lee never fought Neji going all out, he didn't know that he had actually surpassed his rival a long time ago. That is why it is so ironic though, that Neji made Jounin during the time-skip because he is more well rounded than Lee can ever be. Half of Neji's moves are considered to be Ninjutsu rather than Taijutsu and he is also very efficient at breaking Genjutsu due to his Byakugan. Full Jonin need to be versatile in all aspects of the ninja arts. Lee on the other hand can only use Taijutsu, meaning that other than being made a Hokage for some reason, the highest rank Lee can ever gain is that of a Tokubetsu-Jonin, a ninja who has jonin-level skills on one area and lower or even poor skills on the rest. Tenten too seems to be destined for the rank of Tokubetsu-Jonin because all she ever uses are weapons, weapons and more weapons. She hasn't even been shown using Henge, Bunshin or Kawarimi.
      • Neji was probably surprised at Lee's speed because before that fight he had assumed that Lee was worse than Naruto. To be able to perform 8 Trigrams 64 Palms (instead of the default 32 Palms) Neji would have to be faster than Lee. Also, in the same arc, Might Gai actually said (paraphrased) "The Gentle Fist, while not as spectacular as other variations of Taijutsu, is much more deadly." A picture of Rock Lee is actually shown on screen, implying that Neji is still better.
      • Besides that, Lee would not be able to even hit Neji once Neji perfected the Byakugan, giving him better defensive abilities than Gaara.
  • If Lee has a problem with his chakra, how come he's able to do that "water might as well be ground" thing like everyone else?
    • I would presume that he's just moving so damn fast it doesn't matter. That, or he's Christ.
      • Actually no. It's not that Lee can't use chakra at all, it's that he can't mold it. Hand seals mean little or nothing to him. Lee is incapable of shape recomposition or nature recomposition. No elements and no forms. Even something like Rasengan which requires no hand seals also requires the absolute highest level of shape manipulation so it's out of his grasp. But the tree climbing technique and water walking technique both only require simple manipulation of chakra in its basic state. Holding chakra to his feet and releasing it steadily respectively. I wouldn't be surprised if Lee could also use the Body flicker technique as it's just chakra control to the muscles boosting speed. Although in Lee's case that's redundant. It's a fact however that Lee can use chakra, as the Eight Gates are specifically stated when they are first described to use chakra to forcefully override the body's restrictions. But Lee can not alter his chakra into anything other than chakra in its most raw state. But that doesn't preclude him from doing simple things like canceling genjutsu either. And don't underestimate Lee becoming a full Jonin. Though Guy can use ninjutsu, he isn't special at it. He is a Jonin because of his superlative taijutsu and his goal is to make Lee even stronger than him.
  • There is a moment of in-universe fridge horror where the horror is realized by a character in the show. These are hardly ever talked about. When Sasuke defected, he had to perform missions for Orochimaru. One such mission was he had to help Karin stop a prison riot. He ended up saving her and he called her "niisan". That is when she fell in love with him. Much later, Sasuke recruited her much to her happiness, but, if the above theory is incorrect, then he really didn't mind killing her if it meant killing Danzo. When she survived, Sakura showed up and promised to join him, so Sasuke asked Sakura to kill Karin to prove her loyalty. This could be explained by Sasuke's possible motive to call Sakura's bluff, but just before Sakura showed up he was about to finish her off. And what did he say to her right before that? He called her "niisan" and he even had the same look on his face from the time he saved her (doubles for Ironic Echo). From her monologue and her distress- you can see the horror in her eyes-, she realized that Sasuke had changed. However, she could also have considered that maybe Sasuke never gave a damn about her any ways and that he only cared about her abilities. Need I remind that she loved this man?
    • He actually said "see ya" in both instances, nii-san means brother. Even if he was saying nee-san the Japanese equivalent of sister (which is just as valid for some random lady just like gramps works for any old person). Second the first time they met wasn't during a mission for Orochimaru it was way back in the Forest of Death in the Chunin Exam, Karin was a Grass Genin. The cruelty comes from the first time she saw him stand over her and say "see ya" he'd just saved her life. The next time she saw him stand over her and say "see ya" he was seconds away from taking it.
  • When Tobi suppresses the Gobi, and when we later see the Yonbi imprisoned, Tobi uses the same chains that Kushina uses to supress the Kyuubi. Kushina didn't tell us the back-story about the Uzumaki Clan's destruction for nothing; Tobi is an Uzumaki.
    • Actually, Kushina stated her chakra was special and unique, with the chains being the manifestation of that. Which is both why she was chosen as a jinchuuriki and why she was targeted by Kumogakure. Which means that Tobi most likely incorporated her abilities the same way he did to the Senju and Uchiha in order to use Izanagi... which, when you think about it, is a lot worse than Tobi being an Uzumaki.
      • Actually the Gobi said the chains were part of the Rinnegan's Outer Path techniques.
      • Well, the Uzumaki are descended from the Sage of Six Paths right?
      • Let's follow up on that: could Tobi be a direct descendant of the Sage? One of the sons could be alive. Fridge Logic if it's the bad son, Fridge Horror if it's the good son.
      • Tobi most likely will be revealed to have been a clone like Zetsu combining the genes of Madara and Hashirama. Or at least a Zetsu with Madara's body and chakra nature impressed upon it. Remember how he summoned Kurama in Kushina's flashback? We've heard multiple assertions that only Madara could summon the Kyuubi. Is it much of a stretch that Tobi could have somehow imprinted Kushina's "unique" chakra if he is somehow a Zetsu-style clone created by Madara? It might explain why that unnatural white goo oozes out of the stump when Tobi rips off an arm and why he claimed to have lost most of his powers as Madara to the Kage. It would definitely explain Tobi's assertion that he's "no one". Before Naruto's influence, most shinobi had the unfortunate tendency to view themselves as tools, which would in a symbolic way make Tobi the final, ultimate obstacle between the old, grim ninja world and Naruto's plucky new one. We still know regrettably little about the nature of Black Zetsu or whether Tobi's initial "alter ego" was indeed an act and not a split personality of some sort. ~ Syrus
      • Solved. Tobi is Obito, an Uchiha, so technically he is, in fact, a descendant of the sage just not a direct one. Then there was the fact that the other half of his body was grafted with Hashima's cloned cell, which in itself already makes half of him the descendant of the the Sage's good son - then you found out that having both Senju and Uchiha's cell is what needed to receive the Sage's power.
  • Sasukes hatred towards Konoha as a whole often seems unreasonable. But if you think of it: The Elders of Konoha wanted the entire Uchiha-Clan to be extincted, also innocent children who probably didn't know about a rebellion. In Sasuke's mind, it's the best to punish the entire village, regardless if they were involved in the massacre or not. Note that Sasuke's jutsu "Kirin" is named after a mythical creature that punishes evil "an eye for an eye".
  • Neji claimed that fate was unalterable, and that Naruto was a failure, and that he was a genius. In effect, Neji was saying that Naruto was fated to never amount to anything because of what he knew of Naruto. However, we now know that Naruto was born the son of Ninja Jesus, and by the time of the War arc, everyone has accepted him as a hero, and have effectively deferred to him to end the conflict by himself. Neji's spiel about fate was true, it's just that Neji was wrong about Naruto's fate.
    • Neji also points out that it's possible that your efforts may not get you anywhere, but that those who pursue their dreams (like Naruto does) are strong. It's not a 180 degree turn, but Neji has admitted that some of his previous beliefs are wrong.
  • Learning the full extent of Nagato's abilities causes a massive case of Fridge Logic. Namely, why couldn't he have simply brought Yahiko back to life?
    • Not really acknowledged, but it does sort of get explained. When Yahiko died, Nagato barely had any knowledge or control of his powers, certainly not to the extent of raising the dead. Remember, Nagato said that he could bring the people who died in Konoha back to life because he acted fast enough. He couldn't bring back Jiraiya, however, because he'd been dead for too long (and it had only been a few weeks or so) So it's believable that by the time Nagato had mastered his powers to the extent of being able to raise the dead, Yahiko had already crossed the point of no return.
    • This actually sort of brings up another plothole though . The original plan was for Nagato to eventually revive real!Madara. This would be after he had been dead for 16+ years, yet Obito and Madara still expected that he'd be able to do it.
      • The specific condition is if a soul has not yet crossed the threshold between life and death. Kakashi and Sakumo were on the threshold the entire time- talking to each-other. When Kakashi was being revived, Sakumo was finally able to move on. With Madara's body kept in a safe spot, which was why Obito freaked out when Kabuto revealed he got to it, Madara's soul never moved on- he never accepted death and remained in limbo. Yahiko would have died happy knowing (or believing) that Nagato and Konan would get out of there alive, thus he'd move on.
      • Yahiko's suicide/murder convinced Nagato that there could be no lasting peace in this world, because of the innate hate and cruelty in human nature. He knew Yahiko would be greatly distressed by his friend's change of heart and the destruction of their dream, and simply decided to spare him this pain.
  • Why the hell didn't Tobi just grab Naruto himself years ago, before he became powerful enough to challenge his plans? Even if he had to seal the Kyuubi last for his plan to work, he could have just kept Naruto imprisoned until he had the other tailed beasts.
    • Because Hiruzen would have used the Reaper Death Seal against him, rather than let Naruto fall into his hands. That's one thing he couldn't regenerate from, and it's unclear whether he'd be capable of dodging it either.
      • Sure, but he could have just waited until Naruto was outside the village and then snatched him where Sarutobi couldn't interfere. And during the second part of the manga, before he learned Sage Mode, there were several times when Naruto was outside the village without Tsunade or Jiraiya to protect him. Why didn't Tobi grab him then?
      • Because without the other 8 tailed beasts, capturing Naruto is useless to the Akatsuki, and there's plenty of stuff that could go wrong in the interim. There's no way he didn't know Nagato had his own agenda, and why risk a scenario where Nagato could use Naruto to help him overthrow Tobi? As it turns out, Tobi would have been in serious trouble if he had to fight Nagato, Konan and Naruto in short succession, and Nagato would be quite happy to pull a Let's You and Him Fight between Naruto and Tobi.
      • He could have just hid Naruto at a remote location.
    • I thought that it was strange as well, but then I realized that Tobi's master plan was actually to use Naruto to make Sasuke stronger! If he had just kidnapped Naruto when he was just a kid, then Sasuke would never have felt the pressure of Naruto as his rival, which would have never triggered his insecurity complex. Coupled with the fact that Itachi wouldn't have returned to the village looking for him, Sasuke would have never realized how powerless he was. He would have continued to train to surpass Itachi, and have enough faith in his abilities to not have to rely on Orochimaru. Sasuke would have eventually reached the level he did without having to dirty his hands and might have actually managed to take on Naruto's role and be viewed as a hero by Konoha, causing Tobi's plan to have Naruto and Sasuke fight each other to go straight to hell. So he probably decided to leave Naruto in the village as just another part of his Xanatos Gambit without realizing that Naruto might actually become strong enough to be a threat to him.
    • Now that he's revealed to be Obito, there are two possibilities: One, he wants Naruto to suffer from his one-sided love to Sakura like he had for Rin. All so that he can make a point to him that a dream world where he can live his dream life with Sakura is the best option for him. Two, Obito had already unlocked Kamui at the time, but he wouldn't have taken any chances at Kakashi having unlocked it as well. If they fought, Kakashi may have very well figured out his jutsu
      • There's a couple other things to take into account. 1) The last time he tried to take the Nine Tails, half his body got blown up by the Hokage. I don't think it's out of the question that some of the intervening time has been spent recuperating. 2) The second episode of Shippuuden is titled "The Akatsuki Makes Its Move." Presumably to avoid setting off red flags all over the world, the members of the Akatsuki were planning what essentially amounts to a coup. If you take one Jinchuuriki several years before you take the rest, there's a decent chance that someone will figure out what you're up to. Take them all at once and you stand an excellent chance of getting most or all of them before the villages have a chance to get their act together and do something about it.
  • The first chapter states that Naruto has failed the graduation exam at least twice. Shouldn't that mean he's actually older than Rock Lee, Tenten, and Neji? Or did he join the academy earlier? If so, then why don't those three recognize him from their time together in class? Or was he allowed to try the graduation exam earlier? If that's possible, then why didn't Sasuke do the same, so he could start actual ninja training earlier?
    • Naruto is the same age as the other students he graduated with. And yes, he probably did enter the academy early. The most likely explanation is that there's more than one class for each year, owing to another piece of fridge logic. Given the size of the Allied Shinobi forces, there would have to be way more than one class. The army assembled by the Allied Shinobi forces is stated to have eighty thousand people; some of those are samurai from the Land of Iron, but that still leaves a lot of ninja. Call it ten thousand for each of the great hidden villages, which is probably a conservative estimate, since it's unlikely they committed their entire strength; they probably left at least some ninja to defend their villages, and it's mentioned that the younger genin like Konohamaru aren't part of the army. Even assuming that the students in Naruto's class who weren't part of the Rookie Nine eventually became genin, thirty new ninja a year doesn't give anywhere near that kind of numbers. You'd need at least seven classes, and that's assuming none of them die or retire before the age of sixty, which is... unlikely. The actual number is probably much higher. This is most likely a case of Writers Cannot Do Math, but multiple classes per year is still the only possible explanation.
      • The more problematic fact is that all the Academy flashbacks indicate Naruto has always been in that class, or else all the flashbacks are to his last year in the Academy.
    • Couldn't it be that there is more than one pre-genin academy in Konoha? This explains why the 'Rookie Nine' seem unfamiliar with other Konoha genin during the Chunnin Exams, and why you have all of the high profile targets in one class - children form the main branches of all the major clans, and Naruto, the jinchuriki of the nine-tails. It also is an extension of the fact that genin teams, even after being promoted to chunnin often continue to work together. Unfortunately, this doesn't explain people like Sakura, Tenten, or Lee, unless you consider (based on how perfectly well rounded most teams are, and how Naruto's class split evenly into three teams) that perhaps genin teams were being considered years before Academy graduation.
    • You can probably choose to take the final exam early.
    • Actually, there is no specific age limit.
    • When we see Sasuke's report card during his first flashback about Itachi, we see that there are 30 kids in his class and 90 in his school.
    • It was my interpretation that Academy students, outside of war time, are able to graduate at age 9, except if there are extenuating circumstances, like Naruto and Lee failing due to being the dead lasts, or Sasuke and Neji being held back because they weren't stable enough to become Ninjas at those times. As for the others, well lets have a look at who else is in the Konoha 12 for a moment, shall we. First there is Sakura and Ino, both of whom are apart of a large number of girls in the Sasuke Fan-Club, you honestly don't think that they'd pass on graduating in some way or another for a chance to be on Sasuke's team. Then you have Hinata, who is pretty much the same way for Naruto as the others are for Sasuke, plus she may have failed one of the exams, due to her clan's specialisation. Next up you have Kiba, Choji and Shikamaru, both of whom were apart of the slacker quartet, a group that had the lowest grades in the class, to varying degrees, so it's no stretch to assume that they would have failed their exams as well, coupled with the fact that as the children of the heads of their clans, Ino, Shikamaru and Choji would only have graduated together, so if one of them was held back, then all three of them would be held back. Now, while this theory doesn't explain Tenten or Shino, let me ask, has there been any mention of any other kind of school in the Naruto world? This would mean that civilian children would've also gone to the academy as well, and, unless Lee's condition is a pseudo-Kekkei Genkai as it was shown that both Guy and his dad also have this condition then it could be that civilians have poor chakra control/etc just like Lee, and is why they don't become Ninja. But then you get those stubborn few that still try even when they, realistically, shouldn't, except unlike Lee Guy and Dai Tenten, instead of focusing on Taijutsu, honed her weapons skills, yet had better control than Lee. Now if this is the case, then she may not have been the dead last, ie her grades were spectacular, it was just that final exam that kept her from progressing until she did. Which just leaves Shino, to which I present exhibit A): Torune. Ignoring the filler arc that showed Shino and Torune friends when they were growing up, BEFORE he worked for ROOT, Torune is still one of the most prized members of the Aburame clan, and yet NONE of the clan members wondered where the hell he had gone during his ROOT training? I just find it impossible that he wasn't put on guard 24/7 not only because of how rare the bugs he carries are, but also how dangerous, as only his dad has the bugs necessary to counter-act Torune's ones effects. I put it to you dear Tropers that the Aburame clan not only knows of, but is a big supporter of ROOT, because think about it... who, outside an Aburame, nor someone whom has a specific Aburame on their team, would notice the disappearance of an Aburame? Which would mean that Shino was placed in that class by Danzo, so as to not only keep an eye on Naruto, but also an eye on each of the clan children there as well, because that boy is a genius, and if it merely required A clone technique, and not necessarily THE clone technique to pass, then Shino could've just used a bug clone and be done with it, but no he was held back, until all but Naruto would've most likely passed, and then Danzo could've either took Naruto as a new operative, or just planted another ROOT member to keep an eye on the Jinchuriki, which is why Shino wasn't on Naruto's team, because neither he nor Danzo predicted that the Jinchuriki would pass that year. (either that or Shino was a selective genius, and had piss poor grades/couldn't get the necessary passing grade to advance)
  • Itachi's desire to "protect" Sasuke falls REALLY short when you realize that he did the most damage with his shoving hatred and revenge down Sasuke's throat...
    • At the same time one must realize that he was absolutely out of options at that point. He already asked the Hokage (and Danzo too, through blackmail) to protect Sasuke. That would've been a reasonable maneuver, but he could probably see how well the Hokage's protection went for Naruto, so he needed something else. He couldn't ask anyone else to do anything for him because after the massacre he would be seen as an S-ranked traitorous criminal so his word would be suspect. Thus, he had to rely on more heavy-duty tactics. Itachi already knew that Sasuke was very emotional and prone to jealousy and anger so he resorted to using that to his advantage. Itachi made Sasuke hate him as much as he could because that was the only way he knew how to make him strong enough to survive on his own.
    • Itachi was also only thirteen the first time and under serious emotional pressure himself, after being horribly traumatized as a child. It's probable that due to the trauma he endured, it never occurred to him that it would be difficult for other people to go through horrors with their sanity intact. Also, it seems likely that Itachi himself never fully understood hatred and the terrible effects it can have on someone.
  • The Road to Ninja trailer: most of the weirdness can be explained by For Want of a Nail. There was no Kyuubi attack, and so Minato and Kushina are still alive, and Kushina is still the Jinchuriki of Kurama. That in turn means that Naruto was neither an orphan, nor a jinchuriki, so he'd have a normal childhood with normal social interaction. This, in turn, means Kumo either didn't start a war three years later, or Minato and Kushina utterly destroy them. This means there was either no kidnapping attempt on Hinata or it was quickly put down and led to Kumo's unconditional surrender because Kushina has had quite enough of Kumo kidnapping Konoha citizens and threatens to wipe them out if they don't. As a result, Hinata and Neji don't have traumatic childhoods and so Hinata doesn't become a Shrinking Violet and Neji doesn't become a Nietzsche Wannabe. Some crisis happens when the Konoha 12 are about six (possibly Tobi/Akatsuki related), and Sakura's parents are among the casualties, and maybe Shikamaru suffers a head injury, which explains those two. Orochimaru is either dealt with swiftly by Minato or doesn't dare attempt anything, so Sasuke never turns evil. But how does any of that explain Kiba using cats or Shino having Venus Fly Traps? Their clans shouldn't be any different.
    • Wherever you got that first bit of information....It is wrong. It is not stated how it happens, but Kushina is NOT the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Narutos counterpart, Menma, is. And Sakuras father died sealing the Kyuubi in Menma.
      • As for the rest of that, its just personality quirks making them opposite to their counterparts in the original world.
      • Shows what happens when you make assumptions based on limited information.
  • A double dose for Tobi/Obito. First, he managed to go head to head against Minato when he was only 14 or 15 and had been a chuunin that had half his body crushed only a year or two prior. Second, he's been spamming Kamui for his characters entire existence, how is he not blind yet?
    • A year or two nothing, this is months after his death. The series starts with Kakashi at 26 and the Kurama's attack having been 12 years ago when Kakashi was 14. Kakashi Became a Jonin at 13 and Obito's eye was his gift to Kakshi for his promotion. That means Obito had a year max to get to were we see him against Minato.
    • Considering how its been said that one needs Senju and Uchiha blood/genes/cells to unlock both full potential, and that Tobi has half his body a synthetic version of Mokuton, probably compensates in a way. Or, maybe, its less taxing to teleport himself, rather than others
    • A close look at the Obito/Minato fight reveals that Minato had him on the ropes anyway, with Obito unable to lay a finger on his sensei. Minato dodged all of Tobi's Kamui warp attempts and fairly easily planted a rasengan into Obito's back, which the latter only survived by virtue of the stricken part being composed of Senju DNA. With little difficulty, Minato then made Obito relinquish his control over Kurama, after which retreating was the Uchiha's only option. Minato's death eventually occured as a result of Kurama's presence in Konoha. Obito himself had no direct hand in his sensei's death, for the former couldn't hold a candle to him in a direct confrontation, as shown.
    • Actually, neither fighter used their full strenght against each other. While Minato's brilliance and combat experience put a dent to Obito's raw power, he was distracted by his family in danger. Obito, for his part, never used Mokuton or Enton against his former teacher.
      • It comes as a massive dose of Fridge Brilliance later when we realize that, until his fight with Minato, Obito was still struggling with his broken dreams and new world views. Becomes a Tear Jerker when you realize he wasn't aiming to kill Minato in that fight but rather capture him alive to avoid dealing with the feelings of murdering his former loved ones.
  • It comes as an even bigger Tear Jerker when you consider that, through all of his years as Tobi and his grudge towards Kakashi, he never managed to bring himself to take revenge and kill the later until being forced to do so for the sake of the Moon Eye Plan. Deep inside, Obito still cares for his former comrades and does everything he can to avoid facing his true feelings.
  • How long were the Senju and Uchiha fighting? One problem with using child soldiers is that they're not easily replaced, since they don't get the chance to have children of their own. A Forever War fought by adults is one thing, because the men have a reasonable chance of begetting sons to replace them before they die, but if you kill off the children, you kill off the ability of the army to replenish itself.
    • Think of it as comparable to birthrates and child mortality rates in the preindustrial world: lots of kids may die, but enough are born to at least maintain the population, at least within the ninja clans.
      • Well, for one thing, there have consistently been more male than female ninja. If sending children to battle at the age of twelve instead of seven was a revolutionary concept to them, I doubt the clans were shy about marrying the non-ninja girls off the moment they were "old enough" and otherwise actively working to ensure there were enough children. Your fiance died in battle? Too bad. Here, take this forty year old, his wife just died giving birth for the sixth time.
  • After Kakashi used Kamui on Deidara's arm, Tobi/Obito was the one to find it again. Seemed odd at the time, but now it makes sense given how their Mangekyous are connected.
  • Why would Rin think it was a better idea to kill herself and get rid of the Sanbi so as to not risk it being unleashed on Konoha when Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and the Third Hokage are all still alive and among the best seal masters around? The Nine Tails is far stronger than the Three Tails so suppressing or resealing it would be incredibly easy for Minato, and they would gain another Biju in the middle of a war giving them a boost in power. Instead it ends up going right back to the people who sealed it in her after her death. Even worse Minato was on his way to back her and Kakashi up so it wouldn't have even made it into the village in the first place.
    • I have a theory for that. Rin didn't want to take any chances, as Kushina had not displayed the ability to summon/unleash Kurama and use him against Isobu- and I don't think Rin even knew that Kurama was so close at hand. She may be the medic of the team, but she is not omniscient. For all we know- she had no way of knowing any of the stuff you brought up. Besides, if Isobu went to the Hidden Leaf, it would disrupt the balance of power and the Hidden Cloud would wage war with Gyuki and Matatabi at their disposal- which would be even worse than letting the mist get back their bijuu.
      • Minato was in a mission somewhere else at the time and even if Kushina could control Kurama to an extent, having two Kaiju-sized beasts throwing it down inside a population center would still cause massive death and destruction. Not only this but the Mist could be planning to launch an all out invasion of the Leaf once the latter is in tatters and their ninja exhausted from putting down a rampaging bijuu, just look at what Orochimaru did with just snakes and Sand ninja, Konoha could have been gone from the earth before Minato even discovered his village had been attacked.
      • That mission Minato was on?? I'm betting ten to one that Kumo and Kiri was in cahoots. The Cloud would act as a decoy to get Minato away from his students, while the Mist would kidnap Rin. Guess who was sent to intercept Minato?? yep, Bee and Ei.
    • Fridge Logic: However it should be noted, that Kushina is also a seal specialist.
    • Depends on how good she was. Judging from what's been implied, Minato and Jiraiya was the better specialist. Kushina may have known some advanced seals, but not to the extent Minato could, despite her being the one who taught Minato. In fact, we don't even know if Kushina could use something like the Eight Trigrams seal. She may have known it from theory alone, but it depends if she can actually pull it off. Another possibility is that she would need to know what kind of seal the Mist used. If she doesn't know the formula, she can't reverse the unsealing. It's like hacking or jailbreaking. If you don't know the code that makes up the software, you can't hack it.
    • Given the crap Naruto had to put up with for being the host of the Nine Tails, I doubt the village as a whole was even aware they had Kurama, let alone that it was inside Kushina. Remember, Rin was merely a Chunin medic, and she might not have known much about the Tailed Beasts, save that they were feared as terrible, unstoppable monsters. This Troper also assumes that the seal for Isobu was rigged to break after a precalculated amount of time.
    • I don't know where you can find a reference for this, but I could swear that this was mentioned at some point in the manga - there's a reason why the tailed beasts are all sealed inside children. The tailed-beast's chakra significantly alters and affects a person's chakra network. When sealed inside a child, the tailed-beast is mixed with that child's chakra network, and the child's chakra network adapts to the large amount of chakra that comes from the tailed-beast as they grow older. This is the reason why the host dies if the tailed-beast is ever ripped out of the Jinchuriki's body - the core of their chakra networks is essentially being ripped out (except for anyone from the Uzumaki clan, who all have a great amount of their own chakra to still draw from). That said, the older a host initially is, the less capable that person is of adapting to the tailed-beast's chakra in their system, meaning Rin was far from being capable of taking in Isobu the same way that Naruto, Gaara, and Bee were able to with their respective tailed-beasts. Not to mention the sealing work done by the Mist Ninja was already intentionally shoddy to account for the time it would take Rin and Kakashi to reach Konoha, so her fate was sealed the moment they put the Three-Tails inside of her - she was either going die from the seal's failure and Isobu forcing its way out, or by Isobu ripping her chakra system apart and destroying her internally, that is if the Mist Ninja didn't kill Kakashi during the chase and use some other means of delivering her to Konoha. If I'm completely mistaken about something mentioning the age of the host at the time of implantation being important in the manga... well, it makes for a great theory. That said, to completely answer the original troper's question of why Rin would want to kill herself in that particular situation, Rin making it to Konoha would have been playing in to the Mist Village's entire plan in the first place. Kirigakure's entire plan revolved around taking a Konoha ninja and turning him/her into a literal Tyke Bomb that would destroy Konoha upon arrival, and Rin didn't want that to happen. And really, regardless of whatever arguments can be made for her actions, Rin didn't have time to think about any and all of this while being chased down by Mist ninja.
    • As far as Minato being away on a mission goes - let's remember we are talking about the king of Teleport Spam here, and both Kakashi and Rin know he's capable of zapping over at a moment's notice had they had one of those marked kunai. And he's definitely capable of porting to Kushina, that was established. That said, the balance of power point holds up. Konoha winding up with two bijuu would have been seen by the other villages as a seriously aggressive move, to the point that they might conclude that they deliberately sealed it inside Rin for transport back to the village - something the Mist would be in no hurry to deny.
  • Something that always bugged me for a while- why does Naruto's Bijuu transformations comprise of pure energy rather than a flesh-and-blood form like the rest? At first I thought it was to represent Naruto being one of a kind, but then it hit me! Kurama is only one half of what he was originally, since Minato sealed away the other half.
    • The irony here is that it's Kurama's Yang half sealed in Naruto, rather than his Yin half.
  • This troper here always wondered why Danzo's summon was the Baku, a being infamous for consuming nightmares and bad dreams for the benefit of the human sleeping. Then this troper realized that Danzo's role as Head of Root Anbu made him constantly deal with the worst or most morally depraved of missions for the sake of Konoha as well as the brutal process of shaping ninja into emotionless tools, and everything he has done must make it virtually impossible for him to sleep peacefully at night. As such, he needs the Baku to be able to sleep and function properly, a sign of just how much Danzo sacrifices for the village, even if he is still inexcusably wrong to do the things he does.
  • My question is this- why hasn't anybody gone 'HOLY CRAP' or something along those lines when they find out that Minato is Naruto's father. Naruto has outright called him 'Dad' infront of everyone, why doesn't anyone (Most of which who don't even know that fact within the leaf village) show any sort of shock/envy?
    • Because they are in the middle of fighting Madara/Obito and the Ten-Tails, they would be focused on watching the battle and trying to stay alive/fight, not worrying about something unimportant like Naruto being the Hokage's son.
    • But still, you'd think at least some people would be surprised despite the ongoing battle. I mean, at least have Sakura- who knows Naruto the most and was right there- having time to actually comment- to say something. She didn't have to prioritize defending or fleeing, she was healing Naruto and had time to bash him over the head when he made the girlfriend comment. Personally, I believe that it was Kishimoto desperately trying to have Naruto cling to the whole 'hard work is the only way' theme [which he has turned on its head anyway, but that's besides the point].
    • Maybe they figured it out a long time ago.
    • Doubt it, because at least one of the ones who wasn't known (at least, by the audience) to be in the know would have done the 'I knew it all along' thing.
    • This kind of goes back to the 'We're in the middle of a war and we don't have time to make a note about that,' argument. Also, it's not a stretch to think that the Leaf Village adults around Kakashi's age or older all knew already by this point, considering they were all old enough to remember the Nine-Tails' attack on the village and that Naruto essentially grew into a miniature version of the Fourth Hokage.
  • I had always wondered why Orochimaru had to go from body to body, and it was never explained how the host body rejects Orochimaru. With the revelation of the fact that his arms were still sealed within the Reaper (Yes, I use the english dub name, big whoop >.> and he had to free them in order to use reanimation, it occurred to me. Orochimaru could not completely take over bodies with an incomplete soul- a portion of the victim's soul was still within the body, and it would fight back over time. —- Dephlogisticate
  • I found it interesting that 4 and 9 are considered unlucky numbers in Japanese. When 4 is pronounced as "shi", it sounds like the word for death. In the beginning of Naruto, when Iruka asked Naruto if he knew who the Hokages were, for the Fourth his answer was that he had died for the village. If you add the fact that 9 pronounced "ku" sounds like suffering, both Minato and Naruto's fates were outlined according to this superstition about numbers, maybe done on purpose.
    • And if what Obito says is true, if Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage, that would leave Naruto to be the 7th Hokage, and 7 is a lucky number in western cultures, at least.
  • Just how powerful is the eighth gate if Madara got worried about Gai unleashing it.
    • It's been mentioned that the techniques used by Guy and Lee require a different type of energy force to chakra. Presumably Madara's defences are only resistant to chakra-based attacks but have relatively weak defense when it comes to pure adrenaline.
      • It was meant to be a rhetorical question, but yeah- I understand that. But given the new chapter, it's enough to actually keep Madara on his toes, or 'excited' as the Kishimoto Self Insert claims acts.
  • More Fridge Sadness than anything, but Obito's vision of a life he could have had is basically a his subconscious lying to himself. He imagines himself as Hokage, ignoring the fact that if he didn't side with Madara, Minato would still be alive and would reign for many years to come. Also take into consideration that Obito would still be missing an eye and have tissue-damage on the right side of his face. His chances of becoming Hokage wouldn't be particularly high considering that visible injuries could be seen as a sign of weakness to foreign nations (do you know many real-life political leaders with facial scars as bad as Obito's?).
    • Danzo may have gotten by despite this, but remember that he was also Konoha's highest-ranking military leader, which shows strength of character. He also hadn't fully earned the title as the other Kage were sceptical of his methods.

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