Fanfic: So What Colour Is Your Toothbrush

Slowly going insane since 2011.

So, What Colour Is Your Toothbrush? (sometimes abbreviated SWCYT) is an MST/sporking theater featuring that can be clearly separated into two eras: the "old LiveJournal days" spanning 2011, and Turnabout Toothbrush, starting in early 2014 and ongoing.

The format has remained similar for its entire run: a set of anthropomorphic animals (not furries), shown to the right in their human forms, occasionally joined by talking Pokémon and/or human guest sporkers. (Sometimes the actual author, Airey, will spork something, but those sporkings never involve the other characters.) The main team's personalities all changed slightly somewhere in the gap between 2011 and 2014. They (referred to as "the cats" in the LJ era and "the (SWCYT) team" in the Turnabout Toothbrush era) are:

Silverpelt, the nice one. Formerly the Butt Monkey, in the more recent sporkings she's becoming more of a Team Mom. Noted for having terrible taste and pointlessly praising the writing that they're sporking. Other than that, usually the Straight Man. Same as Hawksky, she was born in 43 CE, and died shortly after that.

Hawksky, the evil one. Jokes usually include insulting or threatening to harm the other sporkers. Not much gets to her. Has some history with Silverpelt, which other sporkers think of as having been very Les Yay. They're Arch-Enemies now. Frequently accused by other sporkers of being in a Transparent Closet.

Kiri des Spectres, revealed in 2014 to be Hawksky's daughter. Described as a Brilliant but Lazy Manipulative Bastard. Nowadays is the most obvious Author Avatar (although Word of God implies that all the whole SWYCT team is Author Avatars). Used to be The Stoic but has gradually become Not So Stoic due to her tendency of ranting about literature and shippings. Cade thinks she's a Tsundere, Kiri says she's just a misanthrope. Hawksky notes that she's actually a Person of Mass Destruction. Changed species 2011-2014 from cat to "alien cat".

Chill, revealed in 2014 to be Silverpelt's daughter. A bit of Cloud Cuckoo Lander who is assumed to be more innocent than she actually is. Both she and Kiri are Really 1500 Years Old. Usually pretty relaxed but will sometimes join Kiri for an Author Filibuster. Changed species 2011-2014 from cat to owlcat.

Fallen Succubus, the resident Genki Girl. Previously described as "just kind of... there" but is nowadays the Team Mom even more than Silverpelt is. Changed species 2011-2014 from cat to... something.

Aziz Succubus, Fallen's sister. Previously described as an Elective Mute, nowadays is noted more for being the kinkiest sporker. Pretty much the biggest Deadpan Snarker this side of Raskolnikov. Changed species 2011-2014 from cat to... something.

Anna Jekyll, previously the direct Author Avatar but nowadays the team idiot. Usually just plays the Straight Man to the Plot Reaper. Changed species 2011-2014 from cat to robotic jackal.

The Plot Reaper, a parasitic alien "extracosmic trickster goddess" who occupies Anna's body. Also employs jokes that are actually just threatening the other sporkers. Very fond of Black Comedy and offending people. Nothing gets to her. Talks in all caps, and is described as having a deep voice.

Cade, the Casanova Wannabe, in love with Aziz. Name changed in 2014 from Untitled #137. Current Butt Monkey and tries to present himself as the Only Sane Man. Token male (and alleged token heterosexual), typically treated as the Team Pet. Only showed up in one sporking in the old LJ days, but a regular part of the SWCYT team now. Changed species 2011-2014 from cat to mothcat.

As for the Pokémon featured (by the main sporker's brother) during the old LiveJournal days:

Dr. Sceptile A. Sceptile, the CEO of SceptiCorp who may or may not be a Corrupt Corporate Executive. He's also a time traveler who works for Dialga, and is described as having a British accent. A bit of a jerk. Arguably an Author Avatar and a definite Deadpan Snarker, and The Rival to Humblot.

Marquis "Jacques" de Humblot, a French Servine and quite the ladies' man. Yet another Jerk with a Heart of Gold who does not like Louis XVI for vague reasons. The Rival to Dr. Sceptile, although they may be Not So Different. He is also a Yuri Fan and in favor of quick resolutions to love triangles. Also a Grammar Nazi.

Dusknoir, Dialga's right-hand mon and a firm believer in My Master, Right or Wrong. The Comically Serious due to his nature. Tends to fare the best when viewing fanfiction - only two fanfics have ever harmed him. Takes offense to Humblot often times and cannot stand most romance.