Characters: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

The series having spanned for two shows and a film, there are quite a bit of characters.

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     Characters in both series 

Zachary "Zack" Martin

Played by: Dylan Sprouse
  • Bash Brothers: With Cody.
  • Big Brother Bully: Well Zack was born a few minutes before Cody and he bullies Cody sometimes.
  • Book Dumb : He is a straight "D" student.
  • Brilliant but Lazy : It has been stated in universe. Zack is actually very smart, possibly on par with Cody, but he lacks work ethic, and is quite lazy in regards to studies. However, when properly motivated and on the right subject (woodshop, for example) Zack is a brilliant student, having gotten A's when he applies himself, and is the best in class at Woodshop, even better then Cody, which Cody is astounded by.
  • Cool Kid And Loser Friendship: Very popular, but still is very fond of his dorky brother, specially as the series progressed.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Toward Maddie.
  • Dumbass Teenage Son
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The foolish Book Dumb sibling to Cody's responsible.
  • Hotel Hellion: In Suite Life Of Zack And Cody.
  • Informed Attribute: We're told Zack's a bad boy. We've never seen it. Unless you count Zany Schemes.
    • "The Bermuda Triangle" flips this around and turns it up to eleven with Cody being basically an exaggerated flanderization of Zack, complete with a bad boy leather jacket wearing persona, and Zack being one of Cody; a supersensitive Camp Straight Mama's boy.
  • Jerkass: Not only is he disobedient and lazy, he has, more than once, been responsible for the titular pair's problems. He once locked Cody (who was wearing only a towel) out of the hotel room, was told not to do it again under pain of grounding by his mother, did it again, then acted surprised when she grounded him.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Even though he insults and uses Cody, he genuinely cares about him.
  • Kid-anova: Though to be fair, his attempts failed just as often as they succeeded.
  • The Lancer
  • Mouthy Kid
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: No one calls Zack by his full name, although Mr. Moseby occasionally uses it as a Full Name Ultimatum when he pulls a particularly Zany Scheme.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Zack the jock and nerdy Cody.
  • Really Gets Around: Maya asks him to name all of his ex-girlfriends, after several hours, he's still not done. It's also speculated that he didn't actually date all of those girls
  • Secret Secret Keeper: In That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, it is likely that he and Cody deduced that Raven Baxter has the ability to see what goes on in the future. Zack even mocked her I have a vision schtick, and bad things kept happening to Cody every time a sneeze and a bell was heard, as Raven subtly warned them.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Manly Man to Cody's Sensitive Guy. He's the "cooler" twin, more athletic, rebellious and a player with girls.
  • Super Speed: As Quick Guy in "Super Twins".
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Especially after dating Maya. Maya's birthday is an example and its implied it's not simply to woo her but thinks she deserves a birthday party that Mosby decides to deny. However, he did go through questionable lengths for this, such as deceiving Sean Kingston, which London calls him out for. Though he's shown shades of being caring all throughout both series not only to Maya but to Maddie as well as being the only one to show up at her sweet 16 party as everybody goes to London's after she bribes them. Another instance has him object to London lip-syncing and Maddie providing her singing voice. He thinks Maddie deserves the recognition.
    • Let's not forget him falling to pieces after seeing a romance film.
  • Trickster Twins
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Most of the time.

Cody Martin

Played by: Cole Sprouse

London Tipton

Played by: Brenda Song

Mr. Marion Moseby

Played by: Phill Lewis

     Characters in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 

Carey Martin

Played by: Kim Rhodes

Maddie Fitzpatrick

Played by: Ashley Tisdale

Arwin Hawkhauser

Played by: Brian Stepanek

Esteban Ramirez

Played by: Adrian R'Mante


Played by: Alyson Stoner


Played by: Allie Grant

     Characters from The Suite Life On Deck 

Bailey Pickett

Played by: Debby Ryan
Cody's crush in season one. She is pretty bubbly, friendly, and smart, almost a female equivalent to Cody. She officially starts dating him after he buys her tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. They go through a nasty breakup at the end of season two because of several misunderstandings, and had Unresolved Sexual Tension throughout season three. Both were unwilling to admit they were wrong, but both set their feud aside in the three part Twister trilogy and get back together.

Marcus Little

Played by: Doc Shaw
A child rapper who lost his career because of puberty. He joins the S.S Tipton Seven Seas High program and befriends much of the main cast. He leaves the S.S Titpon when he gets his singing job back on track.

Woody Fink

Played by: Matthew Timmons
Cody's eccentric roomate and best friend.

Emma Tutweiller

Played by: Erin Cardillo


Played by: Rachael Kathryn Bell

Maya Elizabeth Bennett

Played by: Zoey Deutch
Zack's new love interest, she becomes his girlfriend after he throws her a birthday party and even promises to get rid of his life style for her. Sadly, they break up in the series finale.

  • Brooklyn Rage: From New York and fuels her Tsundere traits.
  • Gamer Chick
  • Granola Girl: Goes to do humanitarian work after graduation, which leads to her breakup with Zack
  • Meaningful Name
  • Only Sane Man
  • Sixth Ranger: Takes over the role after Marcus leaves.
  • Tsundere: Towards Zack.
  • Understanding Girlfriend: One episode involves Zack feeling conflicted between seeing her perform at a poetry slam and attending a previously planned video game night with Cody, Woody, and Moesby. When his Zany Scheme to be both places at once fails (per usual Sitcom formula), she tells him that she's okay with him wanting to hang out with his friends instead of her once in a while.note  After all, he wouldn't be the guy she fell for if he didn't.

     Minor Characters 

Wilfred Tipton

Played by: Bob Joles (voice), John Michael Higgins (in person)
London's often unseen father and manager of Tipton Industries. He is incredibly rich (so much that his allowance to London is ridiculous) and is involved in many criminal activities.

  • Big Bad or Bigger Bad: Probably the latter, but in the third season of the sequel series, he is the main antagonist of the Twister special.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive
  • Characterization Marches On: Remember how he seems to care about London's well being. In his final and first real appearance appearance, London has to remind him of who she is. Plus his criminal activities aren't pointed out until this time too with his most corrupt behavior before then is endangering some wales with his cruise ship. His final appearance talks of him embezzling money and on top of that wants to turn the Picket farm into a plastic bag factory.
  • He Who Must Not Be Seen: Is usually concealed by a wall of body guards and isn't properly seen until near the end of On Deck.
  • Parental Neglect: Essentially left London in the care of the several nannies and Moseby.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: His motto in life.
  • Serial Spouse: Has been married anywhere between eight and fifteen times. And each of them get shorter and shorter as London is the child of wife number 3 though The earlier show suggests she's wife number 1. At the start of the show he's on or between wife 4. he seems to go through at least a half dozen between the two shows.
  • Ultimate Evil: He is ultimately the one Moseby has to answer to, and yet, we hardly see what he looked like for most the series. When he is usually brought up, all we hear of him are the heartless things he has done to the environment and his tendency to have at least 14 spouses, among other things. When he does make a full appearance, we see what a terrible man he truly is.

Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger

Played by: Caroline Rhea
  • All Germans Are Nazis: She's German, and often associated with Nazi jokes (she has a killer wiener dog named Blitzkrieg, for one thing).
    • Also, part of her last name (Schicklgruber) was Hitler's father's last name originally.
  • Beauty Mark: Has a massive mole on her face that she insists is one of these. Nobody agrees.
  • Big Bad: Often appeared as an antagonist.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Heavy on the "ineffectual", light on the "sympathetic".
  • Large Ham
  • Laughably Evil
  • Overly Long Name: Especially after getting married.
    Ilsa: I have gotten married.
    Ilsa: Ja. My married name is Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger-von Helsinger Kepelugerhoffer.
  • Smug Snake: Too confidant in her nasty actions to actually succeed.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: During her time as the manager of the Tipton, to the point that even London hated her.
  • You Monster!: Played for laughs in her second appearance, where she's equated to a literal monster.
    Moseby: There is no such thing as monsters!
    Ilsa walks in the door.
    Moesby, Carey and the boys: AHHHHH!!!
    Ilsa: I'm back.
    Carey: Get behind me kids! Don't look her in the mole—I mean eyes!


Played by: Hutch Dano

     Characters Only Featured in the Movie 

Ronald Olsen

Played by: John Ducey

Donald Spaulding

Played by: John Ducey

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