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Headscratchers: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • The writers' glaring preference of Cody has been noted elsewhere on the site, but this always bugged me. Zack was a treated like a pig for having many past girlfriends, but it is perfectly reasonable for Cody to cheat on Barbara?
  • In "Roomies" We can hear in the background the same music in "Crossing Jordin" When they are writing the song.
  • In "Lost at Sea Part 2" What happens to Mr Mosby and Miss Tutweiler They were just stuck on the boat while the gang was in the hot air balloon but in the next episode they are back on the ship. How?
  • Why are there almost no references to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in the spinoff? You'd think they'd be able to provide a bunch of Continuity Porn, but they just don't.
    • Probably so On Deck can stand completely as its own show. This troper was introduced to The Suite Life series via On Deck, and appreciates the lack of jokes based on the original series.
    • Plus there were a whole ton of guest stars crossing over from the older series aside from Mr. Moseby and London - Esteban, Arwin (at least twice!) and most prominently Maddie. And yes, events from TSLOZAC were brought up when they visited.
  • In the Suite Life on Deck episode "Twister", we finally see Mr. Tipton and his personality, but it's revealed that he's a Corrupt Corporate Executive type of person. While that has been somewhat implied in the past, they seem to be going overboard with it. Did the writers completely forget about "Birdman of Boston" when Cody claims that Mr. Tipton would actually support letting the hawk stay at his hotel because he loves things being free? Obviously this is naturally just a case of massive Flanderization but it's still a Headscratcher.
    • Also, when London reminds Mr. Tipton of who she is, she says she is the daughter of wife number three. And yet as this troper recalls, she's supposed to be daughter of wife number one. Her mom was at her birthday from the first series, and in that episode Mosby said "your first wife."
      • London possibly just forgot, who knows maybe her she got unbrightness from her father her's is worst thing or Mr.Tipton is sick with a memory losing disease, or he got really stressed with work, and when he does that he forgot's things outside from his work, also maybe Mr.Tipton cares for some things, but not the others or the power corrupted him.
    • The thing about the hawk staying at the hotel was supposed to be a Stealth Pun. While Zack and Cody and the audience are meant to think he means the "wild" and "roaming" sort of free, It actually means he's cheap , and likes things when they are free
  • In the "Bermuda Triangle" episode of Suite Life On Deck, why is it that Zack was still working at the smoothie place in the alternate universe. And for that matter why is he still working there? They should have got new cash cards a long time ago. Did the writers just forget about it?
    • Maybe he wanted more cash? Obviously his cash card had a limited amount. If he somewhat enjoys the job, which it appears he doesn't hate it, he can earn money to spend. He probably has a job for the same reason any other teenager has a job. Espcially because they are traveling around the world, he might want some more for spending money around.
    • Exactly. The cash cards paid for the twins' expenses on the boat. Even if Zack still has his in this "Bermudaverse," if he wanted to buy anything at port, he'd need his own money.
  • Just where is Maya in the Suite Life on Deck Movie? They didn't even try to handwave her not being there, or the fact that Zack seems to have forgotten he has a girlfriend.
    • It was probably written before that storyline.
    • Couldn't they have thrown in something about her being on vacation?
    • Maya was only introduced after the movie.
  • Cody's strength, just...Cody's strength. He was strong enough to carry the lid of a glass case in the Greek episode whereas Zack and Bailey can't even carry it together. It might be the cause of the Power of Love but he was also said to be taking yoga lessons. Later on this was never mentioned at his strength seemed to decline to the point where he gets blisters on his butt in Twister when he sat down on one of the stair steps. What the hell happen?
    • Him lifting the glass was because he was jealous of Bailey liking the greek guy. Splinters (which are what he got) don't have anything to do with how strong you are.
    • How about London's strength. In the first series she tutored Maddie in gym class, and yet in the second season London (and Woody) are tutored by Zack in gym.
      • She got her strength from shopping in the original series, pushing clothes around on clothing racks and rushing to the other end of the store to get something before anyone else and so on. She might have weakened from not being able to shop, since she was, y'know, on a boat for a while at this point.
  • The abrupt breakup for Maya and Zack. After all the character development Zack received, it would've been nice for some more closure.
    • Perhaps it was meant to be Karma or an Ironic Echo?
    • But they she didn't break up with him because she saw someone better, like Zack did with all his girlfriends- She broke up with him because she didn't think a long-distance relationship was right.
  • In the movie, why did Cody get in the other sub? He could have just talked to Zack over the headset radio.
  • The acceptance letters - when you get in, they STILL send your letter in the large envelope (it has all the information about accepting their offer and what not). It would have made more sense for them to have opened the e-mail, or else you could tell immediately if you were rejected/wait-listed or got in.
    • Plus, the acceptances come out in March, April 1st by the latest. Prom happens in May, Graduation is either late may or June. You have to ACCEPT the colleges by May 1st. So why were they getting it now? I get that they're at sea, but they would easily have it way before they graduate.
  • Why was Cody rejected from Yale? His academic history is practically impeccable!
    • You do have to remember what Zack did in The Movie which lead to the said rejection from the university.
    • Some colleges are actually suspicious of "perfect" students. There have been cases of students with academic records like Cody's, who also headed several clubs, were sports team captains, and had a laundry list of extracurriculars, but still got rejected. Something's wrong if you can (in context of the show) make several scientific discoveries, patent multiple inventions, write two books and maintain perfect grades in regular school. Colleges want kids, not machines.
    • I always though Cody was more of an MIT kinda guy, anyway. Yale is undoubtedly prestigious, but they aren't particularly well-known for hard sciences.
  • In the same mold, why didn't he apply for Harvard? What happened with Harvard?
  • In On Deck, where do they get all those costumes? It's been shown that Zack and Cody don't have Infinite Supplies even after they get jobs to supplement their semesterly cash cards, but even if London is financing their zany schemes (including the ones she can't know about because she's part of the target "audience"), how do Cody and Zack and London and Woody and Bailey and even occasional others get such random costumes on, like, an hour's notice? Sometimes their costumes seem kludged together from clothes and objects they might have owned, borrowed, or dug out of supply closets or garbage bins (like the ghostbuster costumes), or have a reason for already existing (like the sparkly masked dancer costumes, which clearly have extras in multiple sizes, and possibly things like the sailor costumes which could have been purchased for Seven Seas School theatrical productions), but other times they have absurdly specific costumes that either shouldn't exist in their sizes or shouldn't exist at all.
  • Here's a question: Why was Zack so much fatter than Cody in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Both do basketball, ride bikes and skateboard and both eat the same since they live together... so why was Zack so much fatter? I know that this can be explained, OUT of universe, by Dylan just being bigger and fatter, but IN universe?
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