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The Villain Whitewashing Service is where you take some Misaimed Fandom, add a lot of Draco in Leather Pants, a hint of Bunny-Ears Lawyer and/or Flanderization, a small chunk of Badass Decay, and you make your favorite villain sound like a pretty decent but incredibly misunderstood guy. List your examples under your Troper name, alphabetically, and hide the answers using spoilers. Please include the story your character is fromnote , no matter how popular it is.


Compare Worse Than It Sounds. Contrast Paint the Hero Black.

NAN Dwich
  • A powerful magician with a penchant for humorous one-liners. Orphaned at a young age and painfully experimented on to the point of insanity, he eventually kills a bloodthirsty tyrant and ascends to godhood. Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy VI

Narcissa Heinous

  • A lonely, near-omnipotent, immortal being with excellent taste in fashion who has dedicated his life and powers to helping three very special little girls. He has taught them many lessons, including why not to fight each-other, and how to face their fears. He gave them lots of candy on their birthday, and brought their dearly beloved half-brothers back from the dead. However no-one seems to understand his good intentions due to his creepy appearance and possible schizophrenia. He is so feared that no one will talk to him if they can avoid it, so not only does he have no friends, but no one ever got to know him long enough to learn his name. HIM from "The Powerpuff Girls".


  • A wise leader of a prosperous city, he cares deeply about the citizens, helps a young couple with UST resolve their feelings and makes The Hero reach a decision that benefits the country in the long run. President Snow, The Hunger Games
  • A highly advanced spacefaring race, their technology provides the backbone of galactic society. They work against one of the biggest problems of the galaxy and gladly welcome any person or entire race to help them. The Reapers, Mass Effect
  • A Man of Wealth and Taste and a true patriot, he struggles for humanity to have the best possible place in the entire galaxy. Objects strongly against the genocide of an entire race and provides The Hero with many resources over the storyline. The Illusive man, Mass Effect
  • A bumbling, curious AI who helps The Hero for a large part of the storyline, and yearns for love and caring. In the end, he recieves a cruel and monstrous fate with little chance of redemption. Wheatley, Portal 2
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  • An honourable warrior from a desolate world, his prime motivation is to protect a lover/little sister figure from her cruel fate, which the protagonists only make worse. Caius, Final Fantasy XIII-2

Nerd In Training

  • Created by one evil empire in order to help take down another, then exiled to a life of hard labor when the Empire changed its plans, he stages a coup, taking control of the Empire and winning freedom for his fellow slaves, before seeking out a life-saving blood transfusion and attempting to cripple the other evil empire which oppresses most of the known galaxy. Ironically,he is not hated as much for the justified deaths that were necessary for his rise to power as for the fate of some machine that self-destructed after his death. Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis
  • He knows that it is his destiny to defeat the Big Bad. His determination, cunning, and never-give-up attitude have even resulted in a trope named after him. He often does more to hinder the villains than to help them, earning him abuse from the Big Bad. That's right, he's Starscream from Transformers.

Netbug 009

  • He'd been taking great care to ensure the survival of one of the last remnants of humanity for centuries...only to have an old, malfunctioning bot start breaking everything! That little brat even tricked most of his comrades into helping wreck the place, and led to the brutal killing of the one comrade who stuck by him! All to take humanity to a lifeless rock millions of light-years away. Auto from WALL-E.

Nick The Swing

  • This dutiful young man lived a life of utter bleakness and tragedy. The world has spited his family many, many times. He has suffered being shot three times in the head, saw his mother die right in front of him, and then was thrown into the darkest, most nightmarish and horrible place in the world. All at the young age of 6. He finally manages an escape when he received some help from a very nice, maternal Godlike being with a bad rep. After learning of his destiny and finding someone to love him, he sets about making a better world for them and sweeping away the old, cruel world. Lucia Raregroove, Rave Master.
  • This very nice, congenial old man just wants everyone to get along and stop killing each other, gosh darnit! He has made a habit of helping out everyone in need of help, and tragically suffers from occasionally cutting people he needs for his plan with a gigantic claw. He deeply cares for each and everyone of the men in his forces, even calling them all his friends. Now, the only problem is two rather vengeance-crazed people who just won't see reason! The Claw/Cu Cline Clue, GXS.


  • A pair of young twins, who, after having to endure years of horrific abuse at the hands of the Sicilian mafia, just want to have fun and do what they do best. Hansel and Gretel from Black Lagoon.

NN Land

  • A scientist just wanted to explore their field of expertise, while allowing women to become more prominent in the world. Dr. Matsumori, Y, The Last Man
  • Loud man who likes to make jokes goes too far lengths to make sure the settlement he created is as thriving as ever. Negan, The Walking Dead Comics
  • Man teaches his son a tragic story that leaves both him and his son in tears in a life-changing father-son moment. Omni-Man, Invincible


  • A genetically altered (without his consent) genius who finds out he's been manipulated from a young age into doing various undesirable acts. He wants to save the human race from destruction. Albert Wesker, Resident Evil series.
  • A king whose race has been thrown in an alternate dimension because of a few bad apples in the bunch. He understandably gets angry over the plight of his people and attempts to get them out of the dimension. Zant, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • A wizard whose entire life was spent without love, who fell into the wrong crowd at school, and who, in the end, is royally screwed because of both his parents being jackasses. Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter series.
  • A scientist who works with his children, and who gets nearly killed by his old friends. His children saved him, thus he wants revenge on his old 'friends'. James Marcus, Resident Evil 0.


  • A well-meaning general of an empire. This man wants nothing more than to free a neighboring country of it's greatest problem - god-like beings that will eventually destroy the world if left unchecked. This man - along with the empire he serves - offers the leaders of this neighboring country a hand of friendship, but they refuse. He ultimately decides to use ancient tech to help end the problem of the god-like beings. Nael Deus Darnus and Gaius Van Baelsar, Final Fantasy XIV
  • The son of an emperor. Sure, this man tries to cultivate a rather unsettling image, but his end goal is the same as the general mentioned above - he wants to rid a neighboring country of god-like beings that will eventually destroy the world. Unlike his father and the rest of his people, he is also willing to do research on these entities to find an alternative method of dealing with them. When confronted by a warrior of legend that he knows is against him, he even offers his hand in friendship. Behind his unsettling image, however, lies a neglected, possibly socially-incapable boy who is simply acting on all he knows due to his upbringing. Zenos yae Galvus, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. This Whitewashing brought to you by his final words.
  • Former military, this man got into an argument with his best friend over the distribution of respect, as he wasn't getting any credit for his actions. He turns to a new identity after the argument, believing the new identity will get more respect and attention than he did originally. Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Overwatch
  • A captain of a global power's intelligence department. Some acts of valor include teaching a younger brother to stand up to his neglectful older brother and opposing a rival global power with a stockpile of nuclear weapons. He began a conflict with an abusive vampire attempting to manipulate others into doing her bidding, as well as attempting to deal with an armored vigilante gunning for him. He was also one of six heroes that disposed of a world-ending Eldritch Abomination in the past and attempted to help a young girl come to terms with her abilities to assist in disposing of a criminal with the powers of said world-ending abomination. Yuuki Terumi/Hazama, BlazBlue. That took about $200 of white paint.
  • One of three leaders of an ancient race, all he wants is for his people to thrive. Unfortunately, due to the God they collectively worship, another race has deemed them little more than unthinking beasts. The aforementioned other race, claiming that they are mandated to do so under their God, eventually murder his son in cold blood. Naturally, he gets angry and tries to make them pay, but this ultimately ends with him being killed himself after six members of the opposing race attempted to murder his two daughters. Oryx, The Taken King, Destiny.
  • The God that the figure above worships, all of its scriptures state that all it wants is to restore the universe to how it should be. Naturally, the opposing race and their God want differently, so they start killing this deity's worshipers, including the leader mentioned above. The Darkness, Destiny.
  • A young, talented police officer with a rather dull life that got shipped out to the boonies because he didn't quite get along with his fellow officers who use a world created by the thoughts and feelings of all of humanity for his entertainment, stating that it must have been life's way of making up for his past misfortune. Though he has a bit of a habit of letting information critical to his job slip, the person he's sharing this information with just happens to be a young man who happens to be following the case anyways. He also has a bit of a habit of getting sidetracked during conversations, changing the subject to something he likes, and gets hurt for it by his partner. Tohru Adachi, Persona 4


  • A girl raised by a monstrous giant spider who forced her to fight and kill fellow children and feed them to it. She tries her best to assist her friends and help them become strong enough to survive, but is betrayed by her closest friend, who blows her eye and arm off. She forgives her, and eventually managed to help bring a friend whose death she was responsible for back to life. Latter goes to fight the Big Bad alone, rather than risk her friends fighting him; but is again stabbed in the back (literally) by her "friend". Vriska Serket from Homestuck.


  • Three underprivileged half-sisters whose mother is often not there for them. They each have a boyfriend who is their only source of love and attention, and even though these three young men are often ungrateful and try to dodge their domestic responsibilities, the girls love them anyway and show their affection at every opportunity they get. The Kanker Sisters, Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • The daughter of a cold and disapproving professor, she poses as a man and lets herself be incarcerated for a crime her father committed in order to impress him. She has been in love with an intelligent and charming detective since she was a teenager, and to show him her love, she dedicates her book to him, saves his mother’s life, saves his best friend’s life, and finally sacrifices her own life to save his. He does not appreciate her, however, and neither does her father, who, on his deathbed, tells her that he doesn't love her. Mr. Yang, Psych
  • A cultured intellectual who likes to help other intellectuals in his town exercise their observational skills. A big fan of Alfred Hitchcock. Mr. Yin, Psych
  • Two brothers to whom family means everything. They are extremely proud of their lineage and won’t tolerate it if any of their relatives are treated badly, as one double-crosser from their childhood discovered. They are especially devoted to their disabled little sister. Liam and Ryan McPoyle, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Despite his physical disadvantage, this man heroically rose to the top of his industry by virtue of his creative talent. He has little patience for discriminatory name-calling. Miles Finch, Elf


  • This boy had a troubled childhood and a short life, being surrounded by violence and weapons from birth until death, yet is viewed by all other characters as the villain. He is trapped inside a deadly ‘game’ in which he is betrayed by one of his companions, endures the death of his other allies and possible love interest at the hands of the protagonists, and dies by falling off a cliff, being mauled by vicious wolves for hours, and finally getting shot through the face by the main character. [[Cato, The Hunger Games
  • A bold, fearless and efficient leader who kept a country peaceful for at least 25 years, introduced a young man to many beautiful women and has a soft spot for flowers. [[President Snow, The Hunger Games
  • This boy’s interactions with a little girl led to one of the most touching and heartfelt scenes in the series. Marvel (the boy who killed Rue), The Hunger Games
  • This clever, dignified, and dedicated attorney worked for years to protect people from false charges. He took an orphan boy as his apprentice and helped him achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer. He exposed a reckless young hotshot’s use of illegal evidence, but despite the fact that this man had previously cheated him out of a client, the attorney extended him the hand of friendship in his time of need rather than mocking his downfall. However, said hotshot became an embittered drunk and used the attorney’s apprentice as a tool to have him arrested for murder based on even more false evidence. As if this was not cruel enough, the attorney was betrayed by his apprentice and brother, accused of another murder, and convicted by mob rule – all engineered by the machinations of the drunkard. He was sent to solitary confinement and most likely executed, while his enemies were free to pervert the justice system as they wished. The only ‘crimes’ this attorney committed were: punishing a boorish lout who assaulted a woman and abandoned his own child, stopping a forger from forcing his imprisoned daughter to commit crimes, and giving a shy little girl a gift which would help reunite her with her father. Kristoph Gavin, Ace Attorney
  • Four spirited, fun-loving children get to meet their idol and are horrifically punished for being overenthusiastic about his work. The four bratty children from any adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • A man whose own species has nearly been wiped out finds a race of childlike beings in immediate danger of extinction. He takes it upon himself to guide them to a new, safe home. Tragically, he is betrayed and killed, leaving The Hero to mourn his death. The Master from Doctor Who, specifically the Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lord arc.
  • A brilliant female scientist who worked to end world hunger alongside her loving husband. Unfortunately, they were betrayed by their power-hungry colleague, who turned the scientist and her coworkers into ghost-like beings, beat the husband into a coma, and framed him for the deaths. After spending years in a hellish state of imprisonment, the scientist merely seeks to get revenge on the man who ruined her life, return herself and her comrades to their former state, and continue her good work. Lucy Bauer from the Ghost Rider arc of Agents Of Shield.


  • The former administrator of an expansive research facility, he saved humanity from an enormous dimension-spanning empire by negotiating a peace agreement with them. Placed in a position of power by the empire, all that he had created was brought down by a massive uprising and its leader. Doctor Wallace Breen, Half-Life 2


  • A brave leader who fights to protect his tribe against an Always Chaotic Evil race which brutally took everything from him and forced his people to hide their very existence. Ortas, Last Scenario. The Always Chaotic Evil people are the humans.
  • A selfless mother making incredible efforts and developing genius plans to save her daughter, who was already doomed centuries before her birth. Agatha from Quintessence.


  • A man who firmly believed that humanity was hopelessly corrupt and antiquated. He only wanted to help what he believed was the universe's next inheritors to take over. Challus Mercer of Dead Space.


  • An omnipotent prankster, who just wants to help the hero he idolizes but does more harm than good. Bat-Mite, from Batman.

Ondore Mick

  • A skilled warrior - in fact, a multiple-time champion - who always knows when to jump at the call and who has devoted his life to saving people from the abuse of illicit substances. CM Punk, WWE and Ring of Honor
  • He's a childlike being manipulated by a soulless child, taking his frustrations out on the universe past, present, and future. When not being trapped in a device powered by Satan himself, he is constantly assaulted by other wicked children possessing psychic powers and More Dakka. He fights solely for survival, not even knowing how he is defending himself, while simply crying out for a friend. Is eventually destroyed by an all-knowing, all-powerful being from another universe who only got involved because the other wicked children had enough sanity left to pray for their intervention. Giygas, Earthbound.


  • A mother of several children dropped into an unfamiliar world where s/he is sold as property, for an insultingly low price. The only way that s/he can get fed is with his/her remarkable singing talent. Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors
  • An achiever that our protagonist looks up to. Bad Horse, Dr. Horrible
  • A foreigner, new to the United States, who's more comfortable with his nontraditional sexuality than other people would like. Dr. Frank N Furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • A wealthy philanthropist that made a cure for a terrifying plague and gave it to the masses. Rotti Largo, Repo! The Genetic Opera
  • A princess whose character is deeper than it first appears. Princess Nehema, Eversion


  • A lonely and confused child, taken and trapped on a spaceship and hunted by its xenophobic alien owners. A final escape attempt is thwarted by the aliens' queen, who remorselessly kills the child. The Xenomorph, Alien
  • A young man is sent on a quest to acquire a jewel by a mentor-figure and promised a kingdom should he succeed. For help, he is given a magic wand but isn't told that the jewel's owners will use any means necessary to regain it. And this mentor-figure isn't looking terribly trustworthy either... Loki, The Avengers (2012)
  • They had a solution to overpopulation, but it was ruined and now, with famine looming, their desperation is leading to infighting and forcing a few into dangerous alliances. The Wraith, Stargate Atlantis
  • This set of triplets comprises of a girl who introduced a system of government - fair, just government - to a Crapsack World (and managed to keep everyone out of the dangerous areas) and then sets up her cousins after an unexpected family reunion, her brother who can't stop his other cousin harassing him, and her other brother who got to stay with another of their cousins until What Measure Is a Non-Cute? kicked in and he got accused of anti-social behaviour and jailed. Someday, though, dad's going to get them some respect, right? Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel, Norse Mythology
  • Despite being instrumental in preventing The End of the World as We Know It and preserving the ecosystem in its natural state, his wife cheats on him and he ends up faced with a problem no-one in the world has ever faced or imagined before. His family does nothing to help, forcing him to solve the problem entirely himself, following which his family lies, cheats, and plays with the legal system to ensure he never gets any of his rightful respect. Seth, Egyptian Mythology


  • A wise and powerful general who was determined to bring an end to the wars that had plagued his homeland for decades, in contrast to his peers, who just wished to fight and conquer for themselves. Whist merciless to the warlords who kept the land divided and blood-stained, he always showed great regard for the troops themselves, the people who made up the land, who were, after all, just following orders. His dedication and vision earned him numerous followers who would give their lives for him and his cause. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Sengoku Basara.
  • A dedicated mother with an abusive, philandering husband who cries out another woman's name during their first night together; although she, too, is unfaithful to their marriage, at least it's with someone she truly loves, rather than whatever pretty face suits her on any particular night. She dedicates her entire life to defying a prophecy that stated that all her children would be killed. Moreover, she is discriminated against, even by her own father, because of her sex, when, in fact, she is convinced she is at least as competent as any of the men she's known. Cersei Lannister, A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • A magnificent genius who has kept his kingdom's coffers liquid for years despite his king's propensity for spending lavishly, even frivolously. He works to ensure that he acquires as much power as possible - a more noble goal than it at first sounds when you realise that he's possibly the most competent person in the series, certainly more so than the lackwits and fools who currently rule. Moreover, when the elder daughter of the love of his life, who had many years ago abandoned him for not one, but two subsequent other men, is separated from her mother and held hostage, he organises for her to be rescued, after which he takes her under his own protection, as her entire family is, by this point, presumed dead. Petyr Baelish, A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • After his kind discovers an energy source that defies the Law of Conservation of Energy, he and his fellows set out to harvest that source in order to stave off the heat death of the universe. The side-effects of this process are negligible enough to be unnoticeable even on a national scale, let alone a global or universal scale. Scrupulously honest, there's no evidence that he's ever told a lie. Finally, he goes about his business with an unfailingly cheerful demeanour. Oh, and he really, really loves entropy. Maybe you've heard of it? Kyuubey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • A young prince who actively implements his father's policies in the province he has been charged with governing. He is also a dedicated patron of the arts and, indeed, an artist himself, and beloved of the most significant section of his people. Moreover, he loves his family dearly, particularly a certain half-brother and half-sister of his (despite the fact that he always lost to that same half-brother, several years his junior, at chess), whose tragic deaths motivate him for the rest of his life. Sadly found himself in over his head after a group of terrorists stole a top-secret research project, though he did his best to recover the project and minimise its exposure to the general populace. At this point, though, he was assassinated by a masked terrorist who went on to effectively destroy the prince's entire nation. Clovis la Britannia, Code Geass.
  • A highly talented young man who found his country plunged into chaos and civil war by the corruption and incompetence of the ruling classes. Making the most for himself in this time of strife, he rose from being an humble civil servant to being the most powerful figure in the land, holding the second-highest office of state, though he made a point of never going so far as to usurp the head of state's own office. A dedicated meritocrat, he made a point of placing ability above all else in his subordinates, and made sure always to treat them well and reward their successes. In a similar vein, he took a supremely even-handed approach to justice, allowing no familial or political connections to excuse a law-breaker of punishment. He could very arguably have reunited the land in his own lifetime, thus sparing it several more generations of ruinous civil war, but he was thwarted by an insignificant scion of the imperial family who believed that, just because he had some imperial blood in his veins, he was more suited to ruling the land, even though, by the same argument, there were numerous closer relatives alive who should've have precedence over him, along with the jumped-up second son of a regional governor who never demonstrated any vision for uniting the land. After his death, he was unfairly vilified for generations afterwards, even, to some extent, to this day. Cao Cao, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • A prodigy who sacrifices his entire career in the military and, ultimately, his life, in order to avenge the torture and rape of his best friend (and possible Love Interest). Always has a smile on his face. Went out trying to assassinate the Big Bad of the series, and arguably came closer to doing so than anyone else to date. Ichimaru Gin, Bleach.
  • An incredibly talented young man whose entire life was centred around self-improvement. Beloved of most of his colleagues, particularly his immediate subordinate, for his ineffably gentle and scholarly manner. Ultimately defected from the corrupt, militarist government of his home in order to spread the gifts of sentience and order to a race of beings the aforementioned militarist government have long exterminated on sight. Was, in the end, defeated by the machinations of a fellow scientist with good cause to be jealous, whose only other motivation was the preservation of the status quo; he fittingly calls said fellow scientist out on this. Though speculated by The Hero to be extremely lonely, he never let this show and maintains a calm, pleasant demeanour almost to the end. Aizen Sousuke, again of Bleach.
  • A brilliant young man who seized power in a virtually bloodless coup d'état with the intention of abolishing the imperialist, Social Darwinist regime that had previously prevailed in The Empire which spanned roughly a third of the world's land surface; despite fierce resistance from its aristocracy, he succeeded. Eventually managed to unite the entire world under his rule, thus ending the wars that had plagued it for centuries, only to be assassinated at the height of his power by a terrorist previously presumed dead. Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia, of Code Geass, from an in-universe perspective.

Owlorange 1995

  • A man who was not only abandoned by his friends and family but has to save himself from his impending death. Whenever he can, though, he hands out superpowers to unfulfilled individuals with the help of a partner that constantly insulted him in the past.. "Savitar"/The Future Flash, The Flash (2014)


  • An accomplished girl who just wants to be recognized for her achievements by her father and siblings. EVA-Beatrice, Umineko: When They Cry

Pac Sol

  • An artist who, when his country called, answered and joined the army. He was wounded in action twice and his country ultimately lost the war. When he returned home from the front, he saw the damage that the war and later economic collapse had done and entered politics, restoring the hope of the people by giving them jobs and a purpose, rebuilding the country into a major power in the process. Ultimately betrayed by his lieutenants and forced to commit suicide while all that he had worked for laid in ruins around him. Adolf Hitler.


  • An intelligent and capable businessman who succeeded in his dream of building a company that can help people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, there are still many people who try to destroy his reputation and his company. He just wants to find someone with a good heart and the ability to continue his legacy after he is dead. Rotti Largo from REPO! The Genetic Opera.


  • A skilled warrior who defeated an omnicidal computer with the capacity to clone an Eldritch Abomination and summon the greatest warrior in the galaxy, while the hero took a nap. Galacta Knight from Kirby.


  • A discriminated beast who just wants to be with his one true love but is constantly impeded by an unhinged killer with a predilection for hallucinogenic fungi. Bowser from the Super Mario Bros..
  • A kind and lazy fellow who's just doing his job, and just wants to hang out with his partner. Koki Kariya.
    • Actually, this is almost canon, for some value of "kind". Kariya really is much nicer and fairer than most of his colleagues (not that that's saying much).
  • A group of beings who just want to be complete and feel some real emotion again. Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts 2.
    • ...and one of them just wants his friend back. Axel. However Lea is a Good Guy, but still...
    • And one of them just want all his 12 friends to be just like him. Xehanort.
  • An nigh unkillable witch, who desires grammatical correctness, encourages the expression of one's side in healthy debate, and promotes the regular use of this very Wiki. Gigatrope-tan; a.k.a. The Wiki Witch Of The Web. That's Right, I've made her White!
  • A Poor Dragon who've gone all his way just to get his Godlike Power once more. Nicol Bolas.

Penny Dreadful

  • He's a hard-working, blue-collar guy who's 100 percent professional and committed to his job. He's also a born leader who watches out for his team. Captain Cold, The Flash
  • He's a hyperintelligent primate who's built his own fortress, but somehow, he's still tormented by three bratty little girls. Mojo Jojo, The Powerpuff Girls
  • He expects great things from his young daughter. Great, earth-shattering things. Trigon, The Teen Titans

Person Of Note

  • He's affable, funny, and friendly, and both times he had a chance to kill the main character, he didn't. Everyone just assumed he was the Big Bad because of the way he smiled, and the only reason he did anything bad in the first place was to get revenge for something that had happened to the woman he loved. Gin Ichimaru of Bleach
  • He prevented a nation from falling apart for probably around 40-50 years with the only way he knew how to, which had been passed down to him by the truly evil ones who were so twisted as to come up with it, knowing full well that whoever came after them wouldn't be able to dismantle their system even if he/she wanted to, because the minute the people were free, they would rise against the current leader, regardless of whether or not they had come up with the system. President Snow from The Hunger Games.
  • A brilliant scientist and inventor who does whatever is necessary not to die, and who is abhorred by those he meets because of this. Another Mad Scientist pulled a Deus ex Machina to avoid being defeated by him, and then made him suffer through a thousand years of slow and constant pain before killing him because they didn't see eye to eye on the concept of perfection. Szayel-Apporo Granz, Bleach
  • Who doesn't want to live forever? He's just doing what needs to be done to reach that goal - and help others reach their's, while he's at it. Orochimaru, Naruto.
    • He is probably in love with the man above, helped him to almost defeat two other organizations out for his blood, and would have sacrificed his own body to cure him of a terrible disease, if someone had not done it for him already. Being smart, funny, and capable, who knows what would have become of the above if this man hadn't been here to help him? Kabuto Yakushi, Naruto
  • He wanted someone to appreciate and recognize his art, and, despite all the bickering, in the end, he got it. Sasori, Naruto
  • He tried to rid the world of the assassination-happy government that ruled it, and impress the man he loved. Creed Diskenth, Black Cat.
    • She honestly has no idea what she's doing, and only signed up because she got to kiss people. And set them on fire. Pre Heel–Face Turn Kyoko, same series.


  • Charged with defending time from an arrogant man trying to impose his vision of how things should be on reality, in spite of the fact that what happened was his fault, to begin with. The Dahaka from Prince Of Persia.
  • They are simply trying to achieve perfection. The Borg from Star Trek.
  • They seek to put an end to suffering in a universe that would either dissolve it into chaotic winds, have it ruled by tyrannical, superpowered overlords, or distant, useless gods with corrupt and dangerous viceroys. The Neverborn from Exalted
  • Tried to get recognition after his partner stole all the credit, and convinced an oppressed minority to rebel against unjust laws. Dr. Wily, Megamans 1 and 9.
  • Sought to reform a corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy, deal with a growing enemy threat, and may have done everything to protect the galaxy from an even greater threat. Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars


  • A high school principal who enhances student performance takes a special interest in those students who are homeless or neglected and makes sure every student has lunch. In the end, a robot from AD 5000 blows him up. Mr. Finch from the Doctor Who story 'School Reunion'.
  • A brilliant, crippled scientist who wanted to end the war that had ravaged his homeworld for centures. Also far more open to new theories than his colleagues. Also has alleviated a famine. Davros, from Doctor Who.
  • A brilliant scientist who is trapped in the past, and his time machine has been stolen. His closest friend is a master illusionist, and his sidekick is a children's toy. Oh, and he's also ailing. Magnus Greel from Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • He just wants to play games with passersby. The Celestial Toymaker
  • He wants to give everybody in the multiverse perfection. He is also obsessed with germs. In the end, he is burned alive by an enemy technician. The Yarrow from Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • The head of the heroes' organization, he was expelled when they learned of his origin. The Mysterious Somebody
  • A promising student when his civilization fell, he busts his ass to rebuild it, only to have his son incarcerate him. Gehn from the Myst series
  • When two of his former students plundered his land and tried to destroy it, he interceded with them — and got cut off from his home for his pains. Saavedro
  • He set up a system that prospered his people for millennia. The Nameless King of Terahnee
  • A former slave, he really wants his masters to know the Moral Event Horizon-grade wrong they have done their slaves. Ymur
  • A master sculptor and a brilliant electrical engineer, he blundered into a trap his father had set. His father never sprang him. Sirrus
  • They allow people to have summer fun in a different season. They also grant one's fondest wish. J. C. Cooger and G. M. Dark

Phoenix Fire

  • They're trying to return a little excitement and glamour to the lives of the people of a tiny mountain nation under the oppressive rule of a group of witches. The elves in Discworld.
  • A brilliant, well-respected businessman who has revolutionized many industries, particularly with his research on Charles Atlas Superpowers, fights against a group of violent psychopaths in an attempt to bring an end to the constant, looming threat of nuclear war. Ozymandias from Watchmen
  • She only wants to end the millennia-old war among The Fair Folk that has claimed uncounted lives since its beginning but is eventually killed in an incredibly cruel manner just for trying to fulfill her dream. Summer Lady Aurora from The Dresden Files
  • Her parents died in a tragic accident when she was a child, and she was sent to an orphanage where she was horribly abused. When she finally managed to contact the person her father had said to go to, she finally began to have a normal life, helping him with his research to cure a truly horrible disease. However, his attempts to gain funding to test his (completely correct) hypotheses were laughed off, and she spent the rest of her life trying to get the scientific community to take his work seriously and continue his research. Takano Miyo from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.

Phoenix Trooper

  • A highly-evolved and poetic being seeking to unite all sentient life in harmony and equality, regardless of species or standards of beauty. Worked to prevent the potential obliteration of all intelligent life in the galaxy. Gravemind from Halo.


  • She always keeps her promises, she never blasphemes, and she loves her son immensely, even when he hates her and is willing to bring her to her death for his own personal gain. Melisande Shahrizai, from the Kushiel's Legacy series
  • He just wants to bring order and stability to the home, and larger universe, he loves. An impulsive rookie (who he had invited into his home as a friendly gesture, no less) got him in trouble with his superiors, and he was kicked off the force. Nonetheless, he still keeps trying to help his organization move to a place where he feels they'll be most able to be a force of order, and views the still-impulsive former rookie as an old friend. In addition to this, he also watches over his long-lost daughter from afar, even going so far as to secretly be there for the proudest moment of her life. Sinestro, from the Green Lantern books.
  • He's a genius who loves his children, and he's wracked with grief when his son is killed and his daughter is maimed. The Calculator, from DC comics.
  • He's a tall, dignified gentleman who just wants to be in a movie and doesn't understand why people get so upset when all he's doing is just standing around and taking in the scenery. His requests for financial donations have still gone unanswered. Slender Man


  • Founded to worship the godlike beings who saved their kingdom from invaders who destroyed the two other nearby human kingdoms, they provided much-needed leadership in the wake of the deaths and/or disappearances of the known royals during the invasion. They also joined their gods in the crusade to stop those destined to open a gateway to hell. The White Mantle from Guild Wars

Pokeball Cake Triforce

  • A mathematical genius who set out to eliminate necromancy. Pitted himself against an insane god at the behest of an Angel. Sho Minamoto, The World Ends With You.
  • An introvert with faith in the gods, who set out to create a new world. Cyrus, Pokémon Diamond Pearl and Platinum Versions.
  • A child at heart researcher who is devoted to testing revolutionary transportation technology. When offering a reward to her test suject, she was crudely lobotomized and (supposedly) murdered. GLaDOS from Portal.


  • Abandoned by his father, with a mother that just didn't care, he was taken in by his abusive grandmother. She let trained crows attack him for the slightest wrongdoing. Even worse, his schoolmates bullied him constantly, and he was basically friendless, with even his crush pulling a Prank Date on him. Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow.


  • A man who is concerned about the rise in the price of oil plays a major role in setting in motion a plan to ensure affordable oil for American citizens while killing murderous international terrorists and securing peace between the USA and the Russian Federation. President Charles Logan, 24
  • A major Chinese military leader goes well beyond the call of duty in establishing closer international cooperation between his country and Georgia on the matter of Midwest Asian affairs. General Kong Feirong, Splinter Cell
  • A comic book artist collaborates with another man to bring an interesting story stretching across many years to both the University of Las Vegas and Clark County as a whole, thrilling audiences far and wide with his exploits, which are documented in great detail. Kevin Greer, the Blue Paint Killer, CSI
  • A successful business owner who has gone out of his way to ensure that the needs of his clients are satisfied, and who has ensured the employment and industrialisation of people who previously only lived in villages and provided valuable employment to a species who depend upon industrial technology to even walk. Molluck the Glukkon, Oddworld.

Primo Victoria

  • Survivor of the massacre of his hometown and family, who had devoted his life to improving lives of his people and defeating racist empire guilty of it, while also serving the only god in the Universe who cares about his people. He had sacrificed a lot and forced himself to ally with some terrible people he manages to keep in check only by his wit, but defeated said racist empire and gave his people first real country, becoming their hero and now works to ensure they will never be oppressed again. Redcloak, Order of the Stick
  • He formed elaborate plan to slowly unite the continent, bringing law and order to it and really loves his family. General Tarquin, Order of the Stick
  • He wants to turn the wasted world into a utopia where nobody has to be fighting anymore Raoh, Fist of the North Star
  • He returned to his people in the time of their greatest need. He gathered humans and monsters to fight against the terrible empire, offering them friendship and acceptance. With his superior tactic, he turned the tides of war with minimal loss. He is the Messianic Archetype. Griffith, Berserk

Pulpo Oscuro

  • An old man whose dying wish is to pull his civilization into the modern age; his efforts are plagued by a demagogic terrorist who turns his own people against him. The Mayor from Rango
  • Traveling light-years out to a hostile planet with a vicious alien hive-mind, he tries his hardest to extract the only resource that can save humanity while brave, ill-equipped soldiers desperately repel the alien attacks. Tragically, he is brought low by the underhanded defection of his most promising soldier and skilled scientist, and he is forced to watch in horror as his men die on the battlefield and humanity's last hope is extinguished. Parker Selfridge, Avatar
  • This Cultured Warrior who had spent years training on the field of honor was murdered by a woman in psychopathic rage, whose husband he had killed in fair and honorable combat. Denver Summervale, Field of Dishonor.

Pumpkin Lore

  • There's no place in the world more comfortable than this fun-loving guy's home. Great place to take a vacation from your job, he loves to play games and sing jazzy musical numbers. Hell, he'll even whip up a special batch of stew, just for you! Unfortunately, the town where he lives hates his guts, especially the jackass king. To add insult to injury, the only time one of the female citizens has ever shown him love, it ended up being a ploy! This came to a head when the king ends up killing this guy, by tearing him to shreds! Oogie Boogie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.


  • A deeply religious woman who just wants everyone to be liberated and enjoy life. Maryann from True Blood.
  • Despite extremely traumatic experiences early in his life, running away from home and being raped when he was thirteen, he went on to have many adventures and works hard to make the world a better place. He liberated a lonely housewife from years of neglect and is hated for it by her mass murderer of a son. A revolutionary, he helped bring down a corrupt regime controlled by trained killers. After the earth was devastated by a plague, he helped organize the survivors and transformed Las Vegas into an orderly civilization, giving a second chance to society's outcasts in the process. Randall Flagg of many Stephen King stories, including The Stand and The Dark Tower, respectively.


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