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Just a Cleric: Scholar of the First Wuss is a 2016 PC action game by DXF Games. After a Fighter, Mage, Thief trio of adventurers get turned into charcoal by a passing dragon, their wussy Cleric companion vows to become a powerful warrior on his own and avenge them.

It runs in the same engine used in Weebish Mines and shares a verse with Equin: The Lantern, though it has nothing to do with it story-wise.

Wussy tropes include:

  • Author Avatar:
    • Del Duio appears as one of the quest givers in the unnamed town hub.
    • The game's composers are recurring characters.
  • Bee Afraid: One mission has swarms of bees that act as an Advancing Wall of Doom. You can actually fight them off with powerful weapons, but getting stung even once fails the mission.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: The first boss is a giant cricket and another one is a giant spider. Large ants, scorpions and spiders are common enemies through the game.
  • Blackout Basement: Some levels are set in darkness.
  • Bonus Boss:
    • Killing enough fish in the Trout and About mission causes a Giant Catfish to appear. Although it gives a good amount of exp, killing it results in a mission failure.
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    • The Demon can be fought after opening the secret path on the town.
  • Bonus Dungeon:
    • The lair of the Demon Bonus Boss is a Boss-Only Level accessible if you can ring the bell in the town.
    • The Grind-O-Rama is hidden on the opposite side. It is an arena mode that makes you fight waves of enemies at minimal stats and only with gear found within the challenge. Doing well in it gets you bonus exp for the main game and a unique currency to buy the cursed class of equipment.
  • Boring, but Practical: The normal Bow can be found early on and is much stronger than the ones available after it, with 240% STR of attack power at level 5. With a few more buffs, it'll make short work of anything at a safe range.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: The Bonus Boss drops the Infinity +1 Sword upon his first death and always drops gold bags afterwards, but there's no other challenges after him.
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  • Brown Bag Mask: One cursed item is a sports fan bag of shame. It has a DEF penalty, but adds the deflection perk to any shield.
  • Cap: An update made Level cap at 16. Each stat caps at 99, but the hidden stat boosters once used to reach that stop appearing once you hit the level cap. Money caps at 9999.
  • Combat Medic: The Cleric used to be a simple healer for his group, but he can wield a varied assortment of weapons and cast powerful spells.
  • Critical Status Buff: The Katana becomes stronger and faster at 2 HP. The Ninja Suit is meant to be combined with it, as it sets your HP to 2 and lowers weight by 8 to try to prevent fall damage.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: The Demon has so much HP you can't beat it without casting Undead Bane unless your stats are rather ridiculous. He can also heal himself twice at low health.
  • Desecrating the Dead:
    • The Cleric takes the severed head of the Dragon as a trophy and leaves it next to the graves of his friends. The head is then stabbed, peed on and blown up by the rest of the cast as the credits go on.
    • To follow on that, the special weapon suggested by a contest winner to the author is the Demon's severed head.
  • Dirty Coward: The Golden Knight spends the entire game screwing with the Cleric and running from him without a fight until you find him dead from fighting the Dragon despite him stealing your anti-dragon sword.
  • Excuse Plot: A Dragon toasted your friends! Get strong and cut it down!
  • Falling Damage: It is based on your equip load.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The trio of adventurers who die in the beginning. Your first action in the game is to choose one of their equipment to salvage off their corpses, which also affects the Cleric's initial stats.
  • Final Boss: The Ancient Dragon.
  • Final Death Mode: You get no continues on hardcore mode.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Killing the Demon lets you go around whacking enemies with his severed head.
  • Heal Thyself: The Cleric's Healing Touch spell costs half of his PP meter and gets better the more FAI he has. Some items also have a weaker healing spell that comes out instantly. You can actually turtle out of most fights to wait for the PP meter to fill, so maybe that's why they call the Cleric a wuss.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The name you give to the Cleric is only used on the status screen.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: The Demon Head awarded by defeating the Bonus Boss has excellent STR power and good range. The Ring of Del Duio can help with its average speed and the FAI penalty isn't much to be concerned about.
  • Informed Equipment: Each weapon and shield have their own sprites. The Badass Badge will change the Cleric's costume to a Templar Knight's armor.
  • Instant Gravestone: What happens if the Cleric is killed.
  • Interface Screw: Sandstorms will briefly blind the Cleric.
  • Level Up Fill Up: Level ups restore health.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Shields can be raised to defend against projectiles unless you're carrying a two-handed weapon. However, even the better ones don't have a full 100% chance of actually blocking damage. Some of them can also deflect shots.
  • Luminescent Blush: The Cleric turns tomato-red out of shame whenever he fails a mission.
  • Mythology Gag: Several items and mechanics come from the author's previous works, including the cancelled Hasslevania 2.
  • New Game+: From the second playthrough on, the game changes the rewards for each mission, adds new enemies and unlocks a series of 33 hidden stat boosters scattered through most of the levels.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: The game is built off of Weebish Mines' engine and reuses several graphics and enemies from it.
  • No Respect Guy: Several characters make light of the titular Cleric, calling him a wuss.
  • Nostalgia Level: The final stage reuses the graphics and some of the level design from the Dragon's Lair area from Weebish Mines.
  • Orbiting Particle Shield: The Priestly Pyro spell creates a wheel of fire around the Cleric that lasts longer the more Faith points you have. It does light damage but also stunlocks enemies. As it used to practically win the game on its own, it got nerfed in an update so its duration time decreases every time it hits an enemy. Its one downside is that it doesn't work underwater.
  • Randomly Drops: There are three tiers of random items that can drop out of enemies and chests. The golden tier only becomes available on New Game+. Enemies and objects can also drop items that are used to upgrade equipment. At one point, the hidden stat boosters were changed to be like this as well.
  • Retraux: The game has a Graphics-Induced Super-Deformed cutesy 8-bit look.
  • Set Bonus: Some equipment can be combined for special effects.
  • Shock and Awe: The Fryar Fry summons a Bolt of Divine Retribution around the Cleric. It is powerful, but timing is required to hit enemies to the side of the Cleric. It also costs your entire PP meter, so it won't see much use when you get more practical ways of killing things.
  • Shout-Out:
    • At one point you can find the local witch looking for a Cow Level in the town.
    • An update added the "Scholar of the First Wuss" subtitle. Also, the final boss in this game, the Ancient Dragon, shares its name with a boss from Dark Souls II.
  • Skill Point Reset: One of the town merchants can reset your attribute points for a cheap price.
  • Speedrun: There are bird nests in certain areas that will contain items if the player gets there quickly enough.
  • Spikes of Doom: They're found as obstacles every now and then. The flashing red ones are especially danguerous, as they do 20 HP of damage. However, there is equipment that blocks them.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Weebish Mines and Hasslevania.
  • Standard Status Effects: Status effects can decrease the Cleric's stats, poison him or make him fall asleep. That last one is the most danguerous, as it leaves you completely defenseless for an awfully long time.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: The Cleric cannot drown and knows how to swim, unlike a certain Bellhump...
  • Sword of Plot Advancement: One mission is spent collecting the pieces of a legendary sword to use against the Dragon. Then the Golden Knight steals it on the results screen. You never get to use it, as it is left stuck on the Dragon's back after it kills the Golden Knight.
  • Timed Mission:
    • There's one in which the Cleric is trapped in a room set to blow up in a minute. The amount of time taken to clear the mission changes the reward.
    • In another, the Cleric has to break dozens of pickle jars before time runs out. In New Game+, the only way to win this one is to run around with the Priestly Pyro on.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Milk recharges the Cleric's PP meter. The head priest is also seen complaining that the pub doesn't sell milk.
  • Turns Red: The Demon gains several moves when he has less than half HP.
  • The Unfought: The Golden Knight is set up as a rival to the Cleric, but you find him dying miserably on the final level, claiming the dragon slayer sword was worthless.
  • The Worf Effect: This kicks off the plot. The Cleric is complaining that his companions are so strong he wouldn't get to show off even if he tried. Then just after the Cleric leaves to take a pee, the Dragon comes and effortlessly burns them to a crisp.


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