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"We are born to dreams and in time these dreams become fantasy with experience these fantasies become science-fiction and with perseverance science-fiction becomes reality and in the fullness of time rationality is gracefully laid to rest"

Original tropes: AKA I've watched too much X


Tropes I've helped launch: AKA I fall for schmuck bait

Tropes I've helped name: AKA I'm a talkative loon


Tropes that died under my care: AKA perhapse I need a vacation

Indices I've launced:

Works I watched then launched:

Works I watch and so should you:

Random tidbits:

  • I am a Emperor Scientist in training
  • My mind is made of equal parts rationality and madness ... most of the time
  • Horror does not phase me not blood, not insanity, not war ... and yet comedy sends me hiding under my hands
  • Despite the above I consider myself a very moral person ... or at least True Neutral
  • Apparently I am the champion of unpopular causes, go figure.
  • I like Trope Names that are witty. When I search through the wiki if I do not understand a trope I click the link and gain knowledge. Unfortunately I am not omniscient, so sometimes I am forced break with my naming policy.
  • I have many opinions some are strange, some mutually exclusive, and some contradictory; I still have them.
  • Yay Today is the first day that I am watching more tropes then are on my To-do list.
  • I confess sometimes the posts on the forums just make no sense to me, sometimes image picking sometimes trope repair shop, I still read them.
  • Someday I'd like to launch a trope about Augmentation Tokens, but apparently they aren't different enough from Socketed Equipment, le sigh.
  • I should mention that I take credit (and blame) for expanding Homing Projectile.


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