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  • Acclaimed Flop: Many regard this as the best Power Rangers season, even if the ratings were crap due to many ABC affiliates either not airing or pushing it to 4 or 5 in the morning.
  • Creator Killer: Due to it being a ratings failure and the Troubled Production, RPM was the last to be co-produced by Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment, which became defunct when the show was bought by Saban Brands in 2010.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • While most cases of Executive Meddling generally end with the production and airing of the show, the Disney executives overseeing RPM apparently took this to a whole new level by deliberately using members of the Power Rangers fandom to spread rumors about original executive producer Eddie Guzelian mismanaging the budget and schedule of the show, a rumor that has been absolutely denied by every single first-hand source willing to put their names behind their story.
    • For unknown reasons, long-time Power Rangers writer Jackie Marchand (who had written episodes for every Power Rangers series except Wild Force) departed the franchise early in the first half of this series.
    • The show's existence is a positive example - if Disney had their way, Jungle Fury would've been the last show. However, because Bandai asked for it (and agreed to pay for part of it), Disney agreed to do one more show, but after that, they were done with the series (and the series lay dormant until Saban bought it back).
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  • Fake American: Eka Darville, Dan Ewing and Adelaide Kane are Australian, and Rose McIver, Milo Cawthorne and Olivia Tennet are New Zealanders. Most of the supporting cast were Aussies and Kiwis too. Averted with James Gaylyn (Col. Mason Truman) and Fellis McGuire (Scott's brother Marcus), who are actual Americans.
  • Fake Scot: Ari Boyland (Flynn) is also from New Zealand.
  • Fan Nickname:
  • Franchise Killer: Done on purpose, Disney really didn't want to produce new Power Rangers, only greenlighting it after Bandai paid for part of the season, and so barely advertised it and put it on at 5 in the morning.
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  • I Knew It!: That Meta Origin bit in the introduction? People have been trying to figure out how the Morphing Grid works for years. After all was said and done, someone has to owe someone else internet drinks.
  • Jossed: "Venjix" was the name of the baddie back in the tenth anniversary episode. Fans speculated that Venjix robot and this Venjix virus are one and the same. Plus various bits of Ranger history that people suspect are connected the year 3,000 wastelands in the Time Force/Wild Force teamup. By series end, no apparent direct connection between the Venjix virus and General Venjix of the Machine Empire was made. Could still be considered a possible Internal Homage though, given both Venjix characters are machine-related in some manner.
  • Name's the Same:
    • No, this Venjix is not the same one from "Forever Red".
    • General Crunch is not the same Charlie McDermott who plays Axl Heck.
  • The Other Darrin: General Kilobyte switched voice actors between his first and second appearances.
  • Prop Recycling: Dr. K's sonic blaster, which originated in Big Bad Beetleborgs and was last seen in "Forever Red". And while borrowing from Super Sentai normally goes without saying, special mention must be made of the van with "GO-ONGER" plastered on the side.
  • Recycled Script:
    • "If Venjix Won" is a new episode written around the same premise as "Legacy of Power" back in Dino Thunder - the mentor is somehow separated from the team, whose attempts to find her lead to unlocking past footage for a Clip Show.
    • Similarly, there's an enhanced human all alone before meeting up with a preexisting team of Rangers. He's looking for his long lost sister who had been taken from him. A major villain is a pretty girl who despite being young is a trusted Dragon. As the enhanced human begins a romance with the Yellow Ranger, he figures out through his necklace that the Dragon girl is his sister and she switches sides to help him. She is then kidnapped and programmed to be dedicated to evil alone. Near the finale he is able to both save his sister from evil and be a couple with the Yellow Ranger. Sound familiar?
    • Green Ranger falls in love with the techie chick. Shades of Lightspeed Rescue, anyone?
  • Romance on the Set:
    • Milo Cawthorne and Olivia Tennet, got together but separated in 2016.
    • In fact, it was partly because of the romantic tension between Ziggy and Dr. K that the two actors got together. As Olivia explains in a magazine interview, she and Milo got together in real life "because we thought, well, someone's obviously trying to tell us something." Also, they had appeared in two other television productions in New Zealand prior to RPM. They eventually tied the knot in June of 2013 while living in Los Angeles, but they split up nearly three years later, according to this interview with Milo Cawthorne.
  • Screwed by the Network: Half of America couldn't see it because of opt-outs, pre-emptions for college football, and in some areas, an unsociable timeslot (who's awake at 5am?). It was also not shown on Disney XD, as mentioned in the trope intro. UK viewers had to wait six months for the second half of the season, due to Jetix stopping the new episodes when it became Disney XD. It was only thanks to the internet that the season became as beloved as it did.
  • Troubled Production: Good grief:
    • Bruce Kalish had decided to move onto a new project, and Disney planned on FINALLY cancelling Power Rangers, but Bandai Europe had Disney under contract for one more season. To that end, a new producer was brought on: Eddie Guzelian. The only problem? Guzelian was primarily an animated creator (having worked on Fillmore! and American Dragon: Jake Long prior to this), putting him into a new role entirely with not only dealing with live action conventions, but the unique production and the way the Super Sentai/Power Rangers transition works.
    • To his credit though, Guzelian did watch several episodes before production began, getting a feel for the show, and trying to take the franchise in a new direction by pitching a post-apocalyptic series to try and revitalize interest among not only boys, but also to an older audience as well. The only problem? The Sentai series they were working off of, Engine Sentai Go-onger was a parody series, so they ended up in a similar situation to Lost Galaxy (and the first half of Turbo) in trying to splice one series into another, entirely different situation.
    • On top of this, there were script delays going into production, in part due to the difficulty in writing around the Sentai footage, and rumors of production overshooting the budget in part due to a higher use of original footage instead of stock stuff.
    • And to top it off, Guzelian was fired DURING production, with two writers who'd come on to help with the production quitting in protest. Veteran PR writer Judd Lynn was brought in to help finish the production, forcing him to do a behind the scenes episode to buy him some time to catch up with the work. All in all, not exactly the easiest production to do, only compounded by the fact Disney/ABC kept hiding RPM in its scheduling and promotions due to its lack of edutainment and higher violence levels putting some executives off (and in turn the lack of edutainment had several ABC stations preempt the show). Even though Power Rangers wasn't renewed under Disney's management afterwards, the fact that this production could even be finished with all the issues it had, and be well regarded by older fans as well is quite the feat.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Kimberley Crossman, the New Zealand actress who played Lauren Shiba in Super Samurai, stated that she auditioned for RPM in an interview with RangerCrew. Interestingly enough, Kimberley worked with both Ari Boyland and Olivia Tennet during her tenure on Shortland Street.
    • Initially the Yellow Ranger's name was listed as Kayla, according to the profile of the original actress cast as her. For whatever reasons she was recast with Rose McIver and the name was changed to Summer.
    • Johnny Yong Bosch apparently turned down the chance to reprise his role as Adam. What kind of role he would have played is unknown.
    • The series originally had a MUCH darker ending (at least allegedly- no one is sure whether or not this is real). After Venjix was destroyed in Danger & Destiny, the series' true finale Ranger Black would begin; Dillon would be revealed as a cyborg sleeper agent created to infiltrate the Rangers, gain their trust/access to the morphing grid, and ultimately serve as Venjix's final host. Everything about his human existence, up to and including Tenaya being his sister, was fiction created by Venjix in order to lure the Rangers into trusting him. The series would then end with the rest of the team being forced to kill Dillon in order to save humanity and destroy Venjix once and for all. This rumored ending is often thought be be the real reason Guzelian was removed from the show.
    • Although we did eventually get an adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters in the form of Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, had Amit Bhaumik's proposal for Power Rangers Cyber Corps been accepted, it would've been a sequel to RPM. This would've also made RPM the first Rangers series since the end of the Zordon era to have a direct sequel.
    • Tenaya was going to get a morpher at the end of the season had Eddie Guzelian stayed on.
    • According to Eka Darville, RPM was supposed to make the Channel Hop when Toon Disney became Disney XD, but somewhere along the way it was decided it wouldn't, and became ABC Kids exclusive.
    • In an episode of Game Grumps, co-host Dan Avidan reveals that he recorded a demo for the show’s opening, which can be heard here.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Again Kelson Henderson, being unrecognisable... again. Just for one episode ("Blitz") this time.
    • Rewatch Ninja Storm, specifically Cam's trip to the past. Apparently, Colonel Truman (or a near-identical relative) used to run the Wind Ninja Academy. He's also the voice of Zeltrax, and all of the Orangehead Krybots from Power Rangers S.P.D..

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