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Power Rangers RPM is known for its dark story lines, but it's also known for its humorous moments. Most of them consist of healthy doses of Lampshade Hanging, and many of them cross with Moment of Awesome, but some of them are genuinely funny by themselves.

Apparently, Saban thinks that RPM had no humor. Fans of RPM beg to differ. You decide.

The Show

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    "The Road to Corinth" 
  • Flynn's interactions with Colonel Truman. The Colonel is in disbelief that a civilian commandeered a school bus and hauled survivors through Venjix's entire army and made it back in one piece—until the bus's grill falls to the ground.
    Flynn: Well, maybe a few pieces, but you know, we made it.
  • The entirety of Ziggy's first encounter with Dillon. Who else would think of trying to steal ("borrow") a car from someone much stronger than him using an outtake muffler as a blaster prop of sorts?
  • Ziggy begins freaking out as Dillon runs through the Venjix barricade—especially after Dillon asks for his yellow lollipop.
    Ziggy [after he hands Dillon a yellow lollipop]: This isn't happening! I'm running the Venjix barricade in broad daylight with, uh, with Willy Wonka at the wheel!
  • Also, there's Ziggy pondering how he never learned to play a musical instrument while Dillon is tossing IEDs out of the window and blowing up Grinders.
  • This exchange:
    Ziggy: "Remind me never to get on your bad side."
    Dillon "Trust me, you're already there."
  • Ziggy "introduces" Dillon to our heroes.
    Ziggy (as the Rangers call forth their weapons): Now that's what I'm talking about! Go Rangers!
    Dillon: Go what?
    Ziggy: Rangers. Power Rangers!
    Dillon: What's a "Power Ranger"?
    (Ziggy looks at Dillon dumbfounded.)

    "Fade to Black" 
  • When some Venjix drones open fire on Dillon and Ziggy, the latter can be seen diving head-first through Dillon's car as Dillon stands there dramatically in front of the explosion behind them.
  • After some Corinth soldiers apprehend Dillon and Ziggy following the Rangers' battle with the Venjix bot, this little moment happens:
    Ziggy (as some soldiers grab hold of him and Dillon): It's cool, guys! I'm, I'm tight with my main amigo, Mr. Hero himself. We're like brothers!
    Soldier (scanning Dillon): Sir, he's an infiltrator!
    Ziggy: I don't even know this dude!
  • Ziggy's interrogation, complete with an audience being glued to their seats, eating popcorn, as he tells them about showing up to school in only his underwear and something about a rash.
  • Summer tries to talk to Dillon during his interrogation:
    Dillon: Can I be honest with you?
    Summer: Give it a shot.
    Dillon: Yellow is definitely not your color.
    • To which Summer responds with:
      Summer: Do you have to work really hard at the whole brooding bad boy thing? Like, seriously, do you get up and practice every morning in front of a mirror? (Dillon's smirk goes away.)
  • When Ziggy suggests that Dillon should bring him along, he logically asks why. Ziggy's response?
    Ziggy: Shadow puppets. (Makes a chicken shadow puppet.) Brilliant shadow puppets.
    Dillon: That'll come in handy.
    • Ziggy's shadow puppets indeed come in handy later on!
  • Dillon starting a prison fight over Jell-O.
  • The final scene of the episode has the team asking Dillon to join. He accepts, and the camera pans out to reveal that after all the fights he's gotten into, he's now completely wrapped up in chains and surrounded by armed guards.

  • Dillon mocks Dr. K's suit designs after they are introduced as the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio-Suits. The latter line has practically gained Memetic Mutation status in the Power Rangers fandom.
    Dillon: Right, because nothing says "covert" like bright red, yellow, and blue spandex.
    Summer: Doc K can get a little defensive about his work...
    Dr. K: The material is a self-assembling nanofiber formed with an intracellular shape memory alloy!
  • Ziggy becomes a total fanboy when he sees the Power Rangers after being released from his prison cell. When Scott asks Dillon why they're freeing Ziggy (as a condition of Dillon becoming part of the Ranger team), he replies, "He can make shadow puppets."
  • Ziggy ruins a "special Ranger moment" after Dillon becomes Ranger Series Black. He also inadvertently presses Dr. K's Berserk Button and is made to clean the floor of the Garage with only a toothbrush.
    Ziggy: Talk about sensitive...
    Dr. K: Would it be a cliché for me to point out that you missed a spot?
    • A moment before that, Ziggy takes a group picture with the Rangers and, while reviewing the photo, this exchange happens:
      Ziggy: (looking through the camera) Yellow, your eyes were closed.
      Summer: (to the other Rangers, her helmet still on) Can he even see my eyes?
  • Dillon decides to take the morpher and head out of Corinth to find the woman haunting his dreams. But he doesn't have his car. His solution? Steal Scott's car. The next morning, as the other Rangers prepare to fight Venjix's troops, Scott realizes what happened and loses focus for a moment.
    Scott (in disbelief that his car is gone): My car! Nobody touches my car...
    • When Dillon shows up to save the day with Scott's car, Scott makes sure to know where his priorities are:
      Scott: If you scratch that, I'm going to make you wish you never came back!
    • When the Rangers finish off the Venjix bot, Scott's biggest concern becomes, once again, his car:
      Scott (inside the High Octane Megazord): Ranger Black, give me a status update NOW.
      Dillon (looking behind him at the pile of Grinders he made): I'll be fine.
      Scott (scratching his head): No, I mean give me a status update on my car!
      Dillon (with a smug smile on his face): Ranger Black, out.
      Scott: Dillon—(gets cut off)
  • The Megazord battle has the High Octane Megazord functioning as a bridge to let cars through after Venjix's attack bot makes it collapse, kind of like when Tommy used his Falconzord as an impromptu piece of the monorail bridge stomped on by an enlarged Ivan Ooze in the 1995 Power Rangers movie.
    • In that same battle, the Venjix bot has sent out gigantic bubbles that are still there after the Rangers finish it off.
  • After the Rangers beat the MOTD, Ziggy attempts to high-five the computer screen in celebration.
    Dr. K (exasperated): Please stop that.

    "Go For the Green" 
  • The Rangers need a Ranger Green. Somehow, Ziggy has roped them into letting him find a candidate by hosting a competition similar to America's Got Talent. The candidates include a ventriloquist, a hula dancer, a clown, and a mime. Probably not what the Rangers and Dr. K had in mind for a Ranger candidate.
  • Ziggy has realized that their new Ranger Green candidate, Tenaya Sevinson, is actually a Venjix bot. He flees the scene on an electric scooter. When Tenaya 7 catches up with him and lifts him up, he makes the mistake of asking her who she is. She begins her longwinded introduction (which becomes a Running Gag throughout the beginning part of the series), but Ziggy gets her to shut up by squirting some wiper fluid in her eye.
    Ziggy (after squirting some wiper fluid in Tenaya 7's eye): That was a rhetorical question.
  • The Running Gag of Tenaya 7 never being able to finish her longwinded speeches.
    Tenaya 7 (grabbing the Series Green morpher): Now I will bond with your Series Green and destroy the Power Rangers from within! I will become the final stage of techno-awareness—
    Ziggy (on the ground after being knocked down by Tenaya 7): You talk too much!
  • Ziggy's first reaction upon bonding with the Series Green Morpher has this:
    Ziggy (patting himself, just realizing that he's now morphed): I'M A POWER RANGER! (Tenaya 7 attacks.) I DON'T WANT TO BE A POWER RANGER! I COULD NEVER BE A POWER RANGER!
  • The Rangers' fight with the Shovel Bot has Ziggy hiding behind a tree.
  • Dillon introduces the new Ranger Operator Series Green to the other Rangers and Dr. K: Ziggy Grover. The other Rangers' reactions are priceless. Interestingly enough, K (still behind a computer screen) is actually rather composed compared to the Rangers.

  • The beginning of the episode has Scott and Dillon rev up their cars' engines, drowning out Dr. K's increasingly impatient calls for Dillon to report for training. They even get little jabs in at each other.
    Scott (still revving his car's engine): What can I say? I like to live dangerously.
    Dillon: Explains the hair.
    • It takes Summer to get the boys to stop revving their cars' engines:
      Summer: You wanna try to make a bit more noise? I've still got some hearing left in one ear.
  • During battle with some Grinders, Ziggy tries kicking a barrel. He ends up hopping on one foot because he hurt his other foot's toes.
  • Dillon walks out of Dr. K's lab as he no longer wants to train. He opens up the refrigerator, revealing a double-barreled cannon, which Dr. K uses to shoot lasers at him—just to prove a point.
    Dillon (sees the cannon pop out of the fridge): You've got to be kidding me!
    Dr. K: Shall we begin? (blasts Dillon)
  • Tenaya 7 says this when she first sees the Nozz-Bot:
    Tenaya: It looks like a giant bottle of window cleaner. Do you want to destroy Corinth, or give the city a streak free shine?
    • In the same scene:
      General Shifter: Excuse me, Master Venjix, but you said that one of us was to be destroyed.
      Venjix: Thank you for reminding me. (He shoots Shifter)
    • Also:
      General Crunch: I have a question, your most Venjixness. Are you going to supersize the Nozz-Bot now, or wait until the Rangers defeat it first?
      (Venjix blasts Crunch)
    • Followed up by:
      General Crunch: Seeing as I'm already a mess, I'm just going to ask. Why do we never send in the drones whenever the city's shields are down?
      (Another blast)
      General Crunch: (coughing) That's what I figured.
  • The Rangers do battle with Tenaya 7's detached hand, at one point playing Whack-A-Mole with it. Once again, the fridge cannon comes into play.
    Tenaya 7: (sees the cannon pop out of the fridge) You've got to be kidding me!
    • Before the battle, an alarm interrupts Flynn from taking the first sip of the smoothie he had been working on. It becomes a Running Gag throughout the rest of the series. His reaction shows that it's not the first time this has happened.
      Flynn (right after the alarm goes off): Every time...
  • At the end of the episode, Dr. K finally makes an appearance. The Rangers are dumbfounded by what they see: a tiny girl with a pageboy haircut, wearing a lab coat over a schoolgirl uniform and a headset.
    Dr. K: Hello, Rangers. I'm Dr. K. What? (Moves her headset's mic which disguises her voice.) You thought I'd be taller?
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but Ziggy nods his head a little bit!

    "Ranger Green" 
  • Near the beginning of the episode, Ziggy tells Dr. K that he thought she had been a dude.
    Dr. K: Sorry to disappoint you.
  • Ziggy finds out the hard way that it's not wise to ask Dr. K about what could go wrong, even rhetorically, as she will actually answer with a list of worst-case scenarios.
  • Ziggy's first teleportation attempt has him getting out of his suit, leaving him with only his helmet and underwear on.
    Ziggy: Hey, something, ah, feels different. I think it worked. I DID IT! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!
    Dr. K: Oh, I'm looking, and I think I've seen enough, more than enough. [Move to Ziggy in his helmet and underwear.] And I'm willing to lay odds that this isn't exactly the first test you've ever failed.
  • Ziggy might be a true verbal punching bag for Dr. K at this point, but his big rebuttal to his lack of other skills? "I more than make up for it with heart!"
  • The alarm blares, and Flynn looks up at the screen, asking, "What's on the menu today, good Doctor?". Not realizing Dr. K is right next to him, giving him a look of "I'm right here, Ranger Blue." Flynn admit's he's used to having her talk via the screen.
  • After Venjix's latest attack bot retreats, Flynn has this to say:
    Flynn: The giant magnet ran away! I cannot believe I just said that out loud.
  • Ziggy ends up in jail after accidentally teleporting into a bank vault. He comments to Colonel Truman, Summer, and Dillon that he's not a criminal, though he is incompetent. Dr. K tells Colonel Truman that she can vouch for Ziggy's incompetence.
  • The episode has had a running gag involving Dr. K's oversized sound cannon being untested. She finally gets to try it out against Fresno Bob's men as she goes to rescue Ziggy. The result after she first fires her cannon? Cartel members in their underwear. The second blast has her send the goons flying. The cartel mooks go from laughing at the tiny Dr. K to outright fearing her.
    Cartel member: (laughs) What's that supposed to do?
    Dr. K: That's an excellent question. (She blasts the cartel members, who end up in their underwear. She fires the cannon again, sending them flying. The other cartel goons all scramble to the nearest exit.)
    Dr. K: Now are there any more questions?
  • When Fresno Bob asks Dr. K what she wants, she replies, “I want him,” referring to Ziggy, in a completely deadpan tone. Ziggy then pops up behind a counter eating a sandwich, leading Dr. K to give an irritated look. (Also, Fresno Bob can be seen trying to put his toupee back on since K's sound cannon blew it off his head.)
  • At the end of the episode, Ziggy tries teleporting again, but ends up in the rafters. Dr. K, being her Deadpan Snarker self, is not surprised.
    Dr. K (responding to Ziggy's statement that she went outside to rescue him): We're in a dome. It doesn't count.

    "Ranger Red" 
  • The opening fight sequence in the park beings with Ziggy fumbling his Pre-Asskicking One-Liners. Scott uses the baby stroller as a weapon with the baby still in it, and Ziggy "uses" the mother to defend himself.
  • Ziggy might not be book smart or tech-savvy, but he knows enough to understand some of Dr. K's jargon and point out that she made a mistake. She immediately becomes defensive.
    Ziggy: "Miscalculated?" You mean, uh, like a mistake? (A wide grin appears on his face.) You made a mistake!
    Dr. K (defensively): It has happened before, you know. (scowls) Once.
  • Early on, Dr. K is explaining some stuff to the team. All well and good... except Ziggy is asleep, face down in a bowl of cereal. And absolutely no-one comments on this, or even looks at Ziggy through the whole scene.
  • After the Rangers finish off the latest Venjix attack bot in the new ValveMax Megazord, Colonel Truman and Corporal Hicks, now in Dr. K's lab, turn to see her at her desk ... sleeping. Looks like the need to sleep caught up to her at last as she pulled a few all-nighters to resolve the issue with the Croc Carrier.

    "Ranger Yellow" 
  • Part 1:
    • The meet-and-greet with the school kids nearly becomes a total disaster. It takes Ziggy, Dillon, and Summer to restrain the comparatively tiny Dr. K when one of the schoolboys inadvertently presses her Berserk Button; you can see the "Oh, Crap!, this isn't going to end well" expressions on their faces. She unconsciously almost does it again when a little girl nearly says the "s" word as she asks Summer a question.
Said question about who looks the best in the Ranger Suits has Ziggy answer or try to. In the middle of it, he ends up nearly making a sexual innuendo and has to be dragged back by the other boys before he could finish.
  • In general, the Q&A is a blast to listen to:
    • One kid asks Dillon if he has anything for the people who look up to him. His answer? "No."
    • One kid asks why Flynn talks pretty, and instead of being irritated, he sounds thrilled about it.
    • One kid asks if Scott is the leader thanks to his awesome hair. Ziggy actually looks a bit disbelieving due to his hair being similar.
    • Then there's the kid asking Summer to marry her.
    • To which she (jokingly) says yes.
  • Summer's first flashback shows a montage of her making her butler Andrews do some pretty humiliating things, like serve as her personal footrest and being her sparring partner when she practices some martial arts. The Landsdowns must pay Andrews more than enough for him to take the constant abuse.
  • Right after the Rangers destroy the latest Venjix attack bot, the High Octane Megazord (equipped with the Wolf Cruiser as a gun-like attachment) blows smoke away from its barrel.
  • After the Rangers dispense with the attack bot, the boy who asked the Rangers and Dr. K about where they get their spandex comes up to Dr. K and asks if he could ever be a Power Ranger. Her response? "I highly doubt it." Way to shoot his dreams down, Doc!
  • The Rangers' (minus Summer) and Dr. K's first meeting with Summer's snobby parents has them confuse the Rangers as the "help". Dillon decides to show how he feels about being called the "help" by breaking the pool stick that Mr. Landsdown handed to him in half.
  • Once again, one of Tenaya 7's longwinded speeches gets interrupted.
    Summer: Sorry, my parents are visiting. Can we skip all the bad guy Blah, Blah, Blah?
    • Right before then, Ziggy somehow gets tangled up inside some orange construction netting!
  • Part 2:
    • The episode opens with the male Series Operators gossiping about Summer's agreement with her parents and her arranged marriage to Chaz Winchester IV, whose name causes Dillon and Scott to snicker—all while beating the tar out of some Grinders using some improvised weapons like shopping carts and bubble wrap.
    • When Summer goes to confront her parents about the wedding, her former friend Brie (the one who threw her off the military truck in her flashbacks) goes up to hug her and give her kisses. Summer's face makes it clear she'd rather not get hugs and kisses from her.
    • Summer's mother can't stop saying "we have no money" in more dramatic ways and wonders how "normal people handle saying it all the time."
    • Dr. K has a conversation with Brie that goes like this:
      Brie (seeing the crest on Dr. K's sweater): Hey, don't I know you? Did you go to Hobson College? Newton Prep, maybe? Noddington.
      Dr. K (completely serious): I grew up working 'round the clock in a top-secret military think tank codenamed "Alphabet Soup."
      Brie: Were you in a sorority?
      • K then turns her head away with a look that suggests she lost a few IQ points during that conversation.
    • Dr. K and Summer have this exchange shortly before the ceremony begins:
      Dr. K: Ranger Operator Series Yellow, you look positively radiant.
      Summer: Really? You think?
      Dr. K: No, but I was told it was customary to say so.
      • Summer's face is torn between being offended at Dr. K's "compliment" and accepting that the Doctor has zero social skills.
      • "Positively radiant" becomes a Running Gag throughout the rest of the episode, with Dr. K even using it as part of a one-liner.
        Tenaya 7 (turning to "Summer"): By the way, love the dress, Ranger Yellow. (She then takes off "Summer's" wedding veil, revealing that it's Dr. K.)
        Dr. K: Thanks. I would say I look positively radiant.
      • Dr. K in a wedding dress becomes Hilarious in Hindsight since Olivia Tennet would later tie the knot with co-star Milo Cawthorne. And she looks positively radiant!
    • The fight sequence towards the end of the episode has several moments:
      • A Grinder lifts up Flynn's kilt while Ziggy fends off the Monster of the Week with only a rental tuxedo coat. Of course, Summer takes on Tenaya 7 while still wearing her wedding dress.
      • After Tenaya 7 snatches the Landsdown Diamond from Summer, the male Rangers all gape at Summer in a wedding dress, leading to this conversation:
        Dillon: Summer, you look, uh...
        Scott: Well, you look...
        Summer: Radiant?
        Dillon: Yes.
        Scott: Yeah.
      • Summer, still in a dress, is ready to morph while her fellow Rangers fumble around to get their morphers.
    • The end of the episode has her "friend" Brie colliding with the wedding cake, only irritating Flynn, who had been looking forward to eating some of it—perhaps as a callback to Those Two Guys from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
      Flynn: What a waste of good cake!
  • Tenaya-7 getting one-upped by Dr K. She approaches her at gunpoint, mockingly saying that she's expecting some "pretty profound last words", due to the doc's reputation as The Smart Guy. Dr K picks up a violin, and moves the volume controls up to full blast before remarking...
    • Adelaide Kane gives her best Oh, Crap! face as Tenaya realises what's about to happen, and says "you are smart", before a sonic blast sends her flying across the room.

    "Ranger Blue" 
  • Dr. K holds a Q&A session with her Rangers. Scott asks about the eyes in the front of their Zords (and why the Zords have, in Ziggy's words "big, googly, anime eyes"); Ziggy asks about the random morphing explosions; and Flynn asks about why they have to shout "RPM, GET IN GEAR!" when they morph—questions which Dr. K answers with increasing impatience. Of course, this is total Lampshade Hanging on things normally taken for granted in the Rangerverse. (On another note, the Rangers are scared of asking Dr. K anything at first.)
  • The flashbacks to Flynn's past play up his Scottishness to ridiculous levels—it starts with a chorus of bagpipes!
  • Tenaya 7 and Flynn have this exchange:
    Tenaya 7: Red is the perfect one, Black is the brooding bad boy, Green is the clown, and Yellow, well, she's the girl. So, who are you supposed to be?
    Flynn: AH'M SCOTTISH!
  • After Dr. K gives some technobabble explanation regarding Flynn's suit malfunction, he asks for it again, but in layman's terms. She replies that she was speaking in layman's terms.
    • A bit later on, Summer asks if they want to hear the good news first or the bad news. Flynn and K respond with "good news" and "bad news" respectively at the same time.
  • Let's not forget Flynn explaining to Dr. K, over the comm unit in his Morpher, how he came up with the idea of fixing the malfunctioning time-freeze ability of his Ranger suit — beating the crap out of an army of Mooks all the while. He even lampshades the fact that he'll probably get an oversized version of "Ziggy's run-off explosions" ...Which he then proceeds to put to damned good use before finally finishing up the phone conversation. The cherry on the moment, though? Flynn, the car mechanic, left Dr. K, the child prodigy supergenius, absolutely speechless. Epic win, Ranger Series Blue.
  • Before that, when Flynn had a flashback to his third job, it involved local natives fighting another tribe. His co-wokers refused to help, but promised to send tennis rackets. Which leads to Flynn putting face paint on and...
    Flynn: "It's a good day to die, eh, boys?" (Cue Flynn leading the local people in a charge. Using the tennis rackets.)
    • What makes it better? It's heavily implied that they Won!
    • Hell, in his second job, he was a firefighter causing massive amounts of water damage to an old lady's burning apartment...and he then hands the lady her pet goldfish. Upon being told the chief wants to see him, knowing he's likely to be fired for this...
    "He's gonna have to wait. I'm going back for the plants."

    "Doctor K" 
  • Generals Crunch and Shifter react hilariously whenever they see their own reflections in the Reflex Bot's mirror, not even realizing that they are looking at themselves. Crunch tops it off with this: "Can... can machines throw up? I think I'm gonna throw up!" Tenaya 7's reactions to their stupidity only makes it funnier. (And it's needed, considering how dark the episode is.)
  • Dr. K and Ziggy have this exchange:
    Ziggy: Hold it! Hold it! Hold everything, people. In times like this, there's one question that needs to be answered: Are we, or are we not, the good guys?
    Dr. K: Tell me: What's it like?
    Ziggy: What's what like?
    Dr. K: Being stupid your whole life. Is it as wonderful as it seems?
    • Out of context, one would think that this is just another insult Dr. K would throw at Ziggy. But given the episode and her backstory, she's actually being serious about what it's like being "stupid" since her immense intellect was what got her into trouble in the first place, as her first flashback later on would show.
  • In K's first flashback, a girl offers her a piece of chalk. Her drawing of a house and a rainbow is later surrounded by complex mathematical equations. She's absolutely stunned and confused by K's contribution. K even has a little smile on her face as she's proud of her work.
  • In one of Dr. K's flashbacks, we see her meet an excited Gem and Gemma for the first time. The repulsed look on her face tells the whole story.
    Gem: Hello!
    Gemma: Dr. K!
    Gem: I'm Gem!
    Gemma: And I'm Gemma!
    Gem: We're going to have so much fun working together!
    Gemma: Just tell us what we can do!
    Dr. K (deadpan, but in absolute disbelief): You can stop talking like that.
    Gem: Like?
    Gemma: What?
    (Cut to Dr. K's face, showing her absolute bewilderment at Gem and Gemma.)
  • After Gem and Gemma give her a pencil for her birthday, Dr. K can be seen using it ... by helping her type on a keyboard. The visual is pretty amusing, given that she's a quick typist.
    • For context, she is typing rapidly with her left hand and doing "hunt and peck" using the pencil with her right hand.

  • The Sat Bot knocks Dillon off a building. Ziggy morphs, leaps off the building, catches up with Dillon and attempts teleporting them down safely. For once, it actually works!
    Ziggy (holding on to Dillon as they fall to the ground and trying to make the teleportation work): We're gonna splat! WE'RE GONNA SPLAT!
    Ziggy (after he and Dillon teleport safely to the ground): We didn't splat! WE DID NOT SPLAT!
  • Throughout the episode, Tenaya 7 gets increasingly impatient towards Venjix as his latest plans get foiled once again by the Rangers. By the end, she couldn't care any less about it all and simply leaves the chamber.
    Tenaya 7: I don't care what else you have planned! I'm going to bed!
    General Crunch: Sweet dreams!

    "Brother's Keeper" 
  • Ziggy confidently boasts to an apparently lone Tenaya 7 that he and his fellow Rangers can handle her until she brings out her guests—a squad of Grinders.
    Ziggy: See, I don't care how powerful or deadly you think you are, Tenaya 7, but there are five of us and only on—
    (Grinders start showing up.)
    Ziggy: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight—oh, well, now this isn't fair.
  • During the fight, Scott and his car are surrounded by Grinders. One of them inadvertently scratches his car. The fight just stops as Scott observes the damage done. The Grinders freeze in place as their circuits register what they had just done. They learned that day to never, ever put a dent on Scott's car.
  • Dr. K and Summer have a conversation about the boys. And Dr. K is in her pajamas and fuzzy puppy slippers.
    Dr. K: I understand your dilemma.
    Summer: Sorry, what dilemma?
    Dr. K: You find Ranger Series Red attractive because he represents the guy who can give you solid security: the boy next door, trustworthy, responsible—the kind you take home to mother. At the same time, you're hopelessly drawn to the excitement and danger of Ranger Series Black, the tortured and mysterious bad boy you think you can save.
    Summer: I don't think you—
    Dr. K: Comparing the raw data on a cuteness scale is also difficult, with one scoring a solid nine, while the other registering the cuteness scale's maximum score of ten.
    Summer: Which one do you think is the ten?
    Dr. K: Why? Which one do you think is the ten?
  • The Evil!Dillon fight sequence has Ziggy getting rapid-fire slapped and Flynn getting a kick in the Engine Cells. It gets topped off with Dillon's reaction to it all after the virus's control is broken.
    Dillon: What the—? (Sees Scott holding him down.) Why are you hugging me? (Sees Dr. K in her console with her PJs and slippers on.) Doc, what's with the slippers?
    • During the fight, Dr. K attempts to scan Dillon, who then breaks her scanner in half and pushes her to the floor, Ziggy then catches her, and they have an exchange of looks: Ziggy is surprised that he caught her, while she looks absolutely disgusted that he, of all people, jumped to break her fall.
  • Scott handcuffs Dillon, leading to a montage where the two are seen even sharing a bathroom together, with one of them in the shower.
  • While the other Rangers fight off Venjix's latest bot, Dillon and Scott are still handcuffed together. An exasperated Dr. K orders them to go help their fellow Rangers, but to decide on a car first before leaving. Which car do they take? Ziggy's scooter.
  • One of the best bits of the episode? Scott and Dillon don't break their cuffs until after they morph!

  • The opening battle sequence has this exchange between Ziggy and the other Rangers in the Zenith Megazord:
    Scott: I told you, Ziggy, left on Grand was the fastest way to downtown!
    Ziggy: Hey, no fair! I didn't know that we qualified for the carpool lane.
    Flynn: Of course we qualify. There's five of us, aren't there?
    Summer: Plus, Ziggy, we're driving around in a giant, twenty-story-high, robotic superweapon.
    Dillon: She's right. We qualify for any lane we want.
    • Later in that same sequence.
      Ziggy: Is it too late to call in sick?
      Dr. K: I'm looking at your vitals right now, Ranger Series Green, and aside from irregularly high levels of bad breath and body odor, I see no signs of any serious physical issues.
  • Just before Summer begins hypnotizing Dillon, he remarks that he needs some privacy as Ziggy shows up with a bag of popcorn and a camera, expressing that he wants to see her make Dillon act like a chicken. Scott raises his hand to stop Ziggy from going any further.
    • Then, once Dillon is in the hypnotized vision, Ziggy mentions wanting to make him act like a chicken again, causing one of the others to slap him.
  • The whole GO-ONGER sequence. Ziggy thinks they're all going on a fun road trip, complete with a pool dolphin float. Flynn can't even pronounce its name. And even Dr. K gets a dig or two at its "shoddy" design.

  • The Rangers wonder if they are being chased by "ghosts". In some shows this would be taken seriously. In RPM...
    Ziggy: How can you go from this to ghosts?
    Ziggy: We let this guy drive!
    Flynn: Oh, you have a better explanation, do you?!
    Ziggy: I could say anything right now. Anything. And it would - no matter what comes out of my mouth - have to be a better explanation then ghosts!
  • Ziggy scolds the other Rangers, especially Summer, for passing judgment on weird things like a Zord that, in Flynn's words, resembles "a giant flying chicken that's shooting laser beams at people."
    Ziggy: "Weird"? Okay, you cruise around in a giant yellow teddy bear, okay?! I drive a big green fish! Look in the mirror, people: We're in no position to be sitting in judgment of anything "weird"!
    Dillon: Man's got a point.
  • Dr. K, after sharing a bit of her life growing up at Alphabet Soup, threatens Colonel Truman with a laxative she created at eleven years old that "when added to a person's beverage, it would instantaneously stricken the recipient with diarrhea a thousand times more extreme than the worst case of dysentery ever recorded." Truman puts down his cup of tea and opens up a communications channel so that she can get in touch with the Rangers. Proof that Dr. K is Crazy Is Cool.

    "In Or Out" 
  • The Rangers' first reactions to Gem and Gemma. It's almost identical to when K first met them. Really, their faces tell the whole story.
  • When in a discussion with Shifter and Tenaya over what humans depend on to survive, Crunch mentioned television as one such essential.
  • A bit later on, Dr. K, after having been called out by Gem and Gemma for being impersonal, attempts to apologize for being so distant. She goes up to all of the Rangers, says what she likes about them, calls each of them by their first name, and gives them awkward hugs—except for Ziggy. The Rangers' reactions to their self-proclaimed mentor's attempt to be more sociable only added to the humor in the scene.
    Summer: Well, that was certainly... awkward.
    Flynn: Can we please just pretend that didn't happen and get back to work now?
    • Even better as she goes down the line with them you can see all the others looking terrified about what she's going to be saying to them. Dillon even attempts to pull a Screw This, I'm Out of Here!. The other Rangers snicker when K begins complimenting Dillon for his heroism, even though he's "clearly psychologically unstable" in her judgement.
  • When Colonel Truman warns Gem and Gemma that exiting Corinth's dome while its shields are overcharged would mean that they won't be allowed back in, Gem simply responds with, "Meh." This was a Throw It In by Mike Ginn!
  • Ranger Red, fighting the vacuum attack bot, shouts "Suck on this!"

  • The Rangers’ reactions to Gem and Gemma being overly enthusiastic about their plot to blow up a Venjix factory as payback for being slave laborers. Their faces tell the whole story.
    Dillon: Gotta like ... their enthusiasm?
  • The Rangers (minus Gem and Gemma) respond to another call. Dr. K tells them that their latest villain ... is a giant ball of yarn, which leads to this:
    Flynn: Oh, release the giant Cat Zord!
    Ziggy: Yeah, or the Giant Needle Zord!
    • They then have a debate over what qualifies as a Zord. (Perhaps more Lampshade Hanging on things taken for granted in Power Rangers.) Thankfully, Scott stops the debate and gets them to focus on the task at hand, though Ziggy gets the final word:
      Ziggy: My grandmother was a knitter!
  • In search of that ball of yarn, the Rangers dig through garbage. After hearing some whistling, Dillon realizes that they've been led into a trap. Of course, Tenaya 7, Crunch, and Shifter show up. Scott shows what he thinks of his opponents:
    Scott: Sorry, guys, but that giant ball of yarn had me more worried than you!
    • Later on, Crunch and Shifter nearly ruin their "surprise" for the Rangers.
      General Shifter: Should we tell them about the surprise?
      General Crunch: Oh, no, don't ruin it! Let's let it be a surprise!
      Tenaya 7: You just did ruin it. As soon as you said the word "surprise"?
    • Which comes to a head with this:
      Ziggy: Sorry, but, ah, we came here expecting to find a big ball of yarn! What could you possibly offer that could surprise us at this point—
      (Ziggy gets cut off by the Saw Bot as it lunges towards him and pins him to a wall.)
  • Gem and Gemma can be seen making some detonating putty in the kitchen. Ziggy, not knowing what it is, decides to try some. Once the twins tell him that he ate some of their detonating putty, he quickly spits it out.
    Dillon: Detonating putty. If that doesn't wake you up, nothing will.
    Gemma (laughing): Good one!
    Gem: Dillon!
  • Dr. K reading Gem and Gemma's note to the other Rangers:
    "Hey, Dr. K, we're going out for a while on a super-secret super-fun mission. Don't wait up, hug hug, kiss kiss, best friends forever!"
    • Said note is in the shape of a butterfly.
    • She even smiles in the background as Scott becomes frustrated with his teammates (apart from Flynn) disobeying his orders.
  • When Dillon, Summer and Ziggy get inside the factory, they locate a guarded door.
    Ziggy: "Okay, we're going to need a distraction... (Beat) ... and I get the feeling that distraction's going to be me isn't it?"
    (Summer and Dillon nod)
    Ziggy: "Right. Thought so."
    • Dillon and Summer have to remind Ziggy not to draw too much attention. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Finesse did exactly that. You had one job, Ziggy.
  • Gem and Gemma's entrance as they come in to rescue Scott and Flynn.
    Gem: Looks like it's—
    Gemma: Boom Time, Dr. K!
    Dr. K: Roger that, Gem and Gemma, you are go for Boom Time.
  • At the Venjix factory, Ziggy distracts a large group of Grinders from attacking Dillon and Summer by using shadow puppets to imitate escaping prisoners.
    Ziggy [to Dillon and Summer]: Shadow puppets. Gets them every time.
  • Ziggy's reaction to Gem and Gemma's "map".
    Ziggy: Is the rainbow supposed to be a road?

    "Belly of the Beast" 
  • Gem makes a rather hilarious face right before blowing a squad of Grinders to bits.
  • There's a slight Running Gag with Dr. K and whether or not she knows what she's doing. It comes to a head with this:
    Colonel Truman: Dr. K, I hope you know what you're doing!
    Dr. K: Why does everyone keep saying that?! Of course, I am aware of what I am doing! I just have absolutely no idea of whether or not it will work.
  • Ziggy questions the feasibility of reprogramming the Venjix doomsday weapon with whale DNA.
    Ziggy: Yeah, but why a whale? I mean, uh, they don't even fly. It's just the whole thing seems kind of like a stretch. [looks between Gem and Gemma, who are equally as confused as he is]
    Dr. K: Would you prefer I program it back to a deadly, shield-busting Venjix doomsday weapon, Ranger Green?
    Ziggy: No, no, that's okay.
    Dr. K: Because I can do that if you feel that it would be more appropriate than a whale.
    Ziggy: Just... I'm sorry. Forget I said anything, okay?
  • The end of the episode has a very tense moment between Summer and Dillon trapped inside a burning building, about to share a last kiss. Then the Whale Zord shows up and splashes water on the building, getting the couple wet as well. It gets topped off with Gem and Gemma showing up and sharing their excitement over the new Zord, once again interrupting Dillon and Summer's moment.

    "Three's A Crowd" 
  • On a grocery shopping trip with Scott, Ziggy reveals that he knows the way to Dr. K's heart—or, rather, stomach: candy!
  • During a fight with some would-be robbers, Ziggy tries some whipping cream and confirms that it is, indeed, past its "sell by" date.
    • Immediately after, a morphed Gem and Gemma break through the convenience store’s door, giving the robbers a chance to escape from Scott and Ziggy.
      Scott: What are you doing here?!
      Gem: We saw from outside!
      Gemma: And we wanted to get in on the action!
    • Later on, when Scott and Ziggy chase after the robbers, Ziggy morphs and attempts teleporting to catch up to them. He ends up on some scaffolding instead.
  • The Rangers’ first attempt at forming the SkyRev Megazord has the High Octane and ValveMax Megazords colliding into one another after Gem and Gemma send their Mach Megazord skyward.
  • After a failed merger of the three Megazords (High Octane, ValveMax, Mach), Ziggy goes off on a rant about Dr. K and her technologies:
    Ziggy: I mean, seriously, this time, I think Dr. K has lost it. I mean, she throws together all this crazy technology and then expects that we can make it all just... come... together. [Summer and the other Series Operators point to behind Ziggy.] She's... standing right behind me, isn't she?
    Flynn: Yeah.
    Dr. K [as she takes her candy]: And for the record, Green, I don't expect the technology to just "come together." I expect the Series Operators to make it work!
    Ziggy [to the other Series Operators]: Hey, maybe a little help next time. Uh, a wave of the arm, a point. Perhaps a slap.
    Dillon: It's more fun to watch you squirm.
  • A frustrated Scott attempts to make Gem and Gemma understand that they can’t “shoot first and ask questions later.” After failing to get through to them, he concludes that "it’s like talking to children."
    Gem: Did you get any of that?
    Gemma: Only the part about shooting first?
    • When Scott suggests to Dillon that he should try talking to them because of his own reckless streak, Dillon says, “No way.” And when Ziggy volunteers to talk to them, the other Rangers shut him down.
      Ziggy: I’ll talk to them.
      Scott/Flynn/Summer/Dillon: NO.
  • After the Rangers combine their Zords to form the SkyRev Megazord and finish off the Monster of the Week, Dr. K is seen celebrating afterwards with her cherished Mr. Marshmallow and kicking her feet up at her terminal.
  • At the end of the episode, Gem and Gemma tell the other Rangers that they've learned their lesson about not running off on their own. When Dr. K calls the Rangers regarding another breach in the dome, their impulses kick in and they run off again before Scott stops them. Gold Star for trying?

    "Heroes Among Us" 
  • When Gem celebrates after receiving his medal, he goes up to Dillon, who looks like he's only slightly impressed. This doesn't stop Gem from celebrating, though.
  • Ziggy is overjoyed because he got a girl's phone number—or so he thinks. But when Dillon snatches the napkin with what Ziggy thinks has her phone number written on it and reads its actual contents, he reveals that it's not the case.
    Dillon (after snatching the napkin): Her number, huh? That's funny, 'cause this says, "Drop dead."

    "Not So Simple" 
  • Gemma's descriptions of her fellow Rangers in her Awesome Diary (complete with cutesy drawings like in her and Gem's map to Venjix's factory from "Prisoners"), coming to a head with Flynn taking exception to being labeled only a "simple mechanic" after reading her diary entry. Flynn has apparently forgotten to never read a girl's diary.
  • Ziggy offers to reveal the secrets of shadow puppetry.
    Ziggy: If you really want to know, I—
    Dillon: I don't.
    Scott: Sorry, neither do I.
  • When Gemma offers to help Flynn with his inventions, he asks if she'll finish his sentences like she does with Gem. She happily answers in the negative.
  • Once the Road Attack Zord is fixed, it proves its worth as the Rangers (now in the SkyRev Megazord) do battle with an embiggened Hammer Bot. Dr. K has this to say to Colonel Truman, who was skeptical of the Rangers' new weapon.
    Dr. K: I certainly hope you weren't doubting the competence of me or my Rangers, Colonel.
    (Colonel Truman's face forms a scowl, while Dr. K can be seen grinning.)
  • At the end of the episode, Flynn asks Gemma if she wants to work on some gadgets with him. Before she can finish her answer, an overprotective Gem pops up behind her and interrupts.

    "The Dome Dolls" 
  • Ziggy attempts to teach Dr. K how to cook. He puts a paper hat on her, which she then puts in a blender, and tears it to pieces.
    Dr. K (impatient): Where did you learn to cook?
    Ziggy: Prison.
  • Tenaya 7, still angry from Kilobyte calling her "pretty", decides to take out her anger by blasting a poor Grinder to bits.
  • After the men get knocked out by the gender-specific sleeping gas, Scott and Dillon can be seen holding hands.
  • Summer, Gemma, and Dr. K look in shock as Ziggy apparently resists the sleeping gas. Of course, he gets knocked out eventually.
    • Immediately after, Vazquez communicates with the Rangers about the unfolding situation. Summer reassures her that they're far from helpless. Gemma, however, mentions that they're completely outnumbered with a smile on her face.
    • As Vazquez tries to calm down and look after the sleeping Colonel Truman, the girls have this conversation:
      Gemma: Do you think she's gonna hold it together?
      Dr. K: Zero probability.
  • Ziggy and Dr. K have this exchange as he wakes up from Dr. K's first attempt at her antidote to her male-specific sleeping gas:
    Ziggy: I had the strangest dream. We... we were on a date. [Pointing to Dr. K.]
    Dr. K: That... sounds like a nightmare.
  • Just the fact that the Toxinbot makes a ridiculous slurping noise due to its straw-like mouth.
  • After Dr. K finishes her antidote, she sprays it on the male Rangers, who all wake up. She then makes an explanation about what happened, though she finishes with, "There's no time to explain."
  • Ziggy tells Tenaya 7 to "stay away from our women!" Hilarity Ensues.
  • Dillon discovers that his car suffered some battle damage. It gets topped off with this exchange between him, Summer, Flynn, and Scott:
    Dillon [angry]: Don't... ever drive my car. Ever.
    Summer: Don't fall asleep on the job, and I won't have to.
    Scott: Come on, buck up, Dillon. It was an emergency. They needed a ride, so they did the right thing.
    Dillon: How is driving my car into a tornado the right thing to do?
    Scott: Probably because they didn't take mine. [Snickers]
    Flynn: Or mine. Definitely the right choice. [Scott high-fives him.]

    "And... Action!" 
  • The episode's concept is pretty funny in itself: It's a behind-the-scenes episode, but the cast are still in character.
  • Summer and Dillon talk about the stunt work on the show, with Dillon stating that they take steps to ensure that they won't break their necks. Before going back on set to do their stunt work, this little exchange happens:
    Summer: And then we go out there—
    Dillon: And break our necks.
  • Scott and Tenaya 7 can be seen rehearsing their fight scene moves. Even in practice, she doesn't hold back as she kicks Scott to the ground. (But she's nice enough to help him get up afterwards!)
    Scott (on the floor): Save it for the cameras! What am I, your punching bag?
  • Apparently, Tenaya 7 has Grinders cater to her every whim while on set—bringing her coffee, providing some shade from the Sun, and fanning her with a towel. The Grinders themselves can be seen relaxing on set, even drinking coffee!
  • Gem and Gemma fittingly gush about the explosions on set, even excited to participate in a stunt where they get knocked to the ground by an explosion.
    Gem (after getting knocked down to the ground along with Gemma): That was so—
    Gemma: Awesome! (The twins high-five each other.)
    • At one point, they try to get Ziggy in the shot, who politely declines.
  • The episode has the behind-the-scenes blooper reel.
  • Dr. K appears in her pajamas and slippers, having been told by Ziggy that the Rangers would have a pajama party. But they're all in their regular clothes.
    Dillon (seeing Dr. K in her pajamas and slippers): Doc, who let the dogs out?
    • Ziggy's attempts to soothe an angry Dr. K nearly backfire.
      Dr. K: You told me this was a pajama party!
      Ziggy: Oh, yeah, that! Well, we all thought we'd look too ridiculous.
      (Dr. K gives Ziggy a look of, "Oh, really?")
      Ziggy: But not you! You look ... great. Fantastic.
      (K takes her seat, still upset over the whole thing.)
    • Dillon pats Ziggy's shoulder as if to say, "Smooth one, Ziggy."

    "Ancient History" 
  • Dr. K subverts a Broken Record hologram:
    Dr. K: After what I've seen... after what I've seen... after what I've see—Good, I thought he would never leave!
    • Which she then follows up with:
      Dr. K (to her Rangers): Yes, I'm a hologram, but I'm not a recording. That is so last century.
    • Really, the Rangers' reactions to this little moment. They move out of her way, even after they know she's a hologram. And after she vanishes, Summer can be seen completely gobsmacked by it all.
    • The fact that Dr. K makes the chair spin when she sits on it, even though she is currently a hologram!
  • While on the run from Colonel Truman's troops, Dr. K sees a picture of herself on a digital wanted poster. She looks less like she's worried that her secret's now broadcasted all over the city and more like, "This is the picture you use for your wanted poster?".
  • Colonel Truman's soldiers are no match for Dr. K and her small army of holograms.
    Dr. K (in holographic form, with a grin on her face): Where am I? I'm everywhere.
  • As the Rangers prepare to fight off a horde of Grinders, Gem can be seen holding a branch while making his fighting stance.
  • The end of the episode has Ziggy checking if Dr. K was not a hologram. A hologram pops up behind him and says, "Boo!" He yelps. She smiles.

    "Beyond a Doubt" 
  • At the very end of the episode, when the Rangers see a reformed Tenaya 7 wave at them, Ziggy makes a comment that brings out Dillon's overprotective side.
    Ziggy: You know, when she's not pounding us into the pavement, she's actually kind of a hottie.
    Dillon: Hey, that's my sister, alright?

  • Ziggy tries way too hard at pitching an idea to use Shifter's mind control so he could pick up chicks. Dr. K shuts him down repeatedly, and even Gem and Gemma decline helping him since his idea doesn't involve explosions.
    Dr. K: See, I don't have to hear a whole idea to know it's bad.
    • During Ziggy's first attempt to market his idea, Dr. K responds with, "Your Macho Musk not working?"

    "Run Ziggy Run" 
  • After running away from some of Fresno Bob's mooks (who are apparently trained in parkour), Ziggy morphs and teleports into Dr. K's lab chair just as she sits down on it. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Summer tries calming a frightened Ziggy down by telling him that being ghosted by Fresno Bob won't accomplish his goal of collecting on his $5 million debt. Cut to the next scene where Fresno Bob shouts "GHOST HIM!" to his mooks.
  • How does Ziggy plan to come up with the $5 million he owes Fresno Bob? Panhandling.
    Flynn (seeing a can with the words SAVE ZIGGY and a picture of him with a praying pose): Well, I know you're in trouble, mate, but panhandling? That's below even you.
    • Gem and Gemma try their best to help Ziggy by offering some stuff they found on a couch. Unfortunately, it's a giant ball of dust and some loose buttons. It's the thought that counts, though.
  • While on the search for Kilobyte, Dillon asks Dr. K about Ziggy's whereabouts. Of course, she responds with her usual snark, which leads him to comment, "She's as bad as the machines!"
  • After Gem and Gemma finish their work on the Rail Saber, K gives them new orders. Her order to Gemma? "Go help Zig—I mean, Ranger Green." Gemma's little smile confirms that she knows her friend might have some feelings for Ziggy after all!
  • At the end of the episode, Ziggy tries running away again. Fresno Bob then shows up mid-rant to forgive Ziggy's debt. Which gets capped off with this:
    Ziggy: I always knew you had it in you, Bobarino!
    Fresno Bob (stopping at what he just heard): "Bobarino"? (He and his mooks then around.) Don't push your luck, Ziggy.

    "If Venjix Won" 
  • Ziggy wants to go out, but the other Rangers are too busy doing other things. Dr. K comes downstairs without her lab coat and carrying a straw hat. She then comes up to him and tells him, "I'll go." The entire Garage grinds to a halt at Dr. K accepting Ziggy's invitation!
  • During Ziggy's outing with Dr. K, he suggests that maybe they should maybe stop by a library so he can understand what she's saying after she responds to one of his questions with her trademark Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
  • When Kilobyte shows up to ruin their outing, Ziggy and Dr. K have this little exchange:
    Ziggy (taking up his morphing stance): Don't worry, Dr. K! I got you covered!
    Dr. K (sarcastically deadpan): I feel better already.
  • During Ziggy and Dr. K's battle against Kilobyte and some Grinders, Ziggy forgets that he has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal.
    Ziggy (Grabbing the pole Dr. K was using to defend herself): I need this!
    Dr. K: You have weapons! Use one!
  • While stuck in the cave, Dr. K carries Ziggy, who may have twisted his ankle, on her shoulders.
  • After the Rangers rescue Ziggy and Dr. K, Flynn asks about the password to her computer. Summer reveals that her "password" is "MR. MARSHMALLOW"—hiding the real one, ZIGGY—which brings laughter among the other Rangers. K's face during the suspenseful few seconds before the reveal has her staring daggers at Summer because of the possible embarrassment of having her password revealed to her Rangers.
  • Dr. K thanks Ziggy for curing her of ever wanting to go outside. Scott pats Ziggy on the shoulder in mock congratulations.

    "End Game" 
  • Dr. K goes to work at her lab when she sees Gem and Gemma asleep with some Grinder parts. She picks up a loose arm and hits the desk to wake them up. The twins then explain their idea to Dr. K, who goes from angry to excited.
  • Ziggy threatens to show Dillon some moves he's never seen before if he doesn't come back to the Garage with him. What happens next is a bizarre display of bad martial arts so awful that Dillon walks back to the Garage with Ziggy out of secondhand embarrassment. His face screams, "I don't want to be seen in public with this idiot."

    "Danger and Destiny" 
  • Part 1:
    • Ziggy and Dr. K have been captured by Venjix. As they reach the back of a truck, Ziggy goes to free them from their bonds. Bad pun aside, it turns out that Ziggy didn't think their escape through. Also, he's quite fascinated by Dr. K's hand.
  • Part 2:
    • Scott leaves Ziggy behind to protect Dr. K. Her reaction is priceless.
      Ziggy: Don't worry. You can count on me, Dr. K.
      Dr. K: Yeah, last time I did that, I ended up in a cave...
      Ziggy: Good times, huh?
    • How do the Rangers beat Venjix once and for all? They drop a building on him. The ultimate karmic finish, especially since buildings are a frequent target by monsters on Power Rangers.
    • After the Rangers return their morphers to Dr. K, Summer asks about what's next for her. She then tells them that she and Ziggy will open a school for kids. The most surprising thing to her now former Rangers about this announcement is her calling Ziggy by his name!
      Dr. K: Well, he's not a Series Operator anymore, so I have to call him something. I suppose Ziggy would suffice.


  • There's just something inherently funny about the fact that Yellow's weapon is literally a weaponised version of a toy car launcher. And when it's combined into a cannon with Red and Blue's weapons the cannon still looks like a toy!
  • In an interview with the now-defunct board RangerCrew, Eddie Guzelian gives his reaction to seeing the Engine Sentai Go-Onger footage after having pitched his ideas for RPM to Disney (now immortalized by Linkara for his History of Power Rangers review of the season):
    "Holy s***! I just promised Disney I could turn this into a show that would appeal to an OLDER audience! I must be out of my ***ing mind! Holy s***!! Wait, what’s on the front of that Zord? Are those motherf***ing eyeballs?!"