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Funny / Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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  • Just the appearance of Flit popping out of Camille's throat. It's just so offbeat that it's hilarious.
  • Pretty much anything Fran does (at least when she's not being awesome) as this shy and nerdy bookworm's reactions to the craziness around her are always good for laughs.
  • In "Sigh of the Tiger", after Casey gets fed up with RJ apparently making him do chores while his friends are fighting for their lives, RJ demonstrates how all but one of them will have some use against the monster of the week. Casey, grateful, runs off to join the fight - then remembers there's still one "lesson" and runs back.
    Casey: The back-rub-thing, how does that help me?
    RJ: Oh, that... doesn't. I just slept funny last night.
  • After Casey gets ambushed and has his tiger spirit drained of power in "Tigers Fall, Lions Rise", the other Rangers have this to say:
    Dom: I can't believe you got attacked by a Phantom Beast out of nowhere.
    Lily: I can't believe he has a tiger spirit just like yours.
    Theo: I can't believe RJ's letting you sit in his chair!
    RJ: (Quickly) Uh, don't get used to it. I'm... having a moment of weakness.
  • Casey's snarking in the second last episode ("Path of the Righteous") after getting thrown into a pillar.
    Casey: Whose idea was this again? Oh, right, mine.
  • Theo's first training exercises with Master Swoop in "Blind Leading the Blind" includes trying to fly. It's rather hilarious.
  • During the Megazord fight in "Way of the Master", the Rangers use the spin attack, but Theo makes a funny reaction.
    Theo: I think I'm gonna be sick!
    Lily: Not in your helmet, Theo!
  • Theo's argument with a customer wearing only an open shirt and shorts in "Friends Don't Fade Away". There is a policy called 'No shirt, no shoes, no service'. The customer then points out Lily isn't wearing any shoes due to her accidentally stepping on the powder Fran is using to make the pizza. Theo chides her for not wearing shoes, causing Lily to go back to the kitchen and find herself some shoes to wear. He asserts the policy to the customer, but he is interrupted by RJ arriving in ripped clothing. When the customer questions his ripped shirt, Theo gives up, telling him that he can sit wherever he likes.