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  • Is it just me, or is Jungle Karma Pizza seriously understaffed? We've got three Power Rangers, their mentor, and Fran. And Fran and the Rangers got hired in the pilot, so it was just R.J. before that. Is it just me, or does R.J. need to hire some more people, preferably ones who don't have to take an extra-long lunch break to defend the city?
    • RJ could have had staff before then that had all been fired before the pilot. Real-life managers have done weirder things.
    • Brilliance! He fired them all to bring the rangers and him together! And give them an HQ. And make a killing on pizza, wait what?
  • They're supposed to have secret identities, right? So how come they never morphed until they were out in public where everyone could see them? And why did they always wear those jackets with the same symbol that was on the front of their ranger outfits?
    • Same reason everyone feels a psychological compulsion to wear outfits predominantly in their ranger color, and why the original team felt they were far enough to teleport when they were five feet from the main room of the juice bar. Good Is Dumb.
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    • They would sometimes morph while jumping down the giant chute-tunnel-thing in RJ's loft, so not always.
  • Why is the Elephant Spirit Ranger's color so much different than its zord's color?
    • He'd probably look a little too similar to the Shark Ranger.
      • Still, they could make it a little more bluish-green.
      • Well green's a more memorable ranger colour. With two blue rangers on the team already, a third one of a slightly different shade would be overdoing it.
      • Bluish green, not greenish blue.
  • Was anyone else bugged by the moment near the end of the Jungle Fury where Casey's feeling down and Dom inspires him by telling him about To Kill a Mockingbird? I'm all for encouraging kids to read, particularly a classic like Mockingbird, but what bugs me is that Dom says the book is all about redemption. Is there another version of the book I don't know about? Because I sure don't remember redemption being one of the central themes.
    • Actually, if you think about it, it was: Dai Shi possessed Jarrod, and Carnisoar sent him back to the past to rob him of his humanity. He was slipping into the darkness more and more as the series progressed, and Casey saw good within Jarrod. When Casey faced off against him, he broke through to the good side of him. After that (an episode later no less), Jarrod still questioned whether he can still be redeemed from his past as Dai Shi.
      • I don't disagree that there's a redemption story in Jungle Fury. I'm saying that there isn't one in To Kill a Mockingbird. You could argue that maybe there is when it comes to Boo Radley's character, but that wasn't the main story of the book. Dom states the book is all about redemption and it's not. It's about a lawyer having the courage to defend a black man at a time when most people would think it wrong of him. That is actually pretty close to what Casey is going through at this point, but Dom talks about redemption when the message should have been about having the courage and conviction to do what you think is right.
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  • All the zords in the series are manifestations of the Rangers' or their masters' animal spirits except the Rhino Steel Zord, which appears to be a more classic mechanical zord. Why couldn't Dom create a zord from his animal spirit? Who created the Rhino Steel Zord and left it at the Rhino Nexus?
  • Anyone else bothered by the blue ranger being much shorter than everybody else as civilian and yet the same height as the rest in ranger form?
    • No, because this is nothing new to the series. We've had rangers that were half the height of the others, humanoid dogs, balls of light and other such physical variations that never show when morphed.

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