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Recap / Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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  1. Welcome to the Jungle, Part 1
  2. Welcome to the Jungle, Part 2
  3. Sigh of the Tiger
  4. A Taste of Poison
  5. Can't Win Them All
  6. Dance the Night Away
  7. Pizza Slice of Life
  8. Way of the Master
  9. Good Karma, Bad Karma
  10. The Blind Leading the Blind
  11. Pushed to the Edge
  12. One Master too Many
  13. Ghost of a Chance, Part 1
  14. Ghost of a Chance, Part 2
  15. Bad to the Bone
  16. Friends Don't Fade Away
  17. No "I' In Leader
  18. True Friends, True Spirits
  19. Path of the Rhino
  20. Dash for the Dagger
  21. Race to the Nexus
  22. Arise the Crystal Eyes
  23. Fear and the Phantoms
  24. Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
  25. One Last Second Chance
  26. Don't Blow That Dough
  27. Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
  28. The Spirit of Kindness
  29. Maryl and the Monkeys
  30. To Earn Your Stripes
  31. Path of the Righteous
  32. Now the Final Fury

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