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"A computer virus has built armies of robotic soldiers and taken control of our world. But there's still one place we can be safe: the domed city of Corinth. And the only hope we have left is—"
Dr. K, (Opening) Every Episode

Dr. K, "Rain" and "Ranger Yellow, Part 1"

"We all do things in life we regret. But if we don't learn from them, and move towards a brighter future, we pay twice."
Dr. K, "Ancient History"

"Weird? Okay, you cruise around in a giant yellow teddy bear, okay? Me?I drive a big, green FISH! Look in the mirror, people: We're in no position to be sitting in judgment of anything weird!"
Ziggy Grover, "Ghosts"

"Man's got a point."
Dillon, in response to the above.

Ziggy: I had the strangest dream. We . . . we were on a date.
Dr.K: That sounds like a nightmare.
— "The Dome Dolls"

"When I get damaged? It's a simple repair. But when you get damaged? You bleed."
Tenaya 7

Tenaya 7: Red's the perfect one. Black's the brooding bad boy. Green's the clown. Yellow... well she's the girl. So what does that make you?
Flynn: I'm Scottish!
— "Ranger Blue"

"I've made errors. But I've also learned that even the most flawed human is better than the most perfect machine."
Dr. K, "Danger and Destiny, Part 1"

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