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Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers RPM

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Venjix. The only Power Rangers villain who ever won.
  • RPM has one of the main characters tearing Mecha-Mooks apart off-screen, in the first episode. As he leaves, we pan away to see the carnage, complete with the lower half of one of the mooks stumbling on-panel before falling lifelessly to the ground. That perfectly illustrates the Darker and Edgier tone of the entire series.
  • The very premise of Power Rangers RPM, given the history of the show: it's set After the End, as in a near-genocide of the entire human race. Thankfully, Word of God says RPM takes place outside of the canon (later proved during crossover episodes, as all interaction with the RPM universe involve portals to that dimension. Still, someone with a helmet similar to the Red Overdrive Ranger didn't fare so well protecting that ruined city against the forces of Venjix.)
    • RPM's "Alphabet Soup", where people could very well be kidnapped and put to work by their own government for being too smart.
    • Another RPM example is Ranger Yellow's backstory: the killer robots came on her birthday and she had to walk through the blasted wastelands alone.
    • The villains have forced labor camps, and perform experiments in cyborg creation on the laborers. A Nazi by Any Other Name, indeed.
    • Venjix, who managed to cull the entire population of Earth down to those in a single colony. And even a significant portion of those are his sleeper cells.
      • Want to know scariest thing about Venjix? This villain wasn't an alien or an evil spirit. Venjix was created by humans, one in particular, but still. He's scary for the same reason HAL 9000 , Skynet , and Ultron are scary.

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