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Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers S.P.D.

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  • The A-Squad may count as this psychologically. While they came across as the Psycho Rangers for SPD, one can argue that they are worse. They were not evil clones or robot doubles or from alternate dimensions. They were not brainwashed or under any spell. They willingly betrayed Cruger and the SPD to join forces with Gruumm to conquer Earth by his side. The best trained team, they were essentially revered as the paragon of what Power Rangers were supposed to be by B-Squad only to turn into the antithesis of everything SPD worked for by choice. This was the first series to show how easily Power Rangers can be corrupted on their own.
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  • Miriloc's ability to trap people in reflective surfaces. Doesn't sound great.
  • Gruumm's appearance, not to mention his despicable atrocities, are quite freaky for a kids' show villain.


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