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Heartwarming / Power Rangers S.P.D.

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  • The episode "Dogged", where in pre-upgraded R.I.C saves Syd's life, even after she'd been acting like a total jerk to him all day before. She even broke a few rules and regulations to save him from the furnace.
  • Syd sharing her birthday with Jack in "Stakeout", since he doesn't know the exact day he was born.
  • Jack handing Sky the SPD Red Ranger powers, so that he can take down the alien who killed his father (a former Red Ranger) as the Red Ranger.
    • Even better: After the fight is over Sky respectfully gives it back, accepting Jack as the Red Ranger and leader.
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  • Boom's Rousing Speech in the finale.
    Boom: I'm staying. I'm staying for Commander Cruger. I'm staying for Jack. For Sky. For Bridge. For Syd. For Z. I'm staying, because they would stay for me. And they'd stay for you too.
  • After Z recounts her tale of a criminal cornering her at a playground, only to be driven off by a bystander; Cruger reveals himself to have been her savior . He knew their parents and had been keeping tabs on the children who'd one day be B-Squad for years.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight plays into effect when you think about Sky's position in Once a Ranger. By the time Bridge goes back in time, Bridge is the Red Ranger and thus the leader, Sky has taken up the role of Commander of the Earth Branch when Cruger got promoted to Supreme Commander of SPD. Remembering how Sky was at the beginning, it says a lot that Cruger has that much trust in Sky to leave him with his former role. In that regard it shows how much Sky trusts Bridge to lead the team on the field as opposed to his former opinion of him at the start. Remember Sky's words at the end of the season, "I will follow anyone you felt worthy of wearing the color red" and that's what he did with Bridge. Not only does he trust Bridge despite his quirks, he believes Bridge is worthy enough to carry on the mantle that was carried not only by himself, but his father, whom he dedicated his whole career to, and Jack, whom he respects as a man he once followed into the line of duty with. At this point, it turns him into an SPD legend not only matching Sky's father, but surpassing it.


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