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Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers Dino Thunder

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Even BEFORE he becomes Mesogog, he's still terrifying.

  • Mesogog, plain and simple. Possibly the most evil being since Lord Zedd.
    • He's actually worse, because Lord Zedd still had some sense of humor to him that made him seem more Faux Affably Evil. Not with this guy, AT ALL! He's one of the few villains that didn't have an ounce of comic relief in him, or a softer side like Ransik's love for his daughter. (He lampshades this in "Back In Black" after a captured Tommy fires off another badass snark: "There's that wit again. If I had a sense of humor, I might actually appreciate it.") Never once during the entirety of Power Rangers Dino Thunder does he show the slightest traces of compassion and humanity (barring a single occasion where his human half intervenes on behalf of his adopted son- whom Mesogog himself is about to kill), and when his subordinates fail him, he doesn't throw a tantrum, he doesn't scream about how much of a headache he has - oh no, he tortures them via Mind Rape.
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    • Adding to his general creepiness is how well the facial prosthetics used for him work. Mesogog's suit looks extremely realistic, complete with a working mouth with internal details, makes him all the more terrifying.
    • That monotone of his was scary as well: He never raised voice, not once. Creepy Monotone all the time.
      • The only time he raises his voice is when the Rangers discover his true identity.
      • He did get significantly crazier after he separated himself from Anton Mercer, however.
    • What's scarier than Mesogog? Some of Anton's transformations into Mesogog. No sparkly effects, just painful-looking Body Horror.
    • Upon trapping Lothor in a Jar "so collective
  • That Tommy, after eleven years as a Ranger (active or otherwise) and five separate Ranger incarnations (Mighty Morphin Green & White, Red Zeo, Red Turbo, and Black Dino Thunder), may not remember who Tommy Oliver is anymore. That he's been a Ranger for so long that his entire identity is defined by a morpher, with no real conception of how he fits into the world as a person.
    • Not to mention he's suddenly very aware of how terrifying it must have been for Zordon to see his protegees risking their lives on a routine basis.
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  • Kira's death stare after being brainwashed by the Fossilador in "The Missing Bone".
  • Trent's entire situation throughout the series. He's living under the same roof as a guy with a Superpowered Evil Side that could break out and hurt him at any time, gets corrupted by an unstable Dino Gem and has to live with the stress of keeping his father's condition a secret from his friends until it all comes out.

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