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  • This exchange during the training simulation, establishing our heroes.
    Bridge: Perp at 2 o’clock.
    Syd turns to her left.
    Bridge: That’s 9 o’clock, Syd.
  • This exchange between Gruumm and Mora in "Confronted".
    Gruumm: Go to your room, Mora.
    Mora: But this is my room!
    Gruumm: Then go to my room!
    Mora: But you told me never to go in your—
    Gruumm: GO!!!
  • After the team shows less-than-stellar coordination during an arrest, Jack complains about how things went, leading to a Servile Snarker quip from Sky.
    Jack: Oh! This is just great! I could have been in on the arrest if squad leader would have done their job.
    Sky: For once I agree with you.
    Jack: Thank you. Now who is squad leader?
    Sky: That'd be you.
  • Boom calls Jack an Ungrateful Bastard for not appreciating being the Red Ranger, saying he'd be psyched to have that job. Jack replies that Boom would be psyched if he was the pink ranger. Boom laughs at first, then admits Jack's right.
  • When Syd walks into her room and finds Z there, she initially thinks that she's in the wrong room (not knowing they're roommates yet) and leaves. As she closes the door, it's revealed that the inside of the door has lots of stickers forming the words "Syd's room."
  • Mora summons a monster back from the middle of a battle and tells him about how vulnerable he is by mockingly singing a warning that "You're going to get vaporized."
  • When a crate of diamonds is blown up and the diamonds start raining back to Earth, Syd comments that she had a dream like this once, only she was a princess in it. Tomboy Z expresses disgust at this. Later, Syd asks to be left to help Sky guard the diamonds and happily runs her fingers through them.
  • Syd says that she's had her stuffed elephant Peanuts since she was five, causing Z to quip "you've had him for a whole year?"
  • Mora makes Gruumm and Broodwing take part in her tea party before she reveals her new plan. She gleefully assigns Broodwing the role as the baby. At one point, she gets mad at Broodwing for not pretending to drink tea and Gruumm yells at him to listen to her and drink it.
  • In "Shadow Part 1" Gruumm insults Mora's monster-making abilities and she angrily says that her creations are evil. Gruumm retorts that her latest "evil" monster broke down crying when the Rangers defeated him, causing Mora to growl because apparently, the monster is "sensitive". This is followed by Mora trying to make Gruumm say please before offering her next bit of help.
  • Piggy sells a weapon in return for putrid eggs and comments about how they'll make a great omelette.
  • After being rendered comatose in "Idol", the Rangers worry about Cruger being okay, to which Kat calls him an "old dog"
    Cruger: (wakes up) Who are you calling an old dog?
  • The interrogation scene in "Zapped". None of the Rangers' interrogation techniques work on the monster: Z plays Syd's hit single "Me" while Bridge goes full Motor Mouth on the perp. It takes just a few moments of listening to Bridge rambling that causes him to crack. Bridge talking a Monster of the Week to death. It's Perp Sweating, SPD style.
  • R.I.C. pees on Cruger and he gets away with it -- TWICE.
    Bridge: Don't worry; it's only coolant.
  • Whenever there's Bridge and toast in the same scene. Let's just say it gets *finger wiggle* buttery.
  • When he's informed about Supreme Commander Birdie's impending arrival at the Delta Base, Kruger has this to say about him:
    Kruger: That overstuffed pelican and I do not get along!
  • For some reason, despite being a Drill Sergeant Nasty, Sergeant Silverback can be pretty funny. It might be the voice, or the fact that he does an ape hoot every so often.
  • At the Power Morphicon in 2007, Matt Austin (Bridge) demonstrated his morphing pose while wearing a hoodie.
  • "Perspective." When the Rangers are telling their version of a fight, in every iteration, Bridge loses count of the number of Krybots he destroys. Even in his own version of the story, and even in the final, true version of events.
    Bridge: Okay, that's 5, 7, 8...uh, whoa, wait, did I miss one? Uh, okay, wait, I'll just start over. 1, 2...
  • In "S.W.A.T.", the Drill Sergeant Nasty makes the team do push ups and the camera pans over showing each ranger counting out their push ups.
    Bridge: 42, 38, What number was I on?
    • In part 1 of the same episode, after Kat overloads a quantum enhancer, this exchange occurs:
      Kat: Tell me I didn't fry the quantum enhancer. Tell me I didn't fry the quantum enhancer!
      Z: What happened?
      Cruger: Kat fried the quantum enhancer.
    • Also from Part 1 of the same episode (keep in mind the team are fighting with each other):
      Bridge: Hey, Z, would you rather have Piggy as your roommate, or have morning breath for the rest of your life?
      Z: (referring to Syd) I already have Piggy for a roommate.
      Syd: And coincidentally, you've got morning breath, as well.
      Jack, Sky, and Bridge: Ooooooohhhhhhhh, snap!!
  • In "Beginnings," after B-Squad is faced with a Megazord-sized foe, Doggie orders them to retreat and says A-Squad will handle it.
    Jack: We're not gonna fight that thing? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • An episode ("Missing") has Bridge being kidnapped, when he gets in contact with Jack this exchange occurs:
    Jack: Where are you?
    Bridge: a room.
    Jack: (Beat) Could you be a little more specific?
    Bridge: I'm afraid not.
  • The episode where Bridge dreams of fighting the robots, there is a scene where he falls asleep while being debriefed by Kruger. The way Kruger handles this is hilarious. He soothingly says he can keep sleeping and suddenly yells at him to wake up.
  • In the finale, Piggy is guilt stricken after betraying the Rangers.
    Piggy: What have I done? I'm a filthy, slimy-ridden, low-life, worm-eating vermin! Okay, so I was that before I betrayed the Rangers. But I had to. Gruumm would have vaporized me. Anyone else would have done the same thing. Tell me — have I done the right thing? Show me a sign that I done the right thing!
    • A bolt of lightning then strikes his van, sending it crashing down the hill and into a lake. Where it then explodes. Piggy slowly turns to face the camera.
  • Apparently Bridge has a bath book... and he thinks Cruger has one too, much to the latter's irritation ("A-Bridged"). The other Rangers react much like we do.
    Cruger: Bridge... May I speak to you for a moment?
    Bridge: (Slowly makes his way up to Cruger) ...Sir?
    Cruger: (Confused) You, ah... have a bath book?
    Bridge: Yeah. Don't you?
    Cruger: (annoyed sigh)
    • In the same episode as the bath book incident, when SPD gets an alert about a bank robbery, Cruger tells the team to hurry and stop the criminal... Because he keeps his money at that bank.
    • The team races to the bank, the guys on bikes, and Z and Syd in the squad jeep.
      Z: Why do they get the fast bikes?
      Syd: It's a tradeoff. They get the speed. We get to look good.
    • Also from that same episode; any time anyone talks about the 'beautiful' witness, or she appears in a scene, she's heralded by the most hilarious, cheesy, romance saxophone track.
    • Bridge does his big Pulling the Thread summation on how he cracked the case...and when it turns around, the rest of the team have already left.
    • Bridge is more interested in the woman's dog with Jack lifting him up.
      Jack:'s rude to sniff other peoples' dogs without permission.
      Bridge: My bad.
      Jack: Forgive my friend. He's improperly trained.
  • During a scene of the Rangers eating lunch in the mess hall, Z swaps her red jello for Syd's yellow while she is distracted talking to Bridge. When Syd looks back to her tray a moment later, you can see her confusion in seeing that her dessert has apparently to changed color.
  • In "Robotpalooza," some high-society alien criminals talk about how Broodwing doesn't fit in at their country club.
  • When Bridge (who's been Dreaming of Things to Come) confronts the villains of "Robotpalooza," he attempts to arrest them for both their actual crimes and "trespassing in my dreams."
  • Syd gets a job as a Lovely Assistant for an evil magician by saying she's pretty, loves money, and doesn't ask questions. He instantly hires her, only for Mora to reveal he just hired a Power Ranger. He promises to fire her before being ordered to hypnotize her instead.
  • Bridge breaks Syd out of her Heel–Face Brainwashing by asking her to say "S.P.D, emergency, OK?" to trigger her morph. A confused Syd repeats the "OK" along with the S.P.D. emergency part.
  • One of the later episodes has the Rangers report for another of Cruger's briefings by saying, "Reporting to be yelled at, sir!"
  • "History", the crossover episode with the Dino Thunder team has Kat saying the line "The quarry is under attack." which to any long-time viewer of the PR franchise sounds like a hilarious little meta joke.
    • Conner McKnight tries to hit on Syd, but since he is from the past, she turns him down by saying she doesn't date older men.
  • When Kat briefly becomes a Ranger, Broodwing goes "Another one?!" in a very annoyed tone of voice, since there were a load of Rangers already.
  • Charlie, leader of A-Squad being revealed as a woman ends up being funny, since it not only refutes Sky's initial assertion at the beginning of the series when Cruger asked him whether he'd accept Syd as Red Ranger, but also implies that Sky was so arrogant and short-sighted that he somehow didn't bother to find out that A-Squad's leader was a woman.
  • At the end of Dismissed, after Doggie has been reinstated as head of SPD he approaches the Power Rangers and begins barking orders at them, yelling at them all to get back to work. After they all scatter he turns to Kat and grins telling her its good to be back.
  • In the finale, Bridge and Sky help out Jack's charity work by donating a lot of their clothes. Said rangers were also the only ones to change their colors (Green and Blue respectively) upon promotion, and their donations happen to only be in their former colors.