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  • In "Day of the Dino, Part 1", Conner ends up in a Right Behind Me situation when he's talking about Principal Randall when who should show up right behind him.
  • When Principal Randall sees Ethan walking across the lawn with an umbrella after someone hacked into the sprinkler system to make the sprinklers go off early, her Death Glare is pretty funny.
  • First episode: Dr. Oliver questions his own priorities as a robot T-rex approaches his jeep. "Yeah, lock the door, Tommy, real good!"
    • Ethan being as brilliant as always.
      Ethan: I was just trying to give you guys heads up. Stuff happens out there. So don't come crying to me when you fall into a giant sinkhole.
      The trio takes another step before falling into the underground tunnel that leads to Tommy's dino lab.
    • Also, when they find their eventual base:
      Conner: Reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
      Ethan: Is that the last book you've read?
  • When Ethan, Conner and Tommy are looking for Kira in the second episode he grumbles that "she's not just gonna fall out of the sky and land right in front of us". Cue Kira doing exactly that. Granted, it was because she fell into the villain's Portal Network, but you have to admit, the coincidence of that happening is very funny!
  • Tommy's victory dance after the team's first battle with the Dimetro Zord. Refreshing to see the Breakout Character being allowed to act like a dork now and then.
  • From "Legacy of Power", while Tommy's being held hostage by Mesogog: "Can't help you there, I'm just a high school science teacher." And his response to Mesogog's goals: "Why can't you just want to rule the Earth, like all the other sickos?"
    • When the Power Trio stumble upon Tommy's video diary, Conner assumes it's going to be "More dinosaur bone stories, yawn." Tommy goes on to say it's about his history as a Power Ranger. "OK, un-yawn."
    • When they get to the segment about Time Force, Ethan pauses it to speculate on how time-travelling Rangers could help them find Dr. O, and Kira suggests they travel to when Dr. O got kidnapped:
      Conner: What, so we can watch it happen all over again? *beat, Kira and Ethan stare at Conner* Oh, so we can stop them. Got it.
  • There's the episode "Lost and Found in Translation" with the Power Trio watching Abaranger, the show their season is based on. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Conner's deadpan reaction to the villain portrayal.
      Conner: ... That's their evil plan... bad hair.
    • Turns into a Heartwarming Moment when after the episode ends they admit that in spite of (and because of) all the cultural differences it's a good show.
    • Perhaps the funniest part was Ka-Ching/Bankumashuroom.
    • And the subsequent Lampshade Hanging regarding said monster.
      Conner: Oh come on! That is so a guy in a rubber suit! Who would believe a combination bear, mushroom, ATM monster?
      Kira: Is it really any stranger than anything we've been fighting?
    • Conner's first response to it? "This is wack." And his reaction at one point while blocking the TV by holding his jacket open: "THIS IS WHAT THEY THINK OF US, IN JAPAN!"
    • And the whole "Wiggy Rangers" bit. "And my hair has bounce!"
  • We can't forget "Leader of the Whack" where an Applied Phlebotinum reverses the trio's personalities and turns Conner into a nerd, Kira into a dainty Alpha Bitch and Ethan into a Jerk Jock...
    • And Devin into a ladies' man... or, what Devin thinks a ladies' man is, at any rate...
    • Or Cassidy as a glasses and pigtail-wearing nerd crushing on Devin.
    • Arguably the funniest part is Kira doing a very dainty cheerleader-style bounce during her morphing call, to the point that the second time she does it, the camera focuses mostly on her.
    • Likewise, there's this scene.
      After Rojobot is created:
      Rojobot: Ah! It's so cold in here! How can you stand it? And who's the big scary lizard? Get me out of here! (hides behind a shelf)
      Mesogog: Who is this fool?!
      Zeltrax: (shrugs) Uhhhh... Rojobot?
  • During Part 2 of "Thunder Storm", the crossover with Ninja Storm, Cam, Hunter and Blake are inside the Abyss of Evil trying to get their Ranger powers back. They see the Samurai amulet:
    (Zurgane and a posse of Mooks materialize out of nowhere)
    Blake: You had to say it, right?
    • Zurgane beats them and leaves them hanging off a ledge, and they're losing their grip fast. Blake, at the bottom of the chain, senses impending doom and says this:
      Hunter (hanging on to him): Did you seriously just say that?
    • Plus, the very end of the crossover as Marah passes by Cassidy, each admiring the other but a split-screen showing both saying "I'm so much prettier." The funny? Both characters are played by the same actress, Katrina Devine.
    • When Lothor and Mesogog first meet, the former immediately figures out who the latter is having trouble with:
      Lothor: Let me guess. Does it have twelve legs and come in assorted colors?
  • The end of "Copy That", when Trent apologizes for his behavior before the evil was removed from his Dino Gem, Kira states a bogus rule that all newbie rangers have to wash the 30-story-tall zords, while Conner and Ethan go along with it, handing him a bucket of cleaning supplies.
  • Marty the Mackerel. I ask you, is there anything more pathetic than a man in a giant fish costume dancing and singing badly off tempo?
  • Conner and Ethan snooping around Tommy's house. Conner decides to play around with a model T-rex skeleton. Ethan tries to warn him not to. His response:
    Conner: Dude, the guy's a teacher, not... *flicks a switch revealing a secret door* Batman.
    This line becomes even funnier when you know that James Napier's grandfather played Alfred on the Batman show...which is said to be the reason why Conner got that particular line.
  • In "Truth and Consequences", the trio plan on how to find out who the White Ranger is while at the Cyberspace cafe. Conner notes that they should head outside as it's unlikely that he will walk in just like that. Trent enters the room.
    • Actually, it happened to Trent twice, in the same episode even. When he is out in the woods, he hears Cassidy and Devin talking about how the White Ranger definitely lives alone in a cave somewhere in the wild. After Trent accidentally makes some noise, Cassidy (who can't see him) calls out to him as so, but relaxes when she spots him as she has no idea that he's actually the White Ranger.
  • In "Ranger Exclusive", the team arrives at location currently inhabited by a MOTW. Being aware of the presence of White Ranger clone, Conner says he is going to look for the white dude. Trent gives him an annoyed look. Conner corrects himself by adding evil to "the white dude."
  • The gang spends a good chunk of "Disappearing Act" helping Ethan prepare for his date with Cassidy. Kira helps sort out his wardrobe, Trent gives him a crash course in high society dinner etiquette, and Conner of all people teaches him ballroom dancing. Their efforts prove to be unsuccessful, and Ethan ends the day feeling like a nervous wreck. He eventually settles for a mostly simple picnic, which the teens and an invisible Tommy spy on using the lair's computer. It starts off well, but when Ethan inevitably takes their advice ("Just be yourself.") a little too literally, they're dismayed in the most hilarious ways possible.
    Conner: No! I specifically told him not to go into geek mode!
    • They later find that Tommy has left them — not out of mortification, as one would initially assume, but to save Ethan's date. Poor Ethan is more baffled than ever when the candles suddenly get re-lit and a bouquet of flowers appears out of nowhere.
  • After Elsa blows her cover in House of Cards, she and Tommy end up kung-fu fighting in broad daylight and in front of all their students. Just imagine walking between classes one day and seeing your principal and science teacher battling to the death.
    • That would actually be kinda cool.
    • Elsa's parting remark is pretty amusing as well. Nice to know even the bad guys acknowledge the paperwork details.
      Elsa: Tell the school board I resign!
  • The cracks at Tommy's '90s Hair.
    Kira: Nice hair.
    Tommy: Hey, it was the style back then.
  • The reaction of the Rangers to how Devin and Cassidy are going to the prom as a couple?
  • Tommy goes shopping after becoming the black ranger. When the rangers ask why, Tommy states he has a serious lack of black in his wardrobe. Counts as Lampshade Hanging as the rangers always wear their colors.
  • "Tutenhawken's Curse" has Ethan suffer a bad luck curse. Among other things, When Mesogog and Elsa are observing the titular Monster of the Week, Ethan's bad luck causes him to inexplicably show up on the screen. They decide to send some Tyrannodrones, for no reason other than because they can.
  • Cassidy spends one episode staying in character while rehearsing the role of Queen Guinevere for the school play. It makes her even more of a hilariously haughty Large Ham, such as when she declares her intention to go to the Internet cafe to seek out nerds so she can practice being worshipped. And then she gets caught in the adventure of the week and ends up falling down a hill and into a mud pit. At one point, a slightly annoyed Devin says that he thought Guinevere was supposed to be a "nice" queen, to which Cassidy replies that she's "taking her a different way."


  • During the Power Morphicon in 2018, Kevin Duhaney (Ethan) reveals that Jason David Frank (Tommy) played a lot of pranks on the crew which led to him doing the same to his co-star Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent).