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Fridge Brilliance

  • Kilobyte being there when Dillion escapes Venjix’s lair might explain how he got lost in the wasteland as he had clearly been pursuing the renagade hybrid.
  • Why is it so perfect that in the end, Venjix gets taken out by a building? Power Rangers had spent 17 seasons being dropped or kicked into buildings because of monsters and it was time for the buildings to get some payback.
    • Especially considering the lampshading and deconstructive nature of the season as a whole.
  • RPM takes place in an alternate timeline, where the RPM Ranger Series are the very first Ranger team, ever. There is no back-up, no crossovers with outside teams within their own universe, but more importantly, no frame of reference for the things that tend to happen around Power Rangers. So what do people do when they see the Power Rangers in action? They ask the same questions that viewers have asked since the start of the series: what's with all the sparks? Why is there an explosion when we morph? What's the morphing call for? Why are we wearing spandex? note 
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  • The origin of the name Alphabet Soup is a lampshading of the sort of organizations that tend to do rather shady stuff for the governmentnote .
  • Linkara's off-hand comment about morphing explosions being a side-effect of a massive energy discharge when the Rangers morph (said during his "History of Power Rangers" retrospective) is confirmed in-universe (see Lampshade Hanging on the main page).
    • Speaking of Linkara, he brings up two about the mob Ziggy was once part of:
      • Their presence in Corrinth makes sense, since they'd be able to smuggle in supplies official channels would have trouble with.
      • Not letting Ziggy become a full member because he failed his driving test seems silly... until you realize they're trying to avoid getting taken down on a Felony Misdemeanor (a la Al Capone and tax evasion).
  • Remember when Crunch was asking "whatever happened to wireless"? Seems Venjix had it all along, as downloading himself into a morpher before the building came down on him proves. That's not the kind of power you want mere subordinates abusing.
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  • In the fourth episode, "Go For the Green", Hicks is scanning Tenaya at one point, telling her his scanner has been giving him false positives in Venjix hardware. Now, yeah, of course it would go off when scanning Tenaya, but we learn much later on that Hicks is a hybrid, and the city is full of them and none of them will know until Venjix throws the switch. Guess those weren't false positives after all...
  • Flynn is from Scotland. The steering wheel in his car is on the right side of the vehicle.
  • Why was Dr. K moe? She is the American counterpart of Bomper! She even sounds like him too!
  • Why aren't the Rangers more pissed off about Dr. K having created Venjix? Probably because it's been two years since then and they've more or less made peace with the fact that Venjix was a human-made monster that'd been released by accident.
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  • Why is the Big Bad named Venjix despite having no relationship to Venjix from Power Rangers Wild Force? Because it's not a reference to Venjix at all, but a sound-alike to the word Vengeance, as in Dr. K's unintentional vengeance upon humanity and intentional vengeance upon Alphabet Soup.
  • Why does Dr. K have weird feet positions? Her actress, Olivia Tennet, is an accomplished dancer.
  • So Venjix builds a doomsday machine and Dr. K steals it and somehow it's capable of combining with the other zords in the Rangers' fleet... how does that make sense? Because Dr. K created Venjix! All Venjix technology is technically Dr. K's technology, so that's why they're compatible.
  • Why are the zord battles so short? Because they can't risk damaging Corinth!
  • At first, the fact that Gem and Gemma look absolutely nothing alike beyond both being Asian (they look about as related as Jack Black and Ben Affleck) seems like a case of Unfortunate Implications. But there's no reason they have to be biologically related. They could be two random children taken by Alphabet Soup.
    • Not necessarily, not all biological siblings look alike, this troper has a friend who has a sister who looks nothing like her, and has been told by several people that his own (full blooded) biological sibling looks nothing like him.
  • Remember in "Ancient History" when Scott told his dad that Dr. K created the Power Rangers? If RPM were set in the series' main continuity, then this statement would make no sense. But since the season was set in an Alternate Universe (as confirmed by the crossover with Power Rangers Samurai), this statement now makes much more sense! Dr. K was the creator of the Power Rangers in that universe. There was no Zordon, no Ninjor, etc. And the "universal bio-electric field" she mentioned in "Rain", although similar to the Morphing Grid, may not be the same as the Grid from previous seasons.
    • Nice theory, but it makes more sense in the context that K created the RPM Power Rangers rather than Power Rangers as a whole. Remember in one episode, the Red Overdrive Ranger's helmet is found in the rubble, implying that ranger teams from the past have tried to attack Venjix.
      • Buuuuttt, it was found in the "discarded tech" area, which might indicate it was "prototype", and technically not used in the defense.
  • This might have been obvious to others, but my moment of Fridge Brilliance occurred during Power Rangers RPM. In it, the normally brilliant Dr. K created some very funny looking zords (half-machine, half-animal, with "big, googly, anime eyes" according to Ziggy). I realized during the episode "Dr. K", she's brilliant but emotionally stunted. She was essentially kidnapped and kept in a think tank by a secret government group called Alphabet Soup "hence the Dr. K thing, she has no name that she can remember." She had no childhood, and is still acting like a little girl. She dresses in a school uniform, wears goofy bunny slippers, and since she was locked indoors nonstop (they told her she was allergic to sunlight), she brought the outdoors inside by making the zords look like animals.
  • Another moment in RPM has to do with Hicks. Early on in "Go for the Green", he's seen scanning the Robot Girl, Tenaya. He briefly mentions that his scanner has been giving him false positives all week as an excuse for it thinking she was a robot. Just another scene showing how much of a klutz he is, right? Cut to just prior to the finale when it's revealed that Hicks is a hybrid himself. The reveal comes off as shocking until you think back to that particular scene as realize that those weren't false positives at all!
  • A lot of people seemed rather depressed regarding the Fridge Horror at the state of the world in Power Rangers RPM, thinking the previous generations of Rangers died at Venjix's hands, then I came to a sort of realization about something. Even though Corinth is touted as the last "bastion of humanity" left on Earth, one has to wonder why Venjix assaults it with less than what he possessed when he began his campaign. He took over the entire Earth and thus, has full access to all its resources, so why isn't he slowly building up his powerbase and sending the full brunt of his armies to topple the opposition? Clearly, he is expending his resources on something else, maybe Corinth isn't alone in the world, as a few episodes demonstrate the existence of human life outside the city, maybe Venjix is dealing with other human uprisings around the globe. And, if it is to be believed RPM takes place in the same continuity as the rest of the series, maybe the previous generations of Rangers are leading these resistance groups, also, take into consideration Earth's numerous alien allies and well, Venjix is surrounded by enemies on multiple fronts, so the fact he is assaulting Corinth with less than his optimum capacity may not be as far-fetched as we think.
    • It does make sense. With Venjix in control of everything, communication is probably a lot harder now than then. How would someone in Corinth know if there was another human civilization on the other side of the world? Or even the country? It'd have to be shielded like Corinth, or very well hidden, to escape the purge, after all.
    • Makes sense that Venjix is attacking on several fronts. Though it has been confirmed that this is an Alternate Universe, it's not so far-fetched to think that AU Adam and co. are leading the charge from a different side of the world.
  • In "In or Out" Dr. K states that she intentionally distanced herself from the Rangers in an effort to spare herself from more emotional pain and makes an effort to say nice things and grow closer to all the Rangers, except Ziggy. This is because her feelings for him were the strongest and thus harder to express, something Ziggy himself points out!
  • Why would they need to start up Series Black instead of Green, especially since its designation is 5 and 4 respectively. It all has to do with Black's powers, an invincibility shield. With Venjix starting to upscale the battles, Dr. K and the Rangers decided to go with a much more stronger power that could help protect than than Green's powers, teleportation.
  • The additional powers that each ranger can use each fit their strengths as a person:
    • Scott, an air force pilot, is used to high speeds so he can handle his high speed bursts.
    • Flynn, a mechanic, can quickly dissect situations so he is able to use the time stop to figure out the best plan of attack
    • Summer, the most emotionally stable of the rangers, can focus to channel the biofield to use her energy burst.
    • Dillon, who is integrated with Venjix tech, has enhanced strength thus he can hold the invincibility shield better than the others.
    • The aversion is of course Ziggy, whose powers is teleportation. A power like teleportation takes a lot of concentration, thus it should have gone to someone who can focus well in high intense situations. Ziggy, of course, does not have this level of concentration so thus he tends to have strange things happen with his powers, with comedic effects of course.
      • However, teleportation is also a good ability for someone who needs to make quick escapes - which Ziggy as both the least-experienced fighter (and thus the one least likely to be able to dodge) and someone who is on the run from the mafia would find fairly useful!
  • Many of the monsters have somewhat childish designs (such as a the drinking straw based monster). Out of universe, this is because the Sentai footage, just like the Ranger's tech, but in universe it makes sense when you remember that at most, Venjix is only a few years old and only had interaction with Dr. K until he was unleashed. Venjix, while a psychopathic monster, is still literally a child. With this in mind, some of the childish designs make more sense.
  • How does Venjix return to his column every time a body he downloads into is destroyed. It's programmed into the body, or even himself, to remotely return to his pillar in his lair if anything would happen to it. This also explains what might of happened to Venjix in the finale, Dr. K possibly flagged his return location to Ranger Red's morpher instead of his lair. And because Venjix isn't present in his castle, the whole operation shut off.

Fridge Horror

  • When Venjix gains control of all the hybrids he experimented on and hid in Corinth, there are children among them, who don't even look a year over ten.
  • Only one city on Earth left means every past character you ever liked (well, outside of Time Force... and Billy, still on Aquitar) is likely a smudge on the pavement.
    • It helps that Word of God confirms that RPM takes place in an Alternate Universe, so everyone is a-okay.
      • And now there's talk of retconning RPM into the main 'verse, so everybody might indeed be confirmed dead (sob).
      • Jossed, thankfully. The one saving grace of "Clash of the Red Rangers" is now that where RPM stands is made clear onscreen: it is now definitely in another dimension.
      • From Samurai. Doesn't exactly mean much unless you know what dimension Samurai's in...
      • Considering the fact that Bulk is in Samurai, it's pretty clear where it stands.
  • Pretty much anything that seems a little too childish or silly can become very sobering when you think about it. Gem and Gemma seem like children? Only because they were imprisoned from a young age by the government and later tortured in a Venjix prison. Everyone in Corinth seeming just a little too okay with living in the last city on Earth? Denial is probably the only way they can live with the sheer horror of what's happened. The zords look too colorful and cartoonish? They were developed by a child prodigy who was kidnapped off the streets and kept in a military think tank until she was eighteen.
    • Damn, that one about Corinth paints a particularly bleak culture in the city. Explains why people still value money and such (as demonstrated in Ranger Yellow), they're all clinging to the past and trying to deny the fact that Corinth might very well be the last bastion of humanity.
  • In the episode "Ranger Blue" there's a little flashblack to Flynn taking a bus back out of the city to rescue a woman's young daughter. Seems nice, until you think about the fact that she was selfish enough to get on the bus herself, leaving A FIVE YEAR OLD girl behind.
    • Looking at the attitude of the military in the "Ranger Yellow" ones, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that they forced the mother to enter and leave the daughter behind
  • The mob and black market is publicly known and tolerated by Corinth's government. In fact, the Scorpion Cartel gang pays a visit to the Green Ranger auditions and hustle Ziggy in front of the entire lineup. And nobody bothers to stop them (except for Tanaya 7 but she had a mission to complete). Not only that but in Ziggy`s spotlight episode "Ranger Green" after being arrested for accidentally teleporting into a bank`s vault, Col Truman interrogates him and mentions that Ziggy entered Corinth along with the rest of the Scorpion Cartel gang. Hell - they even have the gang's leader provide evidence against Ziggy, evidence which could be used to bring down EVERY gang in Corinth (Zig was supposed to drive a truck full of medicine collectively purchased by every gang in town). Of course, the gangs are never brought to trial.
    • To be fair, in the early parts of the show, we see that some gang members are in fact in jail (and none to happy with Ziggy).
    • It's possible the military allow the gangs to operate inside Corinth because they don't have the resources to stop them and defend against Venjix attacks at the same time. Also the organised gangs are the population element most capable of forming an effective opposition movement to the current military government if they ever cooperated long enough so having them involved in feuding amongst them selves serves it's purpose.
  • When Flynn is asked what sets him apart from the others his answer is that he's Scottish. It seems funny until you realize that since most of humanity is dead, he's probably one of few Scottish people left.
    • It could also be that, going along with the self-referential humor of the episode, Flynn is kinda pointing out that he's the first ever Ranger who actually is shown to be Scottish.
    • Also, Flynn's designation as Ranger Blue may be random at first, but what's the main color of the Scottish flag? Blue.
  • In Ranger Red, the foot soldiers almost run off with the baby. What use would Venjix have for a baby? Another hybrid. Not even 12 months old.
  • Scott questions his brother's orders and lack of an exit plan - Marcus says "What's wrong, little brother? You want to live forever?'. This is essentially a suicide mission - at worst signed off on by a father for his two sons, or an older brother for his younger brother.
  • The orphanage that Ziggy visits in "Ranger Green". Try not to think too hard about why the last human city on Earth would need one or what that means these children have most likely seen in their short lives...


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