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Shout Out / Dragon Quest

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Shout-outs and references from the games in the Dragon Quest series.

Main Series

Dragon Quest I

  • The NES version has NPCs Howard and Nester from the Nintendo Power comics.

Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

  • In the Soo village (NES version) you will meet Ed the talking horse. Additionally, a villager at night will mention that "his horse is a horse, of course of course".
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  • At the Promitory of Olivia (NES version), you will hear the sad tale of Olivia and her lover Errol (now known as Eric). Bonus points that it is a seafaring tale.
  • The Gaia's Navel dungeon features a creepy hallway with talking heads in the walls telling the hero to, "go back," as he passes each one. This sequence happened in Labyrinth.

Dragon Quest IV


Dragon Quest V

  • King Albert and his chancellor Jeeves — aka Jeeves and Wooster.
  • Grandmaster Nimzo is named after Aron Nimzowitsch, a Latvian-born Danish unofficial grandmaster of chess. All of Nimzo's minions are named after chess pieces.
  • In one plot event, many citizens of Gotha are passed out on the floor. One of them, a nun, says the following in her sleep:
    Sisterzzz are doing it for...
  • The Mysterious Dr Agon has many of Ned Flanders' verbal tics.
  • In the PS2 version, the names you could pick for the saber cat include Lynx, Peach, and Zorro.
  • One plot-based item is dubbed the 'Circle of Life'. When the psychic in Fortuna mentions it, she calls it "that toe-tapping number, the Cir-cle of Li-i-ife", despite it being a ring — not a song.
  • Later on, when the player actually collects the ring, the standard Get Item message box is altered slightly — instead, it says "It's the Circle of Life", a line direct from the song.
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  • The ghostly Count Uptaten seems to enjoy imitating Count von Count. Of course, with a name like Count Up-To-Ten, it's probably expected.
    Count Uptaten: Easy as vun, ha ha ha, twooo, ha ha ha, zree!
  • At the beginning of the game, Pankraz will suggest naming the main character Madason. If you actually choose that as your name, he will instead suggest Erdrick.
  • King Korol. Say it out loud.
  • The Zenithians speak with Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe, just like the NPC's in the first game.


  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime contains shout-outs to other Square Enix-published series, such as a Platypunk ally named Ducktor Cid (a reference to the recurring character name in Final Fantasy) and the hero goes up against a tank with a treant-like appearance called Chrono Twigger (an obvious reference to Chrono Trigger), whose in-game logo even resembles the Chrono Trigger logo. These two are notable because the series referenced were formerly Square series, whereas Dragon Quest was an Enix series.
  • Dragon Quest Monsters has a breed of Slime called a Slimeborg. Resistance is futile.


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