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Shout Out / Dragon Quest

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Shout-outs and references from the games in the Dragon Quest series.

Main Series

Dragon Quest I

  • The NES version has NPCs Howard and Nester from the Nintendo Power comics.

Dragon Quest IV



  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime contains shout-outs to other Square Enix-published series, such as a Platypunk ally named Ducktor Cid (a reference to the recurring character name in Final Fantasy) and the hero goes up against a tank with a treant-like appearance called Chrono Twigger (an obvious reference to Chrono Trigger), whose in-game logo even resembles the Chrono Trigger logo. These two are notable because the series referenced were formerly Square series, whereas Dragon Quest was an Enix series.
  • Dragon Quest Monsters has a breed of Slime called a Slimeborg. Resistance is futile.

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