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Awesome Music / Dragon Quest

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Dragon Quest I

Dragon Quest II

  • "A Lonely Youth", the overworld theme that plays when you start the game with the Hero going solo for the first part of the game. GBC Version
  • "The True Evil", the final battle theme with Malroth. It's even more awesome in Dragon Quest IX!
  • The ending theme, My Road, My Journey, really sells the idea that your journey to save the world has come to a triumphant end, with one Reddit thread even stating that it sounds "too much like music that would play when the bride walks down the aisle". The orchestral version of this theme is used to great effect in the climax of Dragon Quest: Your Story when Luca vanquishes the virus with the vaccine created by Gootrude, Luca's Slime companion who reveals himself to be an antivirus program.

Dragon Quest III

  • The Overture remix, that only plays after we see the Hero prepare and proceed on his journey or rather, that we see that he has failed on his journey, or more specifically (in the GBC remake) when the king declares that you are the inheritor of his legacy and the world's last hope.
  • The Overworld theme, appropriately named "Adventure", gives players a foreshadowing of epic the journey is going to be.
  • Heavenly Flight (Symphonic). Riding on the back of a giant sentient bird deity beats riding in an airship any day.
  • Battle Theme.
  • Boogie-Woogie, the lobby theme for the Monster Arena and the Pachisi Board minigames. Sadly, it was not in the original NES game.
  • Hero's Challenge — the first time a Dragon Quest final boss has had two themes — plays when you finally use the Sphere of Light to weaken Zoma so he can be defeated for the first time in history. (Symphonic from DQ 9.)


Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest V

  • The Overture makes its appearance here, but another special note of just when it appears is required: it's only after we watch the hero's mother apparently die in childbirth, the crushing silence broken by his newborn cries that the overture begins. This is how you add atmosphere to a game.
  • As is usual for the series, the Overworld theme, in this case called Toward the Horizon is excellent. Its DS remake is equally excellent.
  • "Racing Slimes!"
  • Violent Enemies, the normal battle theme, is one of the best in the series (also its DS version.) In addition, the Boss Theme isn't too shabby either. To top if off, there's the Symphonic version of both these themes.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

  • An Orchestrated Remix of the Overture, where the Dragon Quest dev team and Level 5 show off their fancy new engine to the tune of an Orchestrated remix of the song all while a pair of birds fly for miles using the in game engine and no load times. Epic. Just Epic.
  • Rhapthorne's theme, Great Battle in the Vast Sky. More subdued than the typical last battle, but only because Rhapthorne may possibly have pulled off the biggest Kick the Dog moment in Dragon Quest history. It also contains Ramia's Theme from Dragon Quest III mixed in — For good reason, as you are riding on her back as you fight him.

Dragon Quest IX


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