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  • How is it that the very first 'enemy monster' is the one critter that's nothing but a little blue smiling blob?
  • Have you ever seen the "revealing battle bikinis" they've got, sheesh!
  • The Jester class, useless, but funny!
  • When getting one's HP to zero means actual death, and how the affected party member is treated afterwards.
    • Transferring an item has the giver putting the item into the dead party member's coffin, and the reverse has the receiver taking it out. In cases where an item is transferred between two dead party members, the third living one gets involved.
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    • Buying something for a dead party member has the shopkeeper putting the item into their coffin.

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  • In Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road, numerous characters get a fantastic finisher with a short cutscene. Erinn's finisher has her, through the DQIX main character barging in on them with a sign simply reading "INN", gathering main characters from throughout the series into her inn, then using a Chimera Wing to make the entire inn lift off like a rocket at the target. And if that's not ridiculous enough, there's the Stealth Visual Pun as pointed out by a YouTube comment: she's throwing a party at the enemy.

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