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DragonFable — a game with so many Shout Outs, they needed their own page.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • One of the pirate monkeys is called L. D. Monkee and wears a straw hat.
  • The weapons in Cysero's store include Renji's restrained dagger, and Itchi's released blade. Aside the released blade looking like Tensa Zangetsu, the flavor text says the weapons belonged to ghost hunters Itchi and Renji, who now work together as Itchi Goes delivery and ghost hunting service, making for a three part pun about 'Bleach''.
  • There are a few references to Dragon Ball Z.
    • The character Akira is a reference to Dragon Ball Son Goku, being able to turn supersaiyan, wearing orange pants, and sometimes attacking with the Kamehameha.
    • Gregg the Cricket, a pet, is another. His special is getting Super Saiyan hair when his power is "Over 9000!".
    • Cysero's Agitated Orb, another pet, is able to do a Kamehameha like attack.
    • In Mogloween, one of the masks available is called Kakarrot, which has glowing, spiky golden hair.
  • A good number of weapons are a Shout-Out to Bleach while an enemy is dressed like Luffy.
  • Thyton's training book, Itchy Itchy Paradise, and his home town, Shadow of the Wind Village, are both Naruto references.
    • And so is the now rare Ninja Head Band.
  • Mogloween masks:
  • In "Epilogue" of the Calamity questchain, while the Hero looks for ghosts in the Inn, one of the quest bubbles that pops ups says "perhaps they spirited away".
  • Word of God has stated that Jack Crescent's name is made of two synonyms. "Jack" is another word for "sailor", and "Crescent" is one of the phases of the moon.

    Comic Books 
  • Several references to Incredible Hulk.
    • The first Gold War's boss is a giant green sneevil named Snulk.
    • George Lowe turns into a Hulk-like creature, called Lowe-viathan, after getting fed up with the puns in the game.
    • In Frostval 2011 "Merry Togsmas", after completing the quest "Breaking In", a textbook appears saying "You made Rolith angry... you're not going to like him when he's angry!"
  • Batoro is one giant Shout-Out to Batman, having a near-identical costume, being a hero who sneaks about in the night, has two sidekicks called San Robin and Roblos.
    • He also has a Rogues Gallery parodying the Dark Knight's. They are as follows: The Nix who is a penguin with a top hat (The Penguin), Mr. Glaisarus an ice mage with his head encased in ice (Mr. Freeze), Megakyle who is a villain with super strength and a tank on his back connecting to a helmet (most likely Bane), The Dread who is a skeleton comedian wearing a purple suit (The Joker), and Killer Dragonman a large reptilian dravir with crocodile fangs (Killer Croc).
  • Mogloween masks:
  • Pyromancer Xan has a Flaming Skull much like Ghost Rider.
  • In Mogloween 2017 "Blood Moon War", when Jack Crescent asks what the Hero is, s/he responds by saying "I'm just a friendly neighborhood hero!"

    Comic Strips 
  • After completing the "Mission: Improbable" of the Falconreach Spy saga, the reward is a "Black Spy Hat", which looks just like the one worn by the Black Spy from Spy vs. Spy even having the same Black Bead Eyes.
  • Peanuts: In "The Pumpkin Patch" and "Yaga Stone Circle", you can get healed by standing next to the Great Pumpkin.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • On every Friday the 13th, the Doomwood monsters invade Falconreach wearing hockey masks.
  • The three necromancers in ArchKnight are named Klaatu, Verata, and Nicto.
  • At the end of the "Secret" quest, Valencia says "You really do belong in a museum... for now, though..."
  • "The Bottom" drops Mutinous Cinch, which description references Mutiny on the Bounty.
  • "Haunted House" has Awdreetoo who says "Get in mah belly!"
    • The quest also takes place in none other than "Amityvale".
    • In Amityvale, there are also two characters called Lon and Chaney named after actor Lon Chaney who was well known for starring in various monster movies.
  • One quest chain has a lot of James Bond puns.
  • A War was called "The Wrath of Xan".
  • The quest where you have to rescue Artix from a well has a couple of references to The Ring.
    Artix: Well, this spooky little girl told me to jump down here to get her ring. She said I only had 7 days, so it must be important!
  • "No Horsing Around" has several Ghostbusters (1984) references, including a skeleton named E. Gon (who gets goo'ed) and a lava stream which says "Boy, am I glad I don't have to cross THESE streams!"
  • Warlic's deathshrine reads "He got better."
  • "A Gift" and "Water You Doing" have these references:
  • In the Gold War story book, Lukki says "Ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do yous, hero?"
  • The game has several The Wizard of Oz Shout Outs
    • In the Rainbow War cutscene, Anjana asks "Somewhere over the rainbow?".
    • Witches, called Yagas in the game, have a weakness to Water and melt when defeated.
    • "No Place Like Oaklore" is a parody of the Dorothy's line: "No place like home", and features the Hero and Sir Ano traveling down a brick road to seek the wisdom of a Wizard who's "wonderful". The end also has them hearing a whistling sound before a house lands on them.
    • The entirety of Frostval 2012 is a parody of the whole film.
      • The Moglins are turned into winged Mogkeys.
      • Sally is the Greatest Witch of the North.
      • The Hero journeys down a red brick road, where s/she meets a Pumpkin Slice hung on a wooden tree (the Scarecrow), and a Metal Elemental who is left frozen in the woods at the risk of rusting (the Tin Woodman). The Hero serves as the Cowardly Lion and dons a Lion Mane Disguise. The trio then head to Amethyst City called SiOO (roughly Oz spelled backwards).
      • Entering SiOO they must seek the Necromancer of SiOO, who is a giant purple skull in a throne room, who turns out to be controlled by Vayle from behind a screen.
      • The Big Bad, Queen Pallor appears to be a reference to the Wicked Witch of the West, as she is the one who commandeers the Mogkeys, Vayle openly calls her a "Wicked Witch", and she melts after being defeated. She also has shades of the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as she has ice based powers.
  • In "Victoria's Secret", when the Hero and Sir Ano are infiltrating the bandit's camp and the bandit leader requests Sir Ano to help kidnap a princess, he says:
  • ''The Mastermind" drops a necklace called Dark Crystal.
  • In "(Mino)Torture", Thesis and your character reference Labyrinth.
  • "Victoria's Secret" is a parody of The Princess Bride.
  • Mogloween masks:
  • From the House Item shop in Dragesvard:
  • Aryel appears in "Under the Sea!", and the ending text is similar to the song.
  • "Ex Machina" features a robot, called Dave, which is sent back in time to prevent an apocalypse caused by a Robot War. It's transportation is also a "unit with more volume on the inside than it's outer appearance indicated." The Hero even says "I can't let you do that, Dave."
  • References to Star Wars:
    • The input command for Balthar's cell is R2D2.
    • There is a weapon in Lim's Shop called a "Darth Laser", which is modeled after a lightsaber.
    • In Frostval 2011, when Rolith finds Chilly, he slashes open his dead TogTog and puts Chilly inside the remains for warmth.
    • The Anniversary Weapons for 2015 in the "Ancient Weapons" shop are all based on lightsabers. Most notable is the "Light of Ambition" sword, based off Kylo Ren's crossguard lightsaber.
    • In Frostval 2016, when Holly tells the story about Snowfang the Dragon, she begins her narrative by saying "Long ago, in a village far, faaaaar, like REALLY far away..."
  • References to Terminator
    • Xan's supposed death scene in "Xan's Fortress" is similar to the Terminator's in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where he gives a thumbs up as he sinks into the lava.
    • As mentioned above, the Energy Orb questchain has the Cycklons causing an a Robot War that wipes out humanity, with one reprogrammed Cycklon sent back in time to prevent the Bad Future.
    • The Boss Battle of the Ravenloss War is titled "Judgement (Wheel) Day".
  • At one door you hear: "Players of Unusual Size? I don't believe they exist."
  • There's a quest called "Back To The Past". The boss is called Biff, and his death animation is a manure truck dropping on him.
  • Shout Outs to The Dark Knight
    • The caption for Faramonde's portrait says "Why so serious?"
    • November 2015 Friday the 13th War is a big Shout-Out to The Dark Knight, even the title being a "Dark Night":
    • Baron Valtrith sends Oaklore and Falconreach catapults and tells them to fire on each other, just like when The Joker rigged two boats with explosives and gave the passengers the trigger to blow up the other boat. In addition, the kidnapped soldiers are dressed like cultists in hopes that the heroes would kill them by mistake, much like the Joker dressing up hostages as his own men in hopes that they would be shot.
  • The Amityvale Innkeeper is called Rosemary, who has a Baby Moglin Pet.
  • In "Dragesvard Havoc", Galanoth says "What? This is madness!" to which the Character responds "No... this is Lore."
    • The Xan Fire War Boss Fight includes a 301 Knight's Helmet and Cape.
    • King Alteon also says "Tonight we dine in Serenity's Inn."
  • The Trinket Skull Crusher Blaster mentions that "Sharks aren't included".
  • Warlic Dialogue after being resurrected has a reference to [[It]]
    • Warlic: "Dying is of little consequence to me, I have been to Death's realm before. We all float there"
  • The 2010 Mogloween event was titled "Resident Sneevil", with a plot of a virus breaking out and infecting populations. The Big Bad is also a character called the Red Queen, who is the artificial intelligence of the facility where the outbreak occurred.
  • The 2011 Mogloween event was titled "48 Weeks Later", and had a group of survivors boarded up in a house and taking refuge from the infected, before the hero is the sole survivor left.
  • The moon in Croft, has a face that looks very similar to that of Jack Skellington.
  • The Water Orb questchain is one big massive Shout-Out to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It features a cursed pirate Captain who exists as an undead skeleton, called Captain Davey, who is in servitude to an octopus-like deity. He had in his possession a cursed artifact which he treasured, but only brought him ruin, which eventually led to the doom of himself when his ship was pulled underwater. Davey also mentions possessing a locker.
    • Even before in the Pirate half of the Wind Orb questchain, Captain Blackberry transforms into the King Bracken, an obvious reference to the Kraken.
    • Also, there's a pet available called the "Jacksparrow".
  • Frostval 2013 is titled "Nightmare Before Frostval", and features Croft (the Halloween themed town of the Cauldron Sisters), being summoned near Frostval (the Christmas themed town of the Frost Moglins).
  • References to The Lord of the Rings
  • Jason Valtrith is a Shout-Out to Jason Voorhees. See the Expy section under Jaysun Valtrith of the Dragon Fable Holiday Characters page for a detailed breakdown.
  • The "Valtrith Tomb" quest features numerous Shout Outs to various horror films, many of which made by Stephen King.
    • Jack Valtrith, "the Conquerer of the Overlook", is a reference to The Shining, where Jack Torrance became an insane killer who terrorized the Overlook Hotel.
    • There is a "hardened leather" mask, likely referencing Leatherface.
    • Ghost of Tiffany is a Demonic Dummy, a reference to Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. There is also a small mask (doll-sized) belonging to Chuck, referencing Chucky himself.
    • Ghost of Fredrick, looks just like Freddy Krueger, even wearing a fedora, a striped top, and carries claw hands. His mask was also cracked and melted, referencing how he was burned in a fire.
    • There's a singed mask with the name "Charlie" written inside, referencing Firestarter, about a girl named Charlene "Charlie" McGee who has pyrokinetic abilities.
    • There's a chopped mask belonging to Micheal, likely a reference to Michael Myers who had his head chopped off in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.
    • Ghost of Olsen is a swamp monster, who may be a reference to Swamp Thing.
    • Jon Valtrith, whose "visions kept the Deadlands in his grasp", is possibly a reference to The Dead Zone, and the protagonist John "Johnny" Smith.
    • Cain and Halsey Valtrith, whose "legions fought on in undeath", is a reference to the Re-Animator and two of it's major characters Dan Cain and Megan Halsey, who experimented with bringing back the dead.
    • Camber Valtrith and his warhound Cujo, is a reference to Cujo where Joe Camber owned a killer dog called Cujo.
    • Ripley Valtrith, "who led her legions to take Castle Nostromo", is a reference to Ellen Ripley from Alien (also mentioned below). It's mentioned her mask was covered in slime.
    • Creed Valtrith, who commanded some beasts who "even death could not stop", might be a reference to Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth from X-Men.
    • Elias and Pamela Valtrith, are the names of Jason Voorhees' parents from Friday the 13th. It also mentioned they "slashed their way to victory in Camp Blood", referencing the Summer Camp grounds that several of the films take place.
    • Dyana Valtrith (revealed to be Serenity), is a reference to Jason Voorhees' half-sister Diana from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, who also gets sacrificed to resurrect the villain.
    • Finally, more references to Jason Voorhees are made, who Jaysun Valtrith is based off. In that he used a machete when he was alive, as well as a hockey stick on the wall.
  • The "Castle Nostromo" quest is a homage to Alien.
    • Nostromo is the name of the ship which the film takes place.
    • It was mentioned the Castle was conquered by a Valtrith ancestor named "Ripley", as in Ellen Ripley the protagonist of the Alien franchise.
    • The characters are stalked by some unknown creature hunting them, which view the characters with the same vision. Alien screeches are constantly heard in the background.
    • When playing as Symone, she can be captured when stepping on stains, much like the Xenomorph does.
    • There are sections of the castle that is a crashed ship from MechQuest, that apparently survived the Reset. These areas are just like the ship in Alien.
    • The boss creature, the Void Queen, resembles the Xenomorph Queen. The fight also involves Symone putting on an exoskeleton to fight just like Ellen Ripley did.
    • When Symone returns, she throws a piece of the Void Queen onto Valencia's face which looks just like a Facehugger.
    • The final scene in the quest features some purple Void eggs hatching, much like the promotional poster for Alien.
    • The DC Loot Shop also features helms called "Voidhugger Helms", which has a helmet with a Void creature hugging the face.
    • Finally, the Design Notes for the quest comes with the tagline "In the Deadlands no one can hear you scream."


    Live-Action TV 
  • There have been numerous references to Doctor Who, not surprising considering Adam Bohn (real life Artix) is a Whovian.
    • Cysero has a phone booth that travels through time, which is a parody of the TARDIS.
    • The default Technomancer weapon is called Laser Screwdriver.
    • A Ravenloss quest drops "Nerada Belt".
    • A House Item is called "Blue Box", and it looks like the TARDIS, but you can't get into it.
    • Also, the Blue Box Trinket, which has a skill that summons the Blue Box and looks like the TARDIS. In addition it does no damage when used against Doctor When.
    • In "Ex Machina", your character says EXTERMINA— before getting cut off by Yix.
    • "When" features a direct parody of the Eleventh Doctor's first opening, with the Time Booth traveling through a time vortex and getting struck by lightning. The boss fight is against Doctor When, an ogre dressed in a mix of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's clothes and his own Time Booth. Once defeated, Doctor When starts regenerating.
    • The 2013 Thankstaking quests "When?", features the return of Doctor When having regenerated into a new incarnation, where he invites the Hero on a trip as a reward for his/her bravery during the fight against Sepulchure. The quest is riddled with Doctor Who references.
      • The Hero and the Doctor engage in a confusing conversation over his name, which ends in the Hero simply calling him "Doctor".
      • Doctor When asks the Hero if he/she was curious how the phone box worked, to which he/she answers that "Cysero said it was all just timey wimey stuff."
      • When the Hero states he didn't have time to go on a journey, Doctor When answers: "It is a time-travelling phone box. I think you'll be fine", which sounds remarkably similar to what the Ninth Doctor said to Rose when inviting her into the TARDIS.
      • Doctor When mentioned taking the Hero to a place called "Stormca... Stormrage", a nod to the Doctor's on-off companion River Song being kept in a place called the "Stormcage Containment Facility".
      • In stark contrast to the TARDIS, the Hero comments that the time booth is "smaller on the inside."
  • "Rescue!" drops Island Survival Belt, which description references Lost.
  • The House Item shop in Dragesvard has a Mogbusters Poster.
  • In the Aeris Battlespire, Coach the barmaid says: "Welcome to the Duelist Lounge... "Where everybody knows your name and wants to fight you!"
  • Oscar, who is waiting by Patch's shop, is grouchy, a reference to Oscar the Grouch.
  • Bargok is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur.
  • The guy in the Weapon shop is called BorkBork.
    • And the item Chef's Hat's description also references that.
  • In the Code Monkey Challenge, Rolith says "It's just a show, you should really just relax!"
  • In a cutscene from Lucky Day 2012, Baron Au'Mydas sings "Soft kitty, warm kitty..."
  • In the Light Orb quest chain, Kasuf and his daughter, Sha'Rae, are references to Daniel Jackson's father-in-law and wife.
  • Jack Crescents gothic vampire ghoul minions are named Sons of Disorder.

  • The Sandsea is littered with band references (from right to left):
  • In a quest where you fight Death, you are told "don't fear him".
  • The Tusker Leader is called Paul.
    • And their lorekeeper is called G'joob.
  • The King's Wig makes you look like Elvis Presley.
  • There's a quest called "Pachelbel's Cannon".
  • Holly's song "Snowfang the Dragon" is a rendition of Frosty the Snowman.
  • Jack Crescent is a reference to the Foo Fighters song "Back in Black" accompanied by the line "Jack is Back in Black". He also dresses and acts like a gothic rock star.


    Video Games 

    Web Original 
  • Internet Memes:
    • In the Rainbow War Boss Battle, your character quotes the Double Rainbow guy.
    • An April's Fools Shop is called Double Rainbow.
    • "Gorgok Returns!" has this exchange:
      Gorgok: O Rly?
      Your dragon: Ya rly!
    • An April's Fools Pet is called DerpFish.
    • In the Thankstaking quest, Lim pops up to say "What has science done?!"
    • Bjorn in Hunter's Paradise says "OM NOM NOM!"

    Western Animation 
  • "Mysterious LCC" features a Scooby-Doo parody, with your Dragon as Scooby and your character as Shaggy, with the dragon Lampshading it.
  • When you first meet Voltabolt, your character says "Eh, whats up doc?"
  • In "Critical Failure", Rolith says "Can't sleep, togs will eat me!".
  • The Ursice shaman says that the frost goblins have a pic-a-nic basket.
  • The Trinket Fry's Coffee, the design notes that introduced it mentions 100 cups of coffee, referencing when Fry drank 100 cups of coffee on Futurama.
  • In the Gryphon training quest, the ending text says: "Little Stewie Gryphon says: Victory is mine! Raaaaawck!"
    • And the Gryphon which can get you everywhere from Falconreach is called Peter.
    • The Prank quest is a reference to the raccoon outhouse gag in the episode "To Love and Die in Dixie".
  • In the "Pachelbel's Cannon" quest, the catapult is being worked on by Will E. Kaiotea.
  • "The City Fights Back" has the entire city fighting as Simas Prime.
  • Noxus has two Ninja Turtle Doves working for him in a Frostval quest.
  • There is a pet called "My Little Pegasus", who is a pony with wings.
  • In "Dark Devices", the Overclocked Manaphages look suspiciously to Cyborg from Teen Titans, being machines with blue circuitry over white plating, as well as a glowing red eye.
  • When Safiria says that she sealed Jack in the moon, the Hero quotes Zuko
    Hero:That's.... rough, buddy.

  • Robina Hood is an obvious reference to Robin Hood.
  • The Monster Drake was discovered by Sir Francis, as in Sir Francis Drake.
  • The Shadow of the Wind pet, Post Adolescent Ninja Terrapin seems to be just odd until you realize that post adolescent means teenage, and terrapin is a type of turtle. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anybody?
  • Hello Kitty: Greetings Feline Mask.
  • The House Item Melted Clock and its description reference Salvador Dalí.
  • The Gryphon handler is called Airheart.
  • In Dragesvard, the House Items merchant is named Ikea. She makes the furniture herself.
  • The Bacon Element questchain features the Chickencow god called Zeuster, and sends you to complete parodies of the thirteen "Labors of Hercules".
  • One Mogloween Mask is called Slender, and is a white featureless face.


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