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  • 10 Cloverfield Lane: When the three bunker survivors are playing a guessing game together, Emmett has a pretty simple card: Little Women. Howard gets the first part right, but even when prompted with "Michelle is a...", guesses just about everything but "Women" — as if the word "woman" itself in reference to a female adult and not words related to little girls and little princesses, is physically painful for him to acknowledge. It doesn't sound like much, but his hemming and hawing and the noises he makes are incredibly creepy. Then when it's his turn... it gets much worse.
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  • Father of the Bride (1950): There's a casting gag tied to two adaptations of the novel. Both Joan Bennett and Elizabeth Taylor had previously played Amy March in different film adaptations of Little Women (Bennett in the 1933 version and Taylor in the 1949 version). Here, they play mother and daughter.
  • The Seven Year Itch: Richard's wife always asks him what happened at the office when he comes home. When he's alone, he considers answering this: "I shot Mr. Brady in the head, made violent love to Miss Morris and set fire to 300,000 copies of Little Women. That's what happened. What can happen at the office?"
  • In the live-action film version of Dudley Do-Right, the narrator says of the Mounties at one point, "Not since their all-male version of Little Women had the Mounties faced such a hostile audience".


  • The Baby-Sitters Club: In several books, especially in the early part of the series, Sam Thomas disrupts club meetings by making prank calls asking for fake sitters.
    Hello, this is Marmee March. I need a sitter for Amy this afternoon, someone who has experience with little women.
  • Chalet School: Joey bears more than a few similarities to Jo March of Little Women fame, what with the dark hair, being a bit tomboyish and a wannabe writer, and not wanting to grow up. She even quotes Jo at one point. There's also a Margaret (Bettany, and several other characters), an Amy (Stevens) who starts off as a blonde-haired Bratty Half-Pint, and later a Beth (Chester).
  • Lolita: Humbert Humbert says that Little Women was the only work of classical literature that Lolita was curious to read, but she considered it too intellectual to read it during her holidays.
  • March: Is, believe it or not, a Fanfic of School Study Media classic Little Women.
  • The Poisonwood Bible: More than a few critics of the novel have noticed its similarities to Little Women. Kingsolver asserts in interviews that her novel is not meant to be a deliberate re-working of Alcott's novel, though the homage is clear.
  • Terra: The fk'shn from Earth that gets translated into Fnrrn includes "Which Sister Will Die?", "Crazy Monoped Can't Stop Chasing Sea Mammal", and Rth's most-popular play, "The Grumpy Adolescents Who Fall In Love and Kill Themselves".

Live Action TV:

  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when The First confronts Faith as Mayor Richard Wilkins III, he tells her to ask him something only he (Wilkins) could know. Like who his favourite character from Little Women is. ("It's Meg. Everyone assumes it's Beth. But no, it's Meg. Such a proper young lady.")
  • Club Dorothée: Presented a couple of the adaptations.
  • On Dance Moms, Holly hosts a book club featuring this book with the other moms. Most of the other moms complain about either its length or the fact that it doesn't have pictures.
  • Doctor Who: In The Mind Robber Christine Pirie contributed a voice-over reading from an extract from Little Women for the scene in episode three where Jamie climbs through the castle window only to find himself in a hi-tech control room.
  • On Donny and Marie, when Patty Maloney says that the house she wants to sell is a storybook cottage, Paul Lynde retorts, "What's the story? Little Women?"
  • Downton Abbey: Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, contrasts the novel with her reality of raising daughters
    "No one ever tells you about raising daughters. You think it’ll be like Little Women, and instead they’re at each other's throats from dawn til dusk."
  • The Facts of Life: Jo's name is a Shout-Out to Little Women, since the cast reminded the writers of the book.
  • It is Rachel's favourite book on Friends and the only book she ever re-reads. Joey reads the book and, surprisingly, he loves it.
  • Supernatural: Crowley watches Casablanca and reads Little Women under the influence of human blood.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?:
    Josie: "I've chosen Louisa M Alcott; for those of you who don't know, she wrote Little Women, Little Men and Little Wives."
    Clive: "Yes... and little else..."


  • Dear My Girls is based on Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, with some significant changes such as the girls being incredibly rich.

Video Games:

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Looney Tunes:
    • In the books-come-to-life musical Have You Got Any Castles, a copy of Little Women is seen with three identical girls singing, who are then joined by three "Little Men".
    • The book is also referenced in Book Revue, where the book contains a bunch of bobbysoxers swooning to Frank Sinatra's singing.
  • As Told by Ginger: "Ms. Foutley's Boys" references the Little Women sequel Jo's Boys.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Homer Loves Flanders", Moe is seen reading the book to men at the homeless shelter.
    • In "Eeny Teeny Maya Moe", Moe discovers that his new beau Maya is a little person and tries to hide various items to avoid offending her, including a copy of Little Women.
    • In "The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants", Bart is forced to read the book to Lisa when Homer is out late and ends up getting invested in it, even reading it to the bullies, who force him to do character voices.


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