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Fan Works

Film - Live-Action

  • Batman (1989): The dental props from the movie were reused in the plastic surgery sequence.

Live-Action TV

  • Malcolm in the Middle: The school's gifted students, which includes Malcolm, are derogatorily called "Krelboynes" after Seymour.



  • In episode 10 of Were You Raised by Wolves?, Nick references the play, saying that if you feed the plant then you cannot not feed it later, so if you don't correct someone who's misspelled your name early in your relationship then you just have to live with it if you want to follow etiquette rules. He and Leah come to an agreement later in the segment about how to handle this with a correction, though.

Video Games

  • Fallout 2 has an intelligent, talking spore plant (who themselves resemble Audrey II) called Seymour.
  • Jump Jet Rex has a giant plant monster boss named "Seedmore", in an obvious reference to Seymour in this film.
  • One level of Monster Hunter (PC), particularly infested by Man-Eating Plant mooks, is titled "Little Shop of Horrors". There's another different stage filled with similar plant enemies, called "Feed Me Seymour!". Additionally, the man-eating plant enemies resembles Audrey II, being a Venus Flytrap in a walking pot.
  • Injustice 2: Poison Ivy's Supermove involves her feeding the opponent to an Audrey II-esque carnivorous plant, and the move's name is "FEED ME" (yes, in all caps as written).
  • "Mother", the Big Bad of chapter 2 of Sanitarium is highly influenced by Audrey II, including the manner of her death.
  • The Sims (starting from The Sims 2: University Life) games have the Cowplant, which resembles an Audrey II - cow hybrid and can eat sims if not regulary fed with animal meat (luring them close with a fake cake). And then milked to absorb the eaten sim life essense...

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Family Guy:
    • In "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", Herbert sings his own version "Somewhere That's Green" as he imagines a life of bliss with Chris.
    • In "Peter's Two Dads", a masochistic Stewie imagines being tortured by Lois and screams "Thaaaaank yooooou!" like Bill Murray's character in the movie.
    • In "Road to Germany", Stewie brings in Rick Moranis and the backup trio to see if Mort had wandered into his time machine.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: There is an episode titled "Little Rock of Horrors," and while it doesn't quite go all the way into Whole-Plot Reference territory, the villain is very clearly an extended reference to Audrey II.
  • Harley Quinn features as a regular supporting character a plant named Frank, who looks just like Audrey, has the same smart-ass attitude, is (sometimes but not always) a man-eater, and is also voiced by an African-American actor.
  • South Park: In the "Imaginationland" trilogy, Audrey II is along the villains on the bad side of Imaginationland.