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Heartwarming / Little Shop of Horrors

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Suddenly Seymour is standing besides you

Both Stage And Film

  • Abusive douchebag he is, Orin singing about his mother looking down on him from heaven is pretty sweet.
  • While Audrey refuses to dump Orin, in spite of the fact that he hits her and insults her frequently, Seymour, Chiffon, Ronette, Crystal, and even Mr. Mushnik all urge her to drop that abusive prick and find a man that's worth her time. Audrey may think she's useless, but the people around her know she deserves so much more than life has given her.
  • Audrey confesses to Seymour that back when the shop wasn't doing very well, she worked a second job, heavily implied to be at a strip club. She's deeply ashamed of having such a past, but Seymour's immediate response is essentially, "So what?" He genuinely doesn't care, saying that it was only a job, and Audrey has nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Pictured above, Seymour assures Audrey, "Suddenly, Seymour/Is here to provide you/Sweet understanding/Seymour's your friend." Then at the end of the song, Audrey proclaims, "Seymour's my man!" At least in the movie, Seymour and Audrey perform a Big Damn Kiss after this.
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  • Throughout the film, Seymour is convinced that Audrey would never go with a guy like him; especially without money. Cue Audrey admitting to him near the end that she fell for him ever since she started working at the shop.
  • "And if I'm in the plant, then I'm part of the plant, so, in a way, we'll always be together..." That entire scene is both heartwarming and a Tear Jerker.


  • There's also a nice little moment in the stage show when Orin first shows up to pick up Audrey — who, by now, has shown up to work with a black eye and a broken arm thanks to him. Ronette, Chiffon and Crystal all tell Orin that they know all about what he did to Audrey, and they don't approve, and tell him in no uncertain terms to get lost. Granted, it doesn't work, but it was nice of them to try. (In at least one production, one of the girls tries to physically attack Orin, only to be held back by the other two — not that he notices, of course.)
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  • "Somewhere That's Green." Audrey dreams of marrying Seymour, moving out to the suburbs, and raising kids.
  • Even when faced with evidence that Seymour probably killed Orin and had a good motive for it, Mushnik doesn't turn him into the cops. Instead, he lies to them that he doesn't know anything, and then confronts Seymour later. Some stagings have him speaking in disbelief, and he asks Seymour to give his side of the story at the police station, because there may be a rational explanation. Unlike in the film, where getting rid of Seymour would benefit him, Mushnik doesn't believe that Seymour is capable of such evil. It makes Seymour's decision to feed him to Audrey II much worse.


  • Quickly sinks into Nightmare Fuel, but when Seymour sees the plant perk up and make kissing sounds, he thinks Audrey II is blowing kisses at him and imitates him before trying to stroke it. Actually, Audrey II wants the blood from his cut finger.
  • The extended version of "The Meek Shall Inherit" has Seymour plagued by guilt about letting Twoey kill Mushnik. He has a Catapult Nightmare and goes with an axe to kill the plant. Only the thought of Audrey leaving stays his hand.
  • Seymour's proposal to Audrey. He asks her if she would still like him if he were poor. Audrey says that she always liked him, money or no money; he gets ecstatic and asks her to elope. They both squeal, and Audrey says she'll get dressed and packed. A shame Twoey had to ruin it...
  • In the theatrical version, Seymour gets Audrey out safely from Twoey's maw. Then he tells her stay out of the shop while he ends the vegetable. She still watches through the window, clearly concerned for his safety.
  • During Levi Stubbs' performance of "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" at the 59th Academy Awards, one can see a life-size Audrey II puppet dancing along and lip-syncing in the background. It's oddly adorable. Stubbs also looks like he's having fun singing it live.
  • Seymour and Audrey getting their happy ending in the film version. When he steps out of the flower shop rubble, she has Tears of Joy that he’s alive, and they embrace, later getting a house in the suburbs. Just ignore that strange and interesting plant in the garden...