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  • Christopher Guest's cameo:
    "Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Just because you put a strange and interesting plant in the window, people don't suddenly—"
    "Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing that strange and interesting plant. What is it?"
  • That elated squeak Audrey makes when she learns Audrey II was named after her.
  • The scene where Seymour is at the radio station to be interviewed, and the plant, Audrey II, tries to bite a lady's butt, but Seymour stops it from doing so.
    • The subsequent interview by WEIRD! radio DJ Wink Wilkinson, played by John Candy.
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    • Apparently, WSKID can only afford one DJ. It's not quite obvious but Candy is actually doing a Man of a Thousand Voices routine at the radio station.
      Wink: *as jealous husband* "Sorry Wink, I love your show, but I have to kill you now with this machine gun!"
  • Mushnik, while listening to Seymour on the radio, actually YELLS INTO THE RADIO for Seymour to mention the address of the shop. Even Audrey takes a moment to look at him like, "Seriously?"
  • Bill Murray's entire scene.
  • That big, important order that Seymour forgot about? Watch when he goes in and talks to Audrey about it; it's four flowers and some glitter-glue.
    • 'Dropping off like flies' indeed!
  • The Dentist! song.
    Orin: You'll be a dentist. / You have a talent for causing great pain! / Son, be a dentist. / People will pay you to be inhumane.
  • During the "Skid Row" number, Seymour goes all eighties-style music video, singing his solo ("Please won't somebody say I'll get out of here") while walking dramatically up to a chain-link fence. Just as he's about to finish it off by shaking the fence to demonstrate how caged and repressed he is, the camera turns around to show that there are a whole bunch of scary-looking hoboes trying to climb over the top. While singing a counter-verse to Seymour. He backs away very quickly.
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  • At the end of the musical Seymour says "Thousands of you eating! That's what you had in mind all along isn't it?" and Audrey II responds with "Noooo shit Sherlock!".
  • Audrey II pantsing Seymour during "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space".
    • And all of his little bud chorus members.
    • Audrey II grabbing Seymour's gun and spinning it, and the little "Whoo!" sound he makes.
    • This line:
      Audrey II: The lion don't sleep tonight / And if you pull his tail, he roars! / Ya say, "That ain't fair!" Ya say, "That ain't nice!" / Ya know what I say? Up yours!
    • Late in the number, Audrey II cornering Seymour at a door, then a vine just missing Seymour's jewels. Both Audrey and Seymour's expressions were priceless.
      Audrey II: I got killer buds / A power stem / Nasty thorns / And I'm using them! / So better move 'em out / Nature calls / You got the point? / I'm gonna bust your balls!
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    • And then this line from Audrey II, before he explodes after Seymour electrocutes him with a wire:
      "Oh, shit!" *KA-BOOM!*
  • When Seymour explains where he got the plant, his flashback/monologue turns into a music number with Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon providing background singing ("Da doo! Shoop da doo!"). Later, during his radio interview, he's asked the same question and begins to tell the story in the same words, cuing a chorus of "Da doo!" from offscreen. The scene changes.
  • The Director's Cut ending where the plants take over the world.
  • When Audrey II finishes his phone call, it immediately begins checking the coin return box. Unfortunately, there's nothing there.
  • The outtakes. note 
    Seymour: *Being swallowed by Audrey II* "The sequel, what about the sequel?!"
    • This line from Vincent Gardenia:
      "Nurse this plant back to death."
    • Steve Martin mouthing other characters' lines during "Dentist".
    • Seymour getting the gun during "Mean Green Mother" and finding a tabletop paddle instead.
    • Frank Oz using his Fozzie Bear voice while directing.
    • The puppeteer inside Audrey II continuing to move the plant's mouth when adding to a discussion, using his own voice instead of the character's.
    • Audrey's actress saying, "I forgot my line" during "Suddenly, Seymour".
    • Seymour's actor wincing on the "bust your balls" line of "Mean, Green Mother".
    • Seymour's actor forgets what the film is called.
    • Mushnik's actor accidentally asks Seymour's for his secret dining tips.
  • "Excuse me, if you kids could just stop singing for a second?"
  • After Orin throws the masochistic patient out, calling him a "goddamn sicko", he makes to return to the room, but whirls around when he notices Seymour in the room, brandishing the scary dentist tool the masochist tried to take.
    Orin: Let me ask you something! Does this scare you? Would you like if I took this and headed right for your damn incisors? It'd hurt, right?
    Seymour: (looked scared and replying meekly) Uh huh.
    Orin:You'd scream, right?
    Seymour: Uh huh.
    Orin: Well get your ass in here!
  • From the stage version, when Seymour goes to Orin's office to kill him:
    Orin: Do you have an appointment?
    Seymour: I'm Seymour Krelborn, we met yesterday?
    Orin: Oh yeah, I remember you! The kid with the plant?
    Seymour: Right.
    Orin: And the Band-Aids?
    Seymour: [pulls out his gun] Right.
    Orin: ...And the gun?
    Seymour: [nervous] Right.
    Orin: Why are you pointing a gun at me, Seymour?
  • During "Feed Me (Git It)", Seymour and Audrey II start tapping their feet in unison during the song's closing lines. But since Audrey II has no feet, this consists of him bouncing up and down in his pot.
  • Seymour and Audrey having perhaps the most insanely passionate kiss in movie history at the end of "Suddenly Seymour." Moranis and Green actually both ended up with bruised lips!


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