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  • In the final sequel Jo's Boys, Tom comes for a visit and tells Jo he's gotten into the worst scrape of his life. Every time Jo tries to guess, he just says, "Worse." Finally he confesses: "I'm engaged." Jo's reaction? "If Nan has yielded, I'll never forgive her!" Tom assures her, no, it's not Nan. Jo's response to that? Hurray! Finally! She doesn't care who it is, she loves her!
  • In Little Men, the boys (+ Nan & Daisy) make a rule that anyone who comes into the room where they're amusing themselves has to tell a story. They get Silas, the hired man, and Jo, who tells them two stories because she's a sucker, but it takes them a while to get another one— Silas apparently warned Mary Ann, the maid, to stay away. Eventually, Emil hears Professor Bhaer singing to himself, and hisses, "It's Uncle Fritz, all laugh loud and he's sure to come in!" They do, and Fritz falls right for it.
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  • In Little Women Part 2 (or Good Wives if you prefer) when Laurie reveals his marriage to Jo:
    Laurie: Your mother has got her [Amy] down at Meg's. We stopped there by the way, and there was no getting my wife out of their clutches.
    Jo: Your what?
    Laurie: Oh, the dickens! Now I've done it.
    Jo: You've gone and got married!
    Laurie: Yes, please, but I never will again.
    And he went down upon his knees, with a penitent clasping of hands, and a face full of mischief, mirth, and triumph.
  • In the 1993 film, after Marmee decides to withdraw Amy from school, she appoints Jo in charge of Amy's education. Both Jo and Amy have a look of "This Is Gonna Suck".
  • The entire scene of Laurie reacting to the birth of Daisy and Demi in "Good Wives."


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